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[ Upbeat acoustic music ]

Thomas: I told you,

I’m a one woman man.

That woman is you.


Hope is married.

What’s wrong with me?

Things are so great,

especially since I finally

got a way to get brooke out

of dad’s life.

I can’t be fantasizing about

hope and me kissing.

[ Door opens ]

Steffy: Will this line come together in time for the preview?

Thomas: Hey, steff. You bet it will. It’s gonna work.

Steffy: Hey.

Thomas: Hi. Hi. Come on. Oh! Good to see you. So, how was aspen? Boring as usual?

Steffy: Oh, you know, it was pretty uneventful. Can you believe it?

Thomas: I know.

Steffy: It finally happened. Our parents are back together. Oh my gosh.

[ Thomas laughs ]

[ Hope sighs ]

Liam: Hey, so did you end up hearing from your mom?

Hope: Uh, yeah, she actually just texted and said that we could come up whenever.

Liam: Oh, all right. I know you were, um, a little bummed when you got home too late last night to talk to her. Was that because, uh, you just– the line had delays or?

Hope: No, it’s just I had to get things ready for the press preview, finalize the lineup. And you know how I get before a showing.

Liam: Oh yeah, no. Yeah. A lot of midnight oil you’re burning.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: Wish you didn’t have to burn it all with thomas, but hey, you know, it’s–

Hope: Let’s go check on my mom.

[ Pouring drink ]

[ Brooke sobbing ]

Liam: No.

Brooke: Liam, I need to

numb the pain, please.

Liam: This is more pain.

Brooke: What happened to us?

Katie: Oh, hey. Um, have you seen my phone?

Carter: Your cell.

Katie: My cell phone. Oh, thank god. Thanks.

Carter: It’s never a good feeling not knowing where your phone is.

Katie: Yeah, it’s a feeling I have often. Um, actually I was just about to text you, that’s when I realized that I didn’t have my phone.

Carter: Oh.

Katie: Yeah. I wanted to, um, I wanted to thank you for the bump in the budget for the international campaign.

Carter: That’s not a problem. I’m glad I can make the numbers work.

Katie: Me too. You’re busy. I’m gonna go.

Carter: Katie, wait. Um, I, uh, wanna talk to you.

Katie: Um, you wanna talk?

Carter: If you have time.

Katie: For the coo, I’ll make time.

Carter: Well, it’s, um, it’s unrelated to work.

Katie: Okay. Sure. Has quinn reached out?

Carter: No. And I don’t expect her to.

Katie: I’m sorry.

Carter: Thank you. Even though I know you think I can do better.

Katie: I do. Yeah, I do. This might just open you up for other possibilities.

Carter: Hmm. It’s funny you mentioned that because one planted a kiss on me last night.

Katie: She did? My gosh. So forward. Should be careful of that one. She sounds risky.

Carter: Oh. What’s life without a few risks?

[ Katie chuckles ]

Steffy: Is the show ready?

Thomas: Yeah. What? You don’t like it? ‘Cause dad said it was– it was ready. Like he– he gave his approval.

Steffy: Clearly dad has other things on his mind, like reuniting with his true love because this is absolutely… beautiful. I’m just messing with you. It’s amazing.

Thomas: Really cute. Really cute.

Steffy: Well, I’m your sister. It’s my– my duty to get you.

Thomas: And it’s my duty to get you back when you don’t expect it. So be ready for that.

Steffy: Oh okay. Good luck with that.

Thomas: Okay. So, tell me everything.

Steffy: Everything?

Thomas: Yes.

Steffy: What do you mean everything?

Thomas: About aspen? What was it like seeing those two together like in person?

Steffy: Thomas, I wish you could have been there. It’s happening. After all these years, our parents are finally back together. Brooke is out of dad’s life for good.

[ Thomas sighs ]

Hope: Mom? Oh, mom.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Hope: Hi.

Brooke: Hi. Thank you for all your messages. I’ve just– I’ve just been, uh–

Hope: No, I get it. I get it.

Brooke: I– I don’t understand what happened. I really don’T. I don’t know why ridge left me for taylor.

Katie: I should probably apologize. I don’t normally go around kissing my friends like that.

Carter: That was a friendly kiss?

Katie: I just don’t know what came over me.

Carter: I’m not complaining. And I appreciate your honesty. The point you were making that even though I want a future with quinn, that there’s other women out there. I still can’t believe she left though.

Katie: I was surprised to hear that after everything you’ve been through.

Carter: I risked everything. And she tells me that she doesn’t wanna be married and knows that I do. That I want a wife and a family. But I told her, I told her that I don’t care. That I want her, but she still stands on that she can’t give me what I want. And– and she said it was the right time to go.

Katie: Maybe she was right about that. Maybe the two of you were meant to be together at that moment in time.

Carter: It’s probably a healthy way to look at it.

Katie: See?

Carter: But it doesn’t make it easier though. Why does this keep happening?

Katie: Well, maybe you’re just looking for love in all the wrong places, carter. I know the feeling.

Steffy: If you told me a few months ago how different our lives would be, I’d be shocked.

Thomas: Yeah. So much just turned around for our family. It wasn’t that long ago you were depressed thinking your husband was dead. We were all so worried about you.

Steffy: Well, finn is back. Our family is intact even more so that mom and dad are together. Really feels like a blessing.

Thomas: Definitely seems there’s a higher power at work.

Steffy: Good things happen to good people. Just– mom is so patient. She was really holding onto hope. And it just justifies that people like mom, people with dignity and integrity, they actually do win out in the end.

Hope: What can I do, mom? How can I help?

Brooke: Nothing you can do sweetie. Ridge left me.

Hope: Well, maybe it’s like when he went to eric’S. You know, he might just need some time and space to clear his head and figure things out.

Brooke: No, he made his decision. He thinks that life will be better with taylor.

[ Phone rings ]

Hope: It’s the babysitter. I should, I– I don’t have to.

Brooke: Get that sweetie. It might be important.

Hope: Hello? Hi. Yeah.

Liam: So, how are you doing?

Brooke: You didn’t tell her, did you? About me almost drinking?

Liam: No, no, I didn’t say anything.

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Rotten luck when it comes to relationships. But at least you had a shot. Failed or not, you know what it’s like to be married, to share your life with someone. And what’s crazy is, here’s the– here’s the crazy part, right? I was standing at the altar with a woman who wanted to marry me and I walked away because I believed I had a future with quinn. Obviously, I’m doing something very wrong.

Katie: You’re not doing anything wrong. You just haven’t found the one yet. Or maybe you have and the two of you just haven’t realized your potential.

Carter: And I thought I had that with quinn. I really did.

Katie: There’s someone out there, someone who will appreciate everything that you are. And you know, there’s a lot to appreciate. I mean, shall we just start with you are an incredibly successful businessman and attorney. You’re sweet, you’re sincere, you’re humble, you’re kind.

Carter: Keep going. Yeah. You’re on a roll. Yeah. Keep going please.

Katie: Oh. Oh, you want me to go on? Okay. Yeah. Sure. You’re funny. And I guess, you know, we should address the obvious. You’re handsome. Incredibly handsome. Insanely fit, like freakishly fit. You’re sexy. You’re a sexy man, carter. You are. And you’re sexier still because you don’t realize what a catch you are. But a lot of women around here do.

Carter: And are you one of those women?

Thomas: Such a great feeling. And mom finally ending up on top, I’m so happy for her, you know. And– and the whole family benefits. And the future is so much brighter, not just for you and me, but for our children too.

Steffy: Yeah. They get to grow up and see their grandparents in a healthy, caring relationship instead of what he had with brooke. Kids sense that underlying tension.

Thomas: Definitely.

Steffy: And this may sound childish, but we’re not the ones left alone this time. Our family fractured. It’s not today. Fractures have– have healed. We’re finally whole again.

Thomas: It’s pretty great. It’s– it’s amazing to have this– this joy back in our family again. I gotta say, I’m thinking over at brooke’s right now. You know, she and hope are probably feeling very, very differently.

Hope: Beth’s fine. It’s just a scraped knee. Oh, a kitty bandage. Oh, no wonder you’re feeling better already.

Brooke: Look, I poured the glass, but I didn’t take a sip. It was a moment of weakness that will never happen again.

Liam: Oh, yeah. No, I know. I just, uh, just be sure in case I’m not there next time.

Hope: It’s fine. I completely understand.

Brooke: Yeah. No, I– I have my sponsor and I can call him and I’ll be fine. Really. I will. Just don’t say anything to hope, please. I don’t want her to worry. She has so much on her plate.

Liam: I won’T.

Hope: Yeah. I totally understand. Yeah, we’ll see you soon.

Brooke: I’m very thankful you were there. It’s because of you I didn’t drink.

Hope: Okay. Yeah. Bye. Just a stumble on the playground.

Liam: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah. What’s going on?

Brooke: Uh, everything’s fine, sweetheart.

Hope: Except it’s not. You’re mourning the loss of your marriage, mom. Only that’s not what you two were talking about, was it? What’s going on? Age before beauty? Betty: Honorary forest ranger betty white here lending a hand to my dear friend smokey bear because for years, he’s only said… smokey bear: Only you can prevent wildfires. Betty: But there’s a lot more to say. Like if you park your car on tall, dry grass,

Carter: You’re good

Katie: At what?

Carter: You know exactly what to say to a guy, huh? This guy anyway.

Katie: Well, it’s not like I’m walking around saying these things to any old guy. I mean it. I’m not gonna let you get down on yourself because you are a catch, a huge catch.

Carter: Hmm. Catch and release.

Katie: Oh boy. I have this very disturbing thought in my head of a– of a trout and it has your face on it. And maybe it’s one of those trouts on a plaque that like turns and sings.

Carter: If I’m gonna be a fish, could I be like a marlin or a swordfish or something?

Katie: Oh yeah. You’re absolutely right. You’re so much more marlin. I mean with like fins like this.

Carter: You have a beautiful smile and the best laugh I’ve ever heard.

Katie: Really?

Carter: Yes.

Katie: Thank you.

Carter: Thank you. I haven’t felt like laughing much since quinn left and you are bringing it out of me. I appreciate it. Also appreciate your kind words and your support. They really mean a lot to me. You really mean a lot to me.

Steffy: Here’s the thing, it’s probably a cry fest over at brooke’s house. And honestly, part of me does feel bad for her. She has to face that dad chose mom, but she’s gonna get over it. Mom and dad, they’re gonna get married the way it should have been all along. Dad’s done with all the misunderstandings and misbehavior. They’re back together. Today is the day. It’s here. Our parents are back together, thomas. So exciting.

Hope: Did something happen when I was on the phone or?

Brooke: No. Nothing happened, honey. Nothing at all.

Hope: So you– you haven’t heard from ridge yet? He hasn’t given you any sort of explanation?

Brooke: No, no explanation. I mean, I really can’t understand why this man that I know so well would just turn our lives upside down like this with no reason. I mean, and he– he wanted me to say what it was almost like I did something.

Hope: But you didn’T.

Brooke: No, I didn’T. And I don’t know what it could possibly be that would’ve upset him so much. He ran off to aspen without even saying a word to me. And he pledged his life to taylor. I mean, you don’t know how disturbing it is to think that the man that I love is feeling like he’s being betrayed somehow. I– I– I don’t understand any of this, honey. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why? Why is this happening?

Hope: Mom.

[ Brooke crying ]

Brooke: His father,

thomas forster is unstable.

He has a knife.

Operator: And your name,


Thomas: Brooke logan.

Please hurry.

[ Audio rewinds ]

Brooke’s voice: Brooke logan

please, hurry.

[ Brooke crying ]

Brooke: Okay.

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