Days Short Recap Monday, October 24, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John told Marlena that she would be going home from the hospital. He also told her Brady and Chloe broke up. Marlena thought it wouldn’t be good for Rachel. John thought Kristen was behind what was going on. They both thought Kristen would do anything to get her hands on Rachel. Marlena said Kristen would do the same for Brady. Brady let Chloe know that Kristen was moving in with him. Chloe told him to go back to the judge and find another way. He said it was his only option. She asked why he was doing this. He said it was for Rachel. Chloe said she didn’t even know him anymore since he caved to Kristen. Kristen was glad Chloe was gone. Brady told her Rachel would figure out that she only thought about herself. He said she wouldn’t be able to pretend to be a good mother for long. She told him to never threaten her relationship with her daughter. She said she had the upper hand. She said they would be a family if she wanted them to be. She said the women wouldn’t get their doses if he didn’t do what she wanted. She left the room. When John and Marlena came home, Brady told them he had something to tell them. Kristen came into the room. John wanted to know why she was there. She asked Brady if he wanted to tell them or did he want her to tell them. Kristen went to the kitchen. John told Brady he had some explaining to do. Stefan ran into Li. Li told Stefan to keep fighting for Chloe even though she’s with Brady. Stefan said Chloe and Brady broke up. Li said it worked out for him. Stefan thought it worked out for Li. Li said he was thrown when Stefan came to town. He said it was obvious Stefan didn’t care for Gabi. Stefan said his feelings for Gabi were gone. He said he didn’t know why. Li said Stefan could still be with Chloe. Stefan said Li could be with Gabi.

Chloe went to her room and saw Stefan leaving a note for her. He told her he was sorry about her break up. She told him she wished she was on a plane out of Salem. He found a way to recreate their night in Miami. She appreciated it. Rolf decided to leave Salem. When he was about to leave, Gabi showed up. She said he wasn’t going anywhere until they talked about what he did to Stefan. Rolf said he saved Stefan’s life. She grabbed his box and wanted to know what he did. He said he didn’t do anything. She smashed a vial from the box. He said he used Jake’s heart to save Stefan. She wanted to know what else he did. When he wouldn’t tell her anything, she smashed another vial. He said Stefan figured out that she wasn’t worthy of him. She pushed him up against the wall and put a scalpel to his throat. When she threatened to cut him, he told her he brainwashed Stefan for Kristen. He told her Li was in on it. She said she couldn’t think about that now. She wanted him to reverse what he did. He told her the antidote was in the box. She told him to get it. He pulled out a syringe and stuck it in her.

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