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Rory! Rory! Oh, my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, rory.

[ Trina crying, monitors beeping ] It was…too soon… to tell you how I feel.

[ Crying ] But… I’m not sorry. When you know… you know.

[ Monitors blaring ] Rory?! Rory!? Rory! Rory! Rory! Finn: Going into v-fib! Portia: No pulse!

[ All shouting ] Charging 200. Let’s get a bag, please! Go, go, go! Let’s go. Charging. Clear!

[ Defibrillator charging ] Hey, trina. Finn: Clear!

[ Crying ] Mother. Nikolas. I was just heading over to the island. Now we can ride over together. Hey. Is something wrong? I just — I — I wish you would’ve called first. There is something wrong. Okay, talk to me. What’s going on? I don’t understand this. What is going on? I had an affair with elizabeth.

[ Voice breaking ] What were you getting from elizabeth that you didn’t get from me? My child. Elizabeth is pregnant, ava. She’s having our baby. Nikolas. You look like you lost your best friend.

[ Laptop beeps ] Nikolas: I, nikolas cassadine, being of sound mind and body… it’s ava. Don’t talk. Just listen. I, nikolas cassadine, being of sound mind and body, do hereby acknowledge and confess that I and I alone am responsible for the disappearance of esme prince. I know this because I killed her.

[ Laptop beeps ] Do I have your attention? Oh, good, good. Then come to the gallery right now. Oh, damn. Anna? You okay? Ugh! What? No. I — I’m not okay. I burnt myself. I’m seriously not okay. You know, we’ve been on the run ever since we escaped from ireland, and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. We have no evidence that lucy is alive. And even if she was, we wouldn’t know where to find her. [ Sighs ] I just… I worry we’re never gonna get back to the people who love us. Could be worse. How, exactly? I could have burned

my finger. Oh, my god. You’re ridiculous. Things can only go up from here. Hey, trina, listen to me. My mom, your mom, and finn are the best at what they do, and I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to make sure that rory is okay.

[ Crying ] No, no, no! No! I can’t just wait here! Why hasn’t somebody just told us that he’s okay?! Why hasn’t someone — hey. Why hasn’t somebody — they’re in there. They’re in there right now, working on rory. That means there’s still hope. They have to save him. They have to. They have to.

[ Coughing/sneezing ]

[ Door knocking ] Dude, you coming?

Why don’t we go someplace quiet, where you could forget you’re the mayor for 5 minutes, and I — I could forget that I’m a cassadine. Oh. We’ll have plenty of time to talk on the ride over. Besides, I really do need to check in on spencer. No, you — you can’T. What? I can’t see my grandson? I just meant he’s not at wyndemere right now. Oh, alright. Well, then I’ll ask you — how is it that he was able to get out of pentonville three weeks early? Would you believe good behavior?

[ Laughing ] No, I wouldn’T. What really happened? I mean, who was pulling the strings with that? I’ll give you three guesses, but I bet you could figure it out in one.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] You’re late. I came as soon as you called. And for future reference, I don’t like being summoned. Well, what you call being summoned, I call doing you a favor. Would you care to join me for a drink? Given your current mood, I’m not sure I should. Oh, no need to worry. Seven parts vodka, one part vermouth, and not a drop of arsenic. Well, in that case, what’s the occasion? To what are we drinking? Your wish has finally come true. My marriage to nikolas is over. He’s divorcing me. Trina, you know what a good doctor your mom is. Same with doc finn. And I can promise you, they’re doing everything in their power to save rory.

[ Crying ] I know. It’s the only thing that’s giving me hope. Because the last thing… that he said to me… and what I didn’t say back to him…

[ Sobbing ] Dr. Robinson, is there an update? I’m so sorry, baby.

[ Crying ] I’m sorry. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

[ Sobbing ] No, no, no!

You and portia did everything you could for him. It just wasn’t enough. Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Yeah. Of course. Was rory attacked because of his connection to trina, or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Oh, I-I don’t know, joss, it’s, like, too soon to know. Okay. Okay. But it fits the pattern, right? Everybody who’s been attacked, except for brando, has some connection to trina. Rory, they were dating. Look, all I can tell you is that we’re chasing down every lead. Okay? And I promise you, we’re gonna catch this killer. I can’t believe this. Yeah. Rory had so much to live for. I want to see him. Honey, you don’t want that to be the last image that you have of rory. Besides this, uh — this is now a criminal investigation. Rory said goodbye to me. Now it’s my turn. I just want to say goodbye. Please. I-I promise I won’t touch anything. I understand, trina. Detective falconeri will go with you. Yeah, of course. What I don’t understand is victor already had spencer’s loyalty, so why would he need to get him out of jail three weeks early? Things have only gotten worse between me and spencer, and victor, seeing himself as the head of the family, he stepped in. I mean, he’s convinced that if the three of us live under the same roof at wyndemere, it’s gonna improve family relations. Well, I must tell you that when I visited spencer in pentonville, he did let on that things were a lot worse between the two of you, but he wouldn’t tell me why. I just told him that he should talk with you. It’s not that easy. Why, nikolas? What happened? I betrayed all of the people that I love the most. Ava: I don’t understand. Why aren’t you toasting my divorce? Isn’t this what you’ve been angling for all along? I can’t pretend I’m not relieved that the two of you have finally come to your senses. You implied that nicolas was ready to move on from me, and I didn’t believe you. Turns out you were right. Do you know the gory details? Well, I — I know that nikolas slept with esme. I’m not talking about esme. I’m talking about elizabeth baldwin. Elizabeth? What about her? Well, nikolas has been having sex with her for some time. Ah. I always suspected as much. I just didn’t know for sure. Did you also suspect that she’s carrying his child? Mm! Oh, my gosh. We’re not going to be able to solve everything with romance, you know? I think it’s worth a shot.

[ Laughs ] Did you? But… I feel like we owe it to marty to try to find lucy. You know we do. Because he practically sacrificed himself so that we could get away from whitten. Well, we’re not going to find her tonight, are we? And meanwhile, I’ve discovered a truly excellent case of chateau margaux in the cellar, and in the pantry, all the ingredients I need to make my world-famous beef bourguignon. Is it world famous? Charlotte likes it. Okay. And what do you think you’re going to rustle up for dessert? Creme brulée? Crepes suzette? Cherries jubilee? Or we could just go to bed. Trina, we are so sorry for your loss. Thanks for trying. I just wish we could have done more. I, uh, found this in rory’s pocket. Is it yours? Elizabeth, you, uh — you mind? I’m so glad I got to know you, rory. I’m sorry I couldn’t say the things that came so easily for you. And now there’s no time to say them. You’re, uh, thinking about nathan. At a time like this, I can’t help but remember all of the officers we’ve lost over the years. Well, if you want to talk about it, I’m here to listen. Thanks, but I need to call rory’s parents. Hey. How’s trina? Oh, baby. Oh.

[ Shakily ] Honey. You ready for me to take you home? I just — I just need to be alone.


[ Crying ] This doesn’t make any sense. All rory wanted to do was help people. His heart was so big. So much bigger than mine. Why did you take him?! I don’t get it!

[ Crying ] Do you think that we could go someplace private and talk? Oh, um… I’m sorry. Trina needs me. You okay? Yeah. I-I’m thinking about myself when I really should be thinking about rory. Yeah. Just the other day, I saw rory at the pc grill with trina, and I was so envious of him. Now I feel like a complete jerk. Spencer. It is not your fault that you love trina, too. When you say that you betrayed everyone, are you referring to the fact that you cheated on ava? Or is it something else, nikolas?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, damn. I’m so sorry, honey. Ugh, I have to take it. Jordan, hi. What’s up? Oh, my god. That’s horrible. Okay. I’ll head right over to general hospital right now. Yeah. Thank you for telling me. What happened? The pcpd lost a very good man in the line of duty. I’m sorry, nikolas, but I really do have to go over to general hospital now. Listen to me. Whatever is happening over there at wyndemere, just promise me you won’t forget what matters the most. Okay? Yeah. It’s gonna be alright. I love you. Love you. Wait a minute. Are you — are you sure elizabeth baldwin is pregnant with nikolas’s baby? You underestimated your nephew. He didn’t just move on from me. He’s starting a whole new family. Well, I can only imagine how you must feel, but… why, if nikolas is capable of jumping from your bed to esme’s and then to elizabeth’s, then, for heaven’s sakes, your marriage was doomed before it even began. Look, the sooner you put this whole ugly incident behind you, the better. You’re all heart. Now, moving forward, you and I both know that a divorce can happen one of two ways — quick and easy or slow and bloody. And you may have nikolas’s written confession, but I have this. Nikolas: The means? I did it with my own two hands, tossing her over the parapet of wyndemere, my family’s estate on spoon island. The motive? Revenge. Justice. Guilt. Take your pick. Esme prince was my son spencer’s girlfriend, and I had sex with her. Now, I know how much you value your family name, and if you think this video won’t come out in divorce court, think again. I thought your son was exceptional. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

[ Telephones ringing in distance ] How’re you d oing? Not great. [ Sighs ] I was just breaking the news to roy’s parents. They are understandably hysterical. We might have gotten a lead. This was in rory’s pocket. Is it trina’s? No. Elizabeth asked her if it was hers. She said it wasn’T. Dr. Robinson, dr. Finn, nurse baldwin, I need to speak with you. What are you thinking? I spoke to the lab. Pending the postmortem, they ran rory’s bloodwork. Finn: And? They found trace amounts of snake venom. Which means that potentially, esme is at it again. No, that’s impossible.

Elizabeth, why do you thinkesme prince can’t be the hook killer? I just don’T. And I mean, cameron — cameron, come here for a minute, please. He doesn’t think it could be her either. Cameron: That’s true. Spencer: Commissioner, cam said that esme struggled with his mother. That doesn’t remotely prove that esme stabbed and killed a bunch of people. And, uh, cameron’s not the only one who believes that. Elizabeth: She had her chance to kill me and she didn’t, so doesn’t that mean she might not be the killer? I wouldn’t be so sure. Mayor collins. Jordan. We’re so sorry. Thank you. Officer cabrera was only a rookie, but he was well-respected, and I saw a very long and bright future ahead for him. It’s just awful. Laura. Yeah? Have you spoken with nikolas? Uh, yes. As a matter of fact, I just left him on the pier. He was headed back to wyndemere. Why do you ask? Excuse me. I — I have something I have to take care of. Cameron, I want to make sure you get home safely. I-I’ll be okay. It’ll be fine. I’ll make sure he gets home. Okay. Thank you. Mom, what’s going on? I’ll tell you when I get back. I know getting nikolas to confess on tape must have seemed like a winning strategy to you at the time. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you were to show this evidence to a court now, I very much doubt you’d get the closure you’re looking for. Nikolas confessed to a murder. What kind of judge wouldn’t be affected by that? Yeah, well, unfortunately for you, elizabeth baldwin saw esme alive and well. Now, granted, no one knows where she is right now, but according to your timeline, nikolas confessed to killing someone who’s not actually dead. And that raises a whole host of questions. Mainly, why would nikolas confess to a crime he didn’t commit? Well, I guess the obvious answer is that he is trying to protect you, because he believed you had tried to kill esme. Esme and I were struggling over a letter, and she just did a little flip off the parapet. I had nothing to do with it. It was an accident. Yeah, well, when a court finds out that just moments before that struggle, you had found out that esme had had sex with your husband, who’s gonna believe it was an accident, hmm? But if I open pandora’s box, who knows what’s gonna come out? If you want to risk the spotlight being shown on your duplicitous family. Ha. Alright. I’ll bite. What do you want? This is what nikolas offered me as a settlement. Whoa. My nephew is very generous.

[ Laughs ] Not nearly generous enough, in my opinion. Now, if you want an amicable divorce, you’re gonna need to sweeten the pot exponentially. Oh, but I just want to get lost in us. Do you know what I mean? Just pretend that the whole rest of the world has gone away. It’s just us. But if lucy really is in danger, you know. Well, I haven’t chosen this location completely at random. Oh. You mean that we’re living in this drafty old windmill in the middle of winter on purpose? A drafty old windmill not far from amsterdam, which is one of the diamond capitals of the world, where I just so happen to know a certain diamond dealer who’s not all that particular when it comes to choosing his clients. I take it that he wouldn’t be above doing business with victor. My father likes collecting things. I think with the right amount of persuasion… and a great deal of money, I’m sure. He might be able to tell us where lucy is. Oh, my god. That’s amazing. What are we waiting for? No, no, no, we can’t be too eager. That would send up a red flag. We have to appear aloof. I was born aloof. We’ll reach out to the jeweler tomorrow. Tomorrow? What are we gonna do today? We’re gonna keep each other warm. You know, you don’t have to be strong for everyone.

[ Crying ] I, um… honestly don’t even know how I’m feeling right now. It’s just so complicated.

[ Stammers ] I mean, as a doctor, yes, you hate to lose a patient. You feel so much guilt, thinking that there’s more that you could have done. But as trina’s mom? Her boyfriend was murdered. And I-it’s — [Sighs] It’s heartbreaking. And I don’t know rory’s family. I don’t know his parents, but I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. Honey, he was so young. He had so much more life left to give. I know. It’s just not fair.

[ Crying ] Dante, make sure that earring goes down to forensics in case it turns out to be a lead. There could be dna or fingerprints on it. Will do. Hey. I tried to pray, but I didn’t know what to say. You will. It’s too late. I had the chance to say what rory wanted me to say. What I should have said… when we went to the pc grill, rory told me he loved me. And I didn’t say it back. I couldn’T.

[ Sighs ] Because you weren’t ready.

[ Crying ] That does not make you bad. It just makes you honest. Honesty hurts. I know. [ Sighs ] Believe me, I know. Rory was so gentle… so kind, so brave. He gave his life… why couldn’t I have given him what he wanted? Maybe if I had… maybe he wouldn’t have taken the risk and — and lost his… no, voicemail. Nikolas, it’s me. You need to call me back right away. I’m afraid you’re about to walk into a trap.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephones ringing ] So, tell me, commissioner, how’s your day been? Back at you, dr. Finn. But since we both have a job to do, there’s gonna be a coroner’s report. Anything else you want to tell me?

[ Blows ]

[ Sighs ] Do you think he knows? Rory? Wherever he is… do you think he knows that I won’t forget about him? Well, I know that I’ll never forget oscar. That’s gotta keep him alive somehow. Even if there’s someone else. My mom says that you have to learn how to love, and you might not get it right the first time or the next time or the time after that, but if you keep putting yourself out there, one day, there’s a chance that it will work out. Like algebra.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, like algebra. Both of my grandsons. Even if it is under tragic circumstances. Were you guys friends with officer cabrera? What’s that look about? Well, he was trina’s boyfriend, so I hung out with him a couple times. Okay. Not so much for me. Yeah. We wanted to support trina. That’s nice. Uh, be right back. Look, I was planning on calling you tonight to let you know that I got released from pentonville early, but then when we heard the news about rory… it’s okay, hon. It’s really okay. I understand. I was actually talking with your dad about your early release just a little bit ago. Then you know that I take after him.

[ Laughs ] Well, if you mean that you’re both stubborn and you act before you think — no, more like everything I touch causes somebody else pain. Isn’t that a little bit melodramatic, even for you, spencer? No. Because all of this with rory and everything that trina is going through, that’s all on me. How is that possible? Because I’m the one who brought esme to town. Think about everything that’s happened. It’s all gone to hell. The sex tape of joss and cam, trina going on trial, and now all these hook attacks. Listen, spencer, you can’t help trina or anybody else if you’re blaming yourself. Don’t you blame me, grandmother? No, I don’T. No, you’re not responsible for the things that esme does. I don’t blame you at all, spencer. I have faith in you. You’re a much better person than you think you are. Trelegy for copd. Birds flyin’ high, you kn ow how I feel. Breeze driftin’ on by… …you know how I feel. You don’t have to take…


I know this is just a fantasy,but it would be so nice, wouldn’t it? What, life in a windmill?

[ Laughs ] Skating on the canals in the winter time. Yeah, picking tulips in the spring, and without a care in the world. That does sound nice. It does. Even if it’s just a fantasy. Yeah. We can come back, you know. Yeah. But first, we have to find lucy and bring her home. Home. I’ve lived in so many cities in the world, but when robin said that she wanted to take her whole family to california… the concept of home I-is just lost on me now. Wherever I am, when I’m with you… …it feels like home. What have I ever done to make you have faith in me? During trina’s trial, you knew that if you gave her an alibi, that it might end up putting you in prison, but you testified anyway. I believe in that young man. You know, you were going down the wrong road for a little while there, but you have turned it around. I believe in you. Even if you don’t believe in yourself right now. I love you. Ava has reason to believe that esme isn’t guilty for all the hook attacks, which means she couldn’t have done this to rory. All we can do is trust the police to figure it out. Hey, trina, your mother is anxious to take you home. Okay. Hey. At this point, you know everything I know. Then go home, dr. Finn. Go be with your daughter. Your work is done here. Something tells me yours is not. I’m really sorry for your loss. Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Hey, joss. Hey. How about I take you home? Yeah, I’d like that. Cam: Dante. Yeah. Do you mind if I got a minute with joss before you guys head out? Yeah, of course. C’mon, spence, let’s give ’em some, uh, space, yeah? So before everything went down tonight, you said you had something important to tell me. Oh, yeah, um, but it can wait. I mean, I can’t really think about anything other than what happened to rory right now, so… what was that all about? I do not know. What about you? Did you tell our grandmother that you’re leaving port charles? No. Because things have changed. Whatever I can do, I want to be there for trina. And I’m not going anywhere until esme is found. I guess I needed a little christmas spirit, just like you did. It’s almost perfect. The only thing missing is an angel on top. Elizabeth, um, would you like to help us? I didn’t know you were here. I’m confident we can come to an arrangement that satisfies all parties involved. Well, I’ll need to see the exact offer in writing, of course. Of course. In the meantime, I truly am sorry that your love story had to end this way. No, you’re not. This is just the ending you wanted. To true love.

[ Glass shatters ] Elizabeth, what’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Did esme leave her room tonight? No, of course not. Are you absolutely sure? Yes, I’m sure. Why? Because a cop is dead, stabbed to death by a hook. Nikolas, don’t you see what this means? I gave up finn, you gave up ava. Everything we sacrificed to protect everyone from esme because we thought she was the hook killer, and now we know she can’t be.

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