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[ Screams ] Oh, my god! Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t mean to… you know, halloween is over. I’m not gonna be so forgiving about being scared! I said I was sorry. Tell me how I can make it right. Oh. Well, I can think of a few ways. Oh, how did it go with josslyn last night? Well, no matter how much attitude josslyn throws at me, I’m always gonna look out for her and her mother. And, uh, so I went there to help. And it turns out that, uh… carly had all the help she needed. Whee!

[ Laughs ] Here we go, we’re buying all these toys for wiley, and he’s happier playing with the leaves. And somehow I don’t think that gets us out of christmas shopping this year. No. Time is flying. Christmas is almost here. And before we know it, wiley’s little brother or sister will be here. Look. A-again, I-I’m sorry I missed your appointment yesterday. You can stop apologizing… any time. Well, I definitely won’t miss this one. Well, my appointment is not until later this afternoon, so let’s just focus on this good day while we still can. What do you mean by that? Home sweet home. Guess that old cliché is true in my case. You can’t go home. What am I gonna say to finn? Mom. Elizabeth: Hi. Hey. I wasn’t expecting you to be back until tomorrow. How was the trip? Was the time away everything you needed? Decorative.

[ Rattling ] Maybe I could pry one open.

[ Waves crashing ] There is a ledge I could slide across, but where would that take me? It does look awfully narrow. What if we fell? What do you think you’re doing? Thank you. Oh, laura! Oh, what happened? It’s okay. No, no, no. Valentin and charlotte — are they safe? It’s okay. See for yourself. It’s okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Uh… I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but we’re going to have to reschedule lunch. Well, if there are any leads on lucy’s case, let me know. We can work together just like old times.

[ Sighs ] My patience is wearing thin. One prilosec otc each morning blocks heartburn all day and all night. Prilosec otc reduces excess acid for 24 hours, blocking heartburn before it starts. One pill a day. 24 hours. Zero heartburn. I was just trying to get some fresh air. It’s supposed to be very healthy for our baby. I know exactly what you were trying to do. Those doors are sealed for a reason. It would be extremely dangerous for you to climb out on that very narrow ledge. But you were hoping, if you could force an opening, that maybe your voice would carry, right? Not to the mainland, of course, but you thought that maybe one of the staff might hear you. You caught me. Guilty as sin. Staff are paid handsomely to look the other way in, shall we say, awkward situations. And that’s exactly what they’ll do. And what is your endgame here? Hmm? You tried to kill ava and diane miller. You did kill brando corbin and oz haggerty. Poor brando seemingly was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But oz haggerty, he made the very poor choice of selling you a black-market phone, and that decision cost him his life. I am not the hook. How many times do I have to keep telling you that?! Oh, really? Then why have the attacks stopped… since I’ve locked you up in here? I’m glad that the halloween festivities went off as scheduled, but everyone must have had those attacks on their minds. I know I did. And it’s great that the city hired extra security. There — there hasn’t been a new victim in weeks, right? Is it too much to hope that it might be over? I don’t think josslyn or her friends are gonna find any comfort until that lunatic is caught. Yeah, I know that you want to be there for your family, for josslyn, even though she’s not officially your stepdaughter, and that’s gonna be really hard for you to pull off. You know, carly doesn’t want me to be around donna. What are you saying? I am saying, sonny, that I love you and I love us. But if I need to step back until this threat is over, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make that sound so dramatic. I, um — I just meant that, you know… we’re expanding from a trio to a quartet. Wiley’s not going to be an only child anymore. And who knows how he’ll handle that. So, on this beautiful fall day, let’s just take this all in. Yeah, t-that’s a good way of looking at things. You know, morgan and I didn’t always get along as kids, so… we have to expect that, some days, wiley and his younger sibling will love each other and on other days, not so much. You know? That’s just how it goes. But our kids will have each other and they will have us. That’s all that matters, right? Heather: Well, well, well! If it isn’t my favorite new brooding M.D. Tell me, what’s the reason behind that fine scowl on your handsome face? Not that I’m complaining. I like a good scowl. Usually means the sex is gonna be hot… and maybe even a little rough. What are you talking about? Oh, stop clutching your pearls, grandma. I found the only good thing about everybody thinking I’m crazy… it gives me the freedom to say anything I like. Well, for the record, this is not my — my brooding face. This is my happy face. My very happy face. ‘Cause I’m about to give you the all-clear and you can be shipped back to d’archam. Please, tell me you’ll be giving me a personal inspection. Top to bottom. As tempting as that may be, I believe one of my associates will be handling that end of things. Tsk, tsk. Such a shame. From our talk the other day, I got the feeling there was something you wanted to ask me. Speak now, doctor dreamboat, or forever hold your peace. I’m — I’m glad I went to monterey, but I’m even more grateful to be home with the people I love. All that from just visiting a spa while terry was at a medical conference? Don’t you have a class this afternoon? I do. Uh, I left a book here. Better go grab it. Okay. And, mom? Yeah. I’m really happy you’re home. So, you already told me what went down at your parents’ house, but you still haven’t told me how you’re feeling about it. I’m angry. What’s beyond anger? Fury? Rage? It’s understandable.

[ Sighs ] I feel so betrayed by what my parents did. I was in a desperate state, and somehow my dad used that to justify covering up his affair. And my mom used her psychiatric training to keep me from remembering. I went to my parents’ house to get answers, and now that I have them… I don’t know — I feel violated and I have to ask myself… was it worth it? I was so worried when I didn’t hear from you. I thought maybe victor had made you disappear, as well, the way that he did lucy. He hasn’T. Not yet, anyway. Good. Charlotte’s home safe. Thank god. It was nearly a thing. But laura and kevin helped me bring charlotte back to port charles. I think victor knew that you and I were working together. That’s why he needed me out of the country — so he could deal with you without any interference. That is what it looks like. Where is charlotte now? Charlotte is at my apartment with kevin. I’ve got security watching them. Oh. Charlotte will be staying with us for a while. Thank you. Thank you. I owe you. I’m just glad everyone’s all right. Me too. We made a pretty incredible team back in the day. We still could. Are there any more details you can share with me?

[ Door opens ] What the hell, scorpio? Oh, and a good day to you, too, deputy mayor ashby. I am hearing rumors that you’re placing calls to your connections — wardens, judges, state attorneys — asking them all about anna’s case and trying to get her bail. It’s perfectly normal for me to be talking with other public officials.

[ Scoffs ] That’s a line of bull, and you know it. You’re trying to pull strings, call in favors for your ex-wife. I recused myself from anna’s case. While you try and work the system on her behalf. I am warning you, scorpio. If you don’t back down, i will demand your resignation.

I hope you’re not saying you’re walking away from me after everything we’ve been through. No, I’m not walking away. I’m just saying, I know your kids are your priority. Right. But carly and i have an understanding. About me? I highly doubt that. She knows I am not walking away from you. I sure hope you’re right. Willow. Michael. Hey, tj. Gorgeous day, huh? Yeah. It’s beautiful.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. One second. This is work. I gotta take this. I’ll be right back. Michael corinthos. I’m guessing by michael’s upbeat mood you still haven’t told him you have leukemia. I’m going to. Right after I get terry’s results today.

[ Sighs ] Who knows? Maybe it’ll all work out. Or it won’T. I just hope michael understands where I was coming from. Even if I’m not here to explain it to him. Willow, you just started the fight. So why does it sound like you’ve already given up? You think you’ve got this all figured out. I do. Yell all you want. All you’ll get is a sore throat. Because up here [Sighs] No one can hear you scream.

[ Screams ] So, lucy is missing and presumed dead? My brother is beside himself, thinking he’s never gonna see her again. Yes, but we can’t be sure because her body hasn’t been found. I hate even just saying that. Because it scares me. All the evidence points towards lucy’s death. And points towards you. Thanks to your father. Yeah. And no doubt it was victor who put eileen up to arranging for the tourism drone to be flying over the waterfront, shooting footage at precisely the right moment. Right. But it wasn’t me, laura. I know. I-I wasn’t there. I didn’t fire those shots. I heard them. From pier 47. And I went running. So that footage of me shooting lucy is completely fake. I know. I’m gonna let the public know that they have the wrong suspect. Excuse me. I-I mean, I appreciate the effort, but there really isn’t much that she can do. Don’t worry. I’m gonna get you out of here. How? They transfer me to pentonville tonight. It seems a necklace in the possession of dr. Britt westbourne could be what we’ve been looking for all along. But I’ll need confirmation, johann. If this necklace is what I think it is… then we’re about to begin the final act. We’ll talk soon. Uncle victor, what are you doing here? I just thought I’d drop by, say hello. Oh, and, uh, pick out my room. You know, I’m moving in shortly. Well, you should’ve called or texted first. Really? I’m sorry. Is my unexpected visit a-a problem? Why am I feeling like you’re trying to get rid of me? Holly: Okay, okay. Obviously there’s been a misunderstanding. Oh, there’s been no misunderstanding. Eileen here is just trying to throw her weight around. But the point is that you can’t force me to resign because I’m an elected official. The election is only days away. Think you’ll still be a shoo-in if the city’s mayor goes public with these allegations? I got another bulletin for you. You’re not the mayor. No, but I will continue to run things my way until mayor collins decides to grace this fine city with her presence again. Well… here I am, eileen… gracing you.

if I remember correctly, you were lookin’ all flustered right before you put me into a twilight slumber just because I brought up my ex, jeff webber. He is the father of your bimbo. You must have so many questions about him. I doubt I’d get any straight and/or coherent answers from you. Oh! I don’t know anything about the current jeff webber’s life. I haven’t seen him in years. But what’s that saying? A leopard can’t change its spots? I’m guessing the jeff webber I knew all those years ago is probably a lot like the man he is today. Tell you what. I will give you this much for free. Jeff webber projects a beautiful image. Square jaw, strong principles, heroic. And yet, he’d always think with his other scalpel… if you catch my drift. Oh, it’s pretty hard to miss. That was always the problem with jeff. He was so convinced of his moral superiority that he would deny any of his own shortcomings and then gaslight you just so he didn’t have to take any responsibility for his own actions. You might say… it’s enough to drive someone crazy.

[ Laughs ] I can’t even imagine how my parents justified what they did. They thought they were helping you. It doesn’t make it right. But at least you know the truth now. How is that any better than being in the dark? I hurt finn’s first wife. You didn’t kill reiko. Blackwoods did, which she contracted at the hospital

after the fall. A fall that I caused. 25 years ago, that virus was all over the region. She could have picked it up a million other ways just by living there. But she didn’T. She’s dead because of me. That’s what this is about. My subconscious was — was trying to protect me from this truth. I thought I couldn’t handle it. Neither did my parents. And unconsciously, I was pushing finn away so I wouldn’t remember. And now I do.

[ Sighs ] This is gonna be really hard, and I’m gonna be with you every step of the way… …when you tell finn. You are planning on telling him, aren’t you? Well, I can’t be with him and keep this a secret. So maybe — maybe that’s my answer. Maybe I shouldn’t be with him. I mean, maybe he’s better off never knowing instead of dredging up this painful past. How does that make you any different than your parents? Tonight? I thought we had more time than that. Well, the judge thinks I’m a flight risk. That’s why I was denied bail. Anna, you’re law enforcement. If they put you in high security, your life’s at risk.

[ Chuckles ] Well… I think that’s the point, valentin. If ashby had a role in this, that’s the point. How you doing? I don’t know. I mean, I-I just — I keep th-thinking about the evidence that they have against me, this footage of me shooting lucy. How — that is a deepfake. That can’t hold up in court. No. I mean with everything that you’re going through… how are you feeling? Victor’s just picking us off one by one. First luke, then lucy. Now me. To what end? What is he doing? What is he protecting? I don’t know. He never trusted me long enough to give me his master plan. But I do know that whatever illusions of collaboration there were are gone now that charlotte is free. But we need to focus on your current situation. There’s gonna be a-a target on my back when I’m at pentonville, right? It’s gonna be so easy for victor to take me out once I’m there. He could just do it here. If ashby’s on the take, why not a guard? I’m not gonna let that happen. You can’t make that promise! Yes, I can. I told you, I have a plan. Trust me? I trust you. Laura! I didn’t know you were back. Mm. That much is obvious. I am not happy to hear about your falling out with our district attorney. Robert has a long history of service to the city of port charles, longer than yours, eileen. The people of port charles trust him. So do I. Of course. Holly!

[ Chuckles ] Thrilled to see reports of your death was greatly exaggerated, weren’t they? Oh, thank you, laura. It’s so good to be back. You know, robert here kept believing that you were still out there somewhere after a lot of other people had given up. I should have held out longer. I — I learned my lesson. Yes. Well, I am sure that if luke were here, he would also be very relieved to see that you’re all right. I still can’t believe that he went out that way. No, it will never make sense, will it? Holly, I’m sure that you are tired of trying to explain this, but I have to ask… what happened? Where were you for the past two years? Um, her memory is still a bit foggy. Uh, I’ve been trying to get her to see a doctor, but she’s giving me the runaround. Well, I am sure that kevin would be more than happy to help you get to the bottom of this. Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. I can assure you he’s actually an expert in helping people work their way through trauma. I said no! I’m not giving up. I’m going to fight to be here for wiley and this new baby. No matter what, you won’t be doing it alone.

[ Nina chuckles ]

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[ Chuckling ] Hey! Okay. Um, now — now is not — hey, you see the leaves over there, bud? Now’s not a good time. But I’m sure wiley would love to see his grandfather over the weekend, if you have some free time, sonny. Come on, willow. What — that’s a great idea. That’s a — that’s a really great idea. We should go now, sonny. Well, if you say so, but why do you want to go so soon? Come on. Just let’s go. What do you — everything all right here? Why wouldn’t it be, michael?

[ Clears throat ] We were just leaving. Come on. Have a good day.

[ Waves crashing ] Maybe I could, uh, slide across that ledge and use something to smash that window and climb down into the next room. If only there was a rope or something that I could tie myself to get… these sheets might just do. I’ve just been distracted. By the construction or by ava? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you focus your attention. Nikolas, something big is coming for this family. And it’s important now more than ever that we present a united front. Okay, enough! I-I’m so sick of the self-aggrandizing speeches. You clearly don’t trust me enough to share the details of your plans. And so it’s a hard pass if this is just gonna be another one of your cryptic soliloquies. If you don’t have anything real or substantial to tell me, just go. You’re not shackled. You could have walked out at any time. And yet, you haven’T. So clearly, you’re intrigued. I’m happy to answer any of your questions. But first, we need to discuss terms. Really, really not interested. Any of that old information is of no use to me.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Uh, will you please take the patient to room 1002 to meet dr. Guerra? No. No, no, no. You can’t quit on me now. My information might be old, but it’s sll relevant!

[ Sighs ] Trouble? Just like any other day that ends in “Y.” What do you want? Um, that plan we discussed while I was en route back to port charles? We need to move up the timeline. They’re transferring anna to pentonville tonight. Are you okay? I’m so sorry. It’s just — it’s just a lot to process the last few days. It’s all right. I bet it is. Well, uh, I need to, um, check in with my family, but I will be back in my office later tonight. And then, eileen, you can fill me in on everything I’ve missed. Walk out with me, robert. Sure.

[ Door closes ] What the hell are you doing? You almost got us both caught! I’m gonna need more details about holly’s return. Such as? Nobody knows how she got here. She just randomly showed up one day at the quartermaine house after having been missing for two years and with memory loss. Where are we going with this, laura?

[ Sighs ] Okay, I know you don’t want to hear this from me, but, robert, is it possible that holly isn’t telling you everything?

what did i just walk in on? Was nina trying to spend time with wiley? Sonny and nina were just walking through the park. Our paths crossed, but surprisingly, nina knew her place and encouraged sonny to walk away.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, it’s melanie. Um, she’s having car trouble. She’s gonna be late to meet us here in the park. Well, we’re never gonna make your appointment if we have to wait. Just bring wiley. No! I-I just mean it would — um, it would be so boring for him. Uh, tj, you’re headed to the hospital, right? Yeah. Uh, c-can I go with you? And, um, michael, you don’t mind meeting me there after melanie arrives, do you? That’s — yeah, okay, fine. Okay, okay, I’ll see you in a bit. Okay. Bye, sweetie. Bye, mommy. Bye. I’m surprised that you backed off so quickly. It’s like you were — you know, you needed to get out of there as fast as you could. Well, sonny, you know how your family reacts when I’m around, and it’s becoming really painful for me to hold out hope that I’m gonna have any kind of friendly relationship with certain members of your family. What aren’t you telling me? No. Just forget it. Forget I said anything. No, I’m not gonna fo– what’s going on with you? No! It’s none of my business. Tell me. Okay. All right. Well, it’s possible that something is going on between willow and tj. Like what? An affair? I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. Yeah. And I told you, it’s already handled.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey. Welcome back. How was — how was the medical conference? No. Better yet, how was the spa? It was exactly what we needed. Yeah? They did– they didn’t keep you too busy? We had more than enough time. Hmm. Hey, terry? Look, I know there wasn’t a medical conference. It’s cool. Listen, I — I don’t need answers. I’m just concerned about our friend. Is there anything I need to be worried about? Elizabeth is home. If you want answers, she can give them to you. Cameron: Did terry already leave? Yeah, she had to go to work. I see. Do you have a couple minutes to talk? Of course, my love. What’s up? Well, it’s — it’s something kind of important, and I’d rather you hear it from me first than hear it from someone else. Oh, this sounds serious. I-it’s just that finn already knows about it, and he said that he wouldn’t tell you, but, um, josslyn did stay the night. And I know you said that that wasn’t allowed. And I’m very sorry. Okay. Thank you for telling me. So I guess things are — are better between the two of you? Things are great. We’re back on track. Um, except… now joss is kind of on lockdown because the pcpd suspects that she was the intended target of the brando attack. Wait, what? Yeah, commissioner ashford has this theory that the hook has been targeting people related to trina’s trial. And I-I tried calling you about this, and I didn’t want to leave it all on a voicemail. But sonny does have some men outside the house. Okay, as soon as you go to school, I’m calling dante. And remind me to never go away again. Mom, did something happen in monterey? You and terry seemed kinda off.

[ Sighs ] I saw my parents. It was a lot. Are you okay? I don’t really want to talk about it. But I will say that I feel better being home with my boys and my chosen family, people I know I can depend on and trust. Even though I lied about joss staying over? I just appreciate you telling me the truth. I know that wasn’t easy. Well, it’s better to just fess up rather than let things fester. But I have to go to school. I will talk to you later.

[ Door opens, closes ] Let’s not forget here, holly is the victim. Okay, and I’m sure you’re right. Uh, and it’s not that unusual for someone to suffer from memory loss after a traumatic experience. It’s just we both know that holly has been known to get herself mixed up with some pretty unsavory people in the past. I’m under no illusions as to who holly is. But I trust her with my life.

[ Chuckles ] And I trust you with mine. I guess that’ll just have to do for now. This has been said a couple of hundred times, I know, but it’s good to have you back. Oh! Thank you. Thank you. I’ll see you. I have no idea what you’re talking about. You know, I don’t know if you’re a hired gun or a true believer, but I do know that we are both working with victor cassadine, and he calls the shots.

[ Door closes ] Nikolas, perhaps I’ve been too judgmental about your dedication to this family. I mean, after all, anyone can be distracted by love. And your loyalty to me has been unwavering. Perhaps I have been so focused on making my son more trustworthy, I’ve overlooked the real heir apparent standing right in front of me. Perhaps I should let you into the inner circle, let you know what this has really been all about.

I shouldn’t have told you. But you did. So now you’re gonna have to explain it. Willow loves michael and tj? I’ve known him since he was — look, I’ve known tj since he was a little boy. He’s not the type to cheat. I know. So — I’m sorry to interrupt you, but we both know that good people sometimes make hurtful decisions, right, sonny? Right. It’s just, ever since willow’s graduation, I’ve been seeing willow and tj together, embracing. Right. They’re always whispering to each other. Nobody else is around. There’s tears. I mean, it’s just a vibe I’m getting. I also understand it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong. That’s partly why I didn’t want to tell you. What’s the other reason? Well, the other part is, if I’m right, I didn’t want to put you in a position where you had to tell michael. That’s exactly what we’re not gonna do. We’re — we’re gonna stay out of this. Michael doesn’t need to know any of it. I’m — and I’m not joking about that. I don’t need to know about what? You’ve got this, willow.

[ Footsteps approach ] Oh, you’re here. Thank you for waiting. Hope it wasn’t too long. Dr. Ashford? I, uh — I asked tj to stay with me until michael gets here. Of course. Have you seen the scans dr. Westbourne ordered? I have. They confirmed that your liver and spleen are enlarged. And your platelet count is down considerably. And that means? Your leukemia is now in stage iv.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathes shakily ] I don’t know if this is gonna work, ace. But it’s better than nothing. Whenever you’re ready to tell me about your plans —

[ Cellphone rings ] I’m sorry. Yes, johann, what is it? Charlotte’s gone? Well — well, who did she leave with? Laura: Hello, victor. Well, aren’t you gonna welcome me home? I’m sorry to leave you, but laura and i had some city business to take care of. Well, I’m glad it was convenient for her this time. I’ll be seeing you around, scorpio. Laura wasn’t talking city business, was she? I got the sense that she was doubting me. Laura’s less inclined to trust you, given your…history with luke. But i trust you. That’s all that matters to me.

[ Keys jingle, cell door opens ] You’re here to take me to pentonville? Oh, you’re not going to pentonville.

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