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Merry Christmas. A

Oh God. Maddy, honestly, you never ceased to amaze me. Snagging a holiday layover at she Kiki. What a poo. Well, of course I’m gonna want all the bloody details. No, we’re not talking about me. But since you ask, thankfully, I have no details to. Yes. It turns out I didn’t have to help Xandra out of that little jam after all.

don’t worry. I made sure that he knows that he still owes me one. Why does he owe you one?

Hey, for losing the last of marbles. Now there’s a Christmas miracle. This about a Christmas miracle. Well, if I tell you it won’t come true. No baby. No. That’s a birthday wish, right? Yeah, no. I was saying that it’ll be quite the Christmas miracle. If you and I can go over to Doug and Julie’s in time for the party, given all the crimping you’ve been doing in there.

Rip thing. Fixed my hair. Well, whatever you did, you look lovely as usual. Uh, well, so should we head out then? Oh, no. I have a much better idea. You too. Yeah. I thought maybe we could just skip this party and go straight to the after party festivities. Hmm. Somebody is very naughty boy. . Yes. Well, maybe you want to be nice.

You get this? You said that we weren’t exchanging gifts until tomorrow. We aren’t, but this one, I. This one has to be open tonight.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, honey, that sounds just wonderful. Wow.

Honey. Julie just walked in with, uh, all the Horton ornaments in the big box. You remember that hope? Yes. Yes. Uh, I, I’ll, I’ll let you say hello to her in a second. Yes. Oh, thank you. And, and Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, princess. Hope. Hope darling. Hi. Oh, you can’t imagine how much your father and I wish that you were here with us right now.

Of course. Well, I’m expecting nothing less than a, a gold medal for every one of your skating students at the next Olympics, . Of course. I love you too, sweetheart. Okay. Okay. Bye-Bye. She sounds in good spirits. She does. God bless her. She has just devoted to those skating students. Yeah, but still I know.

That’s great. But I, I wish I didn’t have to talk to her long distance. Yeah, I miss her too. Wow. I miss ’em all. You realize this is the first Christmas that we won’t have one child or any of our grandchildren here to celebrate with us in. Hope she’s in Montreal and Sierra and Ben are sailing the great wide ocean with Little Bow.

And Sean Douglas and and Bell are in Africa with Claire. Lucky you got me here, kiddo. I’m very lucky I’ve got you and I know it. Poor Eli Lonnie and the twins, their first Christmas all apart, far, far away in Maryland. It’s just so depressing. Julie, dear, how I know Valerie is there for Eli and the twins, and that’s great, but I would just like to know that they’re okay.

You know, I would, I, I would give everything just to see them with my own two eyes. I think that can be arranged.

Hey, grandma is,

Holy, precious darling. Look. Yeah, I, I seen them. Dear . Oh my sweet sweetheart. Merry Christmas. Your grandma miss you.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Did you know they were coming? Honey, I was sworn to secrecy you. Devil Uhhuh. I don’t think we should invoke, you know who? Especially after what happened last Christmas point taken. I’m so thrilled to have them here. It’s real. It’s real. Grandpa, take a look at your great grandpa, darling, isn’t he? You? You are so beautiful.

You’ve grown up so much. I won’t be able to call you little Jules much longer

sweethearts. So how on earth did you manage to cross CrossCountry from Maryland with these two all by yourself? Uh, grandma, I have learned to do a lot of things on my own since Lonnie went away.

Say something. It’s an ornament. Yeah, but it’s not just any ornament. It’s, it’s your ornament for the Horton treat. Isn’t that just for family? Baby, you are family. You’re my husband.

What’s wrong? It’s just I don’t feel worthy of it having an on your family’s tree.

Tonight’s your family’s big tree trimming party. His dad’s getting tunnels and Charlotte ready?

I’ll bring them tomorrow so they can wish you a Merry Christmas,

Christmas without you.

I am gonna do my best to make it okay for the kids, cuz I know that’s what you would want

for me.

Miss you more every day. Not less. Like some people expect, they say that it, it gets easier with.

Every day, I can’t

see your smile,

hear your voice, feel you close to me.

Like I said, I miss. More, not less,

but uh, but I will, I will see to it that the, that our babies find some joy is Christmas. They will,

I’ll be surrounded by a lot of people that loved you.

I love you, Abigail.

I love you forever.

You’re here.

Well, of course I’m here. Where else would I be on Christmas Eve? But here with our precious girl, I thought Jack was picking you up from the airport. Well, I knew that he was gonna be on granddaddy duty, so I took a car service. The flowers are lovely, Chad.

She should.

She should be getting ready to hang her order in helping the kids hang theirs.

I know.

Um, Mattie, I’m, I’m gonna have to phone you back. Hi. Hello there, little lad. I didn’t see or hear you come in. Shouldn’t you be upstairs getting ready for the party? I’m already ready. Ah, so I see. Why don’t you look very sharp indeed. Um, maybe you should be a good big brother and go help little Charlotte get ready too.

Grandpa Jack is helping. Why does Zander, you, didn’t anyone ever teach you that it’s impolite to eavesdrop? How wasn’t eavesdropping you? Just talk loud. What did you do for him? What did I do for Zander? Um, I just did him a favor. That’s all. What kind of favor?

An ornament with my name on it doesn’t belong in the same forest as your family, let alone the same Hello family Christmas tree.

You have heard all about how my family is filled with saints. Did you also know that it’s filled with sinners? Yeah. Right. No, I’m serious. My dad and my uncle Bill’s rivalry over my Aunt Laura was. Bad. It almost turned deadly. Really? Mm-hmm. and Julie? It’s not Julie. Julie and her mother, my aunt ADD, fell in love with the same excon.

Who? They met through my Uncle Bill. No. Mm-hmm. . Wait. Who? Like Julie was in love with some ex-Con. Doug. Doug. Doug. Doug. Doug. And don’t even get me started on my cousins. That’s a whole other horror show. So, but say you, my husband still think you’re not worthy.

Save by the knock.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, Jack . Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you. It is so good to see you here with us little ones. Now it is Christmas. Yeah. Hey sweetheart. Why don’t we see if we can get these two guys upstairs and show them your lay room. Oh, that’s a great idea. Yeah. Oh, thank you so much for hiring Lucy.

In there. Here, and look out the little ones. Oh, let me tell you about Lucy. She’s a sophomore at Salem High. She lives on this street. Daddy, I think she wants a little nappy pool in the playroom. I’ll take her. Well, we’ll go get up there with her now. Now Lucy’s waiting. That’s good.

Patios fer.

Good luck.

Isn’t this cream? Yeah. So wonderful to have. Now it’s Christmas. It is. It’s Christmas. cookies and kitties.

Jack’s in charge now.

Okay, darling. Really, how are you coping? Oh, I’m not gonna lie to you, grandma. It’s been tough. I’m sure Valerie has been a big help. Oh, yeah. No, my, my mom’s been great. I don’t know how I would’ve done it without her, but as much as the twins love them, some Grandma Val, she is no substitute for their mom.

Why you are persistent, aren’t you? If persistent means curious, then yep. Hmm. Right. But the truth is,

can you keep a secret?

I helped Zander pick out cousin Sarah’s Christmas present. Can’t you do that? Well, Because I have exquisite taste. But you cannot say anything about this to anyone. Okay. Because Zander wouldn’t want Sarah to know that he needed help. So this has to be Oh, secret. Yeah. What are you too conspiring about?

Well, I was on my way over to Julie’s then. I thought I’d swing by to see if the two of you needed a lift. Oh, thank you. Magus. Very thoughtful of you. But I feel like I, uh, have walked in on something. No, we’re, we’re fine. We’re all fine here. No, we are not fine here. Sanders being hard on himself. He has reservations about putting his ornament on the Horton family tree.

Sander, your Uncle Victor, not his own ornament. When he and I got. And the Hortons were okay with that? Oh, not exactly at first. Some members at the family, they were a little crazy that their uncle Mickey’s widow had taken up with the reformed Greek mobster. See, I knew it. Ha, but they got over themselves when, uh, they realized how much Victor.

Loved each other

So you, my dear son-in-law, you are also reformed, but not just reformed. You are a wonderful husband to my daughter. And drum roll please. You also say, Bonnie from that sadistic kidnapping clown. So face it, Xander. You’re one of the good guys now a hero.

Those poor little angels, their first Christmas without their mother. It’s not nearly as sad as what Charlotte and Thomas are going through. And Chad, oh my God, I, I can’t even imagine. Nor can. The good news is that Lonnie will be eligible for parole in a year. So at least I get to reassure the kids that their mom will be coming home soon.

Chad can’t make that promise to his, I’m, I’m just so sorry that I haven’t been here for you more. Chad, don’t, don’t apologize. You had to take care of yourself. You did that. You’re here. Yes, I am back. And being back and, and facing the reality again of losing our precious abi I, it’s different Without the crutch of, of being high, I feel different.

I don’t know, just more, uh, less self-centered in my grief. I. I’m worried about you, Chad, how you’re doing, how the kids are doing.

We’re managing, yeah, those, those kids are resilient. I always say they get that from their mother. They get that from you too. Well, I don’t know about that. Yeah. Honestly, the, um, Focusing on other things has, has really helped, uh, work. Yeah. I, I, I heard that you’re, uh, you’re working for Stephanie’s PR firm.

Is that right? How’s that going? Yeah, it’s, it’s been a lifeline, huh? I mean, Stephanie is a, is a great boss. She’s a great friend. It’s good. Sounds like you’re getting close. Yeah. We have this shit in here. Oh, it’s cold out here. Yeah. Well, well, you. And we, uh, head over to that Christmas Eve party where there’s a warm house full of a lot of people who can’t wait to see you.

Merry Christmas, my angel.

Why sweet? Eli? I missed you so much. I missed you too. Both of you. You know the kids are always asking about you. Oh. I am thrilled that you’re here with the twins for Christmas. I just can’t imagine anything that would make this day any better. You sure about that?

We were hardly conspiring. We were just, um, bonding a little, weren’t we, darling? Well, I’m glad to hear that. So get ready for some more family. Bondi, Eli, the twins just showed up. Ah, Buffy. Yes it is. Yes it is. So, uh, let’s say we get in there and start talking it up. What do you say? Sport and then the ornaments.

And then the ornaments. Right? Well, I, I will meet you out there because I have to go check something in the. What does that, can we have a now after the ornaments, come on, let’s go see the twins. Come on and we’ll see you soon.

God nosey. Little How is Bonnie? Ugh. Well, she’s still suffering from that hole Kidnapping ordeal. She sees demented clowns everywhere she looks. I really hope that she follow through. I’m going to see a therapist. Yes, so do I, but for now, she’s alive and she’s well. Thanks to you, Xander. We’re all very grateful to you for that, for your bravery.

You, my brave husband, have a very important appointment to keep with a certain Christmas tree and I intend to make sure that you keep it. Ah, and there’s no arguing with her when she has that look on her face. Don, I. And I can’t fight off both of you, so let’s trim ourselves a tree, shall we?

Grandma, this is my big boy. Oh, . Oh, oh. It’s so good to see you. Merry Christmas grandma. Merry Christmas to you, my dear. Oh, where’s your sister? Oh, CICE upstairs with Jules and Carver. And, uh, Oh, Lucy, that sweet girl from down the street. Yep. 15 years old and very responsible. Oh wow. Bless her for giving us her time today.

Huh? Jennifer, why didn’t you let me pick you up at the airport? Oh, well

I had to make a quick stop first. Alright then. Well, sweetheart, I missed you. Oh, so much. I missed you.

What’s going on, man? How you doing? I’m well, brothers. How are you?

Take it each day as it comes. That’s all you can do. I know this Christmas is gonna be a tough one for you and the kids. For you too though, man. Oh, you know, thank God we all got each other. Damn that the kids are surrounded by so many people that love them. Yeah. Anyway, speaking of kids, I’m better check up on the twins now.

Yeah. Good to see you. Good to see you too.

This is turning out to be a lovely Christmas after all. Indeed, it is. There’s nothing like being with family for the holidays.

Well, I have found someone who wants to say hello. Hi, Charlotte. Fuck it. How you’ve grown. Seth, come sit right here. Aw, where are carver jewels? They both went down for an nap. Oh my goodness. Wow. . Good to see you too. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Well, I would love to drink in all this family. Goodness, but I have to sit out the desserts.

When’s already doing that? When? Allie and I are doing the desserts, so if you all will, excuse me. Uh oh. Grandma’s on the war pass. Uh oh indeed. Did I? But now it’s officially Christmas

What do you think you’re doing with those? Well, this is British Christmas pudding. It’s a holiday tradition in the uk. Surely you have room in that iron stomach of yours for something other than pedestrian donuts.

My beloved grandmother created the recipe for those donuts. Their Horton family legacy passed on through the generations. She also created this beautiful home that you are squatting in. So if I were you, I think I would show a little. Respect. Hmm. I think it’s you who should be showing me some respect, because if it weren’t for me, your precious cousin Jennifer would be spending the holidays in Statesville.

Hello. Don’t tell us that you started the party without us. Oh my goodness. So, so good to see you. Oh, my cousin, it’s so good to see you. Yes, aunt Maggie. Oh, hello, Jennifer. Oh, oh. Merry Christmas darling. Aren’t you? And you, Jack. It’s so good to be home

here. You finally made an honest man out of this. Oh, I dunno if I’ll go that far. Oh. I’m like . Welcome to the family. Zander. Nice mate. Yeah, that means a lot. Right? I know you and Lonnie didn’t always have the highest opinion for me. Just a family. Yeah. Well that changed after you helped rescue your twins from that crazy ass Vivian Alama.

I’m just glad I could do. How’s Lonnie doing? Uh, she’s counting down in days, but she’ll be home soon. Hm. Will you please give her our love? I will. I’ll also tell her that this man has changed his life and you’re making our cousin a very happy lady.

That can’t be true. No. This is just another one of your manipulations. No manipulation at all. You can ask Jennifer if you don’t believe me, although I think that might be quite stressful for her to have to relive the accident. I am guessing it was quite traumatic for her to have to get behind the wheel of a car high as a kit and run down her stepdaughter.

Wouldn’t wanna trigger a relapse for her. Now, would we, what is in this for you, Gwen? What’s your angle? Why are you keeping it a secret? Some sort of insurance. Are you’re planning on blackmail? Jennifer, are you planning on using it as a get outer jail free card? Oh Lord, goodness sake. No. Stop. Look.

Jennifer and I will probably never be friends, but she’s my father’s wife and I love my father, which is why I haven’t said anything and I’m not going to

now. Then is there room enough at your Christmas Eve party for me and my pudding? I’ll go ahead serve your bloody pu, but there will never be room enough on the Horton Christmas tree for an or. With your name on it? Mm-hmm. , I don’t think you’ll have much say in the matter when you’ve, you know, cashed in your chance.

I’ll have a say in the matter. I’ll always have a say in the matter, even if I have to send a directive from the great beyond.

Standby baby. I’m actually a bit chilly. I’m gonna run upstairs and grab a sweater. Hurry back,

Thomas. Hey. Hi cousin Sarah. I hope that you’re having a nice c. It’s okay. I miss Mommy though. Yeah, of course you do. We all miss her very much. But Tylee said she’s looking after us from heaven. Yes. Yeah, of course she is. I hope you are the present and, but you, I’m sure I will. Aunt Gwen helps him pick it.

What? Oops. It was supposed to be a secret. She only told me cuz I heard her on the phone. What are you talking about? I hurt for Tell somebody that’s saying your older one.

I’ll keep your secret.

Gwen look. Hi. Yeah. Hi. Hello Maggie. Hi Gwen. How are you? Well, and Jennifer, Merry Christmas. Same to you, Gwen. I’m glad that you are. You are doing better. My dad tells me you’re doing better. I’m glad. Thank you. Right. Hi. Where’s Sarah? You know what? Actually, it doesn’t matter. I, I just need to tell you, but she’s, hi Gwen.

Merry Christmas. Same to you, Sarah. Everybody. It’s getting to be that time. Who wants to trim the Horton Christmas tree? Oh, wait, wait. But it’s dog. Are you gonna sing for us this? Oh, I don’t know. Oh, come on. You have to come on. Everybody. Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing. Try darling.

Troubador. Take it away. Oh, come. Oh Ye Joyful. And try.

Him born the king of

the Lord.




you out did yourself, my darling. Oh, thank you. You know, in spite of all the sadness this year, I think tonight. I think tonight’s party was as lovely as it’s ever been. I agree. You managed to lift everyone’s spirits with your big, generous heart. Oh, I don’t know about that. I’m really touched. You think so though,

I just tell the truth. I love you so much. God Williams and I love you. Juli Olson Banning Anderson Williams. . What don’t you say we title off. Got another big day tomorrow. Yeah. Christmas day. Wow. Can’t wait to spend it with you. Mylo.

Oh, who are you texting? Uh, Maggie. Just making sure she got home Safe and sound. Aw. So are the kids all sleeping? Oh yes. All four are nestled snug in their bed streams of St. Nicholas. Poor Eli’s in bed too. Totally exhausted. Well, traveling with kids will do that to you. Ah, true, true. So do you wanna go to sleep too?

Actually, sleep is not what I had on my mind. Jack and a house full of people. I know I can be quiet since when. All right, Mrs. Dev, maybe show you some of my steal moves. Oh, . Oh, okay. . All right. All right. Oh, hang on. One a second. Oh, oh. Phone. Oh, no. Ignore it. Ignore it. Oh, no, no. It’s jj. It’s JJ Johannesburg.

Hello. Oh. Oh. Hi, sweetheart. Oh, it’s so good to hear your voice. Merry Christmas to you.

Well, at least someone’s going to have a Merry Christmas.

There she is. You had some fun tonight, I hope. Yeah, I did up until a certain point. Oh yeah. I mean, of course it was sad too. Mm-hmm. , Abigail gone, and Lonnie not being there either, but your family were great. They made me feel so welcome, like I really belonged.

What’s. Well, I would’ve thought it’d be obvious it being Christmas and everything. Mm-hmm. . And You want me to open it now? What’s that? The midnight.

Is this the gift that Gwen help you pick out for me? What? That’s what she told. Apparently he overheard her telling someone that you owed her one. Oh, yeah. That it was, yes. No, I, I, I ran into it in the square when I was shopping and she could see that I was just clueless, had no idea what to get you, and yeah, she agreed to help me.

Let’s see what happens when you two put your heads together.

This is what you and Gwen picked out from me. Merry Christmas.

Oh, Abby. I did it my made it through my first Christmas Eve without you.

I managed to stay strong for the kids.

I think they had had some fun.

They’re so sweet and brave. Yeah. I got them some gifts from you. Some things that I, I, I thought maybe you would’ve gotten them.

I hope it helped them. I’m sure it did.


you’re here. I’m always here. You think a little thing like death is gonna come between a love like ours? No. No, not even that.

I miss you. I miss you.

You know, you said you needed to be strong for the kids. I think you should be strong for yourself too. There’s so much left for you to do. There’s so much joy for you to feel, and I’m gonna be with you every step of the way with you and Thomas and.

Their faces,

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, my.

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