Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen let Leo know that Jack didn’t want to do his gossip column. He wondered how she was going to repay him for the favor he did for Xander. He told her it was possible that she could get Xander back in her bed. She said he wanted that to be true because he wanted to get Sonny in bed. Steve and Stephanie went to see Tripp. Steve said it would have been better if Ava died in the explosion. Tripp didn’t like him saying that about his mother. Steve said she was dangerous. He wanted Tripp to stay away from her. Tripp said he wasn’t going to stay away from her. Steve said he understood, but he didn’t like how she got Tripp killed. Steve said he couldn’t lose him. Ava threatened to expose Xander if he didn’t help her get out of the hospital. They argued about it. While they were arguing, he picked up a scalpel. She wanted him to use the scalpel. Sarah walked in on them. He put the scalpel down. He told her he was trying to get Ava to admit who was helping her. Sarah said he should let the police handle it. She wanted to check on Ava. He left the room.

Sarah told Ava her son was worried about her. Ava said it was Charlie’s fault for trying to get even with EJ. She said he made her drive Susan off the road. Tripp came in the room. Ava pointed at him as if he was Charlie. She told him to tell Sarah the bomb was his idea. Tripped tried to talk to Ava, but she got upset. Sarah sedated her. She saw Charlie. He told her this was like her father did to her. Xander called Gwen and asked her to meet him in the Square. He told her Ava was alive. He said she threatened him. He showed her what he was going to use to get Ava out of the handcuffs. He said he needed a driver. She said she would help him, but he owed her. Tripp told Steve that Ava was seeing Charlie. Sarah said Ava was being transferred to Bayview. Xander showed up. Ava said it was all his fault. She said she was going to tell everyone what he did. He was afraid until Sarah told him she was hallucinating. Ava said she didn’t want to leave Tripp. He told her she as going to get better. Gwen texted Xander to let him know she was ready. He told her the mission was off She said he still owed her.

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