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Sally: [ Sighing ]

Sally: I won’t stop fighting for what I want… if you won’T.

Sally: [ Sighs heavily ]

[ Keys clacking ]

Sally: Do you remember when you introduced me to this nectar?

Adam: As I recall, you took to it right away.

Sally: Just like I took to you right away.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ]

Sally: When I am overcome with inspiration, I have a hard time holding back.

Nick: Whereas I tend to do the exact opposite — overthink things. Sometimes it’s best, though, just to dive in, learn as you go.

Sally: [ Sighing ]

Adam: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you’re falling in love with me?

[ Knock on door ]

Summer: Hi. Busy?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Nick: There you are. You weren’t at your place. Took a shot you’d still be up on the roof.

Adam: Well, congratulations, nick. You found me, okay? Now, I strongly suggest that you turn around and you head back down those stairs.

Lily: So what happened when you confronted tucker?

Devon: Oh. I tried my best, but it wasn’t easy to get a straight answer out of him. And at first, he was shocked that I would accuse him of trying to pull a takeover of chancellor-winters.

Lily: Well, was it real shock or fake?

Devon: At first I thought it was fake, and then he swore up and down that he would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship or hurt me or my company.

Lily: Right. Well, I know that he’s saying the right things, but do you actually believe him?

Devon: Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? I have no clue. I would feel dumb if I did, just because this is exactly the kind of thing that tucker would do. And he has a long history of going after companies and taking them over. So, who’s to say? I really don’t know who to trust these days after watching nate do something that unforgivable to his own damn family. I’ll tell you that.

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: Nate, come in.

Nate: Thank you for meeting me.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: The message that you left me yesterday has me a little concerned. I assume that the development that’s not good that you mentioned has to do with our takeover plans for chancellor-winters.

Nate: That’s right.

Victoria: Alright, well, why don’t you give me the details and we can adjust our strategy accordingly. I’m sure that there’s, um — there’s no setback that we can’t possibly handle.

Nate: I’m afraid this is more than just a setback. The plan’s been exposed.

Victoria: Well, how in the world did that happen? Elena’s the only one that knew what we were up to, but she wouldn’t possibly betray you like that.

Nate: No. It wasn’t elena. The person guilty of betrayal here is me.

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Victoria: You exposed our plan?

[ Scoffs ] Why on earth would you do that?

Nate: We were just about to file the final paperwork for the launch. Everything was coming together smoothly. I had truly convinced myself that this was the right move to make for all parties involved — the opportunity we were creating for everyone to benefit from. Lily and devon were too cautious to take the company to the next level, but not me. And then elena walked into the office.

Victoria: Why?

Nate: To tell me goodbye for good.

Victoria: I’m so sorry to hear that. I fear that I may have played a part in her decision.

Nate: What do you mean?

Victoria: I ran into her after our meeting. I tried to smooth things out with her — for you.

Nate: And what did you say to her?

Victoria: I simply implied that you were making a very wise business decision.

Nate: I can imagine how that went over.

Victoria: Didn’t go very well, and she accused me of being the only one that would get anything out of this deal and said that I didn’t care how it was affecting your relationship with your family.

[ Sighs ] I’m afraid that I made things worse.

Nate: No. No. I can’t blame you. Elena already made her position quite clear.

Victoria: I just…

Nate: When, um, things came to a head at the office and she walked out on me, I realized i had to reevaluate everything.

Victoria: I wish you would have figured this out sooner, like when I gave you the chance to back out. I even asked you if this was gonna be worth all the problems it was causing in your relationship.

Nate: At the time, I thought I could handle it, make it work.

[ Chuckles ] But I was — I was fooling myself. After I confessed, I came home to elena and told her I came clean for us. But it was more than that. On some level, I knew I had to do it because deep down inside, I knew she was right. Not only could I not risk losing her, but I had to admit that I didn’t want to lose my family. Now here I am, having lost them all.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Look, what are you still doing here, nick? I hope you didn’t get us locked on this roof because there’s not enough food or champagne if we get stranded here.

Nick: Don’t tempt me. I just might lock you up here all alone, unless you’re straight with me.

Adam: Look, may I suggest that we have this intense conversation another time? Because I am really not in the mood.

Nick: Well, you better get in the mood, adam. I’m not leaving here unless i get some answers. What is the matter with you? Why would you lure sally up here under false pretenses?

Adam: Well, based on your question, I gather that while i was up here waiting for the sun to come up, sally ran to you to spill her version of the story.

Nick: Yeah. I talked to her.

Adam: Oh, good. Should I even bother getting up? If I do, are you just gonna knock me back down?

Nick: I did not come up here to fight with you. But I want to make sure we’re clear about something. We are not going to put sally in the middle of yet another brother-against-brother feud.

Adam: [ Breathes deeply ]

Sally: Sorry, summer, i actually am quite busy here.

Summer: Really? You didn’t seem busy. It seemed like you were kind of drifting off the first two times I knocked.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Well, I am the ceo, and I have a lot on my shoulders, so often i contemplate what my next strategic move is gonna be, which is probably why I didn’t hear you knock. Sure, yeah, I can spare you a brief moment.

Summer: Yeah, I know you must be swamped trying to make a good impression here.

Sally: Exactly what brings you by you? You in the building visiting family, or do I owe this special visit just to see me?

Summer: No, it’s actually your lucky day ’cause I am here to speak directly to you.

Sally: Really? Well, why is that? Did you finally decide to take me up on my offer to promote your fashion house?

Summer: [ Chuckles ] No. Marchetti is doing amazing. Thank you. And judging by the way you do business, I don’t really want you anywhere near mine. This is about something else.

Sally: Hmm. I wonder what that could possibly be.

Summer: I want to know what’s going on between you and my dad, why you’re spending time together outside of the office.

Sally: You know, I don’t take all my meetings here. I mean, you know, people often do business over lunch.

Summer: This seems like a little more than a lunch meeting or two.

Sally: There’s nothing happening.

Summer: I saw you, sally, with my dad yesterday at crimson lights, and you definitely weren’t talking media outlets or having a meal. You were in each other’s arms. So just cut the crap and tell me what’s actually going on. And don’t even try to act like it’s innocent because it looked like anything but. Ladies…

Sally: I think you’re reading far too much into a simple hug. Nick and I are just friends. I don’t know about you and your friends, but mine offer me a supportive embrace and a little pat on the back every once in a while.

Summer: Really? You have friends?

Sally: Believe it or not, yeah, I do.

Summer: I’m gonna have to put that in the “not” folder. Just because we’ve stayed out of each other’s way lately doesn’t mean I trust you.

Sally: Well, rest assured, the feeling’s mutual.

Summer: Don’t think that I’ve forgotten the number you pulled trying to take over my old job at fenmore’S. So, yeah, the idea of you possibly dating my dad is beyond disturbing.

Sally: Okay, look, whatever happened back then is old news. I am not that same person anymore.

Summer: One more thing I find unbelievable.

Sally: Tell me, summer — why did you feel the need to talk to me about this? Why don’t you just go directly to your father?

Summer: Because I wanted to see what all of this was about first. I know how you like to operate, sally. So, just tell me. Are you using my dad to make adam jealous, or is this a power move of yours because my dad is now in at newman media and adam is out?

Sally: So, what is it that you’re trying to say, that it’s absolutely impossible for me to just enjoy nick’s company and he mine? Clearly, in your mind, there’s no innocent possible reason why we could be hanging out. It all has to be low and conniving.

Summer: You said it.

Nick: Hey. Did you hear me?

Adam: Of course I did. I mean, when nick newman makes one of his heroic declarations, everyone listens. Except this one fell a little flat because sally isn’t in the middle of anything, nick, since I can’t compete with my great and noble big brother.

Nick: Come on, man.

Adam: No. I mean, really. Please proceed on your chivalrous crusade and keep playing the role of the protector to the hilt.

Nick: I heard about this little stunt last night while sally was still here. Did you see me rush over here to come to her rescue?

Adam: Why is that? Was your, uh, cape at the dry cleaner?

Nick: I just figured you two needed some time to work out some things, so I gave you some space. But I need to know going forward, do I need to protect her from you?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Please relax. I’m not a glutton for punishment. And I can take a hint. Alright? Sally has made her choice, and I’m not gonna beg. I know I can’t force her to forgive me.

Nick: Well, I’m glad you finally realized that.

Adam: So you and sally are free to do whatever the hell you want together. And I guess I’m destined to lose everything I want and I care about to one sibling or the other. It’s called “the curse of the black sheep.”

Lily: Look, I feel the same way, okay? What nate has done is incredibly hurtful.

Devon: What happened yesterday after I left? Did he still just try and blame everything on me?

Lily: Honestly, I don’t even remember anything that he said, really. I mean, I just — I’ve been in complete shock. I can’t even believe that he would do this to us. Billy is furious.

Devon: He’s not the only one.

Lily: And I keep trying to concentrate on work, but all i can think is, how could he do this, I mean, to his own family? He was so a willing to put us in a vulnerable position to where we could lose control of this place.

Devon: Oh, I know. Believe me. And I understand why it’s hard for you to focus on work, but I’ll tell you that that’s exactly what we all need to do. We need to clear our minds and figure out how to move forward strategically.

Lily: No, I know, and we were all systems go when it came to the ipo.

Devon: Right, and so was this other person that nate was working with. And assuming that tucker’s telling the truth, did he give any hints about who it is?

Lily: No. After everything, he didn’t tell me anything. So we’re facing an unknown attacker.

Devon: Well, that’s — that’s great. So, the smart thing for us to do, then, is to pull the plug on this ipo deal.

Lily: Well, look, we can’t make that call, okay? Not right now, anyway.

Victoria: I’m just so sorry that your decision to form an alliance with me has — has cost you so much.

Nate: Yeah. I’m sorry, too. For so many things, I mean, including letting you down. I know you were already making financial moves to free up the necessary capital to buy chancellor-winters’ shares.

Victoria: Well, yes, it did take a little maneuvering, but it’s nothing that can’t be undone. Right now, I’m just wondering when a furious devon and lily are gonna come banging down my door. I’m sure they’re not very happy with me.

Nate: You don’t have to worry about that. I never revealed your identity. I only told them that I was meeting with another ceo. And tucker mccall’s well-timed splashy entrance puts the spotlight on him as the likely culprit. And I refused to confirm or deny.

Victoria: I appreciate your personal loyalty. But the fact that you didn’t expose me makes me realize something.

Nate: What’s that?

Victoria: All is not lost. We could still pull off this takeover. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on the idea of controlling chancellor-winters.

Nate: But their guard is up now, and they’re gonna be extremely cautious.

Victoria: Yes, but lily and devon see tucker as the only threat left. They don’t think I’m involved at all. And they think that you’ve given up. So you could still sell me your shares. You told me that you feel like you’ve already lost everything. So, what do you have to lose? This is gloria.

Nick: I don’t believe in curses. I believe we make our own destiny.

Adam: Yeah, of course you do, nick, because 9 times out of 10, you get what you want with minimal effort.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, you’re still in love with sally. I get it. And I know you don’t take those emotions lightly. But do you mean it when you say you’re going to accept this? Or are you going to do what you always do, and that is blame everyone else and punish everyone else for the situation, a situation that you created in the first place when you pushed sally away?

Adam: Don’t worry, nick, okay? I’m not gonna ruin any lives before I’ve had my morning coffee. And I’ll probably restrain myself after that. So, rest assured, you can run back to sally and tell her that you saved the day yet again. Meanwhile, I have a job to go to. Unless you’re going to take that away from me, too.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Summer: Look, I didn’t come here to throw around insults. The point is that my dad deserves better — much better.

Sally: Do you not see that what you just said is the exact definition of an insult?

Summer: Take it however you want. You just need to understand that my dad has had enough romantic drama to last a few lifetimes.

Sally: Yeah, thanks to your mom.

Summer: He deserves something clean and easy and honest. He has a big protective heart, and he’s got this overwhelming desire to save broken people. But you, sally, you’re not just broken. You’re a train wreck. And the last thing he needs is to be pulled into your disaster of a life.

Sally: Well, thank you, summer, for your sage advice. I definitely will take that into consideration. But just for the record, what i think he deserves is more credit from his daughter. Why don’t you just let him make his own decisions, like he lets you make yours?

Nate: I hear your argument about not giving up on our plan. Yes, it’s over between me and elena. And unfortunately, lily and devon may never forgive me. But the plan isn’t even possible anymore.

Victoria: Why not?

Nate: I had no previously agreed-upon contract for the shares. Neil willed me a seat on the board of hamilton-winters, but that never legally translated into an ownership stake, even after the merger.

Victoria: But when they do go public…

Nate: If they do go public, and I’m sure that’s all up in the air now. And they will never give me any shares. Even if I had stock, what elena said really hit me. She was right about the person i was turning into. And I need to decide what kind of man I want to be. And I have.

Victoria: Nate, listen, what we were planning — it didn’t make you a terrible person.

Nate: Maybe not, but what i was doing to my family was ultimately hurting them. And I never want to do that again because the man I want to be wouldn’t sell my shares to you or anyone. After neil passed away, he left me a seat on the board of his family’s company because he trusted me. How could I have forgotten that? The whole point of the merger was for all of us to come together. If I act now, I may have a chance to get my family back, and I need to focus on that.

Victoria: I can’t be upset at you for being true to your family. It’s something that my father instilled in me since I was very young. I want you to be successful.

Nate: Thank you for understanding.

Victoria: And I know that you were able to keep my name out of it, even under what i assume was extreme pressure from lily and devon. And then you came to me with the news right away, and that means a lot to me.

Nate: It was the right thing to do.

Victoria: I think I have a way to reward that loyalty. I assume that you’re not employed at chancellor-winters anymore.

Nate: I was fired. No surprise there.

Victoria: Well, I would like to make sure that you don’t stay unemployed for long. I’m gonna find you a suitable position here. Chancellor-winters’ loss is newman’s gain.

Kyle: Just checking to see if the plane is ready to take off. Did you stock the galley with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne like I requested? Thanks. Good. Want the honeymoon to start off right. You look like hell.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, I guess that’s why you’re in the fashion division and I am not.

Kyle: What’s your problem, adam?

Adam: Hmm? Um, I wasn’t aware that I had one.

Kyle: Well, lately, you rarely even show up to work, and today you show up late and clearly in no condition to do any legitimate work. I told my father that you’d be nothing but a liability to this company, and every day you prove me more and more right.

Adam: [ Breathes deeply ] Want to wake up to smoother, brighter skin day 1?

“The young and the restless”

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Devon: Well, hang on now. Why are you against shutting down the ipo deal? ‘Cause if we go public, it’s gonna make us vulnerable again to another attack like the one we just avoided with nate.

Lily: Because it’s not up to me. Going public was jill’s idea. We have to check in with her and see where she stands.

Devon: She’s gonna be pissed that this even happened. That’s where she’s gonna stand. And I highly doubt she’s gonna want to open ourselves back up to it happening all over again, right?

Lily: Okay, look, I don’t know what she’s gonna do, okay? But we have to take it into consideration because she’s co-owner.

Devon: No, that’s fine. We can consider it all day and night, but at the end of the day, I’m not gonna do it. I’m not. Half of this company is called winters, as in what I created with our father. So it’s just as much mine as it is hers. And I’m not gonna let anybody have a shot at screwing up what we built again. So, if jill wants to insist on going public, tell her to talk to me.

Nick: Hello, supergirl.

Summer: Hey, dad. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice. Look, there’s something that i want to discuss with you, and i want you to be completely honest with me.

Nick: Alright. Hit me.

Summer: Please tell me that you’re not getting involved with sally spectra.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I’m assuming you heard that from your brother.

Summer: [ Sighs ] That’s not the answer that i was hoping for. Dad, I’m only asking you about this because I’m worried about you. You must realize how dangerous she can be, how this could end in disaster, the way that you and mom repeatedly did.

Nick: I don’t think either one of those women want to be lumped together.

Summer: No, you’re right. Mom is nothing like that viper. It’s the situations that are comparable — you getting involved with a woman who’s not completely over her ex. Adam and sally. Mom and jack. I just… I don’t want to see you go through that again.

Nick: Summer, I understand what you’re getting at, but right now sally and I are just close friends.

Summer: You really mean that? There’s nothing more complicated or emotionally risky going on?

Nick: It’s nothing for you to worry about, okay? And, honestly, if there was something going on with me and sally, I can take care of myself.

Sally: Connor. Hi. You here alone?

Connor: Mom dropped me off to meet my dad, who’s late. But I’m fine. I’m not a kid, you know.

Sally: You’ve always struck me as very mature.

Connor: You here to take me to dad? Because that’d be cool if you were.

Sally: Uh, no, actually, that’s not why I’m here.

Connor: Oh. So, you and my dad aren’t back together again?

Adam: That’s funny, kyle. But why are you criticizing me? Don’t you have an important meeting about evening gowns to get to?

Kyle: Just go home. Get some sleep before anyone else notices your raggedy appearance and lack of professionalism.

Adam: Well, thank you for the advice, but why would I be worried about people noticing how I look when I’m sure you will waste no time spreading the word about that? And be sure to tell your father that I can’t handle a job that you totally bailed on. Nobody would ever think you are bitter about that.

Kyle: You just can’t take the loss, can you? You could admit that you screwed up and deal with the fallout, but, no, that would be too easy. You just have to keep digging that hole deeper.

Adam: You see, I would explain, but you wouldn’t understand it, kyle. It would go right over your head. See, men like you will never understand men like me.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] I hope I never will. But I’m done wasting my time with you because as of this moment, I am on vacation. So you can keep digging that hole until you bury yourself in it. I’m not gonna stop you. There’s nothing like volunteering

Nick: Why are you even worried about this, summer? I mean, shouldn’t you be off packing, like, 16 pieces of luggage for your honeymoon?

Summer: Ha, ha. Very funny, dad. And I’ll have you know I have already packed — very lightly, at that.

Nick: Look at you, going light. Is that, like, 15 pieces then?

Summer: I mean, I’m not gonna need much more than some swimsuits and sunscreen where we’re going. This trip to costa rica — it’s gonna be amazing, all thanks to my wonderful husband. And to top it off, harrison is gonna come meet us for the last few days.

Nick: Well, it sounds like a perfect honeymoon.

Summer: Yeah. What more could a girl want? Although, I have to admit, I’m a little bit nervous about leaving marchetti.

Nick: I think they can manage without you for a week.

Summer: Yeah, maybe the company can, but what about mom and diane working together, having their kids so far away that we couldn’t do anything if they did try to pull something?

Nick: Look, just try and let it go, okay? You and kyle deserve this amazing trip. Promise me you’re not gonna let anything interfere with that.

Kyle: I promise for both of us.

Nick: There he is.

Well, glad you came. I got to go. I love you. You two have a great trip.

Summer: Hey, dad? I let you change the subject this time, but the conversation’s not over.

Nick: I can’t even hear you.

Kyle: I have a feeling I know what that conversation was about — sally, right? After the earful you gave me last night about seeing sally and your father together, I’m sure you had plenty to say to him now.

Summer: Yeah. I asked my dad what was going on, and I also confronted sally about it.

Kyle: Well, how did that go?

Summer: They both claim to be just friends, but it left me thinking that there’s certain benefits involved. I — [ Shudders ] I didn’t dare ask for clarification.

Kyle: Yeah, I get it. Too upsetting to even imagine.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: I had an equally frustrating run-in with my replacement this morning. Adam showed up late to jabot, looking hungover.

Summer: You’re kidding me. What — what is he thinking?

Kyle: Nope.

Summer: No.

Kyle: No more.

Summer: We are not talking about sally and adam.

Kyle: Or our mothers or even the issue with the textile company that is pushing back our resort collection.

Summer: No, we’re not gonna let anything wreck this vacation.

Kyle: Mnh-mnh.

Summer: From this moment forward, we are on honeymoon time.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Sally: I didn’t realize that you knew that your dad and i were dating. I guess kids know a lot more than adults give them credit for, huh?

Connor: Again, I’m not a kid, okay?

Sally: Right. Sorry.

Connor: My dad was always in a good mood after he was with you.

Sally: That’s very grown-up of you to notice. And very sweet of you to say.

Connor: I mean it. He would smile and laugh a lot. I could tell he was happy for a change. Now my dad’s back to not smiling so much.

Sally: I’m really sorry to hear that. But maybe part of the reason he’s so serious is because of his new, important job.

Connor: No. That’s not it. It’s because dad misses you.

[ Cellphone pings ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Oh, good. You’re here. I need to talk to you.

Nick: Well, I can tell by that expression on your face something’s gone sideways.

Victoria: I’m sure that you’ll be pleased to hear that the chancellor-winters takeover deal seems to have imploded.

Nick: Didn’t want to do it in the first place. I thought it was gonna end up in a disaster, and it would have destroyed our relationship with devon and lily. I am curious about what happened, though.

Victoria: Nate had a major change of heart.

Nick: Well, I’m glad he saw the light, that family is far more important than climbing a corporate ladder.

Victoria: Actually, I think that his second thoughts had more to do with his relationship with elena.

Nick: Can’t fault him for that.

Victoria: I suppose not, but even though he sacrificed the deal for her, she still might leave him.

Nick: And I’m sure you blame him for your deal falling apart?

Victoria: No, not at all. I feel bad for him. Look, I know you think that I’m overly ruthless right now, but i would never let my ambitions get in the way of my friendships.

Nick: I’m glad to hear that.

Victoria: So, now that newman no longer has this major deal on the table, I am going to refine things closer to home.

Nick: Alright. Where do you want to start?

Victoria: Newman media. I want to replace sally with nate.

[ Door closes ]

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Keys clatter ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

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Nick: I cannot believe after everything that happened with your bid to acquire chancellor-winters that you would turn around and offer nate sally’s job.

Victoria: I haven’t offered it to him yet. But I did tell him that I wanted to find a place for him here at newman.

Nick: As, what, a consolation prize? This can’t be a knee-jerk response just because chancellor-winters slipped through your grasp.

Victoria: That is not what this is. Look, I know, for whatever reason, you’ve been in sally’s corner, but I’ve always thought we could get a much stronger person in the position.

Nick: Just hear me out. Nate may have changed his mind, but he was ready and willing to turn his back on his family and his company. He has proven that his loyalties are flexible at best. And now you want to bring him into our company and fire sally without due cause?

Victoria: And nate showed his loyalties to me when he came to me immediately to tell me that he was confessing to devon and lily that he was planning on selling his shares. He never mentioned to them that I was the ceo that he was plotting with. And, to me, that counts for a lot, nicholas.

Nick: So, is that what this job is — a bribe to make sure he keeps his mouth shut?

Victoria: No! No. I trust nate. And the way that he handled the situation showed me that he’d do a great job of running newman media.

Nick: If all that you told him was that he could have a position at newman, let’s find something else for him, preferably an open position so we don’t have have to fire anyone.

Victoria: This is the job that I want him to have. I told you from the very beginning that sally was not right to run newman media. My initial instinct was to fire her.

Nick: But then you realized you were wrong.

Victoria: No. I was swayed by her passion and her enthusiasm, which was a huge mistake. She never had the background for this job.

Nick: So, you’re saying an M.D. Has the appropriate qualification to run a media company?

Victoria: I appreciate that nate has been highly educated. And, yes, a ceo should be a graduate of more than just the school of hard knocks.

Nick: Look at our father. He was completely self-made. That never stopped him.

Victoria: Oh, my god, you cannot be seriously comparing sally to dad, can you?

Nick: Look, I am willing to talk about this later when we give it more time and thought, but I do not like this move, not now and not like this.

Victoria: Fine. We’ll table the discussion for now. But I want this to happen. Nate is a good man. He would be a great asset to have on board at newman media. You need to understand that, nicholas.

Nick: I do. But for now, we agree to do nothing.

Sally: So, how’s school going?

Connor: Okay.

Sally: Did you make any new friends?

Connor: Yeah, sure.

Sally: And what about hockey? Are you playing much?

Connor: Our season hasn’t started yet, but we’re practicing.

Sally: Yeah. I bet that’s keeping you busy.

Connor: Yeah.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] What about your mom? She busy, too? Was she in a rush whenever she dropped you off here by yourself?

Connor: No. I told her I saw dad in here so she wouldn’t worry and would just take off.

[ Sighs ]

Sally: Why would you do that?

Connor: I just wanted to get out of the car.

Sally: Well, you know, parents and kids get in arguments, right? It’s just temporary. They always make up.

Connor: This is different. Mom thinks were fine, but we’re not, not anymore.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Devon: So, now it’s just the two of us. I’m gonna need you to help me understand what the hell is wrong with you and why you’d want to screw us over the way you did.

Nate: Mm. What’s the point in trying to explain things now? It’s over. I’m out of the company.

Devon: I’ll tell you exactly what the point is. This is your opportunity to finally explain everything to me and come clean. And since there’s no job on the table, there’s no reason for either of us to hold anything back, right?

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