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Sunny boy. Which one of these should I wear camp right now? Alex, I’m in the middle of a game. Oh, I need your help.

Wait. No, no, no, no, no. Alex. Alex, come on, man. And all of humanity is destroyed. Thanks to you. Oh my God, you’re such a nerd, dude. Please just tell me which one I should wear. Why do you always do this? You’re a grown ass adult, can’t you dress herself? Yeah, I’m pretty damn good at it, but I’m having another date with Stephanie.

I don’t want any mistakes, so please just tell me which one of these I should wear. Neither.

So how’s that? Chris Muscle is coming along there, kiddo. Good, good. May I take a peek? It’s not finished. Jack. No peeking. All right, mind, never mind. And how about you? What would you like for Christmas, young lady? Oh, my present’s already on the. I knew grandbaby. Mm, no greater gift than that. I’m so happy for Eric.

I mean, I know this situation is terribly complicated, but he’s always wanted a child, and when this baby arrives, he will be over the moon.

Hey, Jada, you. I just wanna see how you were doing.

Jada, if you’re listening, I just wanted you to know that I’m here for you if you need anything. Anything at.


Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You look lucky. You just shall ghost. Isn’t that where you are now? Don’t be so silly. Could a coach do?

I, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know. Um, how is this even possible? Oh, I know, I know, I know. You think that I died in a car crash. I don’t, I don’t think that I, people saw the car explode. You were in it. Hell is Elvis fresh one shit. Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Yeah, that was Mark Twain.

I know. I don’t say, I think it was the King Brady. Yeah. Oh. He tricked the world into thinking that, uh, he met his maker. And you know what to,

oh, thanks. I. I was gonna call you sooner. I am. I’m so sorry about your mother. I appreciate that. Not something tells me that’s not the reason why you’re upset.

No, it’s not. I’ll take a wild guess and say that it’s about Eric.

What makes you say that? Well, I’d say Wild guess is a bit of a mis. And I saw your soon-to-be ex-husband the other night. Oh yeah.

Did he tell you the whole sorted story? Rafe told me that you were leaving him for Eric and that there might already be trouble in Paradise. He didn’t divulge what that trouble might be, but I assume that’s the reason for your upset. If you want to talk about it, you, Jesus. It’s a long story. I heard nothing but time.

Can I join you?

Hey Eric. I think you bartended folded a disappear act. I’m sorry about that. What can I get you? Scott Schmid. Hey, this is on the house. Hey, thanks. You have no idea how much I needed this after the day I’ve. Yeah, I knew what you mean.

Seriously, if you really wanna impress him, when I say go shirtless with a chest like that, anybody, it’d be putty in your hands. Who invited this horn ball? Well, if you must know, I came with my own, of course. Great. Well now you can leave, but I have a proposition for you. Yeah. The answer is no. So please feel free to see yourself out.

Go. Okay, see, this is the exact opposite of go. And here it is now, Alex K. What I’m about to show you is going to blow your mind.

Just fix this sentence there. What do you think? I think this is just about ready for print, but let’s read it again out loud just to make sure. Okay. Governor Elect Price maintains the charges against her daughter are politically motivated. She has no doubt the matter will be resolved well before January when she’ll be sworn in as the next governor of this great.

Sounds good to me. Great. Let’s pack it in. Yeah, just in time for me to meet Alex, you have another date.

Hi Abe. Tell Paulina we’re just about to send out that.

Oh my God. When did this happen?

Okay, I’m on it. Bye. What’s going on? Pauline has been arrested

so. What do you think?

Let me get this straight. Leo. You want me to hire you as my executive assistant? Is that not clear from the presentation? Can your brother not read? Oh, I can read. I just can’t believe you actually have the nerve to ask me to hire you for a job after the way you tormented my baby brother. Someone did not get the memo.

Your baby brother and I are buds now. We’ve put all that behind us, right? Jackson? Hmm. It’s a work in progress, huh? I have plenty of experience. I just left my position as executive director of candidate Affairs for the Governor Elect. I was instrumental in her victory. Think of the wonders I could do for you.

Yeah. I already have an assistant Leo, and even if I didn’t, I would still never hire you. But don’t you need someone to tell you what shirt to wear? I could be that guy. I have impeccable taste, obviously. And I would be available to you whenever at your beck and call 24 7. Yeah. And that way I could play my video games in peace.

It’s a win-win. So, what do you say, boss? Tempting. But it’s a hard no, it’s a regular, no. Now, if you would, excuse me, I have a date to get ready for.

Stop it. Just stop. This is not about you and I not being able to have a baby together.

Come out watching. About you going to Jada.

I broke a trust. I can’t be undone,

can’t go back. Jada’s baby is gone now and I have to find a way to live.

And I’m happy for Eric too, even though. The situation is complicated. Just like you said, you well, having babies makes complicated situations pretty uncomplicated. Hmm. I can’t finish. Oh boy. I’m telling you. Put a lot of work into that list and I can’t wait to see it. So lemme see what we got here. Number one.

Ooh, a dream house for Granny Marmar. Do you know? It’s okay for you just to call me Grandma. Mommy said you liked that name. Mommy’s confused. Let’s see what else we have here. Um, we have a pony, huh? Real? Not stuck. . Duly noted. Real pony. What? We have number three. We, Hmm. What is it? What I want most for Christmas is for.

My mommy and daddy to get married.

This is unbelievable. I wish

one turf cookie. You didn’t think you were gonna get rid of me, so easy. Did you ? Does Marlena know? Oh, well, you know, I haven’t spoken to Dr. Marlena Evans, but Oh, I’ll just, I’ll just call her. Call her. Yeah. What? I’m sure she’s super busy, so there is no need to bother with that. No, it’s not gonna be a bother.

She’s probably gonna come right home as soon as she hears about this. Well, Brady. No. No, Brady. Brady. It’s me.

What the what? What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m shocked and I can’t believe Paulina got charged. I’m shocked too. I figured there wasn’t enough evidence, especially since she wasn’t charged right away. Well, maybe Trashcan and Scotland Yard were just biting their. Building their case or maybe they were waiting for just the right moment to humiliate her.

I can’t even imagine she and Chanel are both going through right now. That’s so unfair. Chanel obviously mean to kill that poor woman. It was, it was an accident, and Holly knew was just trying to shield her young daughter from a scandal like any mother would. What do you wanna do? Well, first on the list, we scrap our statement and start all.

When mommy and daddy get married, I’m gonna be the flower girl at their wedding. Well, you know, sweetheart, uh, weddings aren’t a thing that Santa Claus can deliver. Why not? He’s giving you a grand baby. Oh, fuck. Can’t you listen pretty well? I, I think what Granny Marmar is trying to, I mean, grandma, I think what I think what.

He’s trying to say here is that when, when two people decide to get married, it’s up to them not, not not Santa Claus. Well, it’s gonna happen. How can you be so sure? Mommy told me. Mommy told you that she and your daddy are getting married. She said it was very possible. Well, the thing is that all kinds of things are possible.

I just don’t want you to get disappointed. You know, because not, not all mommies and daddies are married. I know, but my mommy and daddies will be, huh.

Damnit Chris, what are you, what do you do at pretending to be. I just wanted to see if I could still pull it off. And based on your reaction, I passed with flying colors. Yeah, way to go. I mean, you must be really proud of yourself. You dressed up as a dead woman. Is this just for kicks or No? No, of course not.

I just, I needed to practice before I visited dj, I’m sorry, you, I’m sorry. You’re gonna visit EJ as his recently deceased mother. Well, he and I are still on the outs since I sided with Gabby over him, and I thought since I can’t console him as his sister, perhaps I could as his mother,

Kris. Have you completely lost your mind? So Jada had an abortion and Eric blames you. That’s the gist. Why? Because you had one conversation with a woman. He believes that I talked her into it, and that was not my intention. At least I didn’t think it was. I dunno, maybe, maybe deep down is what I really wanted for Eric and Jada not to have the spawn for the rest of their lives.

Look, even if that were true, it’s not as if you drove Jada to the clinic and forced her to get the procedure at gunpoint. In the end, the decision was hers, but he still thinks I shouldn’t have stuck my nose. He has to know you’ve never been one to keep your opinions to yourself. Well, maybe I should have this time.

It’s ironic, you know, I thought things would be better between Eric and me if there were no baby and now there’s no baby and things are worse, much worse. And I don’t think there’s any coming back from it.

Dude, you’re looking at that. Drink the way I usually look at women. Yeah. It’s been a while. Ah, I’m sorry. No, I’m not an alcoholic. I just, I don’t drink anymore. Right. Well if you are just gonna stare at it, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. . All meats. Rosses. Hmm. Listen, I’m glad we got this little chance to talk.

The Bella Magazine cover was a monster hit. I already told Brady I can’t wait to get you and Nicole back on the cover again. So how fast can we get the two of you back in the studio? Cause I don’t think that’s a good idea. Are you kidding me? Bella hasn’t gotten buzz like this in years. Listen, I, I I don’t wanna see you repeat yourself.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I, I want to continue the. I mean the people are itching to see you and Nicole back together. Yet, Alex, you don’t. No. Listen, I know it’s not the right season, but I’m thinking for the next issue we go swim with, people are dying to break the winter blues. Are you comfortable on the speed off?

Well, it really doesn’t really matter what you mean. Wear as long as it’s you and Nicole back in that comfort again. That’s all that matters. People are calling you the perfect couple. You know you got people online calling you Eric Cole. It’s wild. Shut the hell up.

I can’t believe your brother turned me down, poured my heart and soul into that presentation. Yeah. Well, I mean, you gave it a good old call. It’s try. Maybe next time don’t include the photos of you in a bubble bath. I was just trying to show that I have, you know Yes. Well I could see your through the bubbles.

Damnit. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I’ve been pounding the pavement for days. It’s my only option is to take that job at Buddy’s Burger Barn. Hey, I mean a job’s job. This head was not meant to wear a paper hat. But you’re right, that might be my only option. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. I’ll see ya.

Leo, Wayne. God. Um, look, I’m, I’m pretty much recovered now, which means I will be going back to being CEO and when I do, I will need an a.

What are you saying, Jackson? Oh my gosh. You’re actually gonna make me say it. Um, okay. How do you feel about working for me at Titan?

Dude, What is your problem? You need to get in your head that I’m a photographer, not a model. Yeah, but there will be no more covers than Nicole me. Do you understand? I understand that you want the one that makes the decisions, and I hope you recognize that. I can just go over your head with this because Nicole and Brady are the ones in charge.

Nicole, be opposed to this just as much as I am. If not, how quick you’re gonna quit. Really? You would really do that. Yeah. If I’m forced. Why, what, what, what is going on? Let something happened in between you two. Did you guys hook up?


It seems to me that emotions are running high right now. I’m sure As soon as Eric calm down, he’ll realize that Jada’s decision is not your fault. You don’t underst. This is no longer just about the baby, which was bad enough. Then what’s it about? Lots of ugly things were said. Things that neither one of us can come back from.

Even if they were said in the heat of the moment. Sometimes you cross a line and there is no going back.

Well, I can relate to that.

I crossed the line and my mother’s dead.

Kristen. Kristen, look at me. Listen to me. Listen to me. You can knock over to E J’s dress as his deceased mother. Number one. He is gonna see right through it. Number two, that’s really cruel. I thought it would be just the. It would be an act of mercy. How do you figure that? Well, Tony said that EJ blames himself for Susan’s death.

I thought I would appear as this vision of his dearly departed mother to use his mind, assure him that her death wasn’t his fault. I didn’t know that. That was your your plan, huh? Can’t believe I’m saying this, but that actually might be helpful to him. I don’t. Surprisingly compassionate of you, given that he just fired you.

Well, he is my brother

even. So, given that you, uh, you used three human lives as bargaining ships to get me back into your life and you blackmailed me into breaking up with Chloe, and we all know that’s the tip of the iceberg of the criminal activity that you’ve been a part of. It’s still very surprising to me that you would be that selfless.

I mean, I admit that I haven’t behaved all that honorably lately, but I’m completely evil. I mean, maybe this is a chance for me to balance the scales. Hell, he’s still little, little.

May you watch Frosty now? Well, you certainly may. Sweet.

Grandma and I, we, we just, uh, want you to know that no matter what happens with your mommy and daddy, they love you very much no matter what, just like we do. You got that? Got it. , enjoyful, frosty honey.

Hi. I’m telling you, doc Kristen is just stooped to a new low, giving this little girl’s hopes all up about something’s never gonna happen. Are you sure about that? What do you mean? Are you sure it’s never going to happen? What are you talking about, doc? You can’t really think that’s on the table. We both know how she manipulates people and events.

I mean, she managed to get Brady to break up with Chloe. She managed to get him to invite her to live at the townhouse. What makes you think she won’t manipulate him into marriage? If that’s the case, then you and I gotta figure out a way to stop her. I agree. How do we do that?

I don’t believe it. You would hire me back. Hey, surely you’re not forgetting that you falsely accused me of sexual harassment along with a bunch of other terrible things that you have done. No, I have not forgotten, but I have. Forgive him because I have a heart As big as all the outdoors that you do, j.

Not to mention a truly adorable smile, not to mention a boatload of other winning and glasses. Let’s not get carried away. Okay? Okay. I will stop the gushing. It’s just that, uh, I’m very touched and very grateful that you would make this offer. But, um, what about the optics? Let’s, I have a PR team. They’ll handle the messaging and like I said before, I couldn’t care less what people think.

Not even your. Not even your Uncle Vic who thinks I am the scum of the earth and hates me with a vengeance. Okay, well when you put it like that, uh, yeah. That old curmudgeon would kill you. Yeah, no. Or he’d fire me, which means we would both be out of Aja. True. Well, thanks for the offer, . It means more than you know, that you would consider me like that, that you would want to help me in that way.

You know, maybe I still can. How? Take your laptop back out. We’ll comb for the Wanted ads. Maybe you missed something. Come on. Fine. Let’s comb. Okay. I am almost done with the intro. Uh, . Cool. I think I’m gonna flip these last two paragraphs. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Aren’t you supposed to be going to dinner with Alex? Uh, yeah, but I, I still have some time. Things must be going well for you too. Yeah, he um, he even surprised me with a romantic Thanksgiving dinner. It was, it was very sweet.

I guess he’s, uh, not all that bad after all. No, he’s not. He, he actually turned out to be a really great guy. Good. I’m happy for you.

I’m right, aren’t I? Something happened between you and the gun of your business. It’s not my business. You two are both my shining stars. Yeah. Well, not anymore. I told you there’s not gonna be any more covers. Yeah, but understand that just, I mean, really do yourself a favor and let it go. Okay. Fine. You got it.

But just so you know, for a former priest, you got some rage issues.

I’m gonna go wait for my date over there.

I, I was so bloody certain that I could get my mother back without having to pay the ransom. I mean, how hard could it be to outsmart Ava Vitali? Right. The problem with playing games with Ava is that she’s out of her mind. Mm-hmm. , I know firsthand it’s impossible to anticipate what Ava would do next. Let me.

You are going to tell me that this isn’t my fault, just like everyone else. Oh, no, no, no, no. But maybe it’s your fault. Just like maybe it’s my fault that Jada got rid of Eric’s baby.

Oh, makes sense. Right. Since both you and I had a history of being our own worst enemies, a tendency. Self destruct, yet we still haven’t managed to learn our lesson.

How the hell did we get so screwed up that my friend? It’s the million dollar question. Oh, yes.

Well, I guess it’s time to take the shell on the road. Kristen. No, no. You listen. You can’t what I thought you understood. Look, it seems that you, it seems your heart is in the right place for a change. Okay? But it’s not a good idea. Like I said before, EJ will probably figure it out. He’ll know it’s you.

It’ll scar him. He’ll probably hate you forever. I think it’s a terrible. Terrible idea to ease his suffering, to do something kind for Susan and him, I mean, Brady, to think of, wow, how I treated that, that woman all these years, I mean, praying on her innocence, her big, generous heart.

And now that she’s gone, I. I am never gonna get a chance to say I’m sorry, and to thank her for all that she’s done for me.

You know what? I’m really gonna miss her.


So what’s going on here?

As the investigation moves forward, we encourage everyone to keep an open. Yeah, but still not stretching the right time. Not quite. Okay. Try cutting that line

and that one too

better. It’s getting there. Definitely still needs work. What about your date with Alex?

Hey, Steph. You on your way? I’m really sorry. Hey, we’re crisis suddenly came up. I’m stuck here at the office. Oh, bummer. Can I get a rain check? Of course. Thanks for understanding. I’ll text you later. All right, sounds good. Good luck.

I need to get the hell outta here.

Shall we get another round wellow in our own misery a little bit longer? Ooh. Uh, as much as I would love to, um, I should get going. I need a, a place to stay tonight. What do you mean? Well, since I told Rafe that I was moving on with another man, seemed kind of awkward to be living in the same house, so I’ve been staying in my office.

What about Holly? She’s staying with Maggie until I find a suitable place for us, which I thought would be with Eric. Do you know how that story turned out? Well, you person stay with Maggie too.

in the house with Victor. I think not. Someone would either end up electrocuted or pushed out a second story window, . And since my couch in my office is killing my back, I’m probably just gonna check into the Salem.

You could come home with me.

Uh, Kristen and I were just reminiscing about Susan. . I see. How was dinner with your grandparents at ice cream for dessert? Ooh, in the winter. Wasn’t, wasn’t too cold. Nope. Well, then we’re gonna have to spend a little more time brushing your teeth tonight, right? All right. It’s time for bed. Come on, we gotta go camp John.

Hmm? Can you tell me a bedtime story? You do the best voices. That’s a f. Goodnight, grandma. Goodnight. And I’ll see you and you tuck me in, mommy. Ah, you sure will. My little angel. Okay, let’s go.

I know that, look, you are about to bore me with one of your tedious lectures, aren’t you? No. No lecture. But I do think it’s time that you and I had a talk. And here we go.

Christmas elf. I do look good in tights. Mm-hmm. , but I hate Children. Pass. Okay. Um, . Okay. What about the, uh, the manager of domestic sales at Basic Black? I think that was closed old job. Those bitches turn me down once. I am not crawling back to them. Hard pass. All right. Oh, what about this book Illustrator?

Mm, I don’t know. Kind of seems at a left field. Why? How It’s perfect. You love art Plus, I mean, you’re really good at it. Tho those photos of those paintings you showed me on your phone, they were like, Impressive as hell. Do you remember those? Yeah, of course I do. You’re really talented, Leon, huh? Okay, well in that case, put that one down as a maybe.

Here we go. Maybe M A Y N. I know how to spell me.

We can’t send this out. It’s still not right. And maybe we should just sleep on it. There’s no time. By morning everyone will know about the arrest if we don’t stay ahead of the narrative. Now we’re gonna be behind the curve. I think we need to start over. Oh, okay. No, I can do this. It’s fine by yourself?

Yes. Yes. You should go home. It’s almost time to put the kids to sleep anyway. I got it.

No, no, no. Jack can handle the kids. This is too important. Okay. I really don’t mind. I do. And you do this by yourself. You’re gonna beat her all night. Two of us get done half the time. Are you sure? I. I am not a band ship. You gave up your day with Alex. We’re in this together. Thank you, God.

You keep brushing. Okay? And I’ll look for monsters under your bed.

Hey. I think you’re looking for monsters in the wrong place. All right, dad, look, if this has anything to do with what you saw, come on kid. What? Don’t you just talk to me. What the hell is going on with you and Kristen? There’s nothing going on. Okay. She was upset about Susan. I was just consoling her a little bit.

It’s no big deal. Yeah, and you’re so sure about that, aren’t you, dad? I was just trying to put my anger aside for a moment, you know, just for the sake of peace, just for Rachel’s sake, I’m not gonna fall for her again. So wait, hell, that’s gonna happen. I promise you that.

I understand that you are filling Rachel’s head with ideas of you and Brady getting married. Oh, and what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with that? Well, it’s manipulative to start. And you’re also setting your daughter up for a lot of disappointment. Well, she won’t be disappointed if Brady and I actually do get married.

Like I know that you’re used to your schemes blowing up in your own face, but now you’re involving somebody else who’s going to get hurt. So please stop. I’ll take that under. Hey Doc, my Priscilla, the pig voice isn’t up to snuff apparently. Would you mind joining us, please? Duty calls Grandma . Well, I guess we’ll have to finish this little chat some other time.

Yeah, your doppelganger was wrong. Sometimes my schemes actually do work. Like tonight, for instance, I wasn’t actually going to visit EJ dressed like Susan. I just, I just needed to get Brady to see me in a different light. And guess what? It works like a charm. Go home with you. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Absolutely not.

Look, I might have had a few, but I am not drunk. I Alright, calm down. I, I wasn’t suggesting anything lascivious. I was merely offering you one of our many guest bedrooms.

Oh, okay. Are you sure? Hmm. What better use for them then to rest the weary head of a fellow? The damaged. And I wouldn’t be any trouble. No trouble at all. Truth be told, I could use the company. Okay. What the hell, right?

you appears to be a lot more blo than you first, or Hold on one second. One second. Let me help you get any help.

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