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Nick: ‘Sup?

Sally: ‘Sup?

Nick: Yeah. Looked it up online. Apparently it’s short for “what’s up?”

Sally: Oh. That — that’s what that means?

Nick: Mm-hmm. I really just wanted to come by and congratulate you for the latest research reports.

Sally: Thanks.

Nick: Well done.

Sally: Well, that is just step one. I am going to build on the momentum.

Nick: Alright. Well, carry on, then.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: I just saw nick leaving. So, I assume that’s the reason for that look on your face.

Sally: He just popped his head in to say that he liked the research reports, which was very sweet of him. But then I remembered the data was about a website rebranding that adam and I launched back when we were in perfect sync.

Chloe: I know. It can get confusing.

Sally: A little bit.

Chloe: But you’re doing it. You know? You are. You’re doing all the right things. You laid down the law with adam, told him that you were moving on. You even admitted that something happened with nick. So you need to just keep on doing that, girl. But if you crack open that adam door again, you’re just gonna be looking for trouble.

Sally: You think I’m gonna get sucked back in?

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Maybe. But now that adam knows the truth, I mean, things could get really ugly.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Hey. So, listen —

Adam: No. You listen to me. What the hell were you thinking?

Noah: So, we want everyone to feel welcome and taken care of. So that means the drinks — they should come out quickly but still be made with care. So, if at any point you’re feeling overwhelmed or anything, just let me know and I’ll find someone to back you up.

Allie: Could I speak to the manager, please?

Noah: How can I help you, miss?

Allie: Oh, just wanted to tell you that this club is incredible.

Noah: That’s what I like to hear.

Allie: Mm. Is that the way that you greet all your customers?

Noah: No. Just you.

Allie: Good. Let’s keep it that way.

Noah: Well, I’m glad you could make it to the opening night.

Allie: Well, where else would I be?

Noah: I don’t know why. I feel kind of anxious. I didn’t expect this to be so nerve-racking.

Allie: It’s gonna be great. Not only is this club your baby, but it’s also already the hottest place in town.

Noah: Okay, I don’t know if we can go that far, considering we just opened tonight. You know, the other night — that was just a private party. This is the real test.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Don’t leave me waiting. My head’s gonna explode. What information do you have on diane?

Nikki: Well, it has to do with the car that she was tooling around L.A. In. Now, I couldn’t tell the exact model from the photo that deacon gave me, but victor’s investigators could. And guess what.

Phyllis: What?

Nikki: The bentley that tucker gave summer and kyle today is the exact same make and model as the car that deacon saw her in.

Diane: Don’t answer it.

Tucker: I don’t think that’s gonna work.

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Mccall, you’re beginning to piss me off. I know you’re in there.

Tucker: Just a minute!

Diane: Victor cannot know that we’re together. He cannot find us. He can’t know that we have any connection whatsoever.

Tucker: He won’T. Come on.

Diane: Please, please don’t make a game out of this. I am pleading with you.

Tucker: Just get in there and keep quiet.

Diane: Tucker —

Tucker: I’ll handle it.

Diane: [ Sighs ] What makes the l’oréal vitamin c serum different?

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Phyllis: Identical bentleys. Okay, well, that’s not a coincidence. What does this mean? I mean, were diane and tucker hooking up in los angeles? Did they rekindle some sort of romance or something?

Nikki: I don’t know. Maybe. But I’ve been thinking about this. The time leading up to diane’s “death,” tucker had completely abandoned her, so I — I can’t imagine her ever reaching out to him.

Phyllis: Yeah, but diane’s desperate. She is so desperate. And she’ll do anything, no matter how unpleasant, how despicable.

Nikki: Yeah, god knows that’s true. Alright, let’s say she did reach out to him. Why on earth would he fall for her charms again?

Phyllis: Ugh. Her “charms.” Who could ever find diane appealing? Seriously. Tucker can do so much better than her.

Diane: Get rid of him quickly.

Tucker: You’re really not in a position to tell me what to do right now.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: Okay, okay. Hey, victor. Long time. Oh, you’re looking good, man. You been hitting the heavy bag?

Victor: You know what they say. Strong body, strong mind.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. It’s important if you want to stay on top of the competition. I see it didn’t take you long to seek out yours.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah.

Victor: I see your ego hasn’t taken a hit.

Tucker: Oh. Come on in. Sorry. Please. I’d offer you a drink, but i don’t have any of your top-shelf tequila in my minibar. But, uh, make yourself comfortable. I’d love to catch up with you.

Chelsea: You’re mad that i talked to connor.

Adam: He called me. Really upset, chelsea.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] The conversation didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Adam: Why did it even happen at all? Why would you tell connor that johnny is his half-brother without me being there? What were you thinking?

Chelsea: Hey, can you calm down, please? I already feel bad enough as it is.

Adam: Whose fault is that, chelsea?

Chelsea: Well, adam, i actually waited for you at the park so we could tell him together, and you never showed up because you were stuck in a meeting.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: This monumental moment in our son’s life, and you chose business.

Adam: Okay, that is not fair. I assumed that you would wait for me until you dropped a bomb like this on him. It never even crossed my mind that you would tell him without me being there. I mean, we discuss everything — his school trips, vacations, dentist appointments. But when it comes to something this monumental in his young life, what do you do? You just go solo?

Chelsea: It couldn’t wait any longer, okay? The clock was ticking. Johnny already knew the truth. So I was scared he was gonna accidentally tell connor, bumping into him at school, sending him a text.

Adam: Then you tell the school what is going on. Or you take away his phone. You don’t take away my right to be there for my son when he needs me.

Chelsea: I’m sorry, okay? It was something I felt I had to do.

Adam: Why? Because things went so poorly with johnny?

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] I can’t believe you would just throw that in my face. I did what I thought was right for johnny and connor. I am just trying to be a good mom to both boys.

Adam: Really, chelsea? Because it seems like the only person you have been concerned with lately is yourself. Neither one of those boys had any question about their family history. There was no reason to tell them anything.

Chelsea: Why are you talking like I went completely rogue here? I spoke to victoria and billy about this way beforehand, extensively. They agreed to it.

Adam: But it was your idea.

Chelsea: So, what are you saying? I forced them into it? I persuaded them to do it? It was my influence?

Adam: How would I know that? How would I know that when i wasn’t able to be included in any of these conversations that impacted my son?

Chelsea: Okay, maybe you should have been part of the conversation, but at the time, my concern was johnny because he is the person discovering that I’m his mom.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Chelsea, you really have to stop calling yourself johnny’s mom.

Chelsea: I am technically johnny’s mom. I gave birth to him.

Adam: From that moment onward, victoria was his mom, and that was a decision that you made.

Chelsea: Because that was the best decision at the time, adam, but things have changed.

Adam: Yes, things have changed. You have a son of your own, and he should have been the focus through this whole thing.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ]

Nick: What is going on here? Hi, my name’s steve.

Sally: I would never underestimate adam. And I know things are different now that he knows something went down between me and nick, but i refuse to live in fear of what he might do. You know, I have to let it go and just put him out of my mind.

Chloe: Mm. So, you’re gonna focus on nick now?

Sally: [ Scoffs ] I wouldn’t say that I’m focusing on him. I’m just trying to live in the present moment, enjoy it, you know?

[ Stammers ] Things are fun and maybe progressing, and I have no idea where it’ll go.

Chloe: Well, if it’s a choice between adam and nick, I mean, you know who I would vote for.

Sally: It’s just wild how completely opposite the brothers are from one another. I mean, nick — he has such a sweet soul.

Chloe: And adam is evil.

Sally: I was going to say he has a more dangerous edge, but, no, he’s not all bad. And underneath what seems to be a tough exterior, he actually has a softer side. He’s actually very sensitive.

Chloe: Okay. So, we’re defending adam now?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Sorry. No. I — I don’t even know I brought his name back up.

Chloe: Because you’re right in the middle between both brothers. And that is not a good place to be.

Adam: Look, stay out of this, nick. We are discussing a private family issue.

Nick: It seems like chelsea’s upset. I’m not leaving this alone until I know she’s okay.

Chelsea: Thank you, nick. I’ll be alright. What’s done is done.

Adam: Look, chelsea, just promise me you will not make any more unilateral decisions regarding our son.

Chelsea: Connor will be just fine.

Nick: You know, if you wanted to have a private conversation like that, maybe you should have picked someplace other than the coffeehouse to do it.

Adam: Hey, you’re not getting off that easy, nick.

Nick: Look, you need to take some things out on someone, that’s fine. It’s not gonna be me. Pick someone else.

Adam: Look, I just have one question. Why is it suddenly your mission in life to interfere in every aspect of my life?

Tucker: You don’t mind if i pour myself a drink, do you?

Victor: No, no. Go ahead. So, what are you doing in genoa city?

Tucker: Well, uh, my late mother used to live here, and, um, I have a general fondness for the town, you know.

Victor: You’ve been gone for a long time. So, why now?

Tucker: Well, actually, I’m here to visit someone we have in common, someone we both care about — dominic. I want to meet my first grandson. And I want to spend some time with devon.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] You don’t give a damn about your family relations, do you, tucker? Otherwise, you’d have visited devon first of all, right? Instead of crashing one of jack abbott’s pathetically boring parties. In a helicopter, no less.

[ Laughs ] So, what’s your real agenda? My husband and I have never been more active.

Nikki: According to victor’s investigators, private image financed young artists in the U.K., And their main benefactor drew funds for that through a bank in los angeles.

Phyllis: Okay. So, you think the main benefactor could be tucker.

Nikki: Well, I don’t know for sure, but the name of the fund is wild beauty, incorporated.

Phyllis: “Beauty”? Yeah. The nickname that john abbott had for ashley.

Nikki: Uh-huh, and she is supposedly the reason why tucker crashed the vow renewal.

Phyllis: Wow. Okay, so, we have tucker and diane. I mean, what does this mean? Were they — were they together in los angeles and then he wants to fund up-and-coming artists? I mean…

Nikki: Well, I don’t know. I mean, his business interests have always been international.

Phyllis: Is there any evidence, beyond the name, connecting tucker to this?

Nikki: His name is not on the investor list, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Phyllis: Yeah, but it does — because you know tucker. He’s a braggart. I mean, he would want to be connected to funding young artists.

Nikki: Well, that is true, but modesty has never been one of his strong suits, so that just makes me think he definitely has a secret agenda.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, there are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. We just have to put them together. I mean, there’s tucker, there’s diane, tucker’s obsession with ashley, and broke british artists.

Nikki: Oh, my god. I know who might be able to help us — noah. I mean, he was a young artist in london. Maybe he has heard of this charity and can give us some clues.

Noah: Hey. Sorry I’ve been running around. You doing okay?

Allie: Yeah, I’m doing totally fine. Don’t worry about me. Tonight is your big night. And I found the perfect little spot to people-watch.

Noah: People seem like they’re having a good time, huh?

Allie: Yeah. No, absolutely. How does it look from your perspective?

Noah: It’s pretty smooth, honestly. Actually, I think I have time for a break. Do you want to dance?

Allie: Oh, yeah? Are you sure you have time?

Noah: If my staff needs me, they know where to find me.

Allie: Well, only if I’m not keeping you from anything important.

Noah: The only thing I’m worried about right now is dancing with my beautiful girlfriend. Oh, thank you.

Allie: I have to say, hearing that never gets old.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Tucker: Eh, I’m spending a lot less time on hidden agendas these days, since I went on my spiritual journey.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Pariahs like you never change, tucker.

Tucker: You’re still so cynical, victor. I think some enlightenment could do wonders for you.

Victor: Oh, yeah. I bet you have some ashram in mind, right?

Tucker: Sure.

Victor: Oh, yeah, yeah, some faraway place in tibet or wherever.

Tucker: I know the exact address.

Victor: Well, you know… I know who the hell I am.

Tucker: I know that. And I know better than to try to change your mind.

Victor: Right.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: You know, you’re not the only one who decided to make this week home week in genoa city. Diane jenkins showed up.

Tucker: Ah, yeah.

Victor: Yes. She said she was on the straight and narrow now. But I believe her transformation about as much as I believe yours.

Tucker: Yeah, I actually saw diane at the abbotts. She looked well, but I’m in no position to say one way or another whether her, uh — her turnaround is legit. I don’t know anything about it — or her, for that matter — anymore. But what is important is that you know there’s nothing for you or your family to worry about from me.

Victor: And you think I’ll take your word for it?

Tucker: Uh, I don’t know. Would you believe anything i told you at this point?

Victor: [ Laughs ] Tucker mccall. My god. That time at the ashram or wherever the hell you were did you lot of good. You have a sense of humor, actually.

Tucker: Yeah.

Victor: I like that.

Tucker: You have to.

Victor: Right.

Tucker: Well, I’ll tell you the truth, and you can believe me or not.

Victor: Ah.

Tucker: Um…I’m here because I want to reconnect with my son. And the reason I haven’t approached devon is because, well, I’m not really sure how to go about it, truthfully. Um, we’ve grown apart over the years. There’s no real animus or anything like that, at least not on my end. But there’s definitely some distance that will need to be bridged, and so when I do approach him, I want to make sure I do it the most respectful way possible.

Victor: May I make a suggestion?

Tucker: Please.

Victor: Don’t do it in a damn helicopter.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Yeah, that’s good advice. I knew you were gonna give me good advice, victor. Well, hell, you know better than anyone how tricky things can get between a father and son.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: I’m not interfering in anything, adam. I try to keep a healthy distance from all aspects of your life. For you to assume otherwise is pretty damn arrogant, but not surprising.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] You know what? You’re right.

Nick: What do you mean, I’m right? What is that?

Adam: No. I’m being real. Me thinking that you would care enough about my life to meddle in it was very arrogant of me. Look, no more accusations. I actually wanted to talk to you about some things that have been going on, you know, like we were able to do for a little while after faith’s transplant.

Nick: Alright. Sit down.

Adam: What you walked in on was not just some casual blow-up between me and chelsea. It was about her telling connor about johnny without me being there.

Nick: [ Sighs ] She shouldn’t have done that. I’m surprised she did. I can understand why you’re so worked up.

Adam: Yeah. Connor is confused, and he’s upset. I’d be with him right now, but he insisted on going to a sleepover that had already been planned. So, I don’t know. Maybe I should go pick him up.

Nick: No. No. Just give him some space if that’s what he wants. Talk to him in the morning.

Adam: Well, the situation is complicated for all of us, but for johnny and connor, it has to be extremely overwhelming.

Nick: Yeah, it’s a difficult thing to navigate.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I know you can understand the dynamics at play.

Nick: I’m sure chelsea’s doing the best she can. I know when I talked to her about johnny, she got pretty emotional. But I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions that you were in the wrong.

Adam: Well, I would like to think that chelsea meant well, but I just saw connor so distressed and I lost it, so…

Nick: It’s tough. My heart goes out to him. He’s a great kid.

Adam: Yes, he is. Look, there has been a lot of conflict between us lately, and I think it would be good if we got to the root cause of it.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, if you’re gonna bring up sally, just don’T.

Adam: We need to talk about it, nick.

Nick: Why?

Adam: Because I’m still in love with sally. If you’re on medicare, remember,

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Adam: Look, my feelings for sally haven’t changed just because she’s hurt and trying to push me away. I know that I’m the reason that she’s hurting, yes, and I take blame for that. I have a lot of regrets about what I did. But I still love her. And when we were together, i could envision a future with her, and I can still see that. The bottom line is I miss her and I want her back. And I don’t think her feelings for me have just evaporated. I see the way she looks at me. Something is still there.

Nick: I think you need to listen to what she’s been telling you. I think she’s made herself pretty clear.

Adam: Yeah, I heard what she said. But you know as well as I do people don’t always say what’s in their hearts. I’m an example of that. I told her that I thought moving on was the best thing for us, but I didn’t mean a word of it.

Nick: Well, to be fair, i think, uh, most people are a lot more straightforward than you are.

Adam: True. But, look, I’m trying to be open and honest now with you. So I have to ask — do you think you could ever love sally? Have you ever considered a future with her? Or even thought past the now? Because if you haven’t, I’m asking you — back off. Let me and sally work this out, okay? I want to give her everything because that’s what she deserves. Just…think about it.

[ Door closes ]

Chloe: I know you don’t want to admit that you still have feelings for adam, but from where I’m standing, it seems like your heart is being pulled in two different directions.

Sally: Whatever feelings i have left for adam are just lingering remnants of a relationship that never would have worked.

Chloe: And I hope that’s true, that you’re over him. But my advice about nick stands. I still believe that you should think really long and hard about continuing down the road with him. I mean, he is our boss.

Sally: It might be a little late for thinking. Those feelings are already setting in.

Chloe: Okay. Then, you know, you really need to figure out where things are headed.

Sally: I mean, why do they have to be headed anywhere?

Chloe: Ahh. The thrill of a new attraction. Oh, god, it’s so exhilarating and fun, the rose-colored glasses.

[ Sighs ] I remember it. You know, kevin and I — we used to be lovestruck dummies once.

Sally: Okay, I’m not that bad.

Chloe: I get that a fling with nick is a welcome escape from the pain and anguish that comes with adam, but I have heard you say more than once that you don’t really even know what’s happening between you and nick. So, while you probably haven’t been able to, you know, fully examine or ask the hard questions, you know, now is definitely the time.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Sally: [ Sighs ] Speak of the devil.

Chloe: The devil? Or the devil’s brother?

Sally: Hey. ‘Sup?

Nick: ‘Sup? Uh, I know it’s last-minute. You free tonight?

Victor: Well, now, tucker, this was a real waste of time. There’s no way you’re gonna tell me why you’re really here.

Tucker: You’re right. I haven’t been completely honest. My, uh — my shaman would be very disappointed.

Victor: Your shaman?

Tucker: Yeah.

Victor: [ Laughs ]

Tucker: No, there is someone else I need to see.

Victor: Really? Who?

Tucker: I want to make amends with ashley.

Victor: Oh, you do?

Tucker: Mm.

Victor: Uh-huh. I want to be there when you try that.

Tucker: [ Laughs ]

Victor: How many times have you cheated on her?

Tucker: I made mistakes.

Victor: Mm.

Tucker: But I want to own those mistakes, and I want to acknowledge them. And I plan on apologizing to her and trying to find a way to make it up to her.

Victor: Huh. Wow. Let me make a suggestion. Go back to where you came from. Okay? Ashley does not need your B.S.

Tucker: So, as protective of her as ever, eh? Which I’m sure you’d call chivalry, yes?

Victor: Yeah. Remember that, okay?

Tucker: I will.

Victor: And take what I said seriously.

Tucker: Always.

Victor: Good.

[ Door opens ]

Diane: What is wrong with you? First you provoke the entire abbott family.

Tucker: [ Laughing ]

Diane: What? And now you’re goading victor? Wha– why are you playing with fire?

Tucker: I haven’t had this much fun in so long.

Diane: [ Sighing heavily ]

You never know

what opportunities

Nick: Hi.

Noah: Hey, dad.

Nick: Hey, bud.

Allie: Hi, mr. Newman.

Nick: Allie, nice to see you. This is amazing. The place is hopping.

Noah: Yeah, I was hoping for a bigger turnout, but it’s still early.

Nick: Yeah, it’s just the old people like me who show up early. The young kids are gonna come in any minute.

Noah: Well, thank you for showing up solo to support.

Nick: Yeah. Um… not solo, actually. I’m, uh, expecting someone.

Noah: Oh, yeah? Who’s that?

Nick: There she is now. Excuse us.

Allie: Whoa. Your dad and sally? What’s up with those two?

Noah: Yeah, I had the same question. I’m really hoping this is just work-related. I’m also hoping that they don’t cross paths with summer.

Allie: Aren’t summer and kyle on their way?

Noah: Yep.

Nick: You look beautiful.

Sally: You are the most handsome man here.

Did you already scan the room?

Sally: I don’t have to.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] How was the rest of your workday?

Sally: Uh, good. I closed the deal that we were talking about earlier.

Nick: Not surprised by that at all.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] I never got a chance to ask you earlier — how was summer and kyle’s vow renewal?

Nick: It was, uh…perfect. You know, romantic and beautiful, just the way you want things like that to be.

Sally: Well, I’m truly happy for summer. Despite everything that happened between us, I hold no ill will towards her. As far as I see, it’s just water way, way under the bridge.

Nick: I’m glad to hear you say that. My daughter is everything to me. I will defend and protect her to the ends of the earth. And I believe you when you say that. I see you’ve made a lot of changes.

Sally: Well, thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. It means a lot.

Phyllis: Wow, I cannot wait to hear what noah has to say about this. Okay, I’m gonna do some online research, and when I say “online research,” I mean hacking ’cause there’s more here than what meets the eye. Hi! Um, alright, well, this is my cue to go.

Nikki: Okay. Good — good to see you.

Phyllis: Yeah. You too. Excuse me.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victor: What the hell is she doing here? I don’t like you working with her. Although you may have a common enemy.

Nikki: I can handle phyllis. And we are honing in on a connection between tucker and diane in los angeles.

Victor: I want to hear about that, okay? Because tucker mccall needs to be taken care of. So does she — diane. Meaning we can kill two birds with one stone.

Diane: I’m so glad you find this all amusing.

Tucker: I’m enjoying my life. We all should. You should. None of us know how much time we have left. You know as well as anyone.

Diane: You know, that is not funny, and this is not a game.

Tucker: Everything’s a game.

Diane: No, not to me. I have worked long and hard to gain back some footing in this town, and I will not have it destroyed because you like to go around taunting the big dogs.

Tessa: “The big dogs.” Look, the big dogs like to be challenged, or they get bored.

Diane: No. Leave it alone. You’re putting us both in danger.

Tucker: You’re not in any danger.

Diane: Victor could have found me hiding in your bathroom.

Tucker: He didn’t!

Diane: Yeah, but he’s fishing for information about us!

Tucker: So what? I didn’t give him anything.

Diane: Yeah, but — but you were cheeky and brazen.

Tucker: Was I cheeky?

[ Laughs ] I like that.

Diane: Listen to me. Victor is suspicious — and even more so now.

Tucker: Of course he’s suspicious. He’s victor. Diane, he doesn’t know anything about our connection. I guarantee it.

Diane: Not yet. But he has the money and power to find things out. Stop it.

Tucker: I have the money and power to hide things.

Diane: Well, I don’t! And my life is hanging by a thread here!

Tucker: We’re being a little dramatic, aren’t we?

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Tucker: You say I’m the one who lacks subtlety.

Diane: I came back here to be with my son, and I cannot be associated with you. I will not lose the progress that I’ve made with kyle and with harrison.

Tucker: Hold on. Wait a second. Why don’t we make a deal? The abcs of ckd

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

[ Sighs ] Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

[ Exhaling sharply ]

Diane: I’m regretting our first deal, and you want me to make another one?

Tucker: Well, let’s just call it an amendment to the first deal then. You would just have to let me know when ashley returns from paris, and then you’d be off the hook as far as my eyes and ears in the abbott realm.

Diane: And if I do that, do you promise we’re over?

Tucker: You would have fulfilled your end of the agreement and you’d be free.

Victor: My conversation with tucker mccall didn’t go anywhere. However, he did reveal that he wants to make amends with ashley.

Nikki: Oh, yeah. I mean, he clearly made his grand entrance at the vow renewal to impress her.

Victor: Yeah, well, I’m afraid he’s gonna make her life a living hell.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] Yeah, he’ll try. But ashley can handle herself. I am going to focus completely on diane.

Noah: I was gonna text summer and try to divert her from coming tonight, but as luck would have it, she texted me saying she and kyle are gonna have a quiet night in.

Allie: Oh, good. That is one less thing for us to worry about.

Noah: Yeah. That kind of frees me up. And you were right. This place is filling up. Things are running smoothly. I’m starting to feel the magic a little. You want to go for another spin?

Nick: I love that scent.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: May I?

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Look, as much as I am enjoying this — and believe me, I am — I think maybe we should just take a moment and look at exactly what’s going on between us.

Noah: Thank you for believing in me.

Allie: Oh, of course. It’s not hard to do. And I love seeing you in your element.

Noah: Maybe I should come spend a day in the lab at jabot.

Allie: It’s — it’s a different kind of magic. But I appreciate the gesture.

Noah: You know, as much as i hate to break this up, there is something I need to check on.

Allie: Sure. I’ll come with you.

Noah: Alright.

Allie: Yeah.

Audra: Noah. It’s been a long time.

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