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Eric: Hey. Wow. Look at you. I am a lucky man. The only thing I’ve ever wanted for any christmas is you. Come here. Come here.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Set the temperature.

Pam: Oopsie.

Eric: Well, everything going well in the kitchen?

Charlie: Oh, you bet your nutmeg.

Pam: Oh, eric. The– it’s just, we’re cooking up a storm in there.

Eric: Well, good. You look cute. You want any help?

Charlie: No, no, no, no. No, seriously, we got it.

Pam: We’re good. We got– we’ve got everything under control.

Eric: All right.

Brooke: Whoo!

Katie: Hi. Wow!

Donna: Oh!

Brooke: Oh, wow. Oh, you look so beautiful.

Donna: Fantastic.

Katie: Merry christmas. Thank you so much for having us.

Eric: Thank you. Thanks.

Zende: Ho, ho, ho.

Eric: Hey, hey, hey. Are those– wait, are those all for me?

Zende: It might be a little something something for you, granddad.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Paris: This house looks incredible. Thank you so much for having me.

Donna: Merry christmas.

Zende: Merry christmas. Ridge isn’t here yet?

Eric: Unfortunately, I’m not sure if ridge is gonna be here this year.

Eric: I spoke to ridge earlier. I made it clear to him that he’s invited today.

Brooke: He should be here. I hope he’s not staying away because of me.

Paris: Well, we all respect your stance with ridge, brooke.

Zende: We totally get it.

Katie: You do not have to feel guilty if ridge decides to stay away.

Pam: Well, I just have to say, I know that steph would want you and ridge to be together. You’re soulmates. The power of brooke and ridge cannot be denied.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Pam: Sorry.

Carter: Feliz navidad.

Eric: Hey. Look who’s here. All right.

Katie: Hi.

Carter: Merry christmas.

Katie: Merry christmas.

Eric: Carter, welcome.

Donna: Merry christmas.

Carter: Merry christmas. Thank you for including me.

Eric: We’ve been through some interesting times together, but you will always be welcome here.

Carter: Thank you.

Eric: All right.

Katie: Let’s put your coat down.

Douglas: Merry christmas.

Carter: Merry christmas.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Beth: Look at that tree!

Douglas: Hey, great-granddad.

Eric: Hey. Hi, honey. How you doing, buddy?

Hope: Oh, merry christmas, mom.

Brooke: Oh, merry christmas, honey.

Hope: Oh, my god.

Liam: Merry christmas.

Hope: Liam and I were just saying in the car how every time we walk through that front door, it feels like a warm hug.

Eric: Oh, thank you.

Liam: You know what? I think we all feel that way, especially on a day like today.

Hope: Absolutely.

Eric: Welcome.

Hope: Merry christmas.

Eric: Thank you. Let me see this dress. I wanna see this dress. Let me see.

Hope: I’ll take it off later.

Eric: Okay, okay. Listen, I’m done to be a limited edition

Liam: Woo!Bells


Jingle bells, jingle bells

jingle all the way

oh what fun it is to ride

in a one-horse open sleigh

Liam: Woo!

Hope: You guys sound awesome.

Beth: Daddy’s being silly.

Hope: Oh, yes, he is. And that is why we love him. Wow.

Carter: Charlie, my man. That’s a cool fishing rod.

Charlie: Fishing rod? My friend, this happens to be a limited edition platinum 360b.

Pam: His christmas gift from me. We’re actually sneaking away for a few days.

Charlie: Yeah.

Eric: Good. You deserve that. Both of you.

Charlie: Little r&r at the cabin, you know. Pammy will knit and I’ll stare at her lustily and hope the fish don’t bother me.

Eric: That’s great for the two of you. Good. It’s a great way to end off the year.

Pam: Eric, you know that this is what stephanie always wanted for me. A kind-hearted fella to call my own. Even though she’s not here physically, I– I feel like she’s here with us.

Brooke: I feel her presence every day.

Katie: Especially on a day like today when we went to the mission.

Brooke: It’s wonderful that we’re continuing the important family tradition.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah. Stephanie would be proud. She’d be proud of all of us gathering here in– in our family home. So let’s eat, drink and be merry. All right? Not necessarily in that order.

Pam: What order?

Eric: Come on. Okay. And you put that outside.

Charlie: You sure?

Pam: He’s gonna put somebody’s eyes out.

Katie: So, are you having a holly, jolly good time?

Carter: Always. Though I am a little nervous about eric’s eggnog.

Katie: Oh, you should be. It’s lethal.

[ Carter laughing ] Oh.

Carter: Mistletoe.

Katie: Hmm.

Carter: Did you plan this? Did you plan to get me under here?

Katie: Well, I don’t know who put it up there, but I’m awfully glad they did.

Carter: New year, new possibilities.

Katie: New possibilities with someone who doesn’t just listen, but actually hears me. Someone I know will take very, very good care of my heart.

Carter: A very special, miraculous heart.

Eric: Everybody, please can I say something for a minute? Okay. We’re going to eat pretty soon. We will. So, don’t eat all this, right? We got lots of food. Um, I’m so happy that everybody’s here. Thank you. I’m actually honored that you’re here in the house. Oh, in fair warning, I’m gonna ask everybody to just say a little something about what you feel grateful for this year. You know, what I see here, I see love and affection that you all share for each other and support and protectiveness. And that means we’re a family. That’s the most important thing. So, happy holidays. And god bless us everyone.

Charlie: Yeah.

Hope: Hear, hear. Pain hits fast. everyone here, all of yo

Zende: Granddad, you’re my biggest advocate. Everyone here, all of you have guided me in some unique way. Some of you are family, but all of you are friends. Today, I am so very thankful for the meaningful connections I’ve made in my life. And for second chances.

Paris: Second chances, third chances. However many times it takes for us to get it right because when it’s worth it and when it’s written in the stars, it always falls into place.

Carter: It’s been quite the year. I learned a lot. And what I lost, I gained in clarity. I have a lot to appreciate like your forgiveness, your brotherhood. You guys are my chosen family and I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

Katie: The holidays, new year it’s– it’s a time for reflection. It’s a celebration of all those little miracles that have brought us to this place. And I just know that we have so many more miracles yet to come. All of us. All my sisters. I’m just so happy that we’re all in such a good place.

Hope: Aw. There’s that logan pride. I mean, I am so happy I get to be a part of– of that group. But not only you, but everyone here, I mean, you all are such extraordinary people and I’m so happy my kids have such good role models to look up to, especially this man right here.

Liam: Kids are really growing up. I mean, look at ’em. Like all wide-eyed and enthusiastic. It’s the best. You guys are the best. You know that, right? It’s a nice reminder to stay openhearted. Just look for the joy. It’s there. And um, fortunately in my case, I don’t have to look too far.

Brooke: We’re all very lucky to have good health, good fortune, lifelong friendships. You know, life isn’t perfect. And when we feel alone, we get to lean on the people that we love. Like I lean on my children and my grandchildren, my family. And I am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life, especially now.

[ Door creaks ]

Pam: Yay! You made it.

Eric: You’re– you’re just in time. We’re all telling what we’re actually grateful for. And I’m grateful for you as my son and that you showed up here just now.

Ridge: I’m– I’m here. And I brought presents for everybody. And I’m– I’m wearing a– a big coat of humility ’cause I thought I knew everything about life and love and communicating and it turns out I know very little.

Eric: Yeah. Well, fair warning, you’re never gonna figure any of that out except what’s really important. Merry christmas, everybody.

All: Merry christmas.

Zende: We’re glad you made it.

Hope: Can you believe ridge came?

Liam: I don’t know. Is it weird that I’m not that surprised? Who wouldn’t wanna spend christmas with the girl of his dreams?

Brooke: I wasn’t sure you’d make it.

Ridge: Oh, I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it either, but I really wanted to see your face. Merry christmas. When a cold comes on strong, the power of ridge and brooke

Katie: Gosh, it’s– it’s huge that ridge decided to show up.

Donna: Yep.

Charlie: What are they yapping about?

Eric: I don’t know, but I think it’s a good sign that he showed up after all.

Pam: It’s like I said, the power of ridge and brooke cannot be denied.

Charlie: When’s he gonna make the big move?

Ridge: I don’t wanna overstay my welcome. I just wanted to drop off some gifts and say hi and that’s it.

Brooke: What? No, don’t be silly. This is your family home. You don’t need to rush off.

Ridge: I don’t wanna interfere on your holiday. You know, I’ve– I’ve got some work to do on me. I gotta– I gotta learn how to be more direct.

Brooke: Well, let’s not get into that right now.

Ridge: I should have believed in you. I do. I do believe in you. And I know you’ve sworn off men for the moment, especially this man and it’s christmas.

Brooke: Oh, my goodness.

Ridge: Yeah. Very funny guys. What are you doing?

Pam: ‘Tis the season.

Charlie: Look like you needed a little nudge, so.

Ridge: What do you say?

Brooke: Well, it would be rude to deny the magic of the mistletoe.

Ridge: Hm.

Zende: You’re doing well.

Pam: All right. We’re closing in on it.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Zende: Who has a gingerbread house?

Pam: I do.

Zende: Very lovely.

[ People cheering ] Yeah!

[ Everyone cheering ]

Brooke: So jealous. Always. Well done, sisters.

Carter: That’s a good one. Let’s keep going.

[ Overlapping chatter ]

Eric: Listen, everybody. I was so, um– I’m so glad to see how much fun we’re having. I know I am. I enjoyed very much to hear speeches about what– what you were grateful for in this life. I think it’s safe to say we’re all very blessed in our lives with great blessings. I think it’s uh, safe to say that on today and jesus’ birthday, that we all appropriately reach out to share some of that with– with others in our lives and with people that aren’t even in our lives. People not as fortunate as we are. I pledge to do that and I hope you do too. To live the philosophies of this life all year long and to make this world a better place.

Ridge: Well said, dad.

Eric: Thanks.

Carter: I think we all wish this feeling would last. People being kind and considerate, sharing their appreciation for each other, remembering the value of community. Sometimes the smallest gesture can make the biggest impact in a person’s life.

Brooke: There is beauty and inspiration all around us. We just need to open our eyes to see it. And all this joy and this happiness and this peace and love that we feel during christmas, we need to carry that with us all year long.

Eric: Yeah.

Brooke: Happy holidays, everybody.

Eric: Happy holidays okay, I want some of that eggnog.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

[ Douglas plays “jingle bells” ]

Carter: For me?

Katie: Yeah.

Carter: What?

Katie: It’s– it’s very small.

Carter: Oh, come on. You shouldn’t have. All right. Let’s see.

[ Eric plays “deck the halls” ]

Deck the halls

with boughs of holly

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

’tis the season to be jolly

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

don we now our gay apparel

fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la

troll the ancient

yuletide carol

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

deck the halls

with boughs of holly

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

’tis the season to be jolly

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

don we now our gay apparel

fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la

troll the ancient

yule-tide carol

fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

[ Everyone clapping ]

Eric: Come on!

Bradley: From our family to yours.

All: Happy holidays!

[ Everyone cheering ]

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