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Tucker: All right, what’ll you have?

Ashley: I would love a hot chocolate.

Tucker: You sure you don’t want some fancy coffee drink with foam and extra shots and scalded this and that?

Ashley: Tucker, I’m a very simple girl. Okay. [Chuckles] Don’t buy it, huh? How about some cinnamon on top?

Tucker: Of what? Oh, the hot chocolate?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: Okay. Uh, hi, sir. Uh, two hot chocolates. With cinnamon. Keep the change.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: Thank you. Thanks for hanging out. It was a lovely day.

Ashley: Yeah. Brr. I’m still kind of shocked, though, that a man like you who loves his creature comforts actually wanted to surprise me with a picnic in the wintertime, no less.

Tucker: Yeah, I loved the look on your face when we got there.

Ashley: Well, it was magical.

Tucker: Oh, glad I can still dazzle you once in a while.

Ashley: Yeah. I mean, as far as picnics go, I will always remember it. A lovely and sweet moment in nature capped off by an offer to fund my very own empire. Please, would you stop being so coy and just tell me what you’re after? Because I’m dying to know.


Tucker: Just wanted to spend some time with you alone in a beautiful setting, and I would gladly help you build your own business separate from Jabot. Kind of the way you did when you decamped to Paris years ago.

Ashley: Mm. You heard about that?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. I was impressed by it. And with no one to stop you, you were really on the verge of great things. I was disappointed when you closed up shop and merged with Jabot.

Ashley: That’s why you came, right? That’s why you’re here? You don’t really want Jabot, but you just want to convince me to leave Jabot? Or is it maybe a misguided attempt to protect me before you decide to pounce on my family’s business?

Tucker: Boy, you know what’d be nice? If, for once, you just took me at my word. But… I guess I knew that earning your trust was going to take time and patience

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