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Recap written by Eva

Portia and Finn try to resuscitate Rory, but they are unable to save him and Trina is devastated by his death. Trina goes to the hospital chapel and wonders why God took a good man who only wanted to help people. Trina tells Josslyn that if she had told Rory that she loved him maybe he wouldn’t have gone out on the call that cost him his life.
Josslyn tells Trina that none of this is her fault and that she couldn’t tell Rory she loved him because she wasn’t ready to say those words to him.

Elizabeth finds an earring in Rory’s pocket that doesn’t belong to Trina and Jordan thinks the earing belongs to the hook attacker.

Ava asks Victor to persuade Nikolas to give her more money in her divorce settlement or she will give the video of Nikolas confessing to being responsible for Esme’s disappearance to the police.

Cameron asks Josslyn what she wanted to talk to him about before they came to the hospital. Josslyn tells Cameron that isn’t important now because Trina needs her.

Valentin and Anna is staying in a town just outside Amsterdam because Valentin thinks that Victoria’s favorite jeweler may know where Victor is hiding Lucy.

Elizabeth rushes to Wyndamere and when she sees that Esme is with Nikolas, she tells him they need to talk privately. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that there has been another hook attack so, she gave up Finn and he gave up Ava because they thought they were keeping people safe from the hook attacker, and now they know Esme isn’t the killer.

Spencer tells Cameron he isn’t leaving town now because Trina needs him and he wants to be there when Esme is caught by the police.

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