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Chelsea: I think you’re on the right track! Keep at it.

Connor: Trying to save eggs from breaking is a lame way to spend New Year’s Eve. Can’t I just use the one in the closet?

Chelsea: How did you know about that?

Connor: I was looking for more bubble wrap, and there it was — a completely done egg-drop device. I figured you’d made it in case mine didn’t work.

Chelsea: Wrong. Billy and I just got carried away playing with the art supplies and were testing out your new project. You will be handing in your own schoolwork.

Connor: Fine. Be that way.

Chelsea: [Laughing] You’ll thank me later.

Connor: Billy’s cool, isn’t he?

Chelsea: He can be


Traci: Okay. Here. We’ll get you one of these, too, okay?

Danny: Oh, please.

Traci: [Laughs] Oh, my gosh. There we go. So, how long are you here for?

Danny: Uh, well, I’m afraid it’s a short visit between tour dates, yeah. In fact, I’m staying here and just came down to grab a glass of champagne for New Year’s Eve.

Traci: I am so glad you did.

Danny: You look fabulous.

Traci: [Laughs]

Danny: Tell me. Alright, come on. How’s life treating you? I want to know everything. Don’t hold back.

Traci: Oh!

Danny: You’re holding back. Come on!

Traci: No, I’m just —

Danny: What?

Traci: I’m just marveling at you, at us, how we just sort of fall back into sync, just like we always did, you know?

Lauren: Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Are you two getting the band back together without me?


Traci: Oh, my gosh! What are the chances?

Danny: We’ve been thinking about it

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