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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn persuades Trina to be honest with Rory and tell him she doesn’t love him yet. Trina tells Jocelyn she feels a pull toward Spencer even though she wants to love Rory. Josslyn thinks of her situation with Cameron and Dex which is the same as the situation Trina is in with Spencer and Rory, but Josslyn hasn’t taken her own advice and told Cameron the truth.

Trina goes to the police station to talk to Rory, but he is on a police call. Rory knocks on a door and says he is the police and asks if anyone is home. Rory turns the doorknob and since the door isn’t locked he goes inside the room. Dante tells Jordan and Rory that, according to tests, the venom that was on the tip of the hook used to kill the bartender that helped clear Tribe’s name came from a snake found in Asia.

Britt tells Brad he is the sole beneficiary named in her will and she hopes he will use the money to become independent and not have to work for his Aunt Selina. Britt doesn’t tell Brad that she has Huntington’s disease.
Liesl tells Nina that Britt has Huntington’s disease and asks her not to tell anyone about it. Sonny overhears the conversation between Nina and Liesl and, at first, Liesl is upset with Sonny but later she thanks him for advising her to cherish every day she has with Britt and to spend time with her and make memories for herself.

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