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, good looking. Stephanie,

what are you doing here? I’m sure you remember how Chad interrupted us on Christmas, so I’m here for my rain check.

This time I came from here.

Wow. No wreath of condoms.

You came very prepared. Are you kidding me? Winter Green.

Don’t you have any other flavors?

Hey, I was just, uh, slept your voicemail. I’m, I’m gonna take a personal day. Taking the kids ice skating. Oh, well, I’m not here about work. I come bearing gifts for Thomas and. and they were so sweet to get me that cd. I wanted to bring them a little something in return. Mm-hmm. , that’s, that’s very nice. Come in.

Are they upstairs or, uh, yeah. Um, I’m gonna get them in a second. I, I’ve actually been wanting to ask you a question. Hmm. Shoot. Did I ruin your Christmas? Yeah. Christmas Didn’t, um, exactly turn out the way that I planned. Yeah, I, I know I said I’d be back in LA right after the holidays, but I, I’m dealing with some stuff.

Yep. Uh, , listen, I’m aware there’s work to do. I’ll, I’ll be on a plane as soon as I can. Okay. Talk soon.

This is nice. Will Sonny be joining us? No. No, he just went out.

Ooh. Someone’s in a good mood. I am, I am. I was just looking at real estate listings and I think I found a lovely, reasonably priced department that might work for Sarah Sander.

Well, what’s wrong? Uh, Maggie. There’s something you need to know about Xander and the company that he supposedly worked for. Supposedly, yeah. The, uh, pharmaceutical startup, uh, rednecks is a fake, it’s actually Xander. Spell backwards. What? There was no company, no job opening for a vice president in charge of sales.

Zander made the whole thing up. He lied to Sarah by getting a job there. That’s not all he lied about.

Zander z

Zand, it’s me. Are you in there?

Oh my God. Sandra, you all right? Oh yeah. I’m great. Oh, top of the world. Look at me. I’ve been phoning you. You didn’t answer your phone on your phoning and phoning. I thought you were hurt or, or even worse. Oh, worse. Definitely worse. Yeah. I can’t stop, think. What a worthless human being. I am a wretched loser, lying, dirtbag.

Sick. Right? Get up more. Four. What’s the point? The point is, you are not gonna self-flagellate any longer. You’re gonna get up and you’re gonna dust yourself off. Come on. I can’t Ah, can’t I start all over again? Gwe. Oh, how bloody, yes. Course you can. Come on you. And you will. Up you go. That’s it. Now that is an order Zander cook, and you know better than to find me

like Sands through the hourglass. So on the days of our lives,

I will never forgive Xander for this. Well, hang on. So Red Max doesn’t exist. Gwen created a website employment contract. The. Gwen, she claims she was doing Xander, a solid, helping him keep Sarah from finding out he wasn’t working. I am so confused. I felt that Xander had the job and then he decided to quit because his boss wanted him to do something unethical.

Xander made that up too. And when I offered to sue redneck for wrongful termination, Gwen gave me a fake c e o name, fake email address. Well, and when I saw rednecks written on the file cover, I put two and two. Okay, so then it looks like I’m the last one to know about this, uh, elaborate employment. Bruce

Sarah Sweetheart. There, there seems to be a reasonable explanation. Reasonable. Well, look, it sounds to me like Xander went to extremes to convince you that he had a job because he, he was feeling. , you know? Awful. And because he wasn’t able to provide for you or to, to pull his own weight, huh? This is about so much more than a stupid fake job.

They had a job, he just couldn’t tell us what it was because his boss was Ava Vitali. What? That can’t be. I wish to God it wasn’t. You were right the first time. The kidnapper was Xander.


Claire, eat this. No, come on, eat it now. Please.

There you are. Feel better. No, but that’s because you are mired and self hatred. You’re constantly bloody beating up on yourself. And what? What’s that gonna. What does anything do when the, the one that you love no longer wants anything to do with you Quinn? Hmm. That’s funny cause I’ve asked myself that question many a time and here’s what I’ve said to answer it.

Would you like to hear it? We are given this gift of life. Oh. For such a short time, and no matter how. Or disappointed or devastated you might be by all the horrible, rotten things that happen to us in life. You always have to remember to keep your sunny sights up and look forward to a better future. You should drive yourself, help burn.

Yeah. You know, I may just do that actually, and I might call it how to help a good friend out of a miserable funk, even when said friend is determined to stay in a miserable funk. How can I not stay in a miserable funk? Of course, there are dozens of times, but a message after message begging you to call me back so I can explain.

There’s no response, none. It’s like I can no longer exist. We don’t exist over. No, no, not necessarily. You were there when Sarah said she never wanted to see me. I would. I would listen less to what she says and more to what she’s done. And there you’ll find your silver line here.

Did you ruin my Christmas with Alex? You guys had the whole place to yourself and then I stuck around until like two in the morning playing video games. Did I ruin your plans with him?

Where they’re, hi. Oh, it’s so good to see you both. Daddy didn’t tell us you were coming. Oh, well he didn’t know. I wanted to tell you guys how much I loved my cd and maybe you can open these when you get home from ice skating with your dad. Can you come with us? Don’t these so much time. Oh, please, please, please stand.

Wow. It looks like I’m more popular around here than I thought.

What the hell are you doing in my room? Waking you from a very hot dream, apparently. Yeah. Thank you for ruining it. I’m doing my toothpaste. I need Don’t be so stingy. I just want one little squirt. Oh my God. Get it back and get out. Can you at least tell me where I could find a. Less gastly flavor than winter green.

Why don’t you ask the guy who asked you to move in here, God knows why. Well, son’s out and I couldn’t find any in his bathroom. Can do. Try Victor, right? He’d kill me. Like I said, try Victor. Oh, come on Alex. I can’t start the day without fresh breath. Where did my brother go to try to smooth things over with his crybaby husband about me living here?

I think they’re gonna kiss and make up. Definitely as long as he agrees to kick you out on your ass.

How can we, can we ca that depends. Where’s Leo? He’s at my uncle’s house where I left him. You mean where he is staying Still will nope. Nothing else to say. Will please.

Silver lining it. You’re joking, aren’t you? Hear me out. Where? Come on. Proceed. I want to hear all about what’s so great about my wife ignoring them all ears. Mm-hmm. . I’m waiting. Right. Lander, did you spend the night in jail? Did an army of police turn up and arrest you for. Oh, not yet. I said then come on man.

If it hasn’t happened, it’s not gonna, it means that Sarah hasn’t told the cops or anyone else. You don’t think she went straight to Bonnie and Justin? No, I don’t. Cause he would’ve been arrested and I haven’t heard anything from Jack. So, see. Let’s hope yet because that means Sarah obviously decided to keep what you did to herself.

So Xander admitted he was working for Ava Batali. Somehow she knew that he was having financial problems and she used that to get him to put on the clown mask, kidnap Susan, and collect some of the ransom as a paid, my God. And does it surprise? Who he turned to when he needed help covering his tracks.

Cause that’s right folks. None other than the Master of Deception herself. Miss Gwen, risk check. So are you saying that Zander was cheating on you? Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know, mom, I, I don’t put anything past him at this point. I mean, it’s not like he has a good moral compass, but with him being a kidnapper, but, but that, that doesn’t make any sense.

Seriously. It doesn’t, I mean, he. Was snatched up by that muscle bound clown, same as me, cuz it’s, it’s kind of impossible that kidnapper had to be somebody else.

And then after that, Wilhelmina just stormed out such a drama queen. Well, you don’t have to worry about that Leo, because your throne is safe and despite your little twist and your little, uh, spin on things, I’m with Will on this one. The guy who ditched his family to fly off to la la land. Uh, yeah, because he had to do what he needed to do for his job.

I know this might be a concept that’s foreign to you, Leo, but some people have to travel for work. Uh, travel is one thing he told Sonny he wasn’t coming home for the holidays. Yeah. Except he did come home for the holidays to surprise Sonny on Christmas only to find him with you. Here, the person who has caused a whole lot of people, including Will and Sonny, a whole lot of misery.

That is, in my opinion, your subjective perspective. That’s a subjective perspective, really. Uhhuh. really see, in my opinion, That’s an objective fact because your whole MO is to target vulnerable men and bleed them dry. You say that like, I have designs on Sunny. We’re just friends. Okay. Well, in my experience, when somebody in one party says that we’re just friends, that’s not the truth.

The truth is one of those people is pining for the other, and then the other person who thinks he’s about to have sex with one of those friends is left out in the. Okay, well now I have lost track of which person is the other person and who’s pining for whom. But somehow I don’t think we’re talking about me and Sonny anymore.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I will go, but no one can laugh if I fall on my. Kay. We would never. All right, go get your hats in your gloves. Come on. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Okay. Get your coach too.

Are you sure about this? Dude? You need me? Those kids totally own you all. Just call the ring . Okay.

Will come on, will open up when I slam the door in your face. That meant go away. All right, well, are we alone because we’re talking.

Allie and Chanel are out, but no son. We are not alone because Leo Stark is smack in the middle of our lives. Okay. And you think shutting me out literally is the best way to get through it. We shouldn’t have to get through anything. You kick Leo out. That’s problem solved. You have every right to be upset.

Yes, I, yes, I know. I’ve, I I am upset and I should be upset because you do this one simple thing and it’s over, but for some incomprehensible reason, you, you just, you haven’t done it yet. He has nowhere else to go, will, son, you’re doing it again. You’re feeling sorry for a, for a predator. Leo Stark is a gold digging Grif.

All he does is bring pain and misery. Why is it so hard for you to believe that someone can change? I’m not, I’m not having this conversation with you. I’m not. You’re not. What? What? Look, somewhat someone, yes, someone can change, but a gold digging grifter, like I said, a conman with a heart of stone. I don’t think so.

Okay. I’m not. That Leo is a completely different person, and I, I’m definitely not excusing his past behavior, but like I said, I’ve been spending a lot of time with him and I, it’s become very clear to me that beneath all the flamboyance and theatrics is a, a real human being with feelings and, and dreams.

Feelings and dreams. Really? Yes. I’ve seen it, and maybe if you were here, you’d, you’d believe it too. Oh, you mean if I hadn’t abandoned you to go to la? Of course, we’re still talking about Sonny. You’re trying to cause problems between him and will. Meanwhile, all you give a damn about is your toothpaste. I prefer cinnamon.

Fine. I’ll borrow Maggie. Or buy your own or better yet, move out and then buy your own. You, you are clearly not a morning person. I, I just don’t enjoy waking up with a thief in my room, Leo, or in my bed. Scram. You gotta go. I, I, I have to get dressed. Need a hand picking out a shirt? Oh my goodness. Alexander, get your mind out of the gutter.

But if you did need a hand, let’s go out, out.

Whoever was in that clown Baskett couldn’t have been Xander. I mean, it’s impossible. When I came to, in the Warehouse, he was tied up right next to me and the, and then the bozo came in and the two of ’em got in a big brawl, and yet somehow the clown managed to get out without being unmasked. Bonnie, it was a setup.

The, the whole thing was just an act to make Xander look like a hero. My God, is it possible well pull it off? He would’ve needed someone to. Yeah. Yeah. And I know who it was. Morning loves what’d I miss?

Sarah hasn’t said anything yet. Yeah. And I don’t think she ever will. That makes one of us. She just needs time to, to calm down. Yeah. And, and realize that you never meant to hurt. I did hurt her badly. Yes, but that wasn’t your intention, was it?

I mean, come on. You’re in this whole bloody mess, Sandra, because you love her so damn much. So maybe have some faith in her love for you too, and some hope that she will come to understand that you were doing all of this just to, to prove. That you’re a good husband. There’s no way Sarah’s gonna gimme the benefit of the doubt about this.

It’s more likely that she’ll find an evil clan to take me out. Pessimist, Gwen, I really do appreciate you Trina. You know, cheer me up and I feel awful for dragging you into all this. I know how hard you’ve worked. Get back into Jack’s good graces. If he finds out that you’ve been helping me, boy, you let me deal with my dad messed up my life beyond all repair.

I’m not gonna do the same to you. I’ll tell Jack that you’ve Yeah. That I, I forced you to help me. Then I’ll, I’ll protect you, I promise. No, you’ve already got so much to deal with. As is Quinn. You keep telling me that I. I’m trying to pay you. My dad. Let me,

are you taking shots at me for going to la? Oh, oh my God. That’s not, that’s not what I meant. I swear, if you wanna have a conversation about how we can live apart, I would be more than happy to, but I think we should probably deal with this. Okay. You wanna be roomies with Leo? I think that’s patently insane.

I asked you to kick him out. You refused. What, what else is there to discuss? I, if you disagreed with me about something that I felt strongly about, I would hear your opinion. So can you, can you just please do the same for me please? Fine. Okay. , thank you.

Look, when, when Craig left, Leo kind of lost him, all right? And he hurt a lot of people, but he knows that he made a mistake. Do you honestly believe that? I do. Yeah, I do. What do you When he talks about it, I, I can see the sadness in his eyes. I can hear the regret in his voice. He knows he screwed up. And he, he spent a lot of time reflecting, thinking about how to change his life, how to turn it around, and the first step was to find a job.

So I offered him one. No, he asked you for one when you were in the hospital and you said he was a conniving creep and he needed to talk to Alex and he didn’t. He did months later, after we started becoming friends. So when Alex shut him, I told him that when I went back to being C E O, I would need an assistant.

No, you were gonna hire him again, Sonny. No, he almost destroyed tight. Let me finish. He shut me down. You know why? Because he knew Uncle Vic would freak out and fire me. That’s proof right there. That is proof that he has changed. He put my wellbeing in front of his own needs, or he’s parlaying your offer into something better.

Why are you being so negative? Why are you being so naive? Just because Leo does. Potentially not completely selfish thing. I’m, I’m, you, you want me to change my mind on him? No. I am trying to get you to understand the choices that I’ve made and if you understand those choices and you still want Leo gone.

He’s gone.

People. The mood in here is downright marose. It’s like someone died or something. Wait, did someone die? I’m just glad I didn’t. Doesn’t that clown. Sarah thinks that Zander was the kidnapper and that he hired a fig kidnapper so that I wouldn’t suspect that he was a real kidnapper. I think. Well, that seems farfetched.

Leo, please. Um, Sarah was about to tell us who she thinks Xander’s accomplice was, and she seems pretty sure about it. I am. There’s only one person that makes sense.

You want to repay me right now if.

I think that we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Now, see, I am still very optimistic that things fuck out for you. Now you’re a bit optimistic. I am going to, uh, drown my saw eyes. Right.

I’m going to be very brutally honest with you right now.

Cook. You are as delectable specimen of the male species that I have ever laid eyes on, but you are never more unattractive than when you wallow in self petty.

Short break. I promise I’ll be right back.

Oh, there she is, Alex. Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? Your assistant said I might find you here. Oh, why’d you need to find me? We had a strategy meeting planned for today. What did you forget about me? No, I actually left a message with your assistant about rescheduling. Did you? Mm-hmm. . Oh. Must have ah, must have got my wires crossed.

Oh, sorry about that. It’s okay. Anyway, what are you doing here? What are you here with?

I thought you felt strongly about this. I do. But you’re willing to change your mind.

Uh, Leo and I will still be friends. Okay. We work through a lot and that that means something to me, but I will find him another place to live as soon as possible, even though you think it’s perfectly fine for him to stay. Keri, obviously it’s not perfectly fun if it upsets you.

You’re my husband. Well, you always come first.

I no one. I feel like I’m forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. You’re not forcing me to do anything. All I want to do is to make you happy. That’s the most important thing to me. I love you will. I love you when things are great. And I still love you when we’re fighting and I still can’t believe you flew all the way out here and I still haven’t gotten a single kiss yet.

Well, Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Love, as they say. Conquer. I can’t take any more of your positivity. Oh God, I’m not gonna stand here and, and let you just give up. I’m a woman of your dreams. What choice do I have? Change. Change your mindset. Zander. Stop feeling so bloody. Sorry for yourself. And start thinking about Sarah. Yeah. Think about,

think about holding her for kissing her, touching her, lost all of that forever. Ah, so you’re a loser then. No. A quitter then, are you? Not at all. Right. Well then imagine yourself with your wife. Yeah. Together. Close. Happy. Now. Alright. I’m imagining, I’m imagining good. No, just hold that there. Just keep that mental image there at the forefront of your mind and let it motivate you.

Put this fire underneath you and hold onto it every minute of every day until Sarah’s back in your arms.

Oh my gosh. That’s exactly what I need to do. Your riot.

thank you so much. You are the only one that could have brought me back from the head. Yeah. Well I am your mate, so the least. Do

you think Gwen was Xander’s accomplice? Well, I heard him going over everything with her, so, well. He may have told her about the kidnapping, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was in on it. However, she was in, on his lie about the. But the clown who kidnapped Zandra in me was a man, a big man, and didn’t look at all like Gwen actually.

Grave called me earlier and he said that uh, they found some evidence to indicate that the clown was actually wearing a bodysuit, one of those bodysuits you wear to bulk up your appearance, which means that it’s possible that it was Gwen or a man with a smaller frame. Isn’t that right, Leo? Who are you looking at me for?

You’re Gwen’s friend. Did she mention any of this to you? And just don’t even think about lying. I swear on a stack of Bibles. I know absolutely nothing about Gwen dressing up as a clown. If I were you, I try W Ringling Brothers.

Hi guys, this is Alex. Why don’t you say, Hi, Alex. Nice to meet you. Hey, nice to meet you. Firm Shake. Good shake. So I, uh, I heard that, that this one missed a meeting. I’m sorry. That’s on us. We, uh, we dragged her into this. Aw, daddy, you wanna skate more? Okay. Yeah. Uh, just give us a minute. You know what, I got this.

You too. Catch up. Okay, come on. Let’s go.

Oh, I’m sorry, man. The kids wanted her to come. Oh, no. It’s all good, man. It’s all good. You guys having a good time? Yeah, yeah, we are. Good, good, good. I’m glad. Chad, I just want to, uh, make sure we’re clear on where we stand now. You do know Stephanie and I are together.

Yes, of course. I know that you and Stephanie are. I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean for that to come out as harsh as it may have. Uh,

I know how rough Christmas was for you. I know you’re missing Abigail and I get it, man. I really do. And to be honest, I had a really good time hanging out with you, but not to get too tmi right before you showed up. It’s just Steph and I having a good time. I ended up having a run at the drugstore to go get.

You know? Right, right. Yeah, exactly. So here I am thinking that it’s just gonna be the two of us and . Yeah. I’m becoming the third wheel. I, I would’ve maybe found kinder words to say, but sort of Look, I honestly been, that wasn’t my intention with the holidays. I was just feeling lonely. Stephanie’s a friend and she’s easy to be with.

Yeah, she is, but the holidays are over. We made it just another workday in which Stephanie and I had a meeting planned and instead she’s here with you all having Having what? Family time.

I’ve been away for a lot longer than either of us thought I would be, and I’m sorry for that son, even though it was unavoidable and you supported my decision to go. But I, I still feel like I kind of stranded you here, and I, I know that’s been hard it. It’s been hard for me too. What’s made it sort of bearable is that I’m surrounded by people all the time, you know, colleagues, fellow filmmakers, and you know, some friends I I’ve made who aren’t substitutes for you.

obviously. But I, I, I guess what, what I, what I’m trying to say is I’m okay with you having, you know, a new friend too. I just really wish it was somebody else. Okay. Well it isn’t, and I don’t think we want a relationship where we can veto each other’s friendships. No, we don’t. Okay, so I’m still gonna be friends with Leo.

And you don’t like that? Where does that leave us?

Fatty? What’s on earth? Did you just run here? Uber flat. Need to talk urgent. Is this about your mission to get into Sunny’s Trouss? Don’t you bother denying it? I know you all too. Well man. Bye. So, okay, yes. Sorry darling, but your sexual fantasies are gonna have to wait cause I’ve just got too much in my mind.

So yes, please. Another time. Another time. Another my foot,

my darling girl. I’m so. About all of this. You don’t have to be sorry, mom. This is all on me. I, I knew that there was something wrong with Xander and I just pushed it off. Can I do that? You love him?

Yeah, but I let, I let that blind me to who he is, who he’s always going to be.

Hi, it’s Sarah. Leave a message. It’s. Again, I, I know I have so much to make up for Sarah. So many bad mistakes and and bad choices by swear. I did it all for love cause I love you so much with all my heart. I swear I do. Please just call me back.

I guess where that leaves us is, uh, pretty awkward place. Yeah,

I’m, I’m, I’m not gonna lie to you, it, it is hard for me to accept that you’re friends with someone who has done so much damage. Um, but you and Leo have admitted some fences and it’s clear that you have a certain loyalty to him. And when I think about it, the only thing I can. I just respect that

shall woo agree to disagree until you realize I’m right or vice versa. I hate hate you. I know, but I love making up.

Family time, that’s not an accusation. I understand the whole ice skating thing is innocent, but I also know you had feelings for Stephanie, so I’m gonna ask you man to man,

if there’s something brewing here you think I should know about Chad, it’s better to get it out there now.

Alex? No, listen to me. There’s absolutely nothing romantic going on between me and Stephanie. All right. She’s my friend and my boss. That’s it. All right. Hey, we, uh, we ran into a couple of the kids’ friends just now and their mom who said she’d watch them when I came to get you. Um, but they said that they want daddy to skate too.

Hmm. Okay. Thank you. Mm-hmm. , thank you. Yeah.

All right. If you’re not too tired, what do you say? I go run a pair of skates. I’m gonna go hit a couple laps around this rink. Who the hell do you think you are?

All right. Get you some ice. No need to talk bad news. Yeah. Well, what happened? Your news is it can’t be worse than mine. Sarah overheat, me and Zander talking about the kidnapping and get this. She’s decided to keep what she knows to herself. I mean, it’s a bloody miracle. Why are you flapping? Listen, important.

Okay, go on then talk. Sarah is not keeping her mouth shut. She’s telling everybody what Xander did.

I. I, I spoke to Gwen. If, look, if this is about my phony job at redneck. Oh, rednecks. Oh, rednecks you,

Sarah, please don’t blame yourself. This is all on Zander. Talk to me. Sweet. Tell me what you’re thinking. What will you do next?

The only thing I can do, what is that?

I have to divorce him.

Any luck tracking now, Ralph? So far every lead just brings us straight into another dead end. Okay, we’ll keep at it. We need to find this guy. We need to get him to admit what Lehan did to Steph. Oh, almost forgot a messenger. Dropped us off for you today.

Oh, everything okay? Yeah, it’s from my attorney,

my divorce papers.

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