Y&R Short Recaps Friday, December 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack offers to pay Jeremy the money Diane owes him, but Jeremy turns down the offer from Jack. Jeremy leaves the Jabot offices before Jack calls security and, once he is gone, Jack and Diane talk. Diane tells Jack it is best that she stay at the Abbott cabin for a while so Jeremy thinks she has left town. Diane hopes that Jeremy thinks she has left town and eventually he will leave town.

Tucker thinks that Ashley should let go of all the hatred she has for Diane and transfer her hatred to him since his affair with Diane years ago ended their relationship. Ashley tells Tucker that she will take his advice and also makes it clear that they are never going to have a romantic relationship. Ashley appreciates the fact that Tucker is very persistent. Tucker tells Ashley he will never give up on having a future with her.

Chance packs his things and moves out of the house and later talks to Sharon about how he feels both sadness and relief that his marriage to Abby has ended.

Lily tells Devon that Jill wants to go through with the IPO, but Devon still thinks Tucker is a threat and wants to have more time to figure out if Tucker wants to come after Chancellor Winters before they consider the IPO. Devon later sees Abby who cries and tells him that Chance moved out of the house today.

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