Y&R Best Lines Monday, October 24, 2022

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Chance: Well, you can reserve the best table in the house tonight for date night with my beautiful wife.

Noah: Consider it done. You and Abby celebrating anything special?

Chance: Just the fact that she still loves me, considering I haven’t taken her out in centuries.


Tucker: Doesn’t matter if Devon and Lily have given up on it.

Audra: If they have, your only way in is to do something to undermine the company and force them to sell it to you in a hostile-takeover scenario.

Tucker: I hate that word “hostile” ’cause I’m anything but. I just operate under a different set of beliefs.

Audra: Oh, this I’m dying to hear.

Tucker: I believe in family and that some things are sacred. And there are only two people who should be running a Katherine Chancellor company. Moi and her grandson. Everyone else is superfluous. So, you need to figure out a way for me to set things right.

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