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Kyle: Where’s harrison?

Diane: He’s upstairs in his room.

Summer: I called his pediatrician. She’s on her way.

Diane: She’s with him now.

Kyle: Thank you for calling us right away.

Diane: Well, of course. I didn’t want to take any chances. That little boy means the world to me. I would — I would do anything to protect him.

Lauren: Do you want to finally rethink your support of diane and her return to genoa city?

Michael: I’m withholding judgment until I know all the facts.

Lauren: How many more do you need? She lied. She colluded with tucker in L.A. After swearing up and down she had no connection to him whatsoever.

Michael: Okay, okay, technically true, but context is everything.

Lauren: I’m sorry, but there is no context that’s going to change the truth.

Michael: There are gray areas.

Lauren: Ugh, your constant support of diane jenkins is just unbelievable. I don’t get it.

Phyllis: Yeah, I don’t get it, either. I mean, what is it about calculating, deceitful women that make good men like yourself want to protect them?

Neil: My man. Graduating this semester. You still haven’t told me what your plans are.

Devon: Yeah, that’s right. Well, my plan is to, uh… I’m going to go after music. I’m going to start writing the songs that I got floating around in my head and get some kind of job to save up for a studio session.

Neil: Tell you what. You finish writing those songs, you put together people, I’ll cover the studio session.

Devon: You’re serious about that? ‘Cause I always thought you wanted me to get a suit job and keep music on the side.

Neil: Devon, how long did I wait to leave newman? Hm? If I’d known what was waiting for me at chancellor… I’ve really come into my own there now. And, see, if something like that could happen for you, I would prefer for it to happen sooner rather than later. I mean, now — now — now, music is a tough business. I’m not saying that I expect instant success.

Devon: I know, but you’re saying that you believe in me.

Neil: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Devon: You supported me from day one.

Neil: Hiring you was purely selfish. I need creative thinkers who pay attention to detail. That’s not you?

Devon: Well, sure, that’s me, but it’s me in music.

Neil: Yeah, but that’s how you applied it. And now you’re going to apply that here.

Devon: Like you’re not going to cut me a break and just look the other way if I’m not up to speed?

Neil: You know what’s funny? All I keep hearing is how serious I am. What is it? I’m a stick in the mud, right?

Devon: Right. Mm-hmm.

Neil: But, suddenly, I’m a cuddly kindergarten teacher that’s going to hold your hand throughout this whole process and give you a salary to boot. No, man, I don’t think so. See, when I was ceo at newman, didn’t I bring you in on that project? Didn’t you nail it? And you impressed the hell out of victor. He isn’t easy to impress. You know that. And you became a music producer with a cochlear implant. You dig that?

Devon: You did always tell me that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Neil: Yeah, I said that and I meant it. But you? You proved it. Devon, I couldn’t ask for more in an employee or more in a son.

Devon: Was it wrong not to give nate the same support you gave me?

Devon: I would love to go into business with you. There’s nobody I trust more in this world than you. I know it sounds crazy, given everything we’ve gone through, but look where we are. Look where we ended up. Right back where we always should’ve been as family. And not just family, but friends who don’t keep secrets and who don’t hold grudges.

Neil: We both have every right to hold on to one particular grudge forever.

Devon: Sure we do, but where’s that going to get us? We’re still here. We’re still family. There is nobody I would rather do this with more than you.

[ Knock on door ]

Devon: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: It’s two of my favorite people. Come in.

Abby: Hi. I heard you were looking for me at society earlier, so…

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Abby: …Thought I’d come by and see what was up.

Devon: I know. It’s probably a good thing i didn’t find you. I would’ve just unloaded all my problems.

Abby: Well, you know you can talk to me about anything. I’d be mad if you didn’T. Dom and I are here now, so how can we help?

Devon: How you doing, buddy?

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Victor: How’d your meeting with ashley and phyllis go?

Nikki: It was fine.

Victor: Uh-huh. Boy, what an unholy alliance, those three of you.

Nikki: Well, it’s more a necessary evil. We’re only working together because of our shared hatred of diane.

Victor: I’m well aware. Now, let me ask you, what’d you find out about what diane jenkins and tucker mccall were doing in L.A.?

Nikki: Darling, do I really need to update you? I’m sure you know just as much as I do. Not much gets past you.

Victor: My baby only knows me too well. But humor me anyway.

Nikki: Well, tucker recognized diane in L.A. And used her to get information about ashley.

Victor: Ah. So he’s still obsessed with ashley?

Nikki: Apparently. So ashley is going to use his interest in her to find out his true motives.

Victor: She’d better be careful dealing with that snake.

Nikki: Oh, I’m sure she can handle his pathetic attempts to woo her.

Victor: Listen, I remember that guy well enough to know that he’s after something bigger.

Devon: There you go. This playpen is a godsend, huh? Thank you.

Abby: Oh, dominic loves it. Creates this whole home-away-from-home thing.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: Well, I’m happy that both of you guys feel so comfortable here.

Abby: I’m sorry. Was I overstepping with my tea brewing? I feel like, since dominic has two homes, I do, too, but that’s probably a bit presumptuous of me.

Devon: No, it’s not at all. Come on. You’re family. This is always your place.

Abby: Well, I hope you feel equally as at home at our place.

Devon: I do. Let’s have a seat.

Abby: Okay, so, um, spill.

Devon: Spill?

Abby: Yes. What did you come to the restaurant to talk to me about? Did it have anything to do with that argument with nate?

Devon: Yeah, it’s been on my mind a little bit.

Abby: I’m sorry if I was a little too pushy the other night.

Devon: No. No, no, no. You weren’t at all. You were right to get me to consider whether or not my relationship with neil was preventing me from having a partnership with nate. And I reacted negatively because I felt attacked. But after you so kindly pointed out that I had such a strong reaction, it made me realize I should probably take a step back and think about it a little deeper.

Abby: And how has that been?

Devon: It’s been kind of difficult. I talked about it with lily earlier today, and I just — i can’t stop thinking now about how much support neil gave me when I started doing music and how much faith he had in me when we created our company. And, you know, I didn’t really give any of that to nate. Doesn’t excuse what he did. I still think it’s unforgivable, but it’s made me wonder if I really do have an issue with sharing any part of my dad’s legacy with somebody else. Maybe I’ve put up an invisible wall that I didn’t even know was there.

Abby: And what’s wrong with that?

Lauren: What kind of context could absolve diane?

Phyllis: Yeah, she lied. She admitted to colluding with tucker.

Michael: Alright, you know what? The fact that she admitted it is the context. I mean, why would she do that? What or who drove her to out herself that way?

Phyllis: Michael, that’s not the point. The point is she lied and she confessed. Obviously, she had an agenda when she came back to see jack and kyle. Do you not see a pattern?

Lauren: I do. How much clearer does it need to be.

Michael: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone dings ] Aw, the boss needs me. As much as I’d enjoy staying here and continuing this lively debate, I got to run. Duty calls. Eh? Mwah. Bye.

Phyllis: I don’t understand that. I mean, from the beginning, I’ve been screaming that diane is lying, and no one’s been listening to me. So now what do we have? We have not one but we have two troublemakers back in our lives.

Jack: How’s the little guy doing? I was on my way to jabot when I got your call.

Diane: He’s okay.

Jack: Is that right, buddy? Feeling a little better?

Kyle: Eh, he still has a fever, but the pediatrician just examined him.

Summer: After he finishes this treat, we’re going to take him to the hospital for some tests. The doctor thinks that he might’ve contracted something while we were traveling.

Kyle: I hate to think we infected him by including him in our honeymoon.

Diane: Oh, kids can get sick anywhere. Neither of you are to blame.

Summer: We know. He’s gotten a little sticky. Do you want to get him cleaned up so we can go?

Kyle: Sure. Yeah. Come on, buddy. Let’s go to kitchen. Come on. Yeah. We’ll get you cleaned up.

Diane: I assume you’ve heard about my interactions in L.A.

Jack: She knows. I told kyle and summer.

Diane: I would like a chance to explain myself. Just know that everything I did, I did to try to repair things with kyle.

Summer: Diane, this is not the time nor the place to have this conversation.

Jack: I agree. The focus needs to stay on harrison right now.

Diane: Of course. He’s our main priority now. That’s why I called the three of you.

Summer: I’m grateful that you called us as soon as you noticed that harrison was sick, but kyle and I can handle it from here.

Jack: Look, I promise to keep you apprized on any changes, okay?

Diane: Alright.

Kyle: Okay, we should get going.

Diane: Well, I will see you all later. Hey, you. The doctor is going to make you feel much better, okay?

Harrison: I want dee dee to come. You know, it doesn’t matter if you choose left or right

Harrison: Please, dee dee.

Kyle: Are you free to go with us.

Diane: Of course. If it’s okay with summer.

Summer: It’s fine.

Kyle: Why don’t mom and i head to the hospital, and you can go to marchetti and handle the overseas call we were supposed to do? And I’ll call you as soon as we know something.

Summer: [ Exhales sharply ] Okay. Harrison seems to really want diane to go, so I guess I’ll go do the work call, but promise me that you’ll keep me updated every step of the way.

Kyle: I will.

Jack: Look, I was on my way back to jabot when I got the call. I’ll give you a ride. Come on.

Kyle: Okay, come on. Let’s go, harrison. We got to get going.

Diane: Summer, thank you for letting me be there for harrison. And I do hope we have a chance to talk later.

Lauren: I always listen to you. I have always supported your efforts to oust diane.

Phyllis: You know what? I know that. And I’m really sorry. But it’s — my allies here are ashley and nikki. I mean, that should win over any jury in genoa city.

Lauren: Well, actually, your very strange bedfellows make the strongest argument yet that diane is guilty.

Phyllis: I know. Well, you would think that michael would get it. He’s a lawyer.

Lauren: Please. He has a soft spot for her, and it’s very hard for him to be objective with her.

Phyllis: You know, I think she’s winning jack over.

Lauren: No. There’s something romantic going on there?

Phyllis: I don’t know, but that’s what she wants. I mean, she works her game. “Oh, we share a child. We share a grandchild. Oh, we’re together.”

[ Chuckles ]

Lauren: But jack’s not falling for that, right?

Phyllis: I don’t know. I mean, diane is in it for the long game. I mean, she gets her claws in there, and she — she digs deeper and deeper until you don’t know what’s happened. I mean, I’m starting to wonder if she was really here for jack and not so much kyle.

Lauren: You really think that?

Phyllis: She’s made it clear from the beginning she wants to be an abbott, and she won’t be happy until she has a big rock on her finger and she’s standing at the altar, saying, “I do.”

Nikki: You may be right about tucker having more in mind than just dating ashley. Right now, all I can think about is getting diane out of genoa city once and for all. Frankly, I’m sick of having to think about her — or tucker, for that matter.

Victor: Just let it go. My team and I will continue investigating her. So you just pursue whatever other, more pleasant subject you — you want to, okay?

Nikki: I can’t let it go. I’m worried about jack. He still seems to want to give diane the benefit of the doubt.

Victor: Who gives a damn about jack abbott, for heaven’s sake? He’s always had a penchant for troubled women.

Nikki: Hey. You’re not including me in that group, are you?

Victor: Uh-oh. No. How dare you suggest that?

Nikki: Well, anyway, after faking her own death and abandoning her son, staying away for more than 10 years, how can diane claim to have a maternal instinct?

Victor: Let me put it this way. I don’t care who jack abbott gets involved with. I couldn’t care less. However, if diane jenkins in any way affects the lives of summer and harrison, I’ll step in. Meanwhile, I think I’m going to find out what tucker mccall is really up to.

Abby: I think you’re being too hard on yourself.

Devon: You do?

Abby: I do. You’re holding on to the love and memories that you have with neil. I mean, that’s not a bad thing.

Devon: I mean, it is if it’s affecting the way I run my company.

Abby: But the relationship that you two had, the connection that you shared, it’s powerful, especially considering the life that you had before neil entered it. Keeping neil’s spirit alive, it’s a strength. It’s not a weakness. I mean, neil helped you become the man that you are today. Just like brad informed the woman that I am today.

Devon: I appreciate you saying that. Not just for understanding the situation, but for understanding my heart, too. For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Devon: [ Grunting,

Devon: I am so glad that you and mommy came to visit me today ’cause I’m feeling a whole lot better. So thank you very much. But, really, let’s thank mommy ’cause mommy has been getting me through hard times for years. Yeah, that mommy right there. She supported me when I started my record label. She helped me through finding out that neil married hilary. And… she was there for me when hilary died, too.

Abby: Well, you know, daddy has been there for me, too. You advised me on the opening of society, and you’ve helped me through a lot of heartbreak.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Hmm.

[ Smooching ]

Devon: This is so crazy. Even though I never — oh. Even though I never imagined that I would build a family in this way, this is easily the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You have a very special mommy, dominic. You know that? And now she gets to be in my life forever, all thanks to you. How lucky is daddy, huh? How lucky is daddy?

Lauren: You’re not going to like this, but stop fighting.

Phyllis: You’re telling me to stop fighting? How can you say that to me?

Lauren: I want you to try an exercise. Try and put yourself in diane’s position with one of your children, summer and daniel. Like, say you’ve done something shady in your past, and, girlfriend, you know you’ve done some questionable things that could cause you to fight to try and hold on to one of your kids, but there’s diane trying to undermine you at every pass.

Phyllis: What is happening here?

Lauren: I’m just — I’m trying to be reasonable.

Phyllis: By insinuating I’m unreasonable? I mean, I am completely alone in this. I don’t have any real friends in this. My only allies are my enemies.

Lauren: Phyllis, you’ve got to stop this for your own sanity.

Nikki: Well, look what the wind blew in.

Victor: Well, thank you for coming so promptly.

Michael: No, actually, your timing was perfect. Got me out of a jam.

Nikki: I’m sure victor wants to enlist you in his latest preoccupation, so I will leave you to discuss that.

Victor: Thank you, honey. What’d you find out?

Michael: It’s been tricky. Tucker covers his tracks well.

Victor: Obviously.

Michael: But I did get a call on the way over here. One of my operatives was able to confirm that he has a connection with audra charles.

Victor: Wait a minute. Isn’t that the woman that jill hired to oversee the public offering of chancellor-winters?

Michael: Bingo. As far as my guy can tell, the relationship is strictly professional.

Victor: That’s bull. Nothing is that coincidental, okay? Tucker mccall is up to something.

Michael: You’re thinking that he placed audra there to get inside information because he’s planning to make a move on the company.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. I don’t mean any disrespect,

Kyle: The hospital really wore harrison out. Probably sleep for at least an hour or two.

Diane: Yeah, and the doctor said that the test results will be back this afternoon?

Kyle: Yeah. I made the mistake of looking things up online while we were waiting, and I found all sorts of diseases and insects that could’ve bitten him. I mean, what if it’s something that’s life-threatening?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Don’t jump to any conclusions. I’m sure if the doctor suspected something like that, she would’ve admitted him. It’s probably nothing more than a 24-hour bug, and kids are incredibly resilient.

Kyle: I mean, when I was about 12, I got mono. I was sick for weeks. I remember laying in bed with barely enough energy to watch tv. No appetite. It was awful. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I was scared, wondering if it would ever end. I was so tired of being exhausted and feeling bad that I pushed it too hard. I overdid it, and I ended up in the hospital, which was scarier. I just never want my son to go through something like that.

Diane: Oh, my god, I’M…

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry that you did.

Victor: If tucker mccall has audra charles working for him inside chancellor-winters, that means he wants to take over the company. And if he’s smart, he’ll run it together with devon.

Michael: I assume you also know about tucker’s connection with diane.

Victor: Yeah. I knew he made a deal with her to find out all the information about ashley she can.

Michael: I have to say, that sounds innocuous to me. He just wanted to know if ashley was dating anyone to see if he had a chance with her.

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: There’s nothing innocuous about anything tucker mccall does. He’s up to something.

Devon: Dominic is down for his nap.

Abby: Oh, uh… thank you.

Devon: Of course. You never have to thank me for taking care of that little guy. Now that we have some time, though, would, uh, you like to talk to me about what’s bugging you? ‘Cause I can tell it’s something. And I have a feeling it has something to do with chance, right?

Abby: You know, I wish i understood my husband’s heart half as well as I understand yours.

Devon: Abby, you guys have gotten through a lot worse than this.

Abby: Yeah, we’ve gotten past some outside threats, but… this time, the trouble is between us.

[ Sighs ] He didn’t come home last night.

Devon: What do you mean he didn’t come home last night? You have no idea where he was?

Abby: No. And we had this huge soul-shaking conversation about the future of our marriage, and… he didn’t come home. No, he sent me this text that said he needed some time alone, but…I don’t know. I was — I was up all night, and, of course, my mind went to the worst. Is this how my marriage ends?

[ Sighs ] And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

Diane: I feel terrible that I wasn’t there to help you through that time. Just thinking about you being sick like that breaks my heart.

Kyle: I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty. I just don’t want my son to go through the same kind of situation. It wasn’t about blaming you for the past.

Diane: Are you sure? I mean, are we okay? Because after our last conversations, things were kind of up in the air.

Kyle: Yeah. And my mind has been on harrison ever since I found out he had a fever.

Diane: Of course. Kyle, I know you’re upset about what happened to me in L.A., But you have to know that everything I did, I did for you. All I wanted to do was get back to the boy that I left behind because I missed you so much. But I knew I had to come back a different person, and I am. And that’s the person that you’ve gotten to know these past few months. When I left, I, uh… I was the kind of mother who let you go through a sickness alone, but I became the mother who would do anything and everything possible to find my way back to you, and that’s who I want you to know now. Kyle, my — my love for you and for harrison is the most real thing about me. Please tell me that you know that by now.

Tucker: What the hell? Took you long enough.

Audra: Well, I was thrown that your address had changed. The new digs are nice. Was the gcac not up to your standards?

Tucker: Devon sold it. Chancellor-winters owns the grand phoenix now.

Audra: Oh, you want to support the family business, huh?

Tucker: Always. So what’s going on with his company? I’m eager to make a move.

Devon: Abby, I really don’t think that this is how you and chance are going to end. I don’T.

Abby: You know, I was, uh — I was up all night going over everything that he said to me, things that hurt me to my core. He thinks that I want him to be some ideal, not just a man, and he doesn’t think that he can live up to that.

Devon: Mm. Do you think there’s any truth to that?

Abby: I mean, I was thinking about it. I was trying to understand and absorb everything that he said to me, and… you know, maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s not giving me everything that I need, everything that I want. And then I have to go back and ask myself why. And as much as it kills me to say it… I mean, maybe we just aren’t that compatible. I don’t know. Maybe I was blinded by love. Maybe we were deceiving each other. I don’t know.

Devon: I don’t know about that. But can you pinpoint exactly what you want from chance that he’s not giving you?

Abby: I can’t really put it into words. It’s just… there’s a wall between us.

[ Sniffles ] I know it, and chance knows it, too.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Kyle: Earlier, I was feeling really conflicted because i thought we had made such big strides. I’d invited you to be a part of my life, and I was so close to being able to forgive you and put the past behind us, and then I get blindsided by all these things you did in L.A. It was just another blow.

Diane: I know. I understand.

Kyle: However, the more i think about it, the more i realize that jeremy and tucker, they had you boxed in. I believe you when you say you just wanted to find a way to come here, and you did whatever you felt you needed to do to make that happen. Those guys, they just took advantage of your desperation for reasons of their own.

Diane: I’m so glad that you can see that.

Kyle: What really hit home for me… was hearing harrison call out to his dee dee. You’ve really become an important part of his life, and you’re so loving to him. I can’t believe that’s a lie.

Diane: I swear to you, it’s not. I could never fake my feelings for him.

Kyle: I don’t want to take you away from him. You know, the worst part about my childhood mono wasn’t the illness. It was the loneliness, and I never want my son to feel something like that. He has me and my dad and summer. Now he has you, too. So whatever you did in L.A., I’m willing to let it go because it doesn’t affect me, and it brought you back to me and harrison.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I’m — I’m so grateful to hear you say that. I just — I wish that summer could share your perspective. I’m afraid that I’ve lost any ground that I gained with her.

Kyle: Well, I can’t control what summer thinks, but I will do what I can to try to get her to see things from my point of view, because I don’t want to lose you again.

Diane: Thank you for that.

Kyle: This better be everything, because if I find out you’re hiding something again, I won’t be able to forgive you.

Diane: Aww.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

Michael: Do you have any more theories about what tucker might be up to?

Victor: Ashley’s using tucker’s infatuation with her to get as much information out of him as she can, and I’m absolutely certain she will tell me all about it. Meanwhile, I have a feeling that tucker mccall wants to not only to chancellor-winters but jabot, as well.

Michael: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Michael: How do you think?

Victor: He thinks big. And once he has amalgamated the two companies, fused them, joined them, then he will put ashley in charge of jabot, and he and his son will run the entire empire.

Michael: It sounds too risky to me. Too much could go wrong. Starting with how devon and ashley would react to their family companies being subjects to a hostile takeover.

Victor: Well… he will try to convince ashley and devon that he not only wants to build a bigger company but he wants to build a family. Checkmate.

[ Chuckles ] Cheers, old boy. And better luck next time.

Audra: I know you’re growing impatient, but I couldn’t have predicted that nate hastings would grow a conscience and reveal that he’s the one feeding information to another ceo. It put everything on hold. The good news is, jill abbott seems intent on proceeding with the ipo.

Tucker: Good.

Audra: How so? You still have no shot at —

Tucker: Ah-ah-ah-ah. “No” is not a word we’re using, right? I don’t accept that word. There’s always a chance. I’m usually willing to take it.

Audra: Hm. What are you thinking?

Tucker: It might be time to turn brother against sister.

Abby: What I want is for chance to put me and dom first. Isn’t that what marriage is supposed to be about? And I thought that we wanted the same thing, but… I don’t think we do. I mean, I think chance sees work and family as being equal, and oftentimes work takes precedent over us. And if I’m being really honest with myself…. …I think I want more.

Devon: There’s nothing wrong with that. There really isn’T. And you shouldn’t apologize for wanting a relationship like you want, ’cause who wouldn’t? You know? I don’t think that anybody’s at fault here. I think that you and chance, you guys just see the world differently. That’s all. I will say this, though. Chance is a fool to not put you and dominic first, ’cause for you, both of you, I would move heaven and earth.

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