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hiwo seasons of ” this cemetery has been here for over 100 years, and the idea of uprooting this kind of history, it’s a violation. And the only reason the beautification guild is targeting this cemetery is that the citizens that have family here are primarily working-class. None of those families have the financial resources to fight this injustice. Unlike you, accompanied by your friend, who happens to be the ceo of aurora media.

[ Sighs ] If you’re asking if carly has my support, that is a yes, without a doubt. But this issue was up for public debate 10 months ago, so where were you to make your arguments then? And tell us why the residents should listen to you now. Tj: Willow. Everything okay? Yeah, sure. Everything’s good. Good. Actually, no. Things aren’t so good. I am…looking at my latest bloodwork, and the numbers just keep moving in the wrong direction. I’m sorry, but not surprised. What are you gonna do about it? Wyndemere isn’t always a safe place. In fact, it can be downright treacherous if you don’t watch your step. And esme… she failed to watch hers. Yes. You know, I seriously doubt that anybody will ever lay eyes on esme prince again. What do you know? For somebody who can only communicate by blinking, you — you certainly have a lot of rage in your face right now. Or is that just my imagination? No, you do — you do seem genuinely upset about this esme news. Well, one can never be too careful. So I will speak with your brother about another neuro exam for you. Just to be sure that there’s no change.

[ Door closes ] Oh, ava, my love, what have you done to my daughter?

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hey, ava, it’s trina. I just got a table outside of kelly’S. I’ll order you a coffee. Hey, see you soon. Well, hey! Nina, hi.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Nice to see you. How are you? Good. I was just headed to the 10th floor to fill out paperwork confirming that the metro court will be the location for next year’s nurses’ ball. Oh! You know, I just left there. Stealing away precious time with my lovely fiancéE. Aww. Well, the metro court is also a fantastic place for weddings, just in case you and portia haven’t locked down a location yet.

[ Chuckles ] Running the metro court clearly agrees with you.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. I’m getting a handle on it — I think — despite the constant pushback from carly and her army of supporters. Hey, dad, look what we found in your freezer. These three were threatening to call the cops. Dante would want to be a part of this. I’m calling him. Michael: Wait. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Sonny may deserve it, but it’s not fair to put dante in a position where he has to arrest his own father. Dante would do it in a heartbeat if he knew that sonny had ordered this freak to torture dex with knives.

I didn’t pay for my mother’s cemetery plot or pay the maintenance fee. That was all done by my best friend, jason morgan, who’s no longer with us. Jason was my brother, and in the process of settling his estate, the notice that the city had the intention of moving virginia benson’s grave wasn’t forwarded to her daughter. Well, that makes sense. Um, had you been paying regular visits to your mother’s grave site, you probably would’ve found out about the guild’s plans. Just because I’m late to the battle doesn’t mean my cause is any less valid. The only reason the city wants to move this cemetery, because it wants to protect other areas from commercial development. It’s the same old sad story of the haves protecting what’s theirs at the expense of the have-nots. Thank you for your time. And that’s a wrap. We have enough. Um, I want to thank you both, though, for bringing this to my attention, because it’s going to make for a very compelling segment. Do you know when it’s gonna air? Because the sooner it does, the more pressure the city is going to face. You’ll be happy to know it will air on tonight’s newscast. However, I feel like I need to warn you, there are many influential people who are invested in this project, and I don’t think they’re going to take your pushback very lightly. I don’t know where sonny found this sicko, but there’s a bag of knives laid out in the freezer. Okay? So this so-called “chef” was gonna use them to torture dex. Michael: So that’s how you were, uh, claiming to protect our family? You’ve already lost josslyn and — and — and me. So, uh, what about the rest of your family? Yeah, sure, avery and donna are too young to understand torture. But what do you think dante and kristina would think? You think they’d, uh — they’d thank you? Sonny: Josslyn and dex were on their way out. Michael, you should go, too. By the way, diane woke up, and she identified her attacker as a woman. Josslyn: Well, I still think that we should call dante and let him know what sonny did to dex. Hey, this happened to me, okay? I already said I don’t want the cops involved, so can we just get out of here, please? Not feeling so hot.

[ Scoffs ] Sorry. Your boss was gonna torture you, perhaps even have you killed, and you’re sticking beside him?

[ Scoffs ] Ridiculous.

[ Door slams ] What happened to you?

[ Door closes ]

[ Door closes ] What’s with the knives? You know, I’m not naive, curtis. And I knew by keeping carly’s half of the hotel, olivia was gonna be against me, and there was gonna be resistance from the staff. Okay. So what

weren’t you ready for? I wasn’t ready for sonny’s children, specifically josslyn. I know she is sonny’s stepdaughter, but she sets the emotional tone for avery and donna. And she’s made it very clear that she cannot stand me. Yeah, I get that. I know how tough it is to fight against a — a determined young woman who’s decided that you’re in the wrong. Uh-oh. What’s going on with you? I thought things were great between you and trina. They were.

[ Sighs ] Until I tried to help. Joss, it’s me. Just checking in. Did you have any luck finding dex? I’m at kelly’S. Hit me back. Ava: Hiya, trina. Hi, ava. Oh. Hi. I got you a coffee. Oh, good. Thanks. I’m sorry I’m late. I was at spring ridge, and I lost track of time. What were you doing there? I went to see ryan chamberlain. Why would you put yourself through that when you just got out of the hospital? Well…there was a time not that long ago that ryan was stalking me. And he — he once used a hook to kill somebody — just like the one that was used to attack me, and so I needed to see him for myself, to see that he is still immobile, that he isn’t faking it. I needed to be sure that ryan wasn’t my attacker all along. And? What did you find? It’s only a few more weeks until I’m in my second trimester, and then the baby will be developed enough for me to safely begin my treatment for leukemia. Right. And in the meantime, you’re putting a huge strain on yourself by acting like nothing is wrong. Your schedule, it would exhaust anyone, well, let alone a pregnant woman with leukemia. Thank you for your opinion, dr. Ashford. That’s just it. I’m not — I’m not speaking to you as your doctor. I’m speaking to you as your friend. And to be perfectly honest with you, the choices that my friend is making are scaring the hell out of me.

Ryan was in his wheelchair, unable to move except to blink “yes” or “no.” His condition is unchanged. I get why you wanted to chat. But now that you have, can you please take it easy? You nearly died. And honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Oh, trina. You know, all my doctors say that I’m healing very well, and I have no intention of going anywhere.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, it’s the police. I have to take this. This is ava jerome. Hey. Oh, good! You got me message. Did you find dex? Oh, I found him all right. Wait. What? What d– what does that mean?

[ Sighs ] Ava. Yeah? What did the police say? Um… diane miller woke up, and she — she told the cops that her attacker was a woman. Josslyn: Yeah. Yeah, I was just with sonny. He said the same thing. You know, it’s lucky that diane remembered her attacker was a woman because sonny blamed dex. And we all know what can happen if he thinks someone’s guilty. Wait. Dex — the dex — the young man that helped you save my life? Yes. Not that it mattered to sonny. Oh. Hey, trina, thanks so much for the coffee. I have to run. There — there’s something that I need to take care of, and, um… looks like your — your friend joss could use some time with you alone. I’ll see you soon. Why are you so upset? What happened? Sonny is even worse than I thought. After ava and brando were attacked, I didn’t think it was safe for trina to work at the gallery, especially in the evenings after classes at the pcu. So I suggested that trina get an internship at the chuck. It’s a great facility with a — with a strong security unit. Ava agreed, and she made the arrangements. Now, silly me, I thought that because the chuck was so prestigious that trina would be — she would be thrilled, right? Mm-hmm. Well, instead, it all blew up in my face. Well, I think trina is very lucky to have such a loving, supportive future stepfather who is willing to step in and maybe save her from herself. And there’s no chance you’re just a little bit biased? No. No chance at all. We never talked about using knives on dex. When you hired me, you knew I was an experienced professional. I use knives because I’ve found that they make people talk faster than any other method. And you wanted a confession. No, I wanted the truth. I didn’t want a — a — a made-up confession from dex ’cause he wanted to get you to stop cutting him. Now, the third victim, diane miller, told the police that it was a woman who attacked her. That makes dex innocent. Lucky for dex. No, lucky for you! Now, you were gonna cut dex in my name, but without my knowledge. I have a problem with that! And I don’t like problems.

[ Knock on door ] Michael, what are you doing here? Can I come in? You’re the boss. Kind of surprised you’d show up in person. Not exactly the best way to hide that I’m working for you. Oh, uh… no, that’S… that’s over. You don’t work for me anymore. All I want is to give this baby the best chance of being born 100% healthy. The whole reason I am keeping the truth from michael is because I don’t have the strength to fight with him about it, because I know he’d insist on me getting treatment for the leukemia right away. I don’t want to fight with you, either. Okay. Okay. Hey, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I am sorry for pressuring you. I told you that I would support you. Okay? And that’s what I’m gonna do. Thank you, tj.

‘Seven worse than you thought?

[ Scoffs ] Sonny decided that dex was responsible for all of the attacks and was holding him in his restaurant. What? I had my phone. I could have video’d what I saw, but in that moment, it was just more important to rescue dex. What I should’ve done is called dante. I mean, I was witnessing a crime in progress. I had the perfect opportunity to get dante there and arrest sonny. Well, why didn’t you? Michael. He was there, and he didn’t want to get our brother involved. What’s even stranger, dex, the victim, he didn’t want to get the cops involved, either. Ah! Aha! I knew it was too good to be true…

[ Door closes ] …That you were still a motionless vegetable. I saw it! You can move! Well, look at that! I can talk, too! Aah! And you are gonna walk me out of here as my hostage. This whole time! You’ve been faking it the whole time! I was just waiting for the right opportunity. And now that you’ve killed my daughter, I’d say that time is now. What? Wha– what — what daughter? Esme prince. My flesh and blood. Oh, my god, of course. That makes perfect sense. She was just as sick and twisted as you are! You killed my daughter. My little girl. No! No, you murdered my daughter, kiki! Your daughter, she just tripped off the parapet, which seems more than fair! Fair?! I don’t care about fair! I want revenge. But I’ll get that after. After what? After I love you one more time. I called selina wu. I totoit’s up to you. Ody kands fwe — we speak on a regular basis, so if you disappoint her, I will know about it.

[ Scoffs lightly ] Excuse me. Sure. He was in a hurry to leave. What are you doing here? Uh, well, I’m here to put in a good word for an employee of yours — dex heller. He’s the — the young man who saved my life. Well, well, well… who are the cheaters now? Again, I’m sorry for coming down so hard on you. I hope you know it’S…

[ Breathes deeply ] …It’s only because I care about you so much. I know that. And it means…a lot. And I can’t disagree with anything you said. But there’s just… no other choice I can make. I know what it’s like to lose a baby. I still go and visit jonah’s grave on a regular basis. I cannot lose another child. I just can’T. Hey. Hey, hey. Willow… you’re a fighter. Huh? You’re a fighter. I have total faith that you are going to beat this, and I am going to be here, by your side, all the way. Thank you, tj. That means everything to me. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Willow. Did you get some good news? $50,000? Yeah, that’s severance, along with a bonus for hazard pay. The job’s not done. I didn’t get you what you wanted. Look, I hired you to take sonny down. It was never my intention for you to die in the process. Look, I knew the risks. Okay? I-I’m infiltrating a criminal organization. I know that’s a dangerous proposition. Sounds like you were more realistic to who sonny is than I was.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. For as many times as I’ve been angry, been disappointed, wanted to take him down… I guess I was naive to who he really was. I thought he lived by some code. I mean, never in my wildest dreams did I think he was capable of having somebody tortured with a knife. I mean, that is just beyond the realm. So, look, I…

[ Sighs ] I didn’t understand the risks I was asking you to take. But now that I do, look, the job’s over. No, I can’t accept that. Did I get lucky today? Of course. But we can use that to our advantage. First time I saw this place was the day of virginia’s funeral.

[ Birds chirping ] I was a mess. Jason handled all the arrangements. And when I realized he picked a spot this close to the ocean, I…

[ Sighs ] I mean, you can still feel the ocean breeze, can’t you? I can, yeah, absolutely. It’s the perfect spot for my mother’s resting place. But I should have done more. Like what? Well, for starters, I should’ve been on the paperwork. Then I would have known about the potential move. I could’ve been a part of the original fight against this change. Carly, it is not often I get to use your own words against you…

[ Sighs ] …But what did you just say to tara? That even though you’re starting late, it doesn’t make your cause any less valid. Virginia was a good woman. Terrible taste in men.

[ Chuckles ] But she was kind and loving and… way more forgiving than me. Gosh, she deserved so much more than life gave her. You know, she deserved an attentive daughter. And I know I can’t change the mistakes I made as a teenager, but as an adult, I can make sure that her grave isn’t dug up and moved. She deserves that, right? She damn sure deserved a better husband than frank benson.

I appreciate your two cents, ava, but I-I make up my own mind on who I work with. It’s a little more than my two cents, sonny. And all my doctors at G.H. Agree that dex heller saved my life. I mean, yeah, it was — it was josslyn that — that found me, and she called 911, but it was dex that realized I was bleeding out. And if he hadn’t acted when he did, I would have died. Josslyn told me the same thing, and, you know, as — for avery’s sake, I’m happy that he — that he was the one that helped you out. So then you can see why I’M… concerned about the young man’s welfare. I can tell you right now that dex is in no danger from me. That’s good. But I have to wonder, is that because you actually trust him or because diane I.D.’D her attacker as a woman? So you’re giving up on giving evidence against your father? Of course not. Look, I’m more determined than ever, but it can’t be for something like assault where, you know, he can work the system and remain free. No, I have to get him on organized-crime charges. Look, if I could find evidence of rico violations, then there’s no way out for him. I just need to find another way to get that proof. No, starting over with something new is just a waste of time. I’m already inside sonny’s organization. He almost had you killed. Right, because he thought I was behind the attacks. But now sonny knows I’m innocent. Even better, he knows he was wrong about me. The look sonny gave me when he admitted the attacker was a woman, that is my opening. Okay? Sonny’s feeling guilty he so badly misjudged me. He’s gonna want to make up for what almost happened to me. That is how I can get close enough to get you what you need. Sonny has brought nothing but misery to dex’s life. Dex has to realize how close he came to being seriously injured, if not killed. I mean, why not call the cops, press charges, send sonny to prison where he belongs? Well, maybe dex just doesn’t hate sonny like you want him to. Uncle. Hey, T. Thanks for meeting me. Yeah, I got your message. Good thing I was already here, visiting portia. Okay. So, what’s going on? I can’t really go into specific details, but a friend of mine is going through something, and she’s choosing a very risky path. Now, I tried to intervene and was told to back off in no uncertain terms. Seems to be a lot of that going around. Carly: I could never understand why virginia kept the last name benson. I mean, frank walked out on their marriage, never paid her a dime of alimony or child support. So why not go back to her maiden name? Wow. I could ask myself the same question, right? Why? Why am I keeping sonny’s last name? I mean, we’re over. I’m not going back. I don’t want anything from him. We’ve already established our divorce settlement. Why am I still carly corinthos? Maybe it’s because you want the same last name as donna, or maybe because so much of your career is tied to that name. Keeping sonny’s last name means I’m holding on to something, and I’m not. Maybe it’s time I stop being carly corinthos and I became somebody else.

Yeah, you’re right. Until diane said that the attacker was a woman, all the circumstantial evidence pointed towards dex. Um, he was second on the scene after you were attacked. He was present right before or after the attacks on brando and diane. And then t-there was the — the dog tags, which fits perfectly with the metal noise that brando and josslyn heard. Well, did diane have another explanation for that sound? Well, diane said that the attacker was wearing — she was wearing a — a bracelet. Ah. So then that circumstantial evidence that pointed toward dex was misleading. That’s right. But when you thought that he was the guilty party, sonny, what were you gonna do to get him to confess? I wasn’t gonna condemn dex without proof, but I also wasn’t gonna let him wander around free if I thought he was a threat to my friends and my family. You made the right call. Michael: Sonny just provedhow far he’ll go. I don’t want your death on my conscience. The security firm you hired me from has been sending me into combat situations. I’m used to risking my life. That’s how I earn my living, and it pays well. Hey, there’s incentive in that. But I don’t see the honor in fighting as some corporation soldier for hire — I do see the honor in stopping sonny. Enough to justify the chance you’d be taking? After what sonny just did to me, hanging me from a meat hook overnight, deciding he was my judge, jury, and executior? Yeah. Sonny definitely has this coming. I mean, think about what would have happened if you and joss hadn’t shown up. Yeah, I like to think I’m tough, but I am no match for that psycho’s bag of knives. I could’ve been killed or — or at least cut to ribbons by the time sonny realized I was innocent. The next guy might not be that lucky. That’s why I want to see this through. Are you absolutely sure? I am. Okay. In that case… …keep the check…

[ Sighs ] …And you still deserve the bonus for hazard pay. Thank you, michael. That’s very generous of you. Well, there is one additional condition of employment. Stay away from josslyn. It’s just work stuff. And my shift just ended. Time for me to go home. Well, willow, I have to give you a lot of credit for continuing to work with everything you have to do — you know, taking care of wiley and now with another baby on the way. Lots of women continue to work while they are pregnant. That is true. But then again, a lot of women aren’t pregnant with the next quartermaine heir. I worked hard to get my nursing degree. I love coming to work. Yeah, but money is no object for michael. I’m sure he’d be thrilled if you decided to stay home and take it easy during your pregnancy. Because, willow, I have to say… you look pale — no offense. Are you — are you just taking on too much? And then I have to wonder, what’s here at the hospital that’s so compelling you can’t seem to tear yourself away from it? If you drop the name corinthos, what name would you go by? I — I don’t know. I mean, back in the day, when I first came to town, I was carly roberts, but that was an alias. I stole that name from reese. I’ve been carly quartermaine, carly jacks, but just like corinthos, it was my married name. I don’t think I’m legally allowed to use those names again. Plus, monica would lose her mind if I started calling myself carly quartermaine again.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Yep, I bet she would. Wait a minute. What about you? I mean, you’ve been faced with this question. Were you ever tempted to use the quartermaine name? Even ava admitted that her security at the gallery is nothing compared to the security at the chuck. Plus, the murphy-katz foundation fellowship is a big honor. It would look awesome on trina’s résumé. Sure would. That’s what I was thinking. So I was talking with ava. She told me that trina is more than qualified for that offer. Problem is, trina’s not trying to hear it because she’s so mad at me for interfering in her life. Mm. So it’s like everything we’ve built, all the progress that her and I have made has just evaporated. And now I’m back at square one. I disagree. I don’t think trina would be able to stay mad at you for long.

Yeah, I’ve thought about taking on the name quartermaine. I mean, for good or bad, they are family, and… mm. [ Laughs ] Yeah, sometimes it’s a bit of a bumpy ride, but I… I feel like I’m one of them. Yeah, but you never took on the family name. No. Because I’m also a former navy seal, chief andrew cain, and I’m very proud of that part of my history and the tours that I served and the — the people that I served them with. And I don’t want to distance myself from that part of my life just for a family brand. I feel the opposite. I want to distance myself from sonny, but I don’t want to do that by taking back the name benson.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, tara. What’s up? Tara: Well, as promised, carly’s

interview will air tonight. I am here with carly right now. You’re on speaker. Hi, tara. Hi, carly. I just told drew that your interview will air tonight, but, unfortunately, someone beat us to the punch, and I’m texting drew a link to a story that’s already aired on a rival station. I’m sorry I can’t give you better news. I appreciate the heads-up. Yeah. Thanks, tara.

[ Cellphone beeps ] “The woman behind the last-minute effort to stop the development of the new parkway not only has ties to madam and sex-trafficker ruby anderson, carly corinthos has a history of violent and erratic behavior, has been institutionalized, and, as a teenager, was rumored to be responsible for an auto accident in jacksonville, which left two teenagers dead and one in a coma.” Yeah. They’re coming after me. I don’t know what kind of drama you’re trying to start this time, but the simplest answer is, G.H. Needs nurses. Like I said, I worked hard to get my degree, and it’s important to me that I use it. Not that it is any of your business, whether I work or not. Oh, oh, I completely disagree with that, willow, because you and michael’s justification for banishing me from my grandson’s life is that I’m somehow a threat to his safe and secure happy home life, a home life with two loving parents who are completely committed to each other and wiley. Michael and i

are committed. Oh, I really do hope that that is true because rumors and gossip spread like wildfire. And while I have no intention of telling people about that incredibly intimate embrace between you and dr. Ashford, other people might not be as considerate. So you came here, uh, to defend dex. Now you’re saying I have a right to suspect him? I’m saying you were right to be cautious. To do whatever you deem necessary to protect your family. And what if I hadn’t figured that out in time? But you did. Yeah. Right? Right. Dex is unharmed? Relatively.

[ Chuckles ] Mm. Well, the way I see it, you have an opportunity here. And you’ve — you’ve proven to dex that you don’t rush to judgment, that you’re dangerous — but inherently fair. I might even consider it, like, a test. Ah. Yeah. One that he passed?

[ Breathes deeply ] That remains to be seen. I — I just think you may have found a keeper in dex. He’s smart and capable, and I think he could be trained to be a trustworthy and valuable associate. And I like that. ‘Cause you’re avery’s father, and I want our daughter to have both of her parents for a very long time. You want me to stay away from your sister? Look, I hate lying to josslyn, but, yeah, she can’t know that you work for me. Why not? She certainly seems open to the idea of taking sonny down. Yeah, she’d be all over it. But, look, when sonny goes down, it’s gonna hurt my other siblings, people that josslyn loves, especially our youngest sisters, avery and donna. Look, I’m — I’m willing to be the, uh — the bad guy, okay? Because in the long term, I believe that my siblings will be better off without sonny in their lives. But in the short term, I don’t expect them to agree with me. So those little girls are gonna need their big sister josslyn more than ever. So she has to be clear of my plans, and that means she has to be clear of you. Okay. You’re the boss. But I don’t like the idea of lying to joss every time I see her. So I just won’t see her. Well, I think maybe you’re being a little too optimistic, nephew. It’s one thing for her to forgive me. It’s quite another thing for her to see me as her stepfather. I hear you. I do. But again, I disagree. Look, even if trina hasn’t come to say the words just yet, I think she’s grown to love you. And by the time you and portia get married, I’m confident she will be there, cheering you both on. I hope that even though dex didn’t press charges that this is a huge wake-up call for him. And now he’ll be more appreciative of his life. And hopefully, he’ll take off, and he’ll go… far, far away from port charles. That would definitely be for the best, not only for dex but also for you. Me? I’ve been where you are, or at least something similar. Think about all the times that spencer has brought trouble into my life. Think about all the excuses that I kept making for him. Getting involved with someone like dex or spencer, it can cost you a lot. Hello, daddy. Did you miss me?

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