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Sonny: Yeah? Yeah, let — let me know what you come up with. Thank you, brick. Dante: I didn’t mean to interrupt. Oh, you’re not interrupting. What’s up? You’re my son. What are you talking about? I just wanted to thank you, again, for thanksgiving. We had a really great time being there, seeing everybody. And, you know, I… I think it must have meant a lot to gladys and sasha that you included them, as well. My commitment is always to my family. No matter what michael thinks. Yeah, that’s the real reason I’m here. We both know michael was right about you.

[ Knock on door ] Michael, hey. Hey. Thanks for coming. Yeah, your text sounded urgent. But why did you want me to meet you at my mom’s house? Because this conversation has got to be completely confidential. And there’s too many potential eavesdroppers at — at — at the quartermaines’ and probably at aurora, too. What’s going on? Look, we’ve gotta be prepared, okay? Because carly and I could both be facing criminal charges. Well, it’s almost healed. That’s what I told you. I’m fine. Nothing to worry about. God, that sounds so familiar. Oh, right, that’s what you kept saying when you were bleeding and fighting a 104 fever inside of my dorm room. So excuse me for checking it out myself. Oh, so you just came to provide medical attention? What else would I come here for? Thought maybe you wanted to see me.

[ Sam grunts ] Oh! [ Laughs ] Thank you. My pleasure. Ooh! Your timing is impeccable. So is your reach. I really appreciate you coming out to help. Yeah, dante texted me and said that you were supervising the community decorations. It was nina’s idea. She knew that I might be at loose ends as the holiday approached. Oh. Well, good for nina. And good for you, too. Nina really deserves all the credit. Not only is she a terrific person, but she is incredibly thoughtful and generous, too. Sasha was just the latest excuse for you to try to get closer to me to scheme your way back into wiley’s orbit! Which, after the lies you spread, is just ludicrous! No, I didn’t spread any lies. Oh, really? So you didn’t tell michael that tj and i were having an affair when nothing could be further from the truth? I made that one mistake. Can you just calm down? And I apologized! And if you remember correctly, you told me to drop dead. That’s because nothing else gets through to you. You don’t listen! You don’t stop! You just keep pushing and pushing! Go away, nina, and leave my family the hell alone! Oh, my god. Willow! I’ll call 911! Wait! No! Help me with willow first. Willow! Hey. Hey, willow?

I need to know what happened to that necklace. Yeah, if it burned up in the cabin, then you’re just gonna have to sift through the ashes. I must have those diamonds. They’re pivotal to my next step. Right. This was a bad idea. My son doesn’t want to see me. No, spencer doesn’t know how he feels. Look, you’re his father. He misses you, even if he is angry at you. I wish to return to my cell. Come now, spencer, is that any way to treat family? No matter how many times we might disagree, cassadines always come together in the end. Nikolas: I’m glad to see you, spencer. Even if you don’t feel the same. I cannot believe I’m hearing this. You and I both know michael’s anger is — is out of control. I keep trying and trying to reconcile, and michael doesn’t bend. Okay, look, I’m not condoning the way michael’s treated you. I don’t like the way he’s treated you. But he was telling the truth when he said that you abducted dex heller and had him beaten. I saw some of his injuries. And the only reason I didn’t arrest you is because he lied and covered for you. Yeah, I remember that came up after brando’s funeral. But that was months ago. Why — why are you bringing it up now? Because I looked the other way! You committed a felony. And now you’re doing it again. All right, you’re all set. You can put a shirt on now. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’m not uncomfortable. That’s true. You’ve seen me in less. Yeah. You’ve slept in my bed.

[ Chuckles ] It’s too bad all I did was sleep.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, wow. You really went there. I can’t help it. I mean, of all the rotten luck to be lying in your bed too feverish to do anything but sleep. Oh, well. There’s always next time. You must be on decoration overload. You’re out here getting rice plaza ready for christmas, and then you also have your own house to decorate. Oh, I do. But, you know, I do have three elves to help with that, I hope. Anyway, scout’s always down to help, but danny and rocco, I don’t know if they’re gonna think that they’re too old for decorations. Well, too bad for them if they are. At least scout is still on board. Christmas is magic at any age, but especially for the little ones. I used to… um… what about adding some ribbon to this? Like here? Sasha, you — you don’t have to edit yourself with me. Whatever it is that you were gonna say, whatever you’re feeling, you can say it to me. I spoke to my legal team, and they think there might be a case against me and carly for insider trading. Even though carly didn’t make any money on the deal, even though the merger between elq and aurora didn’t even happen. You — you really think that ned would go to the sec? I don’t want to think that he would go that far, but I can’t really afford to think otherwise. We shared pizza together at thanksgiving, right? I can’t assume that that peace offering is just gonna make him forgive and forget. Yeah, and the quartermaines are famous for holding a grudge. Exactly. Which is why I gotta back way off. Despite my major stock position, I gotta back off. I can’t afford to provoke ned any more than I already have. Yeah, given his anger at us for feeling like we abandoned him, I don’t blame you. So, in addition to leo’s very sweet desire for family peace, I think it’s in our best interest, both me and carly, just to — to mend fences with ned. And I will, too. Thank you. So — so w-what — what can you and my mom do to, uh, you know, protect yourselves? What else can you do? Well, we could stop seeing each other. I have a cold towel. Willow, willow, honey, it’s carly. Willow, come on. Come on. Open your eyes. Willow, willow, hey. Carly. Yeah, hi. Take it easy. Wait, what? You just fainted. Hey, look at me. Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna be okay. You know what? I’m gonna call 911. No!

Nikolas is your father, spencer, and you are going to need his support when you’re released from this place. Not if you fulfill your end of our bargain! What bargain? You didn’t tell him?

[ Sighs ] I didn’t see any reason to. What are the two of you talking about? If I agreed to keep my mouth shut about you sleeping with esme, uncle victor promised me that I would receive my birthright ahead of schedule. So, you see, father, I don’t need you anymore. You’re obsolete. Uncle victor made sure of it.

[ Scoffs ] I-I can’t — I can’t say that I blame you. I haven’t been a good father. God knows I don’t deserve your forgiveness in spite of your mistakes. You are a better man than I am. I envy how you give your whole heart. And I hate that I broke it. I’m used to it. And I hate that, too. You have no reason to trust me, but if you let me in your life, I give you my word, I will never hurt you again. I would settle for not having to listen to another one of these disingenuous speeches. I told you this was a bad idea.

[ Clears throat ] Sit down! I am so disappointed in you. It is mutual! You and my father have both disregarded my wishes. And I would do it again. Even though you squandered the time I bought so you could reunite with your father. No. You may be all powerful on the outside, uncle victor, but you have competition in here. I didn’t know that you and my mom were, um, seeing each other. I mean, although things looked pretty cozy between you two at the quartermaine picnic, and, well, you did go down to florida to help my mom with her adoptive mother’s grave, which was above and beyond. To be honest, I’ve had a thing for carly for a while now. Well, still, since you’ve been back from jacksonville, I don’t know, I guess i got more of a friendship vibe. The — the point is, is that if carly and i are openly gonna be a couple then that relationship, it could strengthen the sec’s case that I gave her some sort of privileged business information. So we just gotta be casual. We gotta be casual in public and probably in private, too. How uncomfortable is this conversation making you right now? Oh, you and my mom? Hey, I mean, you know, you two are adults. And, uh, hey, I-I gotta admit, too, since my mom’s been back from florida, this is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. She makes me happy, too. Unfortunately… this relationship, it — it may be short-lived. I mean, you really have to go that far?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I — I thought that we could meet in — in private, right? But is that really fair? I mean, we can’t meet at the quartermaines’ because I live there, and there’s always someone popping in in unexpected moments in that house. Like when olivia walked in on chase in brook lynn’s bedroom, for example. Oh, you heard about that? Yeah, well, brook lynn filled me in. That was a moment. And if we meet here, this is carly’s house. Then we gotta, like, time our visits when donna and joss aren’t here. And it just seems… it seems dishonest. Maybe I just got to accept the fact that the timing isn’t right for us to be together right now. Well, what if this is the only time you get? Willow: I’m fine. Please do not call for an ambulance. Okay. Do you still feel dizzy? You’re not warm, but I’m gonna check your temperature. I’m not dizzy, and I’m — I’m not running a fever. Maybe you don’t need an ambulance, willow, but at least let us take you to the hospital. Okay? We can notify your ob? What part of “I’m fine” don’t you understand? I do not need to go to G.H. I’m not in pain. I just need to rest. Drink this. I do know that you need to stay hydrated, okay? Can we chat outside? I thought things were good between us. They are. Well? I mean, m-maybe they’re too good. I mean, we spend holidays together. W-w-we’re neighbors. Uh-huh. It seems like t-the further apart you and michael get, the closer you and I get. What’s wrong with that? Becau– what’s wrong with it? There’s been this boundary that I’ve always had to keep between my love for you as a son and my duty as a cop. And that line is starting to blur, okay? How so?

[ Scoffs ] If this was anyone else, anyone else, I would pursue the case into dex’s abduction. I’d get more evidence, I-I’d talk to witnesses, I-I’d build a case, I’d take it back to dex. I’d try and get him to cooperate. And instead, I called michael a liar. You know, I did that for your benefit, you know? I wanted you to know that I knew what you had done. But now I gotta tell you to your face. I know that you are behind what happened to dex. I never asked you to cover for me, and I never would. Okay, that’s good. Maybe then you can tell me about anna’s escape. All right, so take it easy and limit all activity for at least one more week. No offense, but how do you know? Did you consult a medical professional about me? I’ve been doing some research online. Oh, where? Bulletwounds.Com? G.H.’S website. Smart. Yeah, well, I went through all this trouble taking care of you, so it wouldn’t make sense to bail before you’re fully healed. That’s exactly what you need to do. Bail.

R our chess game.Chess? I’m improving my game in here. I’m glad to see you’re not without friends. Oh! We’re not just friends. We’re family. Yes, well, I’m spencer’s

actual family. Oh, I know who you are. Oh? All right. And you are? Cyrus renault. I’m — I’m sure you’ve heard of me. Ah! So you’re the famous cyrus renault.

[ Laughs ] Well, uh, same name, different man. The bible says, “the memory of the just is blessed, but the name of the wicked shall rot.” Ah. Less than an hour before I found out that anna’s van had crashed and she had escaped, I heard you on the phone asking someone how it went with anna. I told you I provided her help when she reached pentonville. The guy who was supposed to be driving the van ended up in a parking lot, tied up with a bag over his head. He was unharmed. Well, I’m happy to hear that. I’m sure you are, because whoever conducted anna’s escape clearly didn’t want to hurt anyone else. All they wanted was for anna to get out of there. What happened to anna? Where is she? Who else has a whole bunchof safe houses in the area? Do you see? You see what I’m talking about here? It all adds up. You broke anna out of police custody, and I’m not doing a damn thing about it! I don’t want to be, you know, too involved in my mom’s personal life, but I know from my own experience that you, uh — you have less time than you think. I’m sure you’d like to believe that you have… years and decades to spend with the person that you love to do what you dreamed of. And hopefully we get that time. If we do, but, you know, it’s not — it’s not guaranteed. Is this about the tension between you and your father? Are you worried that sonny’s gonna retaliate? Sorry if my medical skills don’t meet your high standards. You know better, okay? If you had taken me to the hospital instead of to your dorm room, okay, the er doctor would have had to report the bullet wound, and I would be behind bars. I owe you. You’re welcome. You asked me before how I got shot. Yeah, and you didn’t tell me. You don’t need to know the details to know it involves something illegal. You work for sonny. Of course you’re involved in something illegal. None of this is fine, dex. Yes, I want — I want to dismantle sonny’s life but not at the cost to my mom and sister. Look, their involvement was a one-time thing. Yeah, maybe for my mom. But you and I both know that josslyn is an issue. Look, I need you to hear me when I tell you. I’d rather blow this whole operation up than put my sister at risk. You need to find a way to keep her at arm’s length. Do you understand? I understand. Look, that’s why I need you to leave now and never come back. It’s not easy for me to acknowledge my feelings. It’s something I’m working on in therapy — taking time to process my emotions instead of letting them bottle up until they overwhelm me in a very public and messy explosion. You know, it can be really scary admitting to yourself how you really feel. Revisiting dreams that you had for someone who’s gone that you know isn’t gonna come true. I-I feel like I’ve learned that the more time passes, the more I’ve been able to, I guess, accept those dreams. And even smile a little.

[ Chuckles ] Who do you dream about? Oh, um, my first child. Daughter. You know, she was stillborn. I had no idea. I’m so sorry. It’s okay. I-I think about her all the time.

[ Chuckles ] Liam would have been about a year now. He was born near christmas. So he would have been too young to understand who santa was. But I think brando and i would have still taken him to see santa. It never happened, but… the thought of it still makes me smile. You know, carly, I don’t need another lecture from you. I didn’t come here to pick a fight with willow. I didn’t come here to orchestrate a run-in with wiley. I just came here to reach out to willow on sasha’s behalf. I believe you. I’m sorry, baby. I should have been more careful. I honestly did not mean to get so upset.

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m afraid we’re in for a bumpy ride, but we’re going to make it. I’m your mommy, and I’m going to bring you safely into this world. I promise.

I may not have a father that I can count on, but I am grateful that I have uncles who look out for me, the two of you, and uncle sonny and uncle martin. Oh, you know my brother martin, victor. Yeah. He’s my son’s attorney. Uh [Chuckles] We both know martin is much more than that. Well, I don’t want to interrupt your game, spencer, but please do reconsider mending fences with your father. Victor cassadine, mediator? Uncle victor wants peace for our family. Oh. I-I-is that why you tried to kill mine? You caused my brother great harm. The implication that I had anything to do with lucy coe’s disappearance is unfounded and, frankly, insulting. I’m not talking about ms. Coe. I’m referring to the attempt on my brother martin’s life and that of our sister, laura. Look, nina, we’re not friends, okay? But I don’t think you came here with the intention of upsetting willow so much that she fainted. But you have to stay away. You have to stay away and accept the fact that seeing you upsets willow so much. And we both know that’s not good for the baby. I would never hurt that baby. And I believe you. I really do. All right, I’ll go. If you could just tell… you know what? Don’t tell her anything.

[ Exhales deeply ] Nina’s gone. Thank you. But she’s not wrong, okay? You need to see your doctor, so please let me take you to G.H. Sonny: I don’t need your protection. You can investigate and act on whatever you want. I will do that. I just hope you covered your tracks this time.

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause next time, and there will be a next time, and probably a time after that, you might not have an employee who lies to take a beating. You might slip up and thenI’m gonna have to do something that I don’t want to do. So you feel the same way that michael does, that I should lose my family? I should, you know, take everything — everything that I love away from me? Would you stop? I’m not michael! I’m not michael. I’m not out to get you. I love you, dad. But I took an oath to uphold the law, and I’m gonna keep that oath. I don’t expect anything less. And if it gets worse and you’re forced to arrest me one day, I’m always gonna love you. I’m not gonna love you any less. You understand me? Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you did. It’s not gonna happen. Ever. Hey, I can cover if you want to take a break. Thanks. No, I’m — I’m having fun. It feels good to do something useful and positive. Yes. Not that putting up christmas decorations will change the world. No. Maybe not. But, you know, people do seem to take extra care of each other this time of year. And you get a lot of smiles with all the decorations and the trees lit up. I know. I’m — I’m grateful to be part of it. Even if it’s in a small way. It turns out that what people have been telling me is true. Helping others is a great way to help yourself. I don’t believe I’m in, um, physical danger from my father. The — the emotional damage has already been done. It’s the, uh [Exhales deeply] This whole rift with my father, it’s — it’s made me value my family even more. You know, I [Sighs] I spent the first year and a half of wiley’s life believing that he was dead. And now I have him. And now I have — I have — I have willow and a baby on the way. Every day is precious to me. I just want to, you know, freeze time and — and live in this place of joy with…

[ Sighs ] Willow and the kids. If only we could. Yeah, life has a way of messing up your plans. But when that happens, all I can really do is just do — deal with it the best that I can. Can’t argue with that. But what I won’t do is — is waste any more time, you know, or — or overlook the little things, you know, like… the look of wonder on willow’s face when she, uh, feels the baby kick or how wiley insists that I read willow’s baby bump a bedtime story.

[ Chuckles ] Which, of course, you do. Those things, they, um — they only come around once. You don’t get do-overs. So if you and my mom feel like you have to hide, then — then hide, but just… don’t pass on the chance at something really good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go home to willow. All right.

The attack on my grandmother and uncle martin at the safe house last year? Uncle victor had nothing to do with that. My sources don’t lie, nor do my instincts.

[ Scoffs ] Says the man who held trina robinson and her mother at gunpoint and tried to kill spencer’s friend britt westbourne? Or does the attack on dr. Westbourne not count because you only sent your minions to do your dirty work? I don’t hear you denying what you did to laura and martin. I don’t answer to you. You will if you ever go near my family again! And that includes spencer. You do not want me as an enemy! Or I’ll go on your hit list, too? Don’t let this man manipulate you, spencer. I don’t get manipulated. And I won’t ever again. Now, if there’s nothing else that you have to say — as I said, I don’t want to interrupt your game. But remember, spencer, your pawns need to be guarded. And you won’t always have a knight to ride to your rescue. Could it be more obvious? “Instantly there dropped from his eyes what seemed to be scales, and he could see once more.” I-I-I’m sorry you had to learn about victor this way. I’m not really in the mood to play chess. I think I’m just gonna go back to my cell. Thanks for hooking me up to the portable fetal monitor and taking a look yourself. Yeah, okay, the baby’s heartbeat looks fine, and your blood pressure is good.

[ Sighs ] But I’m no ob, all right? I’m not gonna insist you go to G.H., But you have to promise me you’re gonna go to your doctor in the next couple days. What happened? I-it’s nothing.

[ Door closes ] Okay, why do you need see the doctor then? Because willow fainted. You fainted?

[ Scoffs ] Why? What’s — what’s — what’s wrong? I’m fine. Once again, I forgot to eat. Willow didn’t want to call an ambulance, but I think she needs to see her ob. Yeah, I’ll make sure of it. All right. You need to rest, and willow needs some tlc. I’ll make sure of that, too. Thank you, carly. Yeah. Take care of yourself, please. Michael, I love you. Love you, too. Who are you calling? Dr. Randolph. She needs to know that you fainted. Nina! Hello. Hi. So, what do you think of our progress so far? It’s great. It’s really great. Everyone’s doing a fantastic job. Nina, you don’t have to pretend with me. Did something happen? It’s just, sometimes I’m afraid that I really am as awful as willow thinks I am. You better pace yourself there, pretty. We have a penthouse to decorate.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hey. I was just telling sasha that scout will definitely want to help decorate. But what about the boys? Do you think they’re gonna… the boys. …Feel like they’re above it all? I don’t know. You know rocco, he seems like he’s kinda going through something right now. But danny will — will step up for scout’s sake. But you know what? The minute ornaments and candy canes come out, they — they’ll get into it. Yeah. You know? Our boys aren’t as old as they think they are. Thank god. Thank god? Where’d that come from? Just…my father. I love him, but, uh… I don’t know, our relationship has always just been a bit of a minefield. And I’m hoping that me and rocco don’t turn into that when he’s an adult. Look, you’re out of bandages and you need more antibiotic ointment, so I’m gonna go get you some more. Don’t bother, okay? I can order that stuff online. I don’t need you to come back. Skip it, dex. It’s not gonna work. Why not? The big speech? You try to warn me about how dangerous you are, and you try to push me away for my own good? I know that you’re dangerous. Hello? You were beating up some guy under sonny’s orders the night we met. Look. You can do so much better than him. You’re resourceful. You keep your head in a crisis. You’re loyal. You don’t complain even when you’re hurt. Dex heller. Hero. Stop it, dex. I found you bleeding. I nursed you through a fever. I sat up with you all night to make sure that you were still breathing. So I’m not gonna walk out of here and pretend that what we went through together doesn’t mean something.

Most of the tension between you and sonny is because you’re a cop, and sonny is…you know… mm-hmm. …Sonny. Yeah. As long as rocco doesn’t want to grow up to be like his grandfather, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Yeah, but, you know, fathers and sons, they — they butt heads about stuff. Hey. You see my face? Yeah, it’s a beautiful face. Does it look worried to you? No. It’s because I see you and rocco interact every day. Mm-hmm. You know what I see? No. Love, falconeri! Not only your love for rocco, but rocco’s love for you. And you know what that tells me? That our love is so strong it’ll survive any… stop! Don’t make fun of me. …Disagreement we ever have? You’re so smart. I just get it through osmosis from living with you. Thank you. For what? I don’t know, making me look forward to christmas… for our blended family, for the traditions we’re gonna make. I already got my christmas present. Oh. Me, too. Mm. It’s too bad I don’t have a flask of brandy to go with this hot chocolate. That bad? It’s my fault that willow fainted. I never should have gone over to her place. You know, for a smart woman, I do a lot of stupid things. If something happens to willow and that baby, I will never forgive myself. You made a mistake.

[ Sighs ] Welcome to the club. The important thing here is to take a breath, figure out how it happened, and how to avoid it happening again. Well, I know the answer to that. And ironically, I got it from carly. Well, carly is a smart lady. Yeah. Even though it galls me to admit this, carly did make me see that the only thing that I can do for willow… is stay away from her. Thanks for the soup. I feel much better. Michael, staring at your phone isn’t going to make terry call you back any faster. You know, maybe we should just go to G.H. Look, if the chemo is causing you to faint — not the chemo. Nina. Or rather, my response to her. Wait, nina was here? She volunteered sasha to oversee the decorations in rice plaza and then showed up here to ask me to help. And when I tried to decline, nina called me selfish. Nina called you selfish? Things went downhill from there. I snapped, started screaming at nina, next thing I know, lights out. All right, I’m gonna make sure nina never comes back here again, okay? I don’t think that will be a problem. I’m pretty sure my fainting scared nina even more than it did me. You know, honestly, though, I-I — I doubt that nina actually would have got into an argument with you if she knew that you just had chemo. Look, we need to find you a bone marrow donor, and we need people like nina to start treating you with consideration. Michael. Willow, look, we need to tell people that you have leukemia. Drew! Wow. Um… not that I’m complaining at all, but, um, what is going on? Wh–

[ Inhales sharply ] I have it on very good advice that we should take full advantage of the time that we have together, while we’re lucky enough to have it. Well, I’m not gonna argue with that, but I thought you had — we had to stay away from each other. Yeah, well, I can’t stay away from you. And we’re lucky enough to have this big house on acres of grounds with secluded little nooks and crannies. Well, since we’re so lucky…

[ Cellphone chimes ] You have to answer that. No, I don’T. Yeah. Mnh-mnh. You have to answer it. I don’t have — get it. Get it. Get it. Get it. It’s okay. Good news. We got a lead on willow’s birth parents. I won’t hang around where I’m not wanted, but I’m not gonna deny what’s standing right in front of me. And neither can you. Joss. It’s like this wall went up between us. And you remembered that you have to protect little old me from big, bad you. I call B.S. On that. I make my own decisions. I know the risks I’m taking. If you don’t want me, just say that. I’m trying to do the right thing here. Try being honest instead. You want honest?

[ Knock on door ] Sonny: It’s sonny. Open up.

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