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Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Look at you, showing up to work with a big basket for your bosses. It may look like you’re trying to get special treatment.

Jack: Wow. Beautiful basket. Are you giving or receiving?

Phyllis: Everybody knows that Diane is a taker, not a giver.

Diane: I’m giving. Since we’ve decided to turn over a new leaf, I thought I would extend an olive branch in the form of pastries.

Phyllis: Sugary sweet.

Diane: [Laughs] I realize it’s not the most subtle peace offering. I didn’t realize how big it was when I ordered it. But, um, Phyllis, you probably shouldn’t eat all of that by yourself. But you can look at the size as a symbol of my determination to win back your trust and forgiveness.

Phyllis: Your timing is impeccable, isn’t it? You just showed up with this huge, unmissable basket right as Jack was coming out of his office. Yeah, that’s not subtle at all.


Noah: I know. You know, I’m really glad we didn’t have to put the event description on the invites.

Allie: [Laughs]

Noah: That would have been a tough one. You know, Glam Club’s soft launch/non-bachelor/bachelorette Summer/Kyle pre-vow renewal party, something.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a little bit of a word salad.

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