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Alex, what’s on this? Well, what does it look like?

You said there was a work emergency. There is. It’s Thanksgiving and you have been working way too hard and you promised me a second date, so this is it.

Okay, so, um, just, uh, pop it in the oven for 45 minutes and then let it cool before you serve. Oh, and, um, there’s homemade whipped cream in the fridge if you lift a bowl in there.

Thank you. The least I could do. So enjoy your dinner.

I guess this is goodbye.

Judah and I talked earlier and very thankful, very happy to announce that she has decided to have the. And she and I are looking forward to raising our child together.

Should I go help Kate and your dad with the dishes? Oh no. They got it covered. It’s just not my style to sit around and not help. Yeah. Well, you have an excuse. I do. Um, you’re pregnant. That . Yeah, that, well, it’s a little early to be playing that card, don’t you think? Especially considering that I’m still taking down bad guys as a badass police detective.

That’s a good point. But to be honest, I think it was my dad and Kate’s way of giving us some time to talk. Yeah, I, I picked up on that too. Good. So you can sit back and relax. Can I serve you another piece of. Now that I can do myself, you know, I just, I want to tell you how much I appreciate it, and I’m glad you stayed for Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope it wasn’t too awkward. It was a little but mostly nice. Much better than being alone on the holidays.

Ej, it’s Ray Fernandez. Sorry to bother you again. I know this is a difficult time, but it’s very important I get the full story of what transpired between you and Ava Vitale. I’d like to set up a time for you to come down to the station and give your statement. Or I can come to you, whatever would

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Allow me. Thank you. You’re welcome. I know your parents are in Seattle with Trip. Can’t have you spending Thanksgiving all alone. Oh God. I feel so awful for Trip. Yeah, me too. Well, I hope you haven’t eaten already. Just a granola bar from the vending machine at the police station. Hmm. How’s Chanel doing?

She’s hanging in there. Abe was able to pull some strings so he and Allie and Polly know were able to have Thanksgiving dinner with her. Good. I’m glad. Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, didn’t you already eat with your family? Yeah, but you know, it was kind of a hot mess. Bonnie’s still a bit traumatized over Ava and Susan, and she just keeps going on and on about how easily she could have been killed, but she wasn’t.

Thanks to you and your dad.


hi. Excuse me for interrupting a. Harold thought it might be all right if I came in. I,

I just wanna offer you my condolences. You and Johnny, um, Johnny’s out of town. I, I haven’t spoken with him yet. Oh, so he doesn’t know about Susan. I don’t think so, and I have no idea how I’m going to tell him, especially since this is all my fault.

So what can I expect from a Hernandez family? Thanksgiving? Well, it’s just gonna be me, you, and rave. So I think this is gonna be low key. Low key’s. Good. Right. No drama for a change. Hey Lee, can I get you a beer? Well, actually, Lee brought a really nice bottle of wine. Oh, we can have that for dinner. Yeah, I take a beer.

All right, J, you know what? Sure, why not. All right. Three beers coming up. Hey, thanks for inviting me. Yeah, man. Of course you know you’re gonna be family soon. Oh man. Oh my God. Where’s la? Is she in her room? Oh, she stayed over at Sunny’s after the parade. Oh, all right. I made her favorite cornbread with Jala.

Oh, um, sorry. She, uh, was talking with Holly about this cheesy Christmas movie they wanted to watch. I told her it was okay.

You upset? No, no, no. That’s just, uh, yeah. Nicole and Holly we’re here. Wouldn’t even be an issue. And they’re not here. You know why? Because Nicole is a ridiculously fickle person who doesn’t appreciate the amazing husband that she. Nicole ruined everything. I swear to you, one day she’s going to realize what an idiot she was for leaving you for Eric Brady.

She’s gonna regret the hell out.

Another benefit to being pregnant. . What is, oh, you’re eating for two. It’s almost like you got a free license to use as much as you want. , listen, pregnant or. I do not need permission for that.

What? Nothing. It’s, you know, I’m just really happy. I’m really happy you decide to keep the baby. I promise you, jd. I’m gonna be there for a kid. A hundred. I’m calling to be a good dad. I know. You’ll, and you said the other day that you already wanted to be a father. I, I did. Just never thought it was gonna happen.

You know, my life went different directions and I became a priest in a different kind of father . Right. And after you left the priesthood, oh, I just didn’t think it was in my cards.

What about you? You always wanna be a mom. My ex-husband and I, we discussed it, but we were so busy with our careers that we decided to put it off. Hmm. Which I’m glad we did because our marriage didn’t last. Sure we could have co-parented like you and I are going to do, but you would’ve been really complicated.

Hey, you were not gonna make this work. You believe that, right? Yeah, I do. But, but why? One? I just can’t help but wonder how Nicole’s gonna feel about this. I mean, what is she gonna say when she finds out that I decided to keep this baby?

Hey, Nicole, Helen. Hey, happy Thanksgiving. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. . Uh, how’s, uh, how’s Chanel? Did they let her out for the holiday or No, the bail didn’t come through in time. Oh, no, I, I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see her. Well, actually we did. Mm-hmm. , uh, all and my wonderful husband here made a Thanksgiving feast and they let us share with Chanel at the station.

Oh, I’m so glad to hear that. I’m sure she was so grateful. Well, uh, how about you and Holly? What’d you do for Thanksgiving? Well, she had dinner with Maggie and her family, and. Supposed to host a gathering with Rafe, but you know, we’re getting divorced now. Yeah. So sorry to hear about that. Yeah. I hate hurting him.

I was over at his place packing my things and it was, it was pretty tense. I bet it was. But, He let me help out by baking my mom’s pumpkin pie for his family. Well, nobody made a better pie than Faye Walker’s . Oh, again, now you didn’t let me finish. Nobody except my wife and my stepdaughter. That is the same.

Well, since you missed out on Thanksgiving dinner, I’m, Hey, well we grab a table and dig her to some leftovers. Uh, Melia. Are you sure? Yeah, of course. We sure. It’ll give us a chance to catch up and give me a chance to, uh, have a little bit more stuffing . . Well, that sounds lovely. Thank you. . Yes,

I wasn’t exactly a hero. I literally just walked in the shed with my dad and we found Bonnie. Well, you didn’t know what you were walking. , that freak in the clown mask could’ve been there. I wish he was. I think half of Salem bought out those Halloween masks. I, who knows if they’re ever gonna find the guy.

Well, if an Insane clown Posse breaks in here, I’m confident you’d protect me. Oh, definitely. You kidding me? I’m not letting any bozo. Get my girl . Anyway, let’s eat. . Wait, are you telling me that the Kriyas Klan doesn’t start with a clam chowder, appetizer? Something tells me you’re more a Cornish game hens than be blank gravy.

Okay. Whoa, you’re, you’re forgetting that I grew up in Adrian’s house. Me and my brother, we used to fight over these bad boys right there. Stephanie Johnson. You are about to indulge on a rare culinary delicacy. Grandma Joe’s stuffing muffin. Oh, you know about Grandma Joe stuffing muffins . Yes. We’ve eaten them only every year.

I thought I was about to blow your mind now, Alex, you did blow my mind. I thought I was going to spend tonight alone eating a microwave frozen Turkey dinner, but now my Thanksgiving is truly complete.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Oh.

How could you possibly be responsible for Susan’s death? I mean, for what I understand Ava kidnapped her and then drove the car off the road. She did all that to retaliate against. punished me for what I did to her. What did you do? I found out that her and my brother’s marriage wasn’t real. She faked the whole thing as part of some scheme with Gabby Hernandez, and so I exposed her, took back all her shaz of the mirror and left it with nothing.

Well, she, she can’t possibly blame you for that.

She was committing fraud. I thought I didn’t stop there.

I bashed her from Salem.

Johnny was starting to develop feelings for Ava and I didn’t want her anywhere near my son, so I threatened her in prison. If she ever returned. Needless to say she didn’t comply. She came back and kidnapped Susan.

She demanded a huge ransom and I arrogantly thought I could out maneuver out. All I did was provoke her father, and now my mother is dead.

Ej, please don’t blame yourself for this. How can I? Huh. My ego, my vindictiveness, my absolute refusal to relinquish control is what got my mother killed. Just like it. Got advocate or killed. Oh, no. No. I thought I could handle ply on my own.

Was fighting my time to get my revenge. And Abigail is dead because of it, and it so easily Could have been your daughter. Yes, bill told me. But there’s no way that, that you’re responsible for what, what Clive did or what Ava did. I am responsible for my own action.

I should have told Chad right away that Clyde threatened our family, but instead of sharing what I knew, trusting my own brother so that we could work together to neutralize the threat, I was prideful and selfish. Now, Chad is a widower with. I didn’t speak up with Eva. I didn’t listen. Tony begged me, begged me to pay the ransom, but once again, I knew best both times it was all about me and two innocent women paid the price.

Tony warned me. Warned me that Ava was dangerous and unpredictable, but I, I had to show her I had to win,

declare Czech mint, so while I was running around playing stupid games. My mother was locked up somewhere. Scared out of her mind. You did the very best you could. No. No, I didn’t. I let down the one person who loved me unconditionally my entire life. I could have saved her, but I didn’t.

I didn’t. Ej ej, you’re right about part of that. Your mother loved you unconditionally. She would never wanna see you punishing yourself like this. She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t wanna see it happen,

maybe. Alright. But I was a terrible son.

She deserves so much better.

Cook did a good job with these. Mm-hmm. , maybe a little bit too much sage, but, Hmm. Tasted great to me. Hmm. Well, I have a very sophisticated tongue pal. I mean, palate, . I’m in palate. I bet you too. Hmm. There’s one left. Come on. I know you want it. . I, I couldn’t possibly have another bite. I think you can. Okay.

You ready? You are not feeding me, Alex. All right, fine.

I am all about respecting your boundaries. Ah, go. My God, he’s a GOs mcal. Oh my God. Hmm hmm. So I’m assuming Nicole is spending Thanksgiving with. I don’t know. She didn’t say what her plans were when she was here earlier. Wait, Nicole was here earlier. Why? Yeah. She came to pack up some of her things and, and she made a pumpkin pie.

Oh, I love pumpkin pie. You came, hold on a second. So she, she dumps you for another man and then she thinks that baking is gonna make it all better. You, you should have shoved that pie right in. Actually, after she left, I did throw it in the trash. Good. Oh wait. Um, there’s no pie. All right. Look, I am not exactly Nicole’s biggest fan right now, but she, I mean, she was just trying to help.

She feels guilty. Well, she should feel guilty. She should be consumed with. You, you’re with me, right, Lee? Look, she took your heart. She broke it into a million pieces and where she’s gonna live, happily ever after. With Eric, maybe not,

you know, call. She understands how much I’ve wanted a child. She’ll be okay with it. Are you sure about that? The man she’s in love with is having a baby with another woman. How could that not be hard? Well, I never said it was gonna be easy, but I will make it clear that it’s, she’s not gonna affect our relationship.

She’ll definitely be supportive if you say so. You’re doubting that, look, I’m not trying to throw shade, but real talk. The Nicole Walker that I’ve seen is incredibly insecure and territorial. There is no way she’s gonna take this news and.

You’re not eating much. I know. It can’t be the food. Ah, no. Everything’s delicious. Something wrong.

It’s just that, uh, before I, I ran into you, I had gotten some upsetting news. What happened? I don’t know if you know, but Jada Hunter is pregnant with Eric’s baby. Oh, good. Gravy. We hadn’t heard. She found out around the same time Eric ended things with her to be with me. Oh, now that’s some unfortunate timing.

Yeah, I, she wasn’t sure if she was going to keep it, and then I walked in and overheard her and Eric telling Kate and Roman they were gonna have the baby and they. Raise this child together. That’s a big decision. I mean, it kind of ties them together in a certain way. Yeah, it sure does. Oh, well, honey. Well, but what does Eric say about your relationship?

Nothing. I mean, I, I ran outta there before he saw me, but it seemed pretty clear Eric’s gonna dump me and stay with Jada and the baby.

I must have been a great disappointment to my. She worked so hard to mold me into a good person. What all she got was an egotistical, ruthless son of a bitch. No, I can tell you for a fact you were never a disappointment to your mother. You were the love of her life. She was so proud of you. She would talk about.

How charming you were. What a good son. What a good father. I think she was a bit biased. Yeah. . Only because she loved you. So

you know, from the day you were born, you were the center of her life. You,

you were Elvis. You are a beloved son.

You know, it was funny. Um, mother was often scared of a very unha, but when it came to protecting her family, she was fearless. Well, You never wanna underestimate the mother’s love for her child. Jada is pregnant with Eric’s baby. She is. I love it. Nicole and the kids what she deserves. Gabby, come on. You can’t tell me he doesn’t warm your heart.

That karma gives her a swift kick in the ass. There is a baby involved. This is a tough situation for. or hear me out, this could be a great situation for Jada. Maybe her and Eric will finally get together again, and that will leave Nicole with no one, which actually warms my heart to no end. Gabby, I know you’re trying to be supportive of your brother, but I, I’m not so sure this is helping.

I, I, I might the only one seeing the bigger picture here. Okay, cool. What are you doing? I am going to send Jada and Eric. Hey, baby. No, no, no. You are not. Why not? No. Well, for one thing, you don’t send baby gifts until around when the baby is born like a baby shower. Is that not true? Oh, I guess, yeah, I guess it is.

Yeah. And for another thing, we are not gonna gloat. Okay. Why think about Nicole. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving right now. Okay? I do not wanna be thinking about my soon-to-be ex-wife. Can we just focus on happier things? Yeah, yeah. Like our upcoming wedding. Yes, exactly like your upcoming wedding. That’s fine. I’d rather talk about us anyway.

I’m glad to hear it. Ted. You know what, I actually, I wanna make a toast. It’s my little sister and her fiance. I’m really happy for you two. Well to love and to laughter forever sa sad Salu salo.

I really thought Eric and I were finally gonna be together and put all our troubles behind us. Mm. Honey, I’m so sorry. Oh, what a miss. Yeah, especially because. Always wanted children so much, and we all know how old fashioned he is, so I think he feels he owes it to the baby to be with a mother. Plus, he and Sammy came from a broken home and we all know how messed up she is, and he just doesn’t want the baby to turn into another.

Sammy, you know, you need to talk to Eric about this. Yeah. Well, I would’ve liked to have had this discussion before he and Jada told the world that she was carrying his baby. I do agree with you. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My Eric needs a, a chance to explain, Ben, maybe he misunderstood. Oh, no, I understood.

And like I said, it’s crystal clear. I’m out and Jada and the baby are in.

Now I’m gonna talk to Nicole. I honestly believe that we’re not gonna have a problem with her. Is this like a faith thing? No, it’s just, you know, once I talk to her, I’ll make sure she knows that she has nothing to worry about that. You gotta trust me on this. Okay. I trust you. Thank you. Are you sure you don’t want any help cleaning up?

Oh, no, I got it. Well, in that case, I think I should probably head upstairs and finish packing. Whoa. Whoa. What’s the. Well, I know I said I would stay until the end of the month, but now I’m thinking I should probably move out tomorrow since I have the date off. Well, you know what I’ve been thinking now that you’ve decided to have the baby, maybe you should move out.

After all.

I don’t get it. Why shouldn’t I move out? Well, You know, I mean, if it’s okay with you, I, I just wanna be involved with this pregnancy as much as I can. I mean, I could take your doctor appointments or, or, or, or birthing classes, just whatever. I mean, it’ll be a lot easier if you were close by. It’s not like I’m moving out of the state.

You can still be involved even if I’m not living down the hall. Yeah, I know. But what if you have a late night craving? I could, you know, I could come to the kitchen. And you know you’re gonna just need a lot more help once the baby comes again. What about Nicole? I never said that we weren’t gonna have to figure things out, but by the baby’s sake, we’re just gonna have to put our best foot forward.

Well, you know, I can, and I know you can. . Nicole doesn’t even know that we decided to keep this baby. Yeah, but I’m gonna talk to her soon. I’m, you saw how wonderful it went with my dad and Kay. Right. That’s a little different. That’s the point is, is that a baby can bring people together. Just, you know what?

Let’s just give it a chance. Let’s take it step by step.

Okay. I’ll stay for now.

Go. You know, I think you should go back over to the pub and talk to Eric. What? I just can’t crash his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. They’d be glad to see. What, what am I supposed to say? Oh, I overheard you telling your dad you’re done with me. And you know, besides, he should be reaching out to me. I’m the one who.

Handed my marriage to be with him. Okay. Now that part I agree with. This is all Eric. Now is not the time to stand on pride. Maybe not, but the boy’s going to break up with her then he is going to have to make the first step. We have no idea if that’s what Eric is planning,

you should go and talk to him. Abraham, me, you. Yeah, you, you know, you’re basically his uncle. What would I say? Well, you can start off by telling him, he’s being a big dummy. I don’t think that’s my place. Why not? I mean, Nicole’s like a throw to you, right? Yes. Yes, she is. And while I would view almost anything for you, I just don’t think I should interfere in this.

Yeah, I understand. Well, I don’t, you are not going to put Eric in his place then. I will.

That was quite possibly the best Turkey dinner I have ever had. Wow. Even without the gilet and gravy. Thank you for doing this. It was amazing. It’s my pleasure. Did you save room for dessert? I really couldn’t eat another. Really, may I present an alternative? Mm-hmm. , go for it.

I know this was probably an unconventional second date. Probably not what you had in mind, right? But I promise you, I’m going to up my game next time. Bungee jumping skydiving , Alex? Yes. It was perfect.

You and my mother had quite an unlikely friendship.

She was so warm and compassionate, and her enthusiasm was contagious. She suddenly did idolize. Her beloved, Dr. Marena, Evan. Hmm. She made me a gift when I got married. She made a doll that looked exactly like me. . Oh, certainly does sound like Mother , but she went to such trouble for it. I mean, she even made a, a minia.

Dress of the gown that I was wearing when John and I got married in 1999.

I think it was the most touching gift I had ever been given.

I wish told her there’s a lot. I wish I told her.

Well, certainly I inherited many qualities from my father, my ambition, my temper, but if I have any good in me at all, it came from my mother.

She was the best.

I have to tell. That was a lot better than pumpkin pie. Mm-hmm. , how about a second? Don’t mind if I do.

Oh, then I should be just about ready. You guys can go sit at the table. Are you sure you don’t wanna. Well, no. Come on man. What kind of host would I be if I made you guys clean up? Okay, well then we’ll see you in there. Alright? Okay. I get that there’s no pie, but does that mean there’s no dessert at all?

Come on.

Thank you so much. Mm-hmm. , Paulina for wanting to help but Abe’s right. I, I, I really should deal with Eric on my own su. Abe . Thank you for dinner. . I’m sorry that he’s such a donor. You are not a Don . You were a bit of a donor. , what’s your title? Why don’t you come over without place and have some coffee?

Thank you. I just think I wanna be alone for a little while. Okay, honey. But you know, if you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate to call. Thank you so much for saying that, especially with everything that Chanel’s going. And Paulina, I’ll be praying for her. Come on. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, what’s her? One less piece of advice. Now. I still think Eric is making a big mistake if he stays with Jada out of some sense of obligation. But honey, if you love him, then you can’t just sit. And let ’em slip away. You two have been through too much for you to give up without a fight.

I know I said I was going to unpack, but I think I could use a nap first. Oh, yeah. It sounds like a good plan. You need to rest. So are you going to see Nicole? I will. I just, I’d stop by and see my mom first. Tell her about the good news with the baby and all. She just lost a dear friend. I was just hoping I could help lift her spirits.

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