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Billy: You don’t like your blueberry muffin? I’ll get you a different kind.

Johnny: No dad, this one’s fine.

Billy: What about a bagel? I can see they have a doughnut over there.

Johnny: Dad. I said this one’s fine. Guess you and mom have been reading the same how-to handbook.

Billy: How to what?

Johnny: “How to help your child accept his bio mom.” Mom already talked me into a huge dinner last night and made me eat a big meal before coming here, even though she knew I was meeting you for breakfast.

Billy: And why do you think she did that?

Johnny: Obviously, stuffing your kid with so much food that he can’t feel anymore is a part of the handbook.


Johnny: No, we’re actually meaning at Chancellor Park to do some sort of nature thing.

Billy: Okay, cool. Well, I’ll walk with you.

Johnny: Uh, no, we can skip that, too.

Billy: What’s going on here? You gonna be embarrassed of me when I call out and yell out, “Johnny, I love you, buddy, have a good day,” in front of all your friends?

Johnny: Don’t even think about it.

Billy: How are they gonna know if I don’t announce it to everybody?

Johnny: I’d rather they didn’t, dad.

Billy: Hey. Hey. I love you.

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