GH Short Recaps Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Felicia finds a code inside the diamonds of the necklace and Robert and Laura set out to decipher the coded message so they can figure out Victor’s plan.

Valentin finds Anna in Ireland and they decide to look for Lucy together. Valentin gets a call from Felicia who tells him that the U.S Marshall has a lead on Anna so they must leave quickly.

Victor gets Spencer out of Pentonville on supervised release so Spencer moves into Wyndamere, and Nikolas worries that he will discover Esme. Nikolas tells Finn that Esme isn’t on Spoon Island, but Finn thinks Nikolas is lying to him.

Jeff tells Elizabeth he is sorry for everything he put her through just so he wouldn’t have to take responsibility for his affair. Jeff hopes that Elizabeth will let him be a part of her life some day. Elizabeth doesn’t think that will be possible because he has caused her too much pain.

Britt rents out The Haunted Star for her New Year’s Eve birthday bash but only Austin knows she is leaving town after the party so that her friends and family will not see her when her illness gets worse.

Cody tells Adam and Dante he is leaving town today.

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