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Tucker: Hey, devon. It’s me. Just got to crimson lights. Just confirming that we’re gonna meet here in — well, very soon. I’ll see you soon. Bye.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. Are you still here? I figured you’d be long gone by now.

Diane: Mm. You figured wrong. I’m not going anywhere, despite your best efforts.

Tucker: And you’re not concerned about jeremy stark tracking you down?

Diane: I don’t scare easily.

Tucker: Brave talk.

Diane: I mean it.

Tucker: Oh, diane. We both know what he’s capable of. The man has had six long years in federal prison to think about things — like how his former accomplice is walking around scot-free, never faced any charges, and now she’s re-inventing herself.

Diane: For the last time, I didn’t turn him in.

Tucker: I don’t know why you’re telling me. I’m not the one you have to convince.

Diane: Well, I’m not alone in this. Jack and kyle have vowed to stand by me.

Tucker: Then, with all due respect to jack and kyle, they have no idea what they’d be in for.

Phyllis: It’s done. It’s done.

[ Door closes ]

Ashley: What’s done?

Phyllis: I spoke to stark anonymously.

Nikki: I can’t believe you reached out to a dangerous criminal like that.

Ashley: You do realize that your number is on his phone, right? And he could track you down.

Phyllis: I’m not a neophyte. I used a burner phone.

Ashley: Good. That should help.

Phyllis: Ashley, I don’t criticize your ability to make a perfume. Please respect my expertise.

Ashley: How about you show a little respect and discuss this with us before you run off and go contacting stark? We’re supposed to be a team, phyllis.

Phyllis: I know that, but i didn’t want to sit here and discuss for an hour the merits of using the greatest weapon in our arsenal. Besides, I’m getting — I’m getting the feeling that the two of you have an aversion to risk.

Nikki: Oh, really? I flew to los angeles to go toe to toe with deacon sharpe.

Ashley: And I’m still stringing tucker along, trying to get information. So, there’s that.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. I stand corrected. You’re both in communication with your exes.

Ashley: The point is, stark is an unknown commodity. And you think you made some bold move? You know what I think? I think you did a stupid mistake.

Nikki: What exactly did you say to him?

Phyllis: I told him that i knew he was released from prison and that it was diane who made a deal with the feds that got him arrested in the first place.

Nick: Hey, sally, open up!E!

Sally: Yeah. Thank you for your time.

[ Sighs heavily ]

Adam: Still here, I see.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Wow. Your eyesight is 20/20.

Adam: How, uh — how did your lunch go with nick?

Sally: It was terrific. Thank you for asking. We grabbed a bite, nick went back to the office, and I stayed here, where it’s quiet, to work on my new business concept.

Adam: So, everything’s good then?

Sally: What is with all the questions? Yes, I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m making exploratory calls. I’m percolating ideas. I’m — I’m — I’m setting my life on a fresh trajectory, you know? Or trying to, anyway.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Who am I kidding? No. No. No. I’m not fine, okay? I’m the opposite of fine. And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

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Adam: I’m not sure what brought on that little outburst, but I’m sure that I deserve it, whatever the cause.

Sally: “Whatever the cause”? You, adam. You are the cause. I mean, after that ridiculous profession of love? Do you recognize how embarrassed I was? After all of the rotten things that you’ve done, that was the capper. I mean, as if you haven’t tortured me enough.

Adam: Torture, sally? Come on. That’s a bit strong.

Sally: Mm. On the contrary. I think it’s actually not strong enough. First getting me to fall for you, then pushing me away, and then lying to me about all of it, and now this?

Adam: I explained to you why I pretended to fall out of love with you. And I said I was sorry for that. But for the rest, I’m not gonna apologize for.

Sally: No, because far be it for you to feel any remorse for messing with someone’s head.

Adam: That’s not what I’m doing. At least, not deliberately.

Sally: Oh, no?

Adam: I had to say what i feel. I had to propose because I can’t just walk away, sally. I swear to you, I was not trying to manipulate you or compete with nick.

Sally: I know. Okay? I just — I just accused you of those things because I thought maybe i could ignore it if they were true. But everything that you said, it just keeps racing around in my head. It’s bouncing off of my skull, and I-I just — I can’t think about anything else, okay? I just am all jumbled up inside. I can’t concentrate. I-I cannot shake the way that it made me feel. I cannot shake the way that you make me feel. What are you smiling about?

Adam: I was right, wasn’t I? I mean, you know that we should be together.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I have told jack and kyle everything about my relationship with jeremy. They know exactly what kind of man he is, and yet they have promised to protect me if it comes to that.

Tucker: Then they’re both fools.

Diane: Oh, really? So, what does that make you, hiding behind ashley and the ladies?

Tucker: Is that what you think I’m doing?

Diane: Uh-huh. You fed them information about my past mistakes. You painted me in the worst possible light. And now you’re letting them do your dirty work, threatening to sic jeremy on me, hoping to chase me out of town, all because I didn’t give you what you wanted. I couldn’t give it to you. Tucker, I never had access to any of the financial information about jabot that you were after.

Tucker: You are a very resourceful woman. You could have found a way if you really wanted to.

Diane: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Tucker: Ah. I know this much — you lied to me. And you told me what you thought I wanted to hear, but you never really had any intention of fulfilling your end of the deal, did you? So [Clicks tongue] Consequences.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] You are like a really rich toddler throwing a tantrum. But I’m not giving in.

Tucker: Yeah, so you keep insisting.

Diane: I am stronger than you think. And besides that, I finally have what I wanted for so long. My son is in my life. Not to mention I have a place in my grandson’s life. So don’t get your hopes up — or ashley’s — because I’m not going to run.

Tucker: Even if it means putting those people that you claim to love at serious risk?

Ashley: Could you please give us some details on stark? What did you find?

Nikki: How did he respond when a woman he has never heard of calls him out of the blue, seems to know everything about him?

Phyllis: He was very kind.

Ashley: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. Uh, he talked about being released. I told him I knew he was. And, um, he used words and phrases like, uh, “rehabilitation” and incorporating himself into society, blah, blah, blah.

Nikki: In case it was a setup.

Phyllis: Yes, that’s what i was thinking. And then guess what he asked about. Diane jenkins. He wanted to know how his old pal diane jenkins was and where she was. And you know what I did? I told him where that bitch was. I told him that she was right here in genoa city.

[ Exhales heavily ] What’s going on? You don’t seem happy.

Ashley: Well, that’s because before you showed up here, nikki and I were discussing this. We’re having serious doubts that this is the right route to take.

Phyllis: Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that? I love what downy does for my sheets and towels.

Phyllis: Um, are you serious right now? Do you know the great lengths that I have gone to, to make this happen? Do I need to remind you guys the great lengths that you have gone to, to get this bitch out of town?! I mean, we’ve uncovered lie after lie, and nothing has worked! She is still here!

[ Breathing heavily ] I mean, she has entrenched herself into your family, ashley. Day by day, she has manipulated every single member of your family except for you, playing on kyle’s emotions of losing his mom, using that little grandbaby of hers to support her reformed act. And don’t even get me started on jack. I don’t even know who that man is anymore.

[ Exhales heavily ] Listen. We wanted to use stark to put the fear of god into her, and she called our bluff, alright? So now this bitch thinks she has supporters and she thinks there’s nothing we can do to get her bags packing.

Nikki: I’m starting to think there isn’T.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Bite your tongue, nikki. My god!

Ashley: Okay, calm down.

Phyllis: Bite your tongue!

Ashley: Calm down, please. We are gonna get her out of town. I’m just not so sure this is the right way, phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, listen. Let’s — I need take a second here. And I’m calm. I’m fine. I’m fine. But she is controlling the narrative, guys. She’s controlling it. At least, she is with your family. The whole thing of, “I’m the victim, I’m the victim. It’s me. They’re distorting the facts. I’m not a money launderer. I was forced to do it.” That’s what she’s doing.

Nikki: Phyllis. Phyllis. We hate it, too. But to go to such an extreme, contacting a convicted felon and encouraging him to go after her —

Phyllis: We need to blast that bitch off her perch! We need to blast her off. You don’t do that with words, guys. You do it with dynamite.

Ashley: Unless it turns out to be a dud.

Nikki: We don’t even know if diane turned stark in to the authorities. That is just conjecture right now.

Phyllis: Well, we’re gonna find out soon enough, aren’t we? ‘Cause my guess is he’s on his way to genoa city and he’s gonna confront diane jenkins with her past.

Diane: You’re a real bastard. You know that?

Tucker: Yeah, I know. I really am.

Diane: You put this dangerous information into the hands of three women who hate me so much, they might actually use it.

Tucker: No. I bet money they absolutely will use it.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Tucker: The combination of ashley’s determination and — and nikki’s endless resources and phyllis’ recklessness, I’m sure they’ll come up with some kind of diabolical plan.

Diane: Tucker, this isn’t a game. This is my life.

Tucker: Well, wouldn’t it have been nice had you realized that before and worked a little harder to get me jabot’s financials?

Diane: So, you are just rooting for me to be hurt?

Tucker: No. I just want the woman that i love to achieve whatever goals she wants. And ashley doesn’t want to hurt you, either. She just — [ Chuckles ] She wants you out of here. She wants you to relocate.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: Frankly, I think it’s a little selfish of you if you don’t, considering how dangerous stark is.

Diane: You have the audacity to claim that I’m the one being selfish, putting others at risk? Oh, no, no, no, tucker. Whatever happens, that’s on you. And I refuse to let you scare me away by proxy.

Tucker: Mm. Okay. I admire your confidence, even if it’s misplaced.

Diane: You know, if you would get over yourself and, uh, let go of your desire to punish me, you would realize that I’m becoming a fixture in the abbotts’ world. I’m in a position to be your ally, not your enemy. Choice is yours.

Tucker: Well, you may have won over jack and kyle, but you’re never gonna convince ashley that you’re some kind of new and improved version of yourself. You’re just gonna drive a wedge between her and jack, that’s all.

Diane: [ Chuckling ] Oh, okay, I get it. Oh, my gosh. It is so obvious what you’re trying to do. You want to separate ashley from her family so you can set yourself up as her port in a storm.

Tucker: Yeah, there it is. There’s that devious mind we all know and love.

Diane: Mm, I’m not the one being devious. I just want to live my life, be a productive citizen, enjoy the time with my family. Is that really so much to ask?

Tucker: Hey, there he is.

Devon: Hey, hey. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Tucker: No, not at all.

Devon: Uh, you ready to go meet your grandson?

Tucker: I would love nothing more.

Diane: Ah, what a precious gift, to be able to spend some time with your grandchild.

Tucker: Uh-huh.

Diane: Yeah?

Tucker: Uh, devon, this is diana jenkins.

Diane: Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.

Devon: Hello. Pleasure.

Tucker: Good luck.

Diane: Mm.

Devon: Take care.

Diane: You too.

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

[ Sighs ]

Sally: I am trying to resurrect my career. I don’t want to think about you or the proposal or how any of this makes me feel, okay? Seeing you makes me think about it, and thinking about it upends my day. I just need to be free of this.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I know that I’ve complicated things, sally. That wasn’t my goal. I was hoping that the proposal would cut through the noise and it would simplify your decision, which, alas, wasn’t the case.

Sally: No, it sure as hell wasn’T.

Adam: Look, I know that you have a lot to sort through. It’s been something we’ve always done well together, is get to the heart of what is going on. But I don’t think it’s a conversation we should have here.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] You’re right. We can’t keep covering the same ground. This needs to be resolved one way or the other. So let’s do this. (Vo) no matter what type of severe asthma you have,…

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Look, um, I’m not here to plead my case or tell you how you should feel.

Sally: Good.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I just — I hate that you find it so unsettling just running into me. Look, I’ve said my piece, so it’s your turn to talk. If that’s what you want.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] I just never thought talking to you would be this hard. You were always the person i found it…easiest to talk to.

Adam: I’m still that person.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: Brought the fourth-quarter projections for you to go over.

Victor: Alright. Thank you.

Nick: Other than the tech industry, which is still dealing with some serious supply-chain issues, the numbers look pretty good across the board.

Victor: Are you talking in terms of profits or revenues or what?

Nick: Numbers are in there, dad. You just got to read the report.

Victor: Alright.

[ Cellphone pings ] Not someone you expected to hear from?

Nick: Uh, it’s just a container I’ve been tracking from hong kong. It finally left only four months late.

Victor: You seem a little off your game, son.

Nick: Do I?

Victor: Doesn’t happen to have anything to do with that spectra woman, does it?

Nick: “That spectra woman.”

Victor: Mm.

Nick: You know how insulting that sounds? It’s as if you don’t know who she is or have spent any time with her or know that she is capable and smart or what a creative, hardworking woman she actually is.

Victor: Mm. Warms the cockles of my heart, son. I know that you and your brother are involved in a triangular relationship with that woman. Not good.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: Hey! There he is!

Devon: Alright, you got a visitor, dominic.

Tucker: Hello. Hello, dom.

Devon: Look who we got.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Hey!

Devon: Look who we got.

Tucker: Ooh.

Devon: Look at him.

Tucker: Hi there.

[ Laughing ] Hi there. Oh, man, he’s beautiful.

Devon: Right?

Tucker: And look at the two of you together. Man, it looks like you’ve done this your whole life.

Devon: Well, it’s felt natural since day one, I’ll tell you that. Dominic, this is your grandfather.

Tucker: Hi.

Devon: His name’s tucker.

Tucker: Hi. Wow, he looks just like you.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: It makes me really wish that… I had known you as a child.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, guys. The three of us made a pact. We made a pact to do anything necessary, anything possible to get rid of diane. I was forced to do this. And, honestly, she brought it upon herself.

Nikki: We have pointed this dangerous criminal in her direction, hoping that she will do the smart thing and disappear. But she hasn’t folded yet. So, what makes you think she will this time?

Phyllis: The stakes are higher.

Ashley: What if it backfires? This could get ugly so fast.

Phyllis: It won’T.

Ashley: Can I just get a word in, please?

Phyllis: Okay.

Ashley: Hear me out. We don’t know for a fact that stark went to prison because of diane. We don’T. Now, how do you think he’s gonna feel if he finds out this whole thing was a hoax? I don’t think he’s gonna be too happy when he finds out he’s been used.

Nikki: We need to be prepared in case he does decide to come after us.

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna have victor increase security for all of our families. God knows he might want to deal with the guy himself.

Phyllis: You two are really overreacting.

Ashley: No, we’re not, phyllis. Do you really want to risk him getting violent with anyone, including diane? Because I don’T.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Diane: Ashley, we need to talk. Ahh. Well, what do you know? The whole coven is here. You people are relentless. All you care about is your petty desire to screw things up for me.

Phyllis: Oh, diane. You are so wrong. I’m jonathan lawson

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

And no outlets needed.

Phyllis: Oh, diane, there’s nothing petty about our desire to see you pay for what you’ve done to us. Our loathing is certainly deserved.

Diane: The feeling is mutual. Look at the three of you, standing in judgment, acting so superior after you’ve done so much to hurt so many people. The hypocrisy is staggering. You have done your best to turn everyone against me. But it hasn’t worked. In fact, just the opposite. The bonds I have forged with the people who matter to me have only gotten stronger. So, I guess I have you to thank. Well done.

Phyllis: Oh, no. I thank you. I thank you for proving once again that you haven’t changed and showing us who you really are and how you operate.

Ashley: Why are you here?

Nikki: I would imagine that dee dee is using harrison as an excuse to show up and throw herself at jack.

Ashley: Who isn’t here.

Diane: Uh, no worries. He will be soon. Your brother asked me to meet him here. In fact, jack has invited me to dinner, but he had a few things to finish up first, so [Sighs] I’ll just sit here and wait. Carry on.

Nikki: I was just leaving.

Ashley: So was I.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Enjoy yourself.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: Dad, I’m not discussing this with you.

Victor: Son, we have to discuss it, okay? You and your brother have been through this dance before.

Nick: Come on.

Victor: You’re competing with your brother over a woman. Sally spectra. Are you serious? I expect more from you.

Nick: If you don’t want to go over the preliminary numbers, I’ve got a very busy day. I’m sure you do, as well.

Victor: [ Sighs heavily ]

[ Glasses clatter ] Don’t you understand that this is very bad for you, for your personal life, for your family life, for business, for you to be involved in a triangular relationship with your brother, fighting over a woman like sally spectra? Come on, man. You know better than that. She’s driving a wedge between you and your brother to gain what she is after.

Nick: I think you’re wrong about her.

Victor: Look, that woman is using you to further her own ambitions. Now, adam has made his choice. I’m saddened by that. But he has to live his life. With you, that’s different.

Nick: Why, dad? Why would you say that?

Victor: ‘Cause you’ve done a wonderful job at newman enterprises. You’ve joined forces with your sister and your mother. You’re doing a great job.

Nick: What does that have to do with my personal life?

Victor: Everything to do with it.

Sally: What you said to me the other day really got to me. I mean, for you to act that way and say those things, I could tell that they really mattered to you…that i really mattered.

Adam: Look, it breaks my heart that you didn’t realize any of that until now. Because you deserved to know every day that we were together how much you mattered to me before I ruined it. I know you, sally. I know that look. I feel like we’re close to getting back everything that we had…and more. and I’m going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. With original medicare you are covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits but you have to meet a deductible for each, and then you’re still responsible for 20% of the cost. Next, let’s look at a medicare supplement plan. As you can see, they cover the same things as original medicare, and they also cover your medicare deductibles and coinsurance. But they often have higher monthly premiums and no prescription drug coverage. Now, let’s take a look at humana’s medicare advantage plans. With a humana medicare advantage plan, hospitals stays, doctor office visits and your original medicare deductibles are covered. And, of course, most humana medicare advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. With no copays or deductibles on tier 1 prescriptions, and zero dollars for routine vaccines, including shingles, at in-network retail pharmacies. In fact, in 2021, humana medicare advantage prescription drug plan members saved an estimated $9,600 on average on their prescription costs. Most humana medicare advantage plans have coverage for vision and hearing. And dental coverage that includes two free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more! Most humana medicare advantage plans include a silver sneakers fitness program at no extra cost. You get all of this for as low as a zero-dollar monthly plan premium in many areas; and your doctor and hospital may already be a part of humana’s large network. There is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. Humana, a more human way to healthcare.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: Boy, he’s got excellent, like, fine motor skills.

Devon: I know, right?

Tucker: You know?

Devon: I think he’s a little ahead of the curve.

Tucker: Is he?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Ah, he’s amazing. You just… you look into his eyes, and you can just see his mind working.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] He’s just so bright-eyed and alert.

Devon: You’re lucky. You actually came at a good time ’cause he’s always really happy after his nap.

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: Mm.

Tucker: Wouldn’t you love to just see the world through a kid this age’s eyes…

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Tucker: …At some point?

Devon: I think about it all the time.

[ Dominic burps ]

Tucker: Oh!

Devon: You okay?

Tucker: Yeah!

[ Laughs ] You had something to eat.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Tucker: Mm.

Tucker: So, tell me about him. What does he — speaking of eating, what does he like? What does he not like?

Devon: Bananas and yogurt. Anything bananas and yogurt, he loves. Anything green, he hates.

[ String plucking ] Yeah, there you go.

Tucker: So, he’s formed some strong opinions.

Devon: Oh, yeah. He’s nothing but opinions at this age.

Tucker: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Morning, noon, and night.

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: He’s never cranky, though.

Tucker: Really?

Devon: Never cranky. Always in a good mood. He loves music. Loves to dance.

Tucker: I can see.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: He likes to dance?

Devon: Loves to dance. Put on some jazz…

Tucker: You like to dance?

Devon: …Or rock.

Dominic: Yes.

Tucker: Yes.

Devon: See?

Tucker: Alright. You got to show me now. So, he’s just like you, basically, right?

Devon: Well, like both of us.

Tucker: Yeah. Man. Katherine would have been just over the moon. Her great grandson. It’s just a miracle.

Devon: I know. I feel her energy all the time around here.

Tucker: Yeah. And I’m — I got to tell you, I’m absolutely blown away by how you and — [Laughs] — And — and chance and abby have kind of teamed together to raise him.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: It’s beautiful. And I see you and his mom together. It makes me feel like, you know, the grand experiment has worked.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: And it seems like you and abby are closer, you know?

Devon: Yeah. No, we’re — we’re really close.

Tucker: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Is there something more than that?

Devon: No, not at all. Why would you say that?

Tucker: Well, I just thought I’d picked up on something there for a second. Maybe it was something else.

Devon: I don’t know what.

Tucker: So, how are you? How are things going for you these days? Are you — are you happy, fulfilled, or, uh, feeling spread thin at all with work and parenting both?

Devon: No, no, no, no, not at all. I’m — I’m managing things just fine.

[ String plucking ] You in love?

Nick: I just don’t get this knee-jerk reaction you have towards sally. You know, she’s very shrewd, hardworking, ambitious. I know these are values you all greatly admire. So I just don’t understand this animosity you have towards her. And the way you speak about her, it’s as if she is beneath me.

Victor: I had my people investigate sally spectra’s life in los angeles when she was involved with the spencers and the forresters, okay? And they made up a dossier about her.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You have a dossier on her? Are you serious? You’re digging up dirt?

Victor: Does that surprise you, son? I’d do anything to protect my family.

Nick: This is outrageous.

Victor: Listen carefully. What we found out is that she feigned a serious terminal illness in order to gain the sympathy of a man that had lost interest in her. She even blackmailed her doctor to corroborate her story.

Nick: Alright, just — just stop, okay?

Victor: She made up her face every morning to look very pale, very frail. She used a walker to increase the effect. You want to know why I have doubts about that woman?

Nick: Alright, I know she’s — [ Sighs ] She’s done some things that are… she’s worked very hard to make some changes in her life, okay? I’ve seen them. And as for her playing me against adam, just so you know, I offered her seed money for her next business venture, and she turned me down flat, dad.

Victor: Ohh.

Nick: It’s like everyone believes they don’t have to give her just some basic commonore to me about them than it does her.

Victor: Son, you’re really involved with her, aren’t you?

Sally: I still feel a connection with you. And love. How could I not? You brought a kind of magic into my life. You believed in me. I mean, you saw the best and the worst of me, and you loved me just the same. And that is why the way that you hurt me was so awful and so hard to forgive.

Adam: I know.

[ Sighs ] And — and — and I wish that there was a way that I could undo it all, but I can’T. All I can do is I can tell you what an idiot I was and what i did was stupid and that I am sorry. Sally, we are so close. I know that we can finally get it right. I know it. Christmas trees try so hard.

Nick: Dad, I’m not gonna try and change your mind about sally. Obviously, it’s a waste of time. But I will say this about her and adam. Adam doesn’t deserve her. If anything, adam’s gonna be the one to bring her down, not the other way around.

Victor: You need to hear what I’m about to tell you. Sally spectra is nothing but a symptom of the rivalry between you and your brother. She’ll be gone one day, forgotten. What remains is a poisoned relationship between you and adam. I’m warning you — if you choose that woman over family, you will live to regret it. I promise you.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Sally, remember why we’re here — to have an honest conversation about what we have.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ]

Adam: What we can still have, despite the stupid mistakes that I made, and to talk about what we want. And for me, that hasn’t changed. When I asked you to marry me, I meant it. I still want the same thing. I want you, sally. Only you.

Sally: I want you, too.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Devon: Ugh. Am I in love? That’s a, uh — that’s a tough question.

Tucker: But wasn’t there a woman, a lawyer or something? The one that led you to think that I was after kay’s inheritance?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, there was. It’s — it’s a long story, though.

Tucker: I got time.

Devon: That’s alright. Um, we need to get you ready for your meal, right?

Tucker: Okay.

Devon: Want some rice pudding?

Tucker: Rice pudding? Yes, I’d love some.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Two?

Tucker: Make that for two, yeah.

Devon: Make that for two? Alright.

Tucker: I love rice pudding.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Sure.

Tucker: Okay.

Devon: Sure.

[ Chuckles ]

Tucker: Hey. Hey. I am gonna to be there for you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, okay?

[ Dominic gurgles ]

Tucker: Just like I wish i had been for your dad.

Dominic: Yeah.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ] Jeremy.

Jeremy: Hello, diane. Miss me?

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Summer: How could you put our family in danger? How could you put harrison in the line of fire?

Phyllis: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Summer: You told jeremy stark that he could find diane at the abbott house.

Noah: If it’s an apology you want, it’s yours, wholeheartedly. It’s what you deserve.

Audra: Noah… I want you.

Adam: As much as I really appreciate your help when chelsea was in need, I think it’s time for you to take a big step back.

Billy: I can’t do that.

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