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Summer: Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

Diane: Sit down.

Mariah: Kyle and summer, please join hands.

Noah: Dearly beloved…

Tessa: Friends and family…

Mariah: We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s most remarkable moments — the marriage between two people who have chosen to commit their lives to one another. And today, with their first wedding anniversary right around the corner, they have decided to renew their vows.

Kyle: Impossible as it sounds, you are more breathtaking today than you were on our wedding day.

Summer: I was just about to say the same thing to you.

Kyle: Mm.

Mariah: That’s the spirit, you two.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: This isn’t a formal wedding ceremony. They already had one in italy. Today is for kyle and summer to share their joy with their nearest and dearest, bringing us all together on this beautiful autumn day to celebrate their love.

Tucker: The countdown begins.

Noah: We are here to bear witness to summer and kyle’s love. Now, I haven’t always had the best understanding of what love should look like. But when I see these two and how hard they fought to be together, to stay together, suddenly it all makes sense to me, wanting the best for one another, growing together, and trusting in each other and that love. It doesn’t get greater than that.

Tessa: I can’t sing today for the happy couple, but I’ve still been writing. And when I woke up this morning and thought about today, i jotted down some lyrics. “We were children together. We grew up together. We went our separate ways. But nothing can keep us apart, not even an ocean, because our hearts belong to each other.

Mariah: Kyle and summer have written their own vows to each other. So, ladies first.

Chelsea: Your dad should have been here by now. I wonder what’s keeping him.

Connor: It’s no big deal.

Chelsea: Well, it kind of is. You know, this is supposed to be a family thing.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

Connor: What’s wrong?

Chelsea: Well, your dad is stuck at a meeting at jabot. He’s not gonna be able to make it after all.

Connor: Oh.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Connor: Well, can’t the two of us do whatever the three of us were going to be doing?

Chelsea: You’re right. You’re right. This is important, and it shouldn’t wait.

[ Breathes deeply ] Um… okay, I need to explain something to you.

Connor: Okay. What’s it about?

Chelsea: Something that could change your life, hopefully for the better. Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

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Chelsea: I love you so much. You are the greatest joy of my life. Nobody means more to me in this world than you do. You know that, right?

Connor: Yeah. What’s going on? I mean, you said this was important, but you’re making it sound, like, scary almost.

Chelsea: No. Oh, no. Connor, there’s nothing to be scared of. I promise. I just, um — I need to tell you something about my past.

Connor: Okay.

Chelsea: Before your father and I had you, before we were together even… I was pregnant. I was pretty much alone in the world back then. You know, I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I couldn’t handle that responsibility, you know? The thought of taking care of this tiny little human — it was just too overwhelming.

Connor: What did you do?

Chelsea: I made sure the baby was raised the way he deserved to be raised, surrounded by love and being cared for in a way i wasn’t capable of giving him at the time.

Connor: He?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. I had a little boy. Letting this other family raise him was the best thing I could possibly do because this child grew up with a great life, surrounded by people who were devoted to him. I know this is true because the little boy I’m talking about is your cousin johnny.

Summer: I have loved this man for as long as I can remember. Even when I couldn’t admit it to myself. You were always a part of me. And now [Breathes deeply] As your wife, I love you more every single day for being my best friend. For making me laugh. For surprising me in all of the best ways, like coming up with the idea for this beautiful ceremony. Or always having the perfect negroni ready for me exactly when I need it the most.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: And for believing in me…as much as I believe in you. I love you.

Kyle: We’ve been through some stuff, you and I.

Summer: Right?

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: But every moment leading up to our wedding in milan only made us stronger. And every moment since then only proved even more we were meant to be. Living in milan was glorious, being newlyweds and parents to the best little boy in the world. But now our journey has brought us back home again. And I can’t wait to find out what comes next. And I know one thing for sure — it’ll never be boring.

[ Laughter ]

[ Sighs ] No one has ever excited and challenged me as much as you have. I’m so thankful you are my wife. And like I said almost a year ago when we exchanged rings, ti amero per sempre, summer. For those of you who don’t speak italian…

[ Laughter ] …That was, “I will love you forever.”

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Tucker: Hey, it’s me. Ready to go? Great. See you on the roof. Hell, yeah, I want to make an entrance.

[ Chuckles ] So, you’re 45.

Connor: You were pregnant with johnny?

Chelsea: Yes.

Connor: And you gave him away as a baby, just, like, handed him over to billy and victoria?

Chelsea: No, it wasn’t like that.

Connor: Then what was it like?

Chelsea: It was a huge decision. I mean, this was the best thing for everybody.

Connor: Does johnny know?

Chelsea: Billy and victoria told him the truth a few days ago, that victoria is his mother always, but I’m his biological mother, which makes you and johnny half-brothers. I’m hoping this can bring us all closer now…like family.

Tessa: If kyle and summer’s parents would like to share any special thoughts on this day, we would love to hear from them.

Nick: Alright, I’ll start us off.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: I was, uh, lucky enough to be at your ceremony in milan. Very happy to be part of this one, too. You said you wanted some advice from time to time, so I’m just gonna run right with that.

Kyle: Already?

Summer: Oh, no.

[ Laughs ]

Nick: Just hear me out. Um…when you choose to spend your life with someone, you can never tell them enough just how much you value them, how much you appreciate everything they do, and that you are always on their side. Trust me on this one. Just do it at least once a day. Promise me you’ll remember that.

Summer: I will. Thank you, dad.

Nick: I was with my beautiful, amazing daughter earlier, and I told her I was completely awed by her. You’re a lucky man, kyle. And I’m very, very happy to have you as a son-in-law. I think you’re an incredible father, an incredible husband. I’m very proud of this family that you’ve created. And I’m sure you and summer will find a lot of joy in the days ahead. I love you both.

Phyllis: I’ll go next.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Um… uh, okay. Well… [ Sighs ] Earlier, tessa said that you inspired her. You inspired me. Both of you. You have grown so much as a couple, and you’ve had a lot of speed bumps, a lot of obstacles, and you’ve overcome every single one. That takes a lot of tenacity. A lot. That’s what every parent wants for their child, the kind of happiness you share. I mean, that’s what everybody wants for themselves, right? Anyway, kyle and summer — they are living symbols of forgiveness and trust.

[ Voice breaking ] Your connection is profound. It’s beautiful. And you inspire me. Anything is possible. The sky’s the limit. So…keep on soaring. Um…you can achieve anything. I love you.

Summer: Thanks, mom.

Jack: A far wiser man than i once said, “the best romance is inside marriage.” The very best love stories happen after the wedding, not before.” But kyle and summer already know that. They know that the wedding is just the beginning of life’s greatest adventure when you venture forth into the world with your partner by your side. And, oh, what a partnership these two have. The last few months I have had a front-row seat to watch kyle and summer together as they toiled day long at work and then live under the same roof. Not every couple could handle that kind of togetherness. These two make it look so easy because they are so completely in sync. I want you to know it means the world to me and to traci and to ashley, who couldn’t be here today, that you chose to have this ceremony here in this home that means so much to all of us, that this memory is part of abbott history. I know the two of you will build so many more exciting experiences that will add pages to the story of your family’s life. But today, you both have added immeasurably to ours. Thank you.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Um… um, I-I wasn’t at kyle and summer’s wedding in milan, and that — that was totally my fault and one of the, um, most painful regrets I have about, uh, staying away for as long as I did. But, um, that was yesterday, and today is about renewed hope and love.

[ Voice breaking ] I’ve — I’ve gotten to know kyle all over again, and I’ve started a relationship with summer. And the kindness and generosity that you two have shown me and your — your willingness to give me another chance — it’s a testament to who you are as individuals and as a couple. And I am — I am so grateful and honored to be part of your world and of your brilliant future together.

[ Sniffles ] I love you. Sorry.

Mariah: Alright. This is it, the moment of truth. Summer and kyle, do you promise to keep each other as husband and wife, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?

Both: We will.

Mariah: And will you maintain your vows to each other to love, honor, and cherish each other always?

Both: We do.

Mariah: And to all of you loved ones out there, do you promise to support, love, and cherish this couple as they so fabulously deserve?

Together: We will!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Mariah: Alright, then.

[ Laughs ]

Noah: Only one thing left to do. Summer and kyle abbott, we now pronounce you husband and wife…again.

[ Laughter ] Let what god has joined together nobody put asunder.

Tessa: Amen!

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Whirring intensifies ]

[ Wind whipping ]

[ Wind and whirring continue ] Technically when enamel is gone,

Connor: Johnny and I are cousins, so we’re already family. Are you saying you want to be family with johnny now, want to be his mother all of a sudden? Why? Did I do something wrong?

Chelsea: No. Connor, no. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so proud of you. I’m so proud to be your mom. None of that’s changed. I-I thought you’d see this as a good thing.

Connor: Are you serious right now? What’s good about it?

Chelsea: Well, it’s a way to get closer to johnny. You know, you can get to know him better as brothers.

Connor: I don’t get it. Why are you making it sound like this is about me? It’s about you.

Chelsea: Connor!

Connor: If you didn’t need to be with johnny before, why do you need to be with him now?

Chelsea: I-I don’t need to. I just — I hoped and I thought that —

Connor: How come you never told me about johnny until now?

Chelsea: Well, billy and victoria, your father and I — we wanted to wait until you boys were old enough to understand.

Connor: I don’t understand, and I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

Chelsea: Sweetheart —

Connor: Take me back to the ranch. I want to go home!

Chelsea: Connor! Connor!

Tucker: Oh, hey. [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Hey.

Tucker: Uh, I hope I didn’t miss the festivities.

Jack: Tucker mccall. What the hell are you doing here?

Nikki: Thank god your father isn’t here. Imagine what that “hello” would look like.

Tucker: Well, I heard about this glorious occasion. You know how gossip gets around this town. Uh, and since I’m back, i thought it’d be nice to say hello to as many people as i could in one fell swoop. More efficient that way.

Jack: This is not the time or place for a meet-and-greet. What, you disappear for years, then drop in on a private family gathering — by helicopter, no less? You have no right. You are not welcome.

Tucker: Yeah, uh, my humble apologies for the lack of advanced notice. I certainly didn’t mean to make this solely about my arrival in genoa city. I wanted to bring good tidings to the lovely young couple there and — wow. Sorry, I just got to take all this in. This is so beautiful. What a gorgeous setting, jack.

Summer: He has some nerve showing up here, on today of all days.

Diane: Who does tucker mccall think he is, barging in here like this, stepping all over your lovely ceremony, injecting himself where he’s not wanted?

Phyllis: Oh, that’s rich, that she would say that after she’s insinuating herself into jack and kyle’s life.

Nick: It is ridiculous, him showing up like this.

Phyllis: Let’s get rid of him, please. Can you?

Nick: We’re just gonna let jack handle this. It’s his house.

Tucker: [ Whistles ] Diane jenkins. I read about your return from the dead. I am very happy to see you looking good.

Jack: Back off.

Tucker: Oh, no, no, I — i mean all that sincerely, jack. I don’t bear diane — or anybody here, for that matter — any ill will.

Jack: I assume you’re here to see ashley. Fortunately, she’s stuck in paris, couldn’t get here in time to put up with your unwelcome presence. Now get off my property. A dental tool is round for a reason.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Nope

Tucker: I promise I won’t impose much longer. Please try to be patient. I just want to congratulate summer and kyle, give them a gift, okay? Uh, I wish you both the very best. Please accept this as a token of my esteem. Key to a vintage bentley. I understand your grandfather preferred bentleys to rolls-royces.

Kyle: Yeah.

Tucker: Yeah. This is a classic one.

Kyle: Thanks, but no thanks.

Summer: The only gift I want is for you to leave.

Tucker: I see. Uh, well, it would meant a lot to me if you accepted. Um…but maybe once you’ve had a chance to enjoy the car, you’ll feel differently. Please. Good luck. Okay. There it is. Um, you all enjoy the rest of the ceremony, and, uh, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other from now on ’cause I’m sticking around. Before I go, I’d like a word with you, jack, if you please.

Jack: If it’ll get you out of here any quicker, I will happily talk to you. Make it quick.

Tucker: Um, when do you expect ashley to return?

Jack: Are you kidding me? You did this as a ploy to get ashley’s attention? She would never have appreciated this.

Tucker: I really need to speak with her. I want to make amends. I’m certain she’ll want to hear what I have to say.

Jack: Don’t bet on it. If you don’t want things to get a whole lot uglier real fast, i suggest you get back on that helicopter and fly away right now.

Allie: A bentley. Wow.

Noah: Vintage, nonetheless.

Mariah: One heck of a gift.

Summer: It’s creepy.

Kyle: It’s over the top.

Summer: Especially from someone that we have never been close to.

Kyle: It wasn’t about us. It was like he wanted to put on a show or something.

Tessa: Tucker does have a reputation in the industry for being a colorful personality, which in the music biz is saying something.

Mariah: That’s not the only thing he’s known for, at least around here. As well as being a major player in the industry, he’s also devon’s dad.

Allie: Wait. You’re kidding. Are they close at all?

Mariah: I don’t know that they’re necessarily on bad terms, but they haven’t seen each other in ages. Wait. Do you think that he’s — he’s back for dominic?

Kyle: I could see that — his son and his grandson. Wanting to make up for lost time.

Noah: Yeah, it could be. Still doesn’t explain why he felt the need to literally drop out of the sky and crash the party.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Line ringing ] Pick up. Please pick up. Pick up. Pick up, please.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Billy: Chelsea. Hey.

Chelsea: Hey. Um, are you free by any chance? Could you meet me at crimson lights?

Billy: Now? I’m — I’m in the middle of a family function. Kyle and summer renewed their vows.

Chelsea: Oh. [ Sighs ] Oh. Sorry for interrupting. My timing is terrible today, in every way it seems.

[ Voice breaking ] I just — I can’t get anything right.

Billy: Okay, hold on. Um, listen, the main event is — is pretty much over, so I can sneak out for a little bit.

Chelsea: Really? Are you sure?

Billy: Yeah. Stay where you are, and I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay?

Chelsea: Okay. Thanks.

[ Sighs heavily ] Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Chelsea: I completely blew it with connor. He refused to speak to me the whole drive home. And then when I dropped him off at the ranch, he ran inside without even saying goodbye to me. It’s like I can’t do anything right.

Billy: I didn’t realize you were planning on telling him so soon.

Chelsea: Well, I thought it was the right thing to do since johnny knows the truth. But I — I completely miscalculated the way connor would react. I think I really screwed this up.

Billy: I mean, this is complicated stuff for adults, let alone for kids. And it feels like right now you’re letting your emotions make some pretty major decisions. And that’s not always a good thing. I think you need to slow down a little bit and just take a step back. Maybe talk to someone that knows how to proceed in these kind of situations, like a child psychologist or an adoption specialist.

Chelsea: I should have done that. I should have done that first. I don’t know what I was thinking. Now I opened up this whole pandora’s box because I was just so insistent on it.

[ Sniffles ] I think I’ve wrecked my relationship with both boys now.

Billy: No, hey, you don’t have to go there, okay? These boys are smart. They got big hearts, okay? They just need some time to process through this.

Chelsea: But is it gonna work out? I think I’ve just hurt and alienated both johnny and connor, which is the last thing I wanted to do. How do I come back from this? What do I do now?

Billy: [ Sighs ] I can’t answer that for you. But I do have an idea, something that might help in the moment.

[ Up-tempo music playing ]

[ Indistinct singing ]

Nikki: Well, you handled that situation with tucker very admirably. I don’t know that I would have had that much restraint.

Jack: Well, I appreciate the compliment. Look, as long as I have you to myself, I was curious about something.

Nikki: Oh?

Jack: Your trip to L.A. — What was that all about?

Nikki: There’s been a lot of speculation about that. In fact, I’m sure diane is very interested in wanting to know what I was doing there.

Jack: Which was precisely what?

Nikki: Well, I was arranging for this beautiful gown for summer. Although your curiosity is intriguing.

Jack: Really? Why’s that?

Nikki: Well, diane has told anyone who would listen that she has nothing to hide about her time in los angeles. And if you believe that, then you really have no reason to care about my trip. But if you don’t believe it, well, then that’s a whole other matter. Excuse me, won’t you?

Diane: Is everything okay?

Jack: Yes, now that our uninvited guest has departed, everything’s okay.

Diane: Ugh, I can’t believe the nerve of that man, just waltzing in here like that. It’s so obnoxious.

Jack: Yeah, some things never change.

Diane: So, what were you two even talking about?

Jack: He wants to know when ashley will be home.

Diane: You think that’s all he’s after?

Jack: Not on your life. He may say he wants to reconnect with ashley or devon, but… no, he’s up to something. I am sure of it.

Nick: I’m just glad tucker finally left so the kids can finally have some fun.

Victoria: Well, tucker’s choosing to show up now was certainly interesting timing.

Nick: Yeah. Right when chancellor-winters is going public.

Victoria: Do you think there’s a connection?

Nick: I don’t know. Maybe. There could be lots of reasons, though, why he finally showed back up in town.

Victoria: Yeah, well, either way, we need to warn dad.

Phyllis: Okay. Yeah? Okay. I’m dying to hear your proof that diane has been lying about her time away. I’m dying to hear it.

Nikki: Well, deacon turned out to be very helpful. Despite her claims of living a modest lifestyle in L.A., Diane was being driven around town in a bentley.

Phyllis: A bentley. That’s the car that tucker gave kyle and summer.

Nikki: One hell of a coincidence, isn’t it?

You never know

what opportunities

Nikki: When tucker gave the kids that bentley, I about fell over.

Phyllis: I was watching diane and tucker, and it seemed that they were genuinely shocked to see each other here.

Nikki: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Deacon said he would occasionally see a man in the backseat with her, but he couldn’t get a good look at the face. So it could have been tucker, or it could have been some other sugar daddy that she’s latched onto. Or maybe she has a pile of money squirreled away and it was her money. I mean, we just don’t know.

Phyllis: Yeah. I imagine you’re gonna keep on looking into it.

Nikki: Of course. Now, the car is owned by a company named private image limited. They’re based in london, but they have a branch in L.A. Victor put his people on the case, and they sent me a list of some of their investors. So, do you recognize any of these?

Phyllis: I mean… no. No, but diane’s keeping a secret. She’s definitely keeping a secret. We can’t stop now.

Nikki: Absolutely not — because whatever it is, we’re going to expose it… and her.

Billy: Come on. I come here from time to time when I feel like the walls are caving in. I think you might be feeling a little bit of that right now. So it feels like the right time for a little catharsis.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Billy, I know you mean well, but what are we doing on the roof of the grand phoenix?

Billy: I feel like you’re a little overwhelmed, chelsea.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Billy: So it’s time to take some control, and you can start to do that right here, right now.

Chelsea: How?

Billy: That anxiety and that fear that you have right now — it’s — you know just as well as anyone it starts to eat you up inside. Emotionally, physically. All of it starts to fill your brain, your veins, and your lungs, and you need to get it out. And I mean really get it out. Like this.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Whew. Go ahead. Give it a try.

Chelsea: Me? Oh, no way. No. Everybody in this town thinks I’m nuts as it is.

Billy: No. Don’t worry about anybody else, okay? This is about you. Come on. Take everything that is pent up inside and scream it out. You’ll be surprised how freeing it feels.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Breathing deeply ]

Traci: Hey. Are you looking for somebody?

Victoria: Uh…billy. Have you seen him?

Traci: Oh, um, he left a little while ago. Something came up, and I assume it was business.

Victoria: Oh, probably. Duty calls and all that. Thank you.

Traci: You’re welcome.

Noah: Oh, these are lovely. Just one more.

Jack: Here, let’s get one of you and allie. Come on. Come on!

Allie: And the happy couple?

Summer: Yes.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure.

[ Laughter ] Now to work the —

Jack: I’ll figure it out. Here we are.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Oh, this is nice. Ready?

[ Camera shutter clicks ] One more.

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Okay, now a goofy one.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Laughter ]

Jack: That’s it. There is your wedding photo. Have fun with that.

Allie: Oh, wow!

Summer: That’s good.

Nikki: Master harrison has something for the bride and groom.

Allie: Ooh.

Kyle: Presents? For us?

Summer: Show us, sweetie.

Kyle: Ooh.

Summer: Wow. It’s so pretty.

Kyle: That’s a great card. I love it, buddy.

Nikki: Wait till you see what’s inside.

Kyle: There’s more?

Summer: Ooh, let’s see.

Kyle: Ooh.

Noah: Oh, killer design, harrison.

Allie: Ooh, harrison, what are those?

Nikki: I understand they’re coupons.

Kyle: Coupons? For what?

Harrison: For hugs and kisses!

Summer: Oh, I love it!

Kyle: We’re gonna redeem some of those right now.

Summer: Yes.

[ Laughter ] Mwah!

Noah: Alright.

Kyle: Okay. Let’s take a picture. Come on.

Noah: Say cheese!

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Ohh. Shoot. I startled you. Sorry. You seemed engrossed. Something important?

Diane: No, no. It’s just a minor work thing. And, um — and nothing is more important than kyle and summer’s happiness.

Phyllis: Nothing is more important. We have to enjoy these moments with them while we can, right?

Diane: Yeah, absolutely.

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Diane: Well, I’m going to go mingle. We’re here today to set the record

Victoria: Tucker shows up at the same time that chancellor-winters is prepping to go public. I mean, it’s got to be connected somehow. Maybe he’s working behind the scenes with devon.

Victor: Or jill. You know, he was in bed with her in more ways than one.

Nick: As if there weren’t enough reasons for us to avoid taking control of chancellor-winters, having tucker mccall in the mix is a complication we cannot afford.

Victoria: Well, make no mistake. We’re not backing out of this. Scooping up chancellor-winters is too big of a get. And in no way do I fear tucker mccall. If he comes up with a plan, then we’ll just find a way to outmaneuver him.

Victor: My thoughts exactly.

Victoria: And we’ll know about any complications or potential hazards ahead of time because of our ace in the hole — nate.

[ Elevator doors open ]

Nate: [ Sighs ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Do my eyes deceive me?

Esther: Oh, nate. Hi. How’s my favorite doctor?

Nate: Now your favorite businessman, I hope. I know I have a lot of competition out there.

Esther: Well, there’s always room for one more favorite, especially someone as charming as you.

Nate: Oh, well, thank you.

Esther: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: So, what brings you by chancellor-winters?

Elena: I have a meeting with devon.

Nate: About what?

Esther: [ Chuckling ] I’m not sure.

Nate: Well, why don’t you wait in here? So, is this the first time you’ve been here since the merger?

Esther: Yeah. Mrs. C would be so impressed. It was a big move, and she’d be so happy that her grandson’s company has joined hers.

Nate: Say, you knew katherine as well as anyone.

Esther: [ Chuckles ] The stories I could tell.

Nate: Mm. She was an inspiration. To have accomplished so much in an era where it was rare for a woman to run a big company…

Esther: Yes. People underestimated her because she inherited the business from her husband, and so they didn’t think that she was qualified.

Nate: Mm. I know that feeling.

Esther: Really? But you graduated from medical school. How could anyone ever think that you don’t know what you’re doing?

Nate: Oh, you’d be surprised. But I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what she went through. I’m sure she’s had more than her fair share of detractors and naysayers.

Esther: [ Chuckles ] More than you can imagine. And the worst one was jill. She was a thorn in my side, too. It’s crazy how she could become co-owner of this company.

Nate: Ah. I never had any issues with jill. She’s always been so helpful. If there are any problems at this company, they have nothing to do with jill.

Esther: Well, yes, she makes me crazy, but I guess I do kind of wish that jill was in genoa city full time. I mean, in the final decades of her life, mrs. C made peace with jill, and they eventually became co-ceos of chancellor.

Nate: Wow. So, katherine was willing to share her power. Hmm. That’s fascinating. You know, I would love to know more about katherine the businesswoman, if you wouldn’t mind.

Esther: Mind? Oh, no, I-I’d love to.

Devon: Elena, I trust your judgment, so you can tell me the truth and tell me what I’ve done that’s causing friction in your relationship.

Elena: You didn’t do anything per se. I’m just saying that i understand why you’re putting nate through the paces. You’re running a business. The success and failure of every decision falls on you.

Devon: Yeah, and I appreciate you understanding that.

Elena: But I think the only thing nate cares about is making his mark and showing everyone that he deserves to be where he is, that he has the talent and the courage to operate at that level.

Devon: Yeah, I know that. And I wouldn’t have hired him unless I thought he was talented or I thought he could handle this job. I mean, he’s one of the smartest people I know, and I have very high expectations for him. But he knows this already, right?

Elena: I think he’s just frustrated that things haven’t happened as quickly as he wants them to or in the way that he wants them to.

Devon: He still feels like that? ‘Cause since he’s come back to work, I’ve been under the impression that he’s really making an effort to respect the hierarchy.

Elena: It’s just the way that nate is handling his feelings. I can’t accept it.

Devon: Are we talking about just him struggling with this transition into the corporate world, or is it something completely different here?

Elena: I’m sorry, devon. I’m gonna head back to work.

Devon: You sure?

Elena: I’ll see you later. Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Let’s be real…

Esther: Oh, my goodness!

Devon: Hey. What’d I miss?

Nate: Hey.

Devon: Esther, you’re looking beautiful, as always.

Esther: Oh, you.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: Everything all right with you?

Nate: Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?

Esther: I was just telling nate how mrs. C liked to shake people up. She wasn’t shy.

Devon: No. And she didn’t waste one second of life on this planet.

Esther: Oh, that’s for sure.

Devon: She had a motto. Remember that?

Esther: Yes. “Live until I die.” And it wasn’t just a saying to her.

Devon: That’s right, not at all. She grabbed life with both hands and lived it. She saw the places she wanted to see. She had a whole bucket list she checked off. She was even lucky enough to find love later in life.

Esther: Yeah, she grabbed this happiness and hold on tight.

Nate: Words to live by.

Devon: Yeah.

Esther: So, devon…

Devon: Yeah?

Esther: …Why’d you want to see me?

Devon: Well, I wanted to see you because I’ve been thinking about a conversation that we had not too long ago.

Esther: Uh-oh. What’d I say?

Devon: You were just telling me how miles and bella are growing up and how you’re not taking care of the chancellor mansion anymore.

Esther: Yeah. That. Yeah.

Devon: And so I started thinking about our whole principle behind forming chancellor-winters. You know, it’s because we wanted it to be a family enterprise ’cause that’s something that’s very important to me.

Nate: I can’t begin to tell you how I feel about being a part of this.

Devon: And, esther, you are part of the chancellor legacy.

Esther: Oh, that means so much to me.

Devon: Well, it’s very, very true. And we would love to have you a part of what we’re building here, if you’d like to be.

Esther: De– wait. Devon, wait, wait. A-are you offering me a job?

Devon: I absolutely am offering you a job, yes. Our receptionist has to take off for personal reasons —

Esther: Oh! Oh, no! No! The answer — yes! The answer is yes!

Devon: Yeah?

Esther: [ Laughing ] Yes!

Devon: Good.

Esther: Wow.

Summer: All I know is when i look back on the day that we chose each other again in front of all of our friends and family, the last thing I want to think about is —

Noah: A stupid stunt pulled by some self-aggrandizing jerk? Yeah. Yeah, I agree. We should erase that part.

Summer: Consider it forgotten.

Noah: And tonight doesn’t have to end. After party tonight. My club.

Kyle: Ooh. Are you up for it?

Summer: Mm, dance all night with you?

Kyle: Oh, I thought you’d never ask.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Allie: Ah, they kissed! That makes it official. After party it is.

Noah: Save me a dance. Or all of them.

Allie: Mm. Only if you play your cards right.

Noah: Alright, it’s official. I’ll see you guys tonight. Bye. See you, jack.

Jack: Good night. You know what? I think it’s a great idea. We could all use a little palate cleansing, particularly after tucker very nearly spoiled your day.

Kyle: I’m sorry. What happened?

Summer: Tucker who? What?

[ Laughter ]

Tucker: No, we’re still partners. I need you to continue to be my eyes and ears inside the abbott world.

Diane: And if I refuse? What, are you threatening me?

Tucker: I’m reminding you that you would not have been able to make progress with your son, nor would you have had any kind of important place with your adorable little grandson, were it not for my help. So I need you to continue assisting me until I can get a foothold. ‘Cause, you know, I’m facing the same uphill battle you faced, right? I mean, your crimes, granted, were more egregious than mine, which gives me hope — ’cause if you can overcome your obstacles, so can I.

Diane: To what end?

Tucker: Why do you want to know that?

Diane: Because I feel protective of the abbotts now. They’re my family. So I need you to tell me exactly what you want from them.

Jack: Are things that busy at marchetti? ‘Cause I honestly think you two deserve a honeymoon break.

Kyle: Oh, funny you should mention that. I have already lined up a villa on the beach in costa rica.

Summer: Mm, he surprised me. He even got me this cute little straw hat.

Kyle: Yeah, we’re still working out the schedule and things, but we hope we can get away in the next couple of weeks.

Summer: You know, as excited as I am about a romantic vacation, I’m still a little nervous about leaving marchetti and harrison.

Jack: Don’t worry about harrison. He’s got me, he’s got diane, mrs. Martinez, traci.

Kyle: [ Chuckling ] Okay, we get the picture.

Summer: Prepare to return to a spoiled kid.

Jack: No, we won’t peel any of his grapes for him. Unless he asks. You can always video-chat with him every night.

Kyle: We’re going to pack some picture books so we can still read him bedtime stories.

Jack: Great. As for marchetti, you’ve hired a great staff. Lean on them. Delegate. Look, you two take time. Enjoy the love you share with each other. You deserve it. We’ll take care of the rest.

Kyle: Okay, but what about our mothers? Is it safe to leave them without supervision?

Jack: At the moment, yes. There is a stalemate. I wouldn’t call it peace, but I — they’re not fighting. Take full advantage of that.

Esther: I should warn you — I cannot possibly start until tomorrow at 8:00.

Devon: Well, guess what. Tomorrow at 8:00 is perfect.

Esther: Really?

Devon: Absolutely. Yes. We’ll have the current receptionist start training you, and then I can go up and take care of everything in H.R.

Esther: I will learn the routine in no time.

Devon: I have no doubt that you will.

Esther: I’m so glad you thought of me.

Devon: Oh, absolutely. I’ve been thinking about you for a long time. I’m just happy that this opened up and we can make something work out.

Nate: Welcome aboard.

Esther: [ Chuckling ] Thank you. Oh! I am an employee of chancellor-winters.

Devon: Yes, you are.

Esther: Well, starting tomorrow at 8:00. Oh, no. Tomorrow? Oh, my gosh. I’ve got to find something to wear. I’ve got to go.

[ Laughter ] Mrs. C would be so proud of you.

Devon: Oh.

Esther: I got to go.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Esther: Thanks. Bye!

Nate: Good move bringing esther on.

Devon: Oh, yeah, man. It feels like a missing piece to this puzzle having her here. Katherine always considered her family, so it’s only right that we take care of her like this, you know? But, uh, speaking of looking after family, when I asked you before if everything was okay with you, how come you weren’t honest with me?

Victor: Now as devon’s coo, nate hastings is perfectly positioned to find out if tucker mccall had anything to do with chancellor-winters going public.

Victoria: The more intel we have, the better prepared we’ll be.

Nick: Yeah, the sec has a name for that kind of behavior, and they don’t like it.

Victor: Son, no regulations have been violated.

Nick: Yet.

Victoria: Nate has also developed a personal relationship with a consultant that jill brought in to help with the ipo, a woman named audra charles.

Victor: Hmm. Good.

Nick: This is all assuming that nate can continue to lie to his cousins’ faces.

Devon: I asked you not that long ago how things are going between you and elena.

Nate: I said we’d work things out.

Devon: Yes, I know what you said, but I just had a conversation with her.

Nate: What did she say?

Devon: I’m not gonna betray her trust, but I can tell you that she loves you very much and she’s worried about you.

Nate: Yeah. I wish things hadn’t gotten to this point with her.

Devon: Well, I’m gonna say to you the same thing I said to her. If there’s something that I can do to help, I’d like to do it. So, let’s hear your side.

Nate: Elena’s been saying all the right things about me leaving medicine, but the fact of the matter is she never expected this to last. She thought I’d have fun for a while, but ultimately wind back up at memorial.

Devon: Hmm. I mean, I know a lot of your connection was based on being in the same profession.

Nate: Mm. When things got tense between the two of us, elena’s first instinct was to tell me to walk away from chancellor-winters. She’s still focused on the past, how things were. And I’m looking forward.

[ Cellphone pings ] It’s a business matter I need to follow up on.

Devon: Anything I can help with?

Nate: Consider it handled. And for the record, I’m committed to working things out with elena, and I’m hopeful it will happen because I love her. But I want to make one thing clear. I am determined not to allow personal issues to interfere with what I’m trying to accomplish here.

Devon: Okay. I appreciate your candor.

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Can a cream really

reduce wrinkles?

Nate: I got here as quickly as I could. What’s going on?

Victoria: Tucker mccall has returned to genoa city.

Nate: Devon didn’t say anything about his father coming to town.

Victoria: Yeah, I gathered since you didn’t mention it to me, which means one of two things. Either tucker hasn’t told devon that he’s here, or devon knows that his prodigal father has returned and he’s just keeping you out of the loop.

Nate: I wonder if he found out about the plan to go public.

Victoria: I had the same thought. It’s possible that he’s thinking of making his own move on the company. With him, anything is possible.

Nate: I’ll see what I can find out.

Victoria: It’s imperative that you do. If there’s a wild card in the mix, it could change the entire game.

Phyllis: You know, it feels so wrong having these secret meetings here, but then it feels so right.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Well, since summer is suspicious of our new civility, I thought it would be a good idea.

Phyllis: I mean, I can’t believe I had to swear to her that I wouldn’t try to run diane out of town. I guess she wants me to just stand back and watch this woman try to worm her way into the lives of everyone we love.

Nikki: Well, from what I can tell, you’re doing a good job faking it.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Thanks. So, tucker. His desire to give this very ostentatious gift to kyle and summer — could that link him to diane in los angeles?

Nikki: With any luck, it will.

Phyllis: Alright, so, you have big news to tell me. I’m ready.

Nikki: Thanks to victor’s team, we have a fascinating new piece of the puzzle.

Tucker: Trust me — I’m not out to hurt anyone. I just want what you got when you came back to genoa city — forgiveness and acceptance, mostly from ashley. I’ve made no secret of that.

Diane: I am sure that people are already suspicious about the two of us being back here at the same time. And if anybody puts the pieces together, then all the help you’ve given me will be for nothing. And I have worked too long and too hard to lose what I’ve managed to get back. So, please. Come on. Just please reconsider continuing to use me as your spy.

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Mccall? I know you’re in there.

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