Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 28, 2022

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Devon: Come on in.

Lily: I brought your pie plate back. I devoured the leftovers this morning.

Devon: You did? You ate it all?

Lily: Oh, my god. It was so good.

[Both laugh] Did you recover from your turkey stupor?

Devon: Yes, I did, thank you. I’m well-rested and ready to get to work.


Summer: Okay. I won’t press. But I really do think that we could use your talents at Marchetti — if this other idea doesn’t pan out. God, how amazing would it be for Harrison to grow up with his big cousin Lucy?

Daniel: Right. Yeah, but, I mean, I told you that Heather and Lucy, they’re in Portugal for the foreseeable future.

Summer: Well, you are more than enough for now. I really cannot wait for you to meet Harrison. Look at us. Making mom a grandma twice?

Daniel: Oh. Yes. Doesn’t that just sound like mom? Hmm? Can you just picture her as a sweet little innocent old granny?

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