GH Short Recap Friday, October 14, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Bobbie arrives in Jacksonville and tells Carly that she thinks Carly’s battle to save the cemetery has given her back her confidence. Bobbie also thinks that Carly and Drew would make a good couple. Carly tells Bobbie that the time isn’t right for a relationship with Drew yet.

Sam tells Cody that he should leave Spinelli alone or he will be sorry he, was ever born.

Reese’s mom Peyton takes great pleasure in telling Carly that she will have to move her adoptive mother Virginia’s body to another cemetery.

Anna tells Robert that, with Lucy’s help, they found out that Deputy Mayor Ashby is working for Victor.

Martin returns and Lucy tells him she has been working for Anna to bring down Victor. Martin is upset that Lucy accepted a diamond necklace from Victor. Victor is happy that he put a bug inside the necklace he gave to Lucy because now he can listen to Lucy’s conversation with Anna.

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