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[ Door opens, closes ]

Summer: [ Gasps ] You’re back.

Kyle: I am. And I missed you like crazy. Mm. Tree looks phenomenal.

Summer: Mm, thank you. All we have left are your special abbott-family ornaments. I am so glad that you got back home early. We didn’t want to finish decorating without you.

Ashley: Yeah. Brr! Wow.

Tucker: Alright, what’ll you have?

Ashley: I would love a hot chocolate.

Tucker: You sure you don’t want some fancy coffee drink with foam and extra shots and scalded this and that?

Ashley: Tucker, I’m a very simple girl. Okay. [ Chuckles ] Don’t buy it, huh? How about some cinnamon on top?

Tucker: Of what? Oh, the hot chocolate?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: Okay. Uh, hi, sir. Uh, two hot chocolates. With cinnamon. Keep the change.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: Thank you. Thanks for hanging out. It was a lovely day.

Ashley: Yeah. Brr. I’m still kind of shocked, though, that a man like you who loves his creature comforts actually wanted to surprise me with a picnic in the wintertime, no less.

Tucker: Yeah, I loved the look on your face when we got there.

Ashley: Well, it was magical.

Tucker: Oh, glad I can still dazzle you once in a while.

Ashley: Yeah. I mean, as far as picnics go, I will always remember it. A lovely and sweet moment in nature capped off by an offer to fund my very own empire. Please, would you stop being so coy and just tell me what you’re after? Because I’m dying to know.

[ Can opens ]

Billy: Aww, yes. My favorite — popcorn. You remembered.

Chelsea: And you brought my favorite seltzer.

Billy: That’s right. You know, connor picked the wrong night to go help the newmans decorate their tree. Thank you.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m sure victor and nikki are thrilled to have so many grandchildren around them, but connor’s going to be bummed. He loves movie night.

Billy: Alright, well, we’ll wrangle him next time. So what are we watching?

Chelsea: I have it all cued up. A holiday classic.

Billy: “It’s a wonderful life.” Huh.

Chelsea: Yeah. Why? You don’t like it?

Billy: No, I mean, I like it, of course. Who doesn’t like this movie? It’s just, you know, with everything that you’ve been going through, it’s, uh…

Chelsea: I considered that. Regarding the darker scenes, I mean, I lived it. I’m working through it. I think I can handle a movie about it.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: So, devon and I ran the numbers, did some analysis of our own, and we came to realize this is going to be a very profitable long-term venture.

Daniel: Does that mean what I think it means?

Devon: It means that you can consider yourself hired because we are giving the green light to project omega-sphere.

Lily: Congratulations, and welcome to the team.

Devon: Yes, sir.

Daniel: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah, man.

Daniel: Thank you.

Devon: Of course.

Lily: Yes, of course. Thank you for pitching it to us.

Daniel: [ Sighs ] I can’t believe you guys made your decision so fast.

Devon: Well, when a project this big comes to your door, you got to give it all your attention.

Lily: So we’ll have a contract for you in the next day or two.

Daniel: Great, great. Well, I can’t wait to get started. What’s the next step?

Lily: Well, we’ll work with you on development.

Devon: Do you already have people in mind that you want to hire to help develop the platforming games?

Daniel: Mm-hmm, yeah, I’ve spoken with a few tech guys who sound interested. Now that I know that the project’s a go, I can bring in a primary developer, someone to head up the creative team.

Devon: So you don’t have anybody picked out yet, though?

Daniel: Well, experienced game designers and managers are not going to make a deal on a “maybe.” Until I knew that I had a contract signed and, you know, i know my budget, I was in no position to make any kind of promises to anyone.

Lily: Yeah, no, no, no, no. I think that you’re being very prudent on how you’ve approached people. So take your time. I mean, we want this to be right.

Devon: Yeah, of course. I don’t think you should rush anything. I just figured you ought to be ready to roll.

Daniel: I’m still on track. You know, I’m determined now more than ever to make this dream a reality. I’ll find the team. You don’t have to worry.

Devon: Okay.

Daniel: You’re not already regretting saying yes, are you? With downy infusions,

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provided by…

Kyle: It was the year my mom took me to live in canada. I was sad that I couldn’t be here with dad and the rest of the family. I sent them this ornament so they’d remember me and I could be here in spirit.

Summer: Aww, that’s so sweet.

Traci: [ Gasps ] Well, look who’s home from his trip.

Jack: Kyle.

Kyle: Hey, dad. Traci.

Jack: So, how did the meeting go? Did you get the issue straightened out with the fabric house?

Kyle: Yeah, we had to make some compromises, but, by the end, everyone was comfortable. No problems to speak of.

Jack: Good.

Traci: Oh, the tree is gorgeous, summer. You’ve done a fabulous job decorating.

Summer: Oh, thank you. We just have to put up all of your special abbott-family ornaments before we can declare it completely finished.

Traci: Well, I love going through the ornaments every year.

Jack: It’s a wonderful tradition. So full of memories.

Traci: Kyle, I know that this is going to be an extra difficult year for you, your mother having to leave town because of that man, jeremy stark, and it is just breaking my heart, watching you and summer trying to explain to little harrison where his dee dee went.

Summer: That has been rough.

Kyle: Especially knowing she might never come back.

Summer: Not that we’ve told harrison that.

Jack: We won’T. He needs all the reassurance we can give him.

Traci: Well, it sort of feels like our traditions are more important than ever this year, bringing the joy of the season to that precious little boy any way we can. You know, and it’s something that we all need. That and, I don’t know, a christmas miracle or two.

[ Traci and summer chuckle ]

Kyle: Amen.

Traci: So, I am very excited to go through the box of ornaments.

Summer: But first, who wants some eggnog?

Kyle: Oh. Me.

Jack: Oh, I’m definitely in. Trimming the tree is thirsty work.

Summer: Okay, so four eggnogs? Alright, coming right up.

Traci: You know what? I’ll give you a hand.

Jack: So?

Kyle: We’re going to need more than hope for a christmas miracle to end this threat to my mom.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: No, daniel, don’t worry. Devon and I are fully committed to helping you realize your vision.

Devon: Absolutely. Nothing has changed.

Daniel: Good. Good.

Devon: Yeah. And we understand, too, that building an entire gaming division from the ground up is a huge undertaking for the company. So we want to take our time and do things the right way.

Daniel: Well, I mean, given the level of competition out there and the risks inherent with any big launch, I can assure you that is exactly what I’m going to do, down to the last detail. Every aspect of this platform has to be seamlessly connected. If one area is weak, the whole thing falls apart. It’s unacceptable. Our flagship game isn’t just a way to spend time. It’s about giving people a believable and exciting world that’s immersive and meaningful, somewhere they can have fun and, at the same time, tackle some of life’s bigger questions, where they can face their fears, and learn to find inspiration and purpose.

Lily: I think that’s what i love most about it.

Daniel: And, listen, since we’re discussing timetable, i want to make a formal announcement in march. Let the world know what’s in store.

Devon: Which is in three months, man. Don’t you think that’s a little unrealistic? Smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint,

Daniel: I promise you, I can get far enough along to announce by march.

Devon: Well, I don’t know how you figure that when you don’t have a team put together yet. We don’t have to rush anything, either. You just said yourself that if any part of the omega-sphere isn’t operating at the highest level, then the whole experience falls short, right?

Daniel: Mm-hmm, that’s true. But I’m going to be as honest and as transparent as I can with you guys for this entire process. If I think that there’s going to be a problem, I’m not going to hesitate to share it with you, because invested as I am in this project, I’m not going to lose sight of what’s at stake for all of us.

Devon: Well, I’m glad to hear that, but still.

Daniel: I realize that I’ve set an ambitious timeline, but I have identified the elements I need, and, I promise you, it’s all going to come together.

Lily: Look, let’s just leave it here, right, and just know that devon and I give you our full support to get whatever talent you need.

Devon: We do. Just keep us abreast on your progress.

Daniel: Done.

Devon: Thank you very much. On that note, I’m gonna take off. I need to get back to dominic.

Lily: How are things going on that front?

Devon: They’re going well. He’s got two little teeth coming in, so it’s fun times.

Daniel: You have to be excited for christmas. I mean, experiencing that magic through a child’s eyes, there’s nothing quite like it.

Lily: I know, and now that he’s older, he can appreciate it more.

Devon: I know, I know. I can’t wait for him to make some real memories.

Lily: Well, give me a kiss for me.

Devon: I will do that for sure. And, daniel, congratulations again, man. I look forward to us all working together.

Daniel: Oh, thanks, man. Me, too.

Devon: Alright, take it easy.

Lily: Bye. Um, I should get going, too, but I just want to say I’m so happy that you’re back in town and that devon and I can help make your dream come true.

Daniel: Thank you for trusting me to make this happen. I won’t let you down.

Tucker: Both gestures were from the heart — the picnic and the offer to help you realize your potential.

Ashley: I see.

Tucker: Just wanted to spend some time with you alone in a beautiful setting, and I would gladly help you build your own business separate from jabot. Kind of the way you did when you decamped to paris years ago.

Ashley: Mm. You heard about that?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. I was impressed by it. And with no one to stop you, you were really on the verge of great things. I was disappointed when you closed up shop and merged with jabot.

Ashley: That’s why you came, right? That’s why you’re here? You don’t really want jabot, but you just want to convince me to leave jabot? Or is it maybe a misguided attempt to protect me before you decide to pounce on my family’s business?

Tucker: Boy, you know what’d be nice? If, for once, you just took me at my word. But… I guess I knew that earning your trust was going to take time and patience.

Ashley: And then some.

Tucker: My only interest is you, ashley. Your happiness. I’m simply asking you to expand your idea of what that might look like and imagine a future, a bright future if you were on your own.

Ashley: Okay, settle down. I mean, really, jabot’s in our blood, you know, it’s part of our family. It’s part of me. It’s why I came back from europe.

Tucker: Let jack be the legacy, then. You’re the only abbott with the drive to be a maverick like your father was. And you have so much talent and expertise, I think you should go on your own.

Ashley: Then why do I need you?

Tucker: You don’T.

[ Scoffs, sighs ] Just know that you know how good we are together.

Ashley: Okay, well, I guess it’s time for me to go home. And I do want to thank you because it was a lovely and very surprising day. Thank you.

Jack: Oh, boy. Luan gave me this ornament our first christmas together. You know what? I’m going to give this to allie when she comes home. Tell her the history and invite her to hang it on the tree herself.

Traci: Oh, jack, a surprise from a grandmother she never knew. That’s just magical.

Jack: Despite everything that’s going on, I am determined to make this a magical first christmas for the newest abbotts among us.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Traci: Summer, are you sure that you brought all of the boxes down from the attic?

Summer: I thought I did. Are we missing something?

Traci: I can’t find my favorite ornament. It’s little silver ice skates. Katherine gave it to me when I was 6, and it was in a box that had a blue label along with the star that goes on the top of the tree.

Summer: Want me to go check?

Traci: Oh, no, no. You know, I think I might know right where it is. I will go get it, and I’ll be right back.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: So, how did things go at the cabin with your mother?

Kyle: She’s settled in. There’s plenty of food, firewood, and things to keep her occupied.

Jack: Oh, boy, this has got to be especially difficult for diane. She’s hiding from the world yet again.

Kyle: My mother was alone for so long, spent so many holidays by herself, and now she’s missing her first christmas with harrison. I could tell she’s trying to stay strong, but I know it’s crushing her.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I feel like I should apologize again for my mom creating all of this chaos. I mean, she lured this dangerous man to town by claiming that diane turned him into the feds without even knowing that that was true. This man could resort to violence. We have no idea. I still think that we should go to the police.

Jack: Listen, stark has been very careful about not breaking the law since he’s been in town. Getting law enforcement involved, I think it’s a mistake. It would only bring more attention on diane. No, kyle and I have a plan, and we are going to see it through. Did you know some of your detergent’s fragrance

Traci: Well, this tree is magnificent.

Summer: It really is.

Traci: I have set aside some ornaments for ashley and for allie. When they get home, they can hang them.

Kyle: And the star belongs to harrison.

Jack: Absolutely.

Traci: I just can’t wait to see that, him up on your shoulders, putting the star on the tippity-top.

Kyle: That’s one of those moments I’m going to treasure.

Traci: Well, listen, as much fun as this has been, until someone else gets home, I think I’m going to go have some drinks with a friend.

Summer: Oh, how fun.

Traci: Oh, I will. Thank you.

Kyle: Here, let me help you.

Traci: Oh, thanks. And, kyle?

Kyle: Mm-hmm?

Traci: Look, for what it’s worth, diane is absolutely devoted to you and to harrison. And she is a fighter. And she has so much to fight for. So I don’t know how, but I just have this feeling that somehow everything is going to work out alright.

Kyle: I appreciate your optimism and the kind words about my mother.

Traci: Alright. Mwah. See you later. Oh.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Jack: So I think that’s our cue now.

[ Door closes ]

Kyle: I’ll be back soon.

Summer: Please be careful. That goes for you, too.

Jack: Let’s go.

Both: For auld lang syne, my dear

for auld lang syne

we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

for auld lang syne

Chelsea: Wow, I’m really happy connor’s not here.

Billy: Yeah?

Chelsea: He used to love to make fun of me when I would sing in the car.

Billy: That’s good. You should keep doing that.

Chelsea: Tormenting my child’s eardrums?

Billy: That and singing out loud. It’s good for you.

Chelsea: Okay. I will. You know, the world had sort of faded to gray, and it feels like I’m starting to see color again, little by little.

Billy: Yeah, I snuck a couple little glances at you during the movie just to make sure you were okay.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, some scenes were difficult to watch, but, ultimately, it’s a story about someone who comes to realize the true value of their life, what a gift it is, what they mean to other people, something I’m feeling really strongly these days. So to answer your question, yeah, I’m okay.

Summer: Mom, you were fired. What are you doing here?

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ] I’m emptying out my office, summer. If you think I’m going to steal something, have security follow me out.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I’m disappointed that it’s come to this, but it has.

Phyllis: You say that like you had nothing to do with it, that my firing had something to do with a natural disaster or something.

Summer: Well, I didn’t really have much say in your decision to bring diane’s recently paroled ex to genoa city, did I?

Phyllis: Okay, well, that was what I did in my personal time. I mean, is it even legal to get fired for something you do in your personal life?

Summer: First of all, yes, it is. It’s called a morality clause. It’s in pretty much every employment contract. And, secondly, mom, you were repeatedly warned that if the conflict with diane continued, that you would be let go.

Phyllis: Well, we weren’t fighting in the office. In fact, I did my best to avoid her.

Summer: But you were scheming with nikki and ashley all the while to drive her out of town.

Phyllis: Yeah, but we never did that on marchetti property, so I played by your rules.

Summer: I am so sick of arguing about this. I’m really hoping, now that you’re not with marchetti anymore, that maybe eventually we can go back to being a family again.

Phyllis: Are you serious? You fired me as an act of solidarity with diane jenkins. You want me to get over it and just move on?

Jack: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jeremy: Well, look who’s here. So serious. Oh, please, come in. I heard your mom left town again. Oh, what a shame.

Kyle: Hey, don’t look so smug about it.

Jack: Hey, simmer down. That’s not going to help us at all. Did you know if you turn to cold with tide

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Are you feeling sluggish

Kyle: How my mother ever allowed herself to get involved with a guy like you, I will never understand.

Jeremy: I wouldn’t expect you to.

Jack: Look, diane got involved in a lot of things in L.A. We didn’t know about. We certainly didn’t expect to be involved in this.

Kyle: Well, you don’t have to worry about it now. She’s gone. Whatever the truth is about what happened between you, you scared her enough where she ran out on us without as much as a goodbye.

Jack: I told you not to do this. This is taking us farther away from why we’re here.

Jeremy: Which is?

Jack: We just want to talk. Look, ever since you came to town, you have been very careful about not breaking the law. You’re too smart for that. Well, I am smart enough to get the message. You apparently can elude security at your will, and you are determined to settle whatever score you have with diane. Diane is gone to. God knows where.

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] How convenient.

Jack: Kyle and I had nothing to do with any of your business dealings with diane. We thought she was dead. There is nothing for you here now.

Jeremy: You wouldn’t happen to have stashed her away somewhere until I leave, would you?

Kyle: Hey, it is almost christmas, and my son is in tears, wondering why his grandmother isn’t there, and I have to figure out a way to explain to him when or even if we will ever see her.

Jack: Clearly, this is affecting my family. I would like to straighten this out now. Look, I offered you money before. You turned me down. Now that diane is out of the picture, we are as close as you are going to get to being reimbursed. So let’s work this out. You can go about your business, and we can get back to our lives in peace.

Jeremy: Hm. No promises. But… I’ll consider it.

Summer: I know that it’s going to take time for you to move on.

Phyllis: You know, you talk about being one big, happy family without any irony in your voice at all. It’s truly fantastic. You know, I sold my hotel so I could work with you.

Summer: But it wasn’t really about working together, and you know it.

Phyllis: All I wanted to do was protect you and support you. That’s all I wanted to do, summer. Yeah, it got messy. But something you should know is your hands get messy when you’re a mom and you’re trying to protect the people you love. And that’s what I was trying to do. And contrary to diane’s belief, no, no, it wasn’t about some petty resentment that I had toward her and her getting close to the abbotts and you and jack.

Summer: Mom, don’t try to pretend that that doesn’t bother you.

Phyllis: It bothers me because she’s trying to peddle some sanitized version of her life in los angeles, and she’s lying and I know she’s lying. I’ll never trust her.

Summer: Okay, well, not everyone despises her as much as you do.

Phyllis: Okay, you know what? You know what? That’s, um… yeah, kyle doesn’t despise her. He wants to believe her lies because it’s his mom, so I get it. But it leaves him susceptible to everything that she’s doing. She is lying, one lie after the other, and I’ve exposed everything, but nobody seems to care. And finally she was caught, and what did she do? Huh? She ran. That’s what she did. But she’s mother of the year, isn’t she?

Summer: I didn’t trust her, either. I defended you. But I’m sorry. I can’t justify you lying about kyle’s mom to a convicted criminal to get him to come after her. You put us all in danger, harrison included. And not only that, but you pitted me against my husband. You hurt me, mom. You betrayed me. Because your sole focus was driving diane away. That is why I fired you. This is on you.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Well, thanks for spending this time with me.

Billy: No need to thank me. I had a good time.

Chelsea: Yeah, me, too. I think christmas is going to be a lot more meaningful this year, considering everything I’ve been through. Oh, and I have a gift for johnny. I haven’t wrapped it yet, but I will give it to you next time I see you. I know my last one was not a great idea.

Billy: Yeah, the baby blanket.

Chelsea: This one will be better.

[ Chuckles ] And you and victoria, you can decide the appropriate time to give it to him.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: And if it’s okay with you guys, I’m hoping the boys, johnny and connor, can spend some time together over the holidays.

Billy: Yeah, we’ll see if we can make that work. You know, I’ll talk to victoria about it.

Chelsea: I apologized to her earlier, the way I apologized to you. Seemed to go well, all things considered.

Billy: Good to know.

[ Knock on door ]

Chelsea: I’m hoping that will make victoria more amenable. You know, the boys have a great bond.

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: I’m hoping we can encourage it. Hi, I’m angela.

Adam: Hi. I hope this isn’t a bad time. I just brought some gifts for you and for, um, connor. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Billy: It’s okay. Just about to head out. Well [Clears throat] Thank you very much. I had a lovely time. And, of course, I’ll see you soon. Plenty of more classic movies to watch.

Chelsea: I’ll be sure to stock up on the popcorn.

Billy: Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Chelsea: Thanks.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: Bye.

Billy: Bye. Hey.

Adam: I’m still waiting on a few things for connor, but I figured I would get these to you.

Chelsea: Aww, that’s nice. I’ll be sure to put these out for him.

Adam: Yeah, whatever works.

Chelsea: Oh, I’m very excited for you to see the gift he’s making for you. That kid is creative.

Adam: Oh, I can’t wait. As long as I’m here, I figured that we could just discuss the holidays. I assume that you want to do something low-key and avoid the big newman family gathering.

Chelsea: Actually, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to go. I just saw sharon earlier, and she convinced me it’s time to face the world, even the difficult parts. I have to start trying to live a normal life again.

Phyllis: [ Exhales sharply ]

Tucker: Looks like someone’s having a hell of a day.

Phyllis: Who asked you?

Tucker: No one. It was a comment, not a reply. And I withdraw. Word to the wise — stop fighting the world so hard. The more at peace you are, the more things go your way.

Phyllis: Thanks for that.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: Hey, baby.

Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Oh, my goodness. I’m so glad I ran into you. I’m so glad.

Daniel: You’re smiling so hard, it looks like it hurts. What’s up?

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, hey, let’s go.

Daniel: Talk to me.

Phyllis: Um, okay, well, uh…

[ Sighs ] I’m not working at marchetti anymore.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa. What? Why?

Phyllis: You know, summer and I, we mutually agreed we just have different visions.

Daniel: Uh-huh. Okay. What’s the real story?

Phyllis: Uh, does it matter? I mean, it’s all good. Anyway, the worst part about it is I did so much work. I created the entire division and someone’s just going to jump in and just make it succeed.

Daniel: So you’re free and clear?

Phyllis: Yeah. Thanks. I mean, that is the positive spin.

Daniel: Then come work with me.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hi. You got here fast. Do you want a coffee or tea or something?

Lily: Maybe in a minute. Should we sit?

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: [ Clears throat ]

Lily: How’s chelsea doing?

Billy: She’s good. She’s getting stronger every day.

Lily: Good. Sounds positive.

Billy: Yeah, I think so.

Lily: You seemed a little off when I came in. Did something happen?

Billy: Adam happened. He showed up at chelsea’s door, and he oozes misery. And I just don’t think that that’s good for her right now.

Lily: Well, it kind of seems like you think you’re the only one who knows what’s good for her right now.

Kyle: I couldn’t get a read on stark. Could you?

Jack: Like all good liars, he’s very opaque, though I must say, your performance was very believable.

Kyle: That’s because my hatred for him is real. Question is, did he buy it?

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Summer: Please tell me it’s done.

Jack: We did everything we could. Now we wait.

Ashley: Hi. Kyle, you’re back from your business trip. How was it?

Kyle: Uh, g-good. Productive.

Summer: What do you think about the tree?

Ashley: Wow. Did you do that?

Summer: Most of it.

Ashley: Beautiful. You did a fantastic job.

Summer: Thank you. I enjoyed doing it.

Ashley: Okay, so you all got very quiet when I came in. Anybody want to tell me what’s going on?

Skin your face will envy?

Daniel: It is official, as of today. Chancellor-winters will be launching my new gaming platform.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: This is amazing. Congratulations.

Daniel: Thank you. Yeah, I’m just a little excited.

Phyllis: Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Tell me everything.

Daniel: It’s not, you know, just gaming as most people know it. I mean, this is a complex multiverse, and it doesn’t isolate. It expands. And it deals with people’s, like, hopes and their fears and their dreams.

Phyllis: Wow. That’s very cutting edge.

Daniel: Uh-huh. I know. I got a few coders that I’d like to hire. You know, they can get started on the nitty-gritty. But you know what I need? What I need is a heavy hitter. I need someone senior that can come in, they can build, they can manage the team of designers, all the tech people. I need someone I can trust, someone who can see to the day-to-day stuff while I’m staying focused on the big picture. Someone like you.

Phyllis: I love that, because, you know, your sister doesn’t seem to trust me, so…

Daniel: Well, I don’t agree with her. I see things differently. Look, you are an avid gamer. You’re also a hacker from back in the day.

Phyllis: Shh.

Daniel: You love this world. You know the languages inside and out. I mean, this makes sense. I would love for you to join me on this.

Billy: You know, you almost sounded a little…

Lily: Hostile? I mean, maybe so. I just — I don’t feel like i know at all what’s going on inside your head these days.

Billy: Because you have a problem with how much time I’m spending with chelsea.

Lily: No, billy, like I said, this is not just about chelsea, and this is way too big for us to ignore. So if you want to work on this relationship, if you still care about it —

Billy: Lily, yes, of course i do.

Lily: Well, then I think that we need help. I think that we should go to couple’s counseling.

Billy: Okay, what I hear you saying is that you think I’m heading off the rails again.

Lily: No, no. This is not about you. This is about us. And this is really, really important to me. And I don’t feel confident that we can handle this on our own.

Billy: Okay. Yes, let’s do that. Let’s, um… let’s set something up for after the holidays.

Lily: Thank you.

Jack: The only thing we are up to is trimming the tree and trying to engender some holiday spirit.

Kyle: We left some more amounts for you to hang.

Summer: Yeah, traci has them in this box over here.

Ashley: Oh, well, how sweet. Well, okay, then. I guess it’s been a long day. I’m going to go upstairs and take a bath.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Summer: How did things go with stark?

Jack: He said he would consider my offer.

Kyle: There’s no telling how long he will drag this out for.

Summer: Or if we could even trust him.

Kyle: I’m thinking about going back up to the cabin so my mom doesn’t feel so abandoned tomorrow.

Summer: On christmas eve?

Jack: Wait, kyle, I know you want to do this for diane, but I think that’s risky.

Jeremy: I still have business here genoa city. No, I have some stuff here I need to take care of on my own.

Kyle: I’ll be careful to fly under the radar. Stark won’t have a clue.

Jack: You hope.

Summer: Kyle, I really wish you would reconsider.

Kyle: You didn’t see the tears in my mother’s eyes when i said goodbye to her earlier. I can’t stand the thought of her being up there alone, not on christmas.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Victor: That’s up to adam, you know? He’s the one who turned his back on us. If he wants to be back in the fold, then let him make the move.

Tessa: Well, we’re meeting with a pregnant woman after new year’s to discuss the possibility of adoption.

Sharon: Wow, really? That’s amazing.

Daniel: Dad?

Danny: Merry christmas, son. [ Chuckles ]

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