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luck tracking now, Rolf? So far every lead just brings us straight into another dead end. Okay, we’ll keep at it. We need to find this guy. We need to get him to admit what leash in did to Steph. Oh, almost forgot the messenger. Dropped us off for you.

Oh, everything okay? Yeah, it’s from my attorney,

my divorce papers.

You wanna divorce Sander? I don’t want to divorce him, but what choice do I have now that he’s done what he’s done and lied to me about it? Well, sir, I, I, I know how hurt you are, but is it, is it possible that, well, that you’re overreacting? Overreacting mom. He kidnapped two women and he committed multiple felonies in the process, and now one of those women is dead.

So if anything, I am Underreacting. Sarah’s telling everyone that Xander is the kidnapper. Who exactly do you mean by everybody? Okay. I may have rounded up. It’s not an exact figure. Well, can you give me an exact figure? Well, I just, oh, for God sake, Maddie, can you just tell me please, I need to understand who knows?

The first starter, Sarah’s mother. Maggie knows. And Bonnie. And Justin too. And believe me, they were not too happy about what Xander did.

What buddy? Okay. He’s just lucky I didn’t go. Thanks. Think. Hey, I’m the one who should be complaining. You got some rock hard abs dude. Are you done what hitting him for now? It’s a relief. This isn’t over, kiddo. We’re just getting started here. It’s what do I owe this bruising. Are you seriously gonna sit there and pretend you don’t know what you.

Sarah told us everything. Andrew. We know what you did to me and you are gonna pay for it. Now,

Steph, what’s going on? Why are you upset? I heard you talking to Chad just now telling him that he needed to back off because you and I are together. Okay? You heard that? I heard that. All right. Well I just thought, you know, it’s a workday and I didn’t think it was really appropriate of him to ask you to go to To what?

Stop by to see his friend take a few hours off to go to the park with his kids. Okay. Alright. Alright. I think there’s been a little bit of a misunderstanding. You’re damn right there has been. You have no right to tell me who I can’t and can’t see from not your property.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No, Steph, of course I do not think that you are my property. But you think it’s your right to tell Chad to stay away from me? That’s not what I was saying, babe. No, no. Then how would you describe that conversation? I would describe that conversation as Chad not being completely honest about his feelings for you, because he had romantic feelings for you before and I’m not sure he’s over.

Well, I am sure he has made it very clear that he’s not ready to be with anyone yet because he’s still in mourn. Ah. Yet he still finds ways to spend time with you. We work together. He shows up at Christmas with gifts for you. Then he asks you to go ice skating with him and his kids on Workday. He didn’t ask me.

Thomas and Charlotte ask me. Oh. Just like the gifts at Christmas were from the kids. Are you accusing Chad of using his kids to get close to me? No. No, no. Of course not, but I do think what he’s taking advantage of the situation.

You defending Xander to me. I’m not defending Xander’s actions, I’m just saying before you take such a drastic step like divorce, that you should consider the factors that drove Xander to such a terrible decision factors. So being in debt justifies kidnapping Two women. Oh, nothing justifies that, but I, I.

I believe that sand never meant to hurt either one of them, don’t you? I, I want to believe that honey, let them go, didn’t he? Not right away, but eventually, right? Oh, we should get him a medal. He didn’t intentionally hurt the two women he was holding against their will. What a hero. Sarah, I’m just trying to help you see that it doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it.

It’s not gonna be easy, but you can save your marriage. But like what kinda person am I if I condo that staying withand doesn’t mean that you condo it, it might as well No, I’m I, I’m a doctor. It is my job to help people. I mean, how can I be with someone who would put someone else’s life in danger? Like, Well, if you still love him, I’m not like you, mom.

I cannot live with myself if I am married to a man like Xander, I guess. Now I know why you didn’t wanna sue rednecks, right? Justin, let me explain. That would’ve been some interesting litigation. The plaintiff and the defendant being the same person. I can’t believe I actually tried to help you. I didn’t want to involve you.

You involve me when you kidnap my. And spent weeks lying about it. Xander, I never wanted Bonnie to be a part of all this. You had a funny way of showing it. It must have been so funny watching me trip all over myself thanking you and calling you my hero. You must have got a huge laugh out of how stupid I was.

Was not laughing at you. I promise. All I felt was a terrible guilt and shame. You should be ashamed. No, you should be proud of yourself. Is proud because you are a criminal mastermind. Might as well enjoy your handy work. Genius move, by the way, getting someone else to pretend to be the clown. Now, who was it?

Who was your accomplice? Tell me. Was it your good buddy, Gwen?

Sorry, boss. Stop. Not like I wasn’t expecting these still it’s, it’s not fun when they send you the papers. I’m actually the one that sent them 10, Nicole. She just signed them and sent them back. So that’s it. Then it’s basically done. Yeah. Yes. As soon as I sign these, our marriage is over.

Are you, are you sure you wanna do that right here? Not in your or something? Yeah, it’s fine.

Oh, maybe it isn’t.

I remember the day when my divorce papers. I mean, we had been separated for a while. It wasn’t like I was holding out hope for some last minute reprieve, but, but still, it, it’s, it’s just something about how final it feels, you know, seeing your, your names in black and white, accepting that my marriage, something I tried very, very hard to save was just, Over.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, believe me, if I thought that there was a, a chance to save it, I, I, I would still be fighting. So why the hesitation? I guess? Um,

I don’t know. Even though Nicole’s the one who wanted to end our marriage, I just. I just, I feel like, uh, I failed


Oh, sweetheart. I can’t imagine how betrayed you must feel by Xander’s actions, and I’m sure right now you feel that the best solution is to wash your hands of him. And I felt that way in my marriage a few times. This is different. Mom. Victor never pretended to be anything other than he was. Oh, Victor has done plenty of things that I haven’t been happy with.

Just don’t think I’m as forgiving as you. Oh, it’s not about forgiving. It’s about love. So if you love someone, you just have to accept them no matter what. No, of course not. But you have to hang on and you have to to. Until you can’t any longer, you owe that to yourself. You married Xander, you made vows to him.

Not sure that, for better or worse included kidnapping, but if you still love him, you know I do. Yeah.

I am always going to,

how do I trust that he will never do something like this again? And how do I stay in a marriage if I can’t trust my husband? Well, you know, if you feel that way and you can’t imagine ever trusting him again, then you should.

You think that there’s still a chance? Oh, . It’s too soon to make that decision. The pain and the betrayal, it’s just too raw. You need time to think to make sure, because you know what? You may change your mind tomorrow. Next week, next month.

I don’t want you to do something that you can’t undo. Okay? I love you very much. You the strongest person I know. So you decide I’ll be here to support you. Okay? I love you. Love you too.

Oh, bloody hell. Of course, Sarah blabbed all over town. It was wishful thinking that she’d keep her mouth shut. Oh, well, considering how she feels about what you did to keep Xander from her, I’d say miracle is more like it. I still cannot believe you, and Xander was so careless as to stand in the middle of the park and have a conversation about Zander.

I have to warn him. What are you doing? What are you doing? I have to phone him. Why? Because I already feel guilty about my role in Sarah learning the truth. I can’t be the reason Xander goes to prison. Xander kidnapping people will be the reason he goes to prison. Yeah, but maybe if I could get that first, I could, I could maybe make things better and I could, oh, okay.

Gwen, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. I did not wanna have to do this, but it’s time for the mittens to come off and the tough love to come out. I love you and you need to stay the hell away from Zander. Gwen, why don’t you think Gwen was the clown that attacked us in that warehouse? You mean the clown you enlisted to attack you in that w.

What? I dunno. We know Gwen created that fake website for you and the fake employment contract and she covered up your crime. Multiple crimes. Gwen had nothing to do with the kidnapping, I promise, because she’s so innocent, right? Speak a good friend to me, some friend. Forget it. Bunny. Xander’s never gonna roll over on Gwen.

At least not to us. But maybe he’ll change his mind when he talks to the cops calls. Huh? What’d you think You were gonna skate? One gut punch and you were gonna get off. Justin, you don’t have to do this. Some free legal advice cousin. Get yourself a good attorney. You’re gonna need one. Let’s go buddy. No, I don’t please you.

I seriously don’t come back. Can I interest you some Red Chad and I are friends and it’s not like he’s forcing me to hang out. Coming here today was my decision. Certainly not yours. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. I’m sorry that I overstepped. Damn right. I’m overstepped. I can’t help it that I care about you.

I worry about you. You have a big heart and what I’ve been seeing lately, to me, it just looks. Like what? Like Chad is manipulating me. Oh, I think that’s a strong word, but, but it’s what you were thinking, right? I was thinking that this whole situation, it’s not fair. Okay. I don’t, I don’t understand where this is coming from.

I mean, you’re the one who asked him to stay and play video games with us on Christmas. I know I was. I did. So what was that about? Were you just pretending to be a nice guy? You didn’t really want him to stay? God, of course. I didn’t want him to stay. Steph, you and I were about to have sex. Well, then why didn’t you say something?

Because it’s sad. Chad, the widower upset on Christmas. I’m not gonna throw him out in the cold. It’s not a good look and I don’t wanna look like a jerk. Wow. I’m making up for that now, aren’t you, Steph? I’m okay. I’m sorry that you didn’t wanna spend Christmas with Chad. I’m sorry that you think I’m spending too much time.

But he’s still grieving his wife, my cousin. If I can, if I can help him, then I owe it to Abigail. Babe, do you really think that’s helping you don’t think it could be. Maybe making it worse. What is that supposed to mean? Did it ever occur to you that Maybe your leading chat on.

I would never lead Chad on again. Maybe not intentionally, but you hired him to consult at your company. He comes over at Christmas with gifts. You go ice skating with him and his kids. Those kids are my family and they just lost their mother. Okay, Steph, you’re not just going with the kids ice skating.

You’re going together as a. And it’s not just today, it’s not just a Christmas, it’s anytime Chad shows up upset, you let him in. Okay? He’s not a stray dog. He’s my friend. He’s your friend who wanted something more outta the relationship. And I, I, I don’t understand why the more chances that you give him and the more time you spend with him, the more of a chance he thinks there’s gonna be something between the two of you.

So, so you think that by being kind to Chad, I’m some. Signaling that I wanna be with him, that, that I want him to get over his dead wife and fall for me. No, that, no, that maybe I’m not explaining this correctly or right. Then let me explain it. There is nothing romantic going on between me and Chad. He knows that you and I are seeing each other.

He respects that he respects me, which is more than I can say for some people right now, Steph. So. If you don’t mind, the kids are waiting, I will text you to reschedule our meeting.

Just because your marriage failed doesn’t make you a failure. How about three? Three marriages? Mm-hmm. , and now three divorces.

You at a certain point, you gotta start looking at yourself in the mirror. I’m wondering what the hell’s wrong with you that you couldn’t make it work. I know you can’t think like that. Okay, so, uh, how should I think

I haven’t known you very long, but you still seem like the guy who believes in love. God only knows why. I mean, you’ve been hurt, but you still try again. You’ve taken chances. I mean, it’s better to have loved and lost, right? Sorry. Is that really cringey? A little? Yeah. I don’t even know if it’s true. Well then let me give you some actual advice.

Says you have to sign this, right? Take some time. Go on a walk or something, you know, just, just make sure it’s something that you are ready to do when you need to do

so. You can even wait for me to finish my advice. No, I appreciate the effort, but I was just dragging out the pain and now I’m glad it’s over. You sure you’re okay, boss? Yeah. Wasn’t actually. Maybe. Maybe you should take the rest of the up. Nope. No. I am going to get back to doing what I do best. Putting away the bag.

Guys. All great news. We’ve got one of those for you.

You think I should stop talking to Zana? Stop talking to him. Stop seeing him. Unfollow him on Insta Fire. Can’t abandon him. Not now. The loving part of me would say, I understand it’s gonna be hard. You just need a little distance. And the tough part, save your ass while you can. But what if he needs me Lookwe?

Nobody knows better than I do. What a great day smoke show this guy is. And I know he’s still nestled deep inside your sweet, damaged heart, but he roped you into a kidnapping scheme that ended with somebody dead. He’s sinking. Gwen, you gotta abandon ship. But you sure it isn’t really already over? I mean, aren’t there any lifeboats out there?

Well, you haven’t been arrested. That’s a good sign. Yeah. But you said that Sarah was going around town saying what Sandra did. Do you think she’s gonna leave my name out of it? I would guess by now. She’s blaring your name out there in neon lights.

Sarah is your, your home up. That’s what you were working. I had the overnight shift. You must be exhausted, aren’t you? If she’s asleep, I can clear out. No,

I’m not staying here. I should have known. That’d be too much to hope for. You just missed Bonnie and Justin. How was that? Well, she punched me in the gut and he vaped at me, thrown in prison. That poor woman has been living in terror thinking that there’s some maniac out there trying to get her. So if you thought that I was gonna lie to her and Justin about you being the kidnapper, why you did it, Sarah, I don’t blame you.

But does that mean you’re also gonna talk to the police?

I have not spoken to the police. Well, Justin and Bonnie just left for the station to turn you in for being her kidnapper. He has the plan, but the whole case is based on

what you told them You overheard. So I’m wondering, are you gonna corroborate this story?

I hadn’t really thought about that. Must have crossed your mind before you told Bonnie she was a victim. She deserved to know who terrorized her, right? And now she’s gonna share that knowledge with the police. And that first question is gonna be how she knows, at which time she’s gonna tell them she heard it from you.

So you are gonna be the next call. So my question is, What are you gonna say to them?

So now that you know what Andrew did to me, are you gonna arrest him? Because I know exactly where he is. Unless of course he tried to flee already. Okay, well, I’m afraid that it’s not that simple. Why not? Because we’re bringing them secondhand knowledge, hearsay, unusable in a court of. I’m afraid That’s right.

But Sarah heard Xander talk about what he did to me. She told us. She can tell you they’re still gonna need proof. Proof. How about the fact that I was held prisoner? How about the fact that Susan Banks is dead? Okay. Not proof that you were kidnapped. Proof that it was Xander under that clown mask. Oh my God, what are you gonna do?

Let him get away with it. Are we supposed to just go about our lives like nothing happened? No. We are gonna do everything that we possibly can to make sure that he faces the consequences, but in order to do that, we need definitive evidence or someone to confess.

I am telling you, Gwenny, I have never done a better acting job in my life. You can only imagine the flap sweat coming out of every pour in my body. Lovely image. When Bonnie started talking about Xander rescuing her from that clown, it was like there’s a white hot spotlight shining on my soul. What were they asking?

What weren’t they asking? How could Xander be guilty of kidnapping when he was tied up right next to her having a knockdown drag out with her friendly neighborhood clown? She didn’t figure out that the second clown was you. Did she? Would I be standing here if she did? Oh, thank God. I don’t thank him. She thinks it was you.

Sweet to Jason’s mom. Huh? Take the kids for cocoa. It was, where’s Alex? He had to go back to work.

Listen. Um, I’m sorry about before. What do you mean you guys had a meeting scheduled and. And, uh, I’m, I’m sorry for making you miss it. Don’t worry about it. I wanted to play hooky. Hmm. So I feel a little, feel a little guilty.

Is this because of what Alex said to you?

What did Alex say to me? I heard a bit of your conversation before I walked up earlier. Oh, and just so you know, I don’t agree with him. You and I are friends and I enjoy spending time with you. He seemed pretty upset. Yeah, well, he has no reason to be. He’s just letting his insecurities get the best of him.

Even so I feel like I’m becoming an issue and I, and I, I told you I didn’t wanna become a problem for you too. You’re not. It’s his issue, not mine, and certainly not yours. Yeah. Well, it’s not unreasonable for Alex to wanna spend time with the woman that he’s seen.

If you and I were dating, I wouldn’t wanna share you with another man either.

Bonnie thought I was the clown. Well, technically it was Sarah’s theory. Not much of a stretch, I suppose, considering that she knows you helped cover up the original kidnapping, God, I mean, look at me. How? How? How can I pass for a muscle bound clown the same way I could, despite my slender figure and delicate features?

I knew about the bodysuit. How did they know? Apparently the cops found some evidence of it. Salem PD doing their jobs to go figure. So you are telling me that Sarah and Bonnie. Actually think that Zander had a physical fight with. Actually Bonnie was skeptical. Gosh, I should hope so. No, no, no. You shouldn’t hope so, because if they follow the trail of the second clown, it could lead them right to my doorstep.

I finally have my life together. Gwenny Sonny is actually starting to trust me for once. I am not a complete screw up. The last thing I need is any trouble with the law. Could that be.

Oh, but it is Leo. Hope we’re not interrupting.

I can’t lie to the police. If they ask me what I heard you and Gwen talking about, then I have no choice but to tell them. I understand that. I’ve never asked you to lie Sarah, but you might not have to.

What do you mean you do have the option of not saying anything at all? The right turn remains. I am not the one under suspicions, Andrew. That’s not what I’m talking about. From what I’ve gleaned in this country, a wife can’t be compelled to testify against her husband.

That’s presuming I still am your wife.

I appreciate you trying to understand Alex’s point of view, but I don’t want anything he said to affect our friendship. It won’t. I’m really grateful for the time that you’ve spent with me and the kids. I think, um, I think it really helps. Get, uh, get through the first holiday without their mother.

But we’re past Christmas now, so if you need a break, I don’t need a break. I like spending time with you and the kids. Oh, I think that’s part of Alex’s issue. Two damn bad. I’m not looking to upset him, but at the end of the day, who I spend my time with is not his. It’s mine and I’ve made it. Besides, he has nothing to worry about.

We were just friends. Right.

We’re more than that.

I’m really proud of you. You know, from punching Xander. Well, not too, but for telling the police what he did to. I know how hard that was for you. I’m just glad it’s over, you know? And it was worth bringing up those awful memories if, if it can make sure as Andrew gets what he deserves. Well, my hope is that knowing who did this to you will not put an end to your nightmares, and you no longer have to live in fear of being attacked by a clown.

Thank you. You make me feel so safe. I always want you to feel that way. You get way. But Justin, I feel badly. For you. For me? Mm-hmm. . Why Santa is your family. You trusted him. You cared about him? I did. For him to hurt your wife? Like. To hurt you, God, you must feel so betrayed. I am. But the most important thing is to make sure that Xander and whoever helped him gets what they deserve.

So officers, what can I do for you? It’s Kamus, Scher and Detective actually. Oh yeah, that’s right. My mistake.

You. It’s just a little cramp in my leg. Would you like to sit down? Um, Leo can get you some water. No, I can. No, no, no, no, no. No trouble. That’s okay. This isn’t gonna take long, right Then. So, um, what is this about the kidnapping of Bonnie Kikis and Susan Banks? Oh yeah. What about it? Well, No need for the innocent act.

Okay. We already know you were an accessory after the fact. I’m not even sure know what that means. Bonnie came by the station and she laid out a very plausible explanation about the kidnapping and it’s aftermath. Oh yeah, I know. Oh, poor woman. She must be so traumatized after what she went through. Did she accuse me?

She told us that Xander Cook was her kidnapper Sander. How awful. Which is why we’re here. I didn’t understand. We know you helped him, but we also know that you want the Mastermind. So any details you can provide to help us build the case again, Sandra would be greatly appreci. Well, like I said, I would love to help, but, um, I’m sorry, I dunno.

Anything about the incident. All right. Right. That’s right, of course. Okay. Well, should you suddenly remember something? I’m sure we can work something out. Work something out. Yeah. Well, you know, it, uh, seems unfair for you to be punished for Xander’s crimes, especially after the, uh, the way he treated you.

And I know Xander and I promise. The minute he is faced with prison, he’s gonna take you down with him.

We’re more than friends. Yeah, we’re family. We’ll always be connected. And I, I think that’s probably what struck a nerve with Alex. You’ll get over it or he won’t,

but I know, uh, my kids really like spending time. And so do I. But you know, if you ever feel like we’re taking advantage, I’ll say something. Not that I think you would ever do that, but if for any reason it gets to be too much, I promise, I’ll let you know. Good. But just do me a favor, you know, don’t hurt my feelings Too bad.

Yeah. Let me down. Easy sensitive . Just make something up. Tell me that, uh, that you’re working or train for a triathlon. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I’ll let you down. Easy . I appreciate that. So don’t give this Alex stuff another thought. Okay.

Oh, it’s for me to worry about.

Well, your offer is very generous, but um, I’m afraid I’ve got nothing to say. You don’t have anything to say or you don’t wanna say it? Well, either way, I’m not going to be talking until I have a nice little chat with my attorney. Fine. Yeah. But I wouldn’t wait too long because this case is not going away.

Understood. Have a nice day, Mr. Mr. Stark. Yeah, you too.

Well, that was stressful. Oh, you telling me, I mean, you practically threatened to arrest me. What are you gonna do? How hell should I know? Have you thought about? You know, taking the deal. You want me to throw Zander under the bus? Oh, I know you still love him, but you’ve been risking everything for this guy and he’s still pining for Sarah.

I can’t believe if I’m saying this, but I actually agree with the cops. Why should you suffer for something that Xander did? So you punched Sandra in the stomach, . It was a pretty good shot too. I needed to blow off. Well, that’s understandable. As we speak. The police are trying to build a case against him.

How do you feel about that? Uh, I think he should face the music after what he did to Bonnie. I, uh, I appreciate you saying that, Maggie, especially since he’s your son-in-law. Yes, he is. I care about him very much. And you know, despite what he did, he loves my daughter or Sarah. It’s so awful for her to know she’s married to a kidnapper.

Well, actually, she’s thinking about ending the marriage.

Are you saying you, you don’t want to be married to me anymore?

My mother tried to convince me that I was rushing into this, and honestly, I didn’t know how I would feel when I saw you, and then

when I reached for that door. My heart was racing.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find,

what find,

I mean, it’s not like I expected you to be in here with your cloud mask. It’s just,

it proved to me that. I don’t trust you anymore.

I never will Sarah say that for divorce when I leave here,

nothing. Excuse me. I’m gonna go.

That hot stone massage was exactly what I needed. I think it was a good idea coming to the end for New Year’s Eve.

Go on something rough. I’m reading a very disturbing message from Brave. You’re not even gonna believe what Kristen has done. Now.

Go ahead. How can this be happening? Kristen? Just come and sit. I can’t sit Brady. I can barely breathe. I mean, whoever took her, why, why haven’t they made a, a ransom demand? Why haven’t they, why haven’t they told us what they need from us? We were told to wait for further instructions. We just need to be patient, patient, patient.

Our daughter has been kidnapped to Brady. Okay? Should be hurt or worse after what we went through to be a family. Like we can’t lose her. She.

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