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Drew?! You’re awake. You’re here.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Where else would I be? Uh, I don’t know. I-I thought maybe you left. Hm. And if I had, would you have missed me? We really need to rethink this whole presentation. We’re going for classic and clean, not sterile.

[ Knock on door ] Paul, I’m gonna have to call you back. Sasha. Sasha: I’m sorry for interrupting. No, no. You’re not. I’m so sorry. Thanks. I know I’m supposed to be taking a step back from the company, but… I didn’t know where else to go. Forget the company. Whatever you need, I’m here. Book: Pick it up. I’ll get it later. Pick it up! Man, you dropped it. You pick it up. I said pick it up!

[ Groaning ] What is your problem?! God! You’re the one with the problem, my friend.

Me. Why do you ask about reiko? Finn doesn’t mention her. To me, at least. Well, I’m sure it brings up difficult memories. Losing reiko had an enormous impact on finn’s life. What’s going on? Is diane okay? Don’t tell me she didn’t make it. Ugh! I can’t tell you how good that felt! Not only to be back on campus, but to have no one stare at us like we’re a bunch of circus performers! Apparently, we’re last semester’s news.

[ Chuckles ] Ugh! What’s wrong? I’ve tried every social-media platform. I can’t find him anywhere. Who? Dex. I have no way to reach him.

[ Door opens ] Sonny: Hey. What are you doing here? Waiting for you. Frank said you were on your way. He made me a hell of a cup of coffee, by the way. Thank you again. Anytime. Yeah. Uh, any update on diane? Uh, no, not yet. But i am here about the attacks. What about ’em? Where’s your employee — dex heller?

Why are you looking for dex? Where is he? Is he working today? No. His day off. Mm. Um, w-why are you asking me these questions?

[ Sighs ] I can’t with this guy. He’s scaring off all the customers! No offense. Oh. Hello. Hi, dad. Hi. Dante. Kristina. Can you just please reassign this one and give me back dex?

[ Sighs ] So why are you trying to find dex again? I heard he was being questioned by the pcpd about the attacks. Whoa. What? Do they have evidence against him? Circumstantial. I mean, dex was in the area either before or after all of the attacks. But the evidence that i have points away from him. Oh, so he’ll be cleared. You weren’T. Not nearly as quickly as you should have been, at least. Good point. Okay. I-I still don’t get where you fit in, though. I just think it’s strange. I mean, dex starts getting questioned, and then he goes completely mia? I mean, he could be anywhere. It’s not like you know him that well. I mean… he could be lying low so that he can stay out of the spotlight. Or maybe he is guilty and he left town. Maybe. Or he’s with family. A significant other? Joss, what’s going on? Why are you so interested in this guy? What are you, a ninja? Damn. She figured out my secret identity! I didn’t even hear you leave this morning. Good! That’s good. I was trying to be quiet so you didn’t wake up. I can’t believe how late it is. Although I’m not surprised. I could not fall asleep last night. Yeah, I know. I heard you tossing and turning. Yeah? Sorry. Don’t have to be sorry. Are you always such a-a restless sleeper? Well, I’m — sleeping alone takes some getting used to. Hmm. I could help with that. N-not like that. I mean…

[ Laughs ] I mean, I could and I totally would in a heartbeat, but we’ve already had that conversation. I know that. Yeah. What I’m trying to say is I, uh — I learned some sleeping techniques while I was in the service, and those techniques can help you fall asleep in less than five minutes. Ah. I could have used that last night. You know, I had this awful dream that virginia’s grave was being dug up and peyton was just standing there laughing. But we’re not gonna let that happen, remember? Yes, and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you offering to help me. I really do. But…? But I think I should just call diane and see what my legal options are. Oh. About diane… maxie: Sorry. What for? Right after nathan died, people were forever trying to ply me with tea. Half the time I felt like throwing it in their faces. And I’m now realizing they were just trying to do whatever they could for me.

[ Sighs ] What I’m trying to say is you’re under no obligation to actually drink that. I like earl grey. Is there anything else I can do for you? Anything at all? I, um — I need an outfit for brando’s funeral. I was going through my closet, and the only thing that’s appropriate is the dress I wore to liam’s funeral, and I-I can’t — no, no, of course not. I was gonna go shopping, but as I was walking into wyndham’s, I remembered my credit cards don’t work. I’m really sorry about the conservatorship. Um, you came to the right place. I can definitely find you the right outfit. Thank you, maxie. Diane made it out of surgery, and the pharma protocol I administered seems to have worked. Thank god. So she’s gonna be alright. That’s the plan. And is she awake? I mean, I’m hoping she’s got some information about the bastard that did this to her. She’s still unconscious, but you’ll be the first to know when she wakes up. Second to know. You stand in line behind me.

[ Chuckles ] Reiko really meant a lot to finn, didn’t she? I wish I could tell you stories about [Chuckles] Their time together. But the truth is, I wasn’t around when they were married. That’s from what I call the “dark period.” Finn and I weren’t in contact. Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dredge up painful times. Oh. Thanks. And I hate that finn and I, uh, missed out on all that time, but I mostly hate that I wasn’t there to support him when reiko died. But you’re here now. Yes. Mm. Something I’m grateful for every day.

[ Breathes sharply ] If you don’t mind me asking, what — what brought all this up? I’ve just been thinking a lot about the past lately. The past is a tricky thing. Even when you think you’ve let go of it, it has a way of hanging on to you. How am I your problem? You used your connections to steal my job. It took me 12 years to get assigned to the library, and you show up, and I’m out? 12 years. That’s — whew! That’s a long time. Yeah. It is. Pick it up. Okay.

[ Grunts ] God! I’m sorry, okay?! I did not mean to offend you. Mm. Well, anything useless offends me, and it doesn’t get more useless than you! You know, rumor has it that your daddy wanted to buy this place last year. And now hardworking citizens are paying to feed and house you. I think maybe I should give them a tax break, huh? Mnh-mnh. Cyrus: He who commits violence against his brother shall be covered in shame… and destroyed forever.

Go thump your bible somewhere else, renault. I’ll spare you the proselytizing, but… only if you let him up.

[ Grunts ] Conflict disheartens me. And I abhor violence. Right. From convict to convert. You’re a regular walking after-school special. It’s not too late for you, book. If you change your mind, you know where to find me. I sure do. Got lucky with the save, kid. Next time, I’ll make sure we’re not interrupted. How’s the hand? I had that under control, you know. Not from where I was standing. And now? You did me a solid. What do you want for it? God, I can’t believe diane was stabbed. I — oh, and I have messages from josslyn, michael, and sonny. Boy, I’m mother of the year, right? Okay, look, the fact that you weren’t glued to your phone… oh, my god. …The second you got out of bed in the morning? Most people would say that’s a very good thing. Now when your family’s in danger. Okay? To hell with this. I don’t care what sonny says. I’m going back to port charles. Do you really think that’s a good idea? You don’t?! Well — look. Sonny and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye on a lot, but when it comes to your safety, there is a murderer loose in port charles. The only common denominator — is sonny. I know. That means my kids are in danger! Yeah, these are kids that sonny has guarded 24/7, and the man only has so many resources, right? So one less person to guard means more protection for everybody else. So if I stay, I’m protecting my kids? Come on. Well [Sighs] In a way, that’s true. Not to mention the fact that you have unfinished business here, carly. And I happen to know that’s hugely important to you.

[ Groans ] Look. I don’t know. I can send for josslyn, I can send for donna, have them be close if that’s gonna make you feel better, okay? But that leaves avery. And ava and sonny are never gonna let me bring her here. And I don’t want to disrupt josslyn and donna’s lives. I mean, josslyn’s just starting school again. Ugh!

[ Sighs ] They’re safe. They really are. And thanks to you for making that video, I do know that donna and avery are happy. So you’re not gonna hop on the next flight to new york then? I’ll stay put. For now.

[ Sighs ] Trina: Okay. I feel like I’m missing something. So, why are you trying to find dex? Forget I said anything. You’re right. Dex is none of my business. So, um, I heard that ava might be close to getting discharged. You think she’s gonna go back to the gallery soon? No. And neither will I. Ava fired me. What?! Why? Okay, I guess “fired” is a little extra, but… ava thinks it’s safer if the gallery stayed closed. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ava might be right about that. And I’d be fine with it if she came up with the decision on her own, but it was all curtis. He convinced ava to pull strings to get me a job at the chuck. Wait. The — the chuck? Like, the actual art museum? Yeah, and now I am the “proud” recipient of the murphy-katz foundation fellowship. Well, that sounds like a pretty big deal. It is. It’s a huge honor. Which is why I fully intended on applying for — next year. But now it’s given to me as a distraction to keep me away from the gallery. Okay, well, I know you don’t like how it came about, but… you’re gonna take it, right? No way. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, elizabeth. Meaning? My son lives in the here and now. As important as reiko was to him — and she was — he’s moved on. He’s lived a whole life in the years since reiko died, fathered a child. And now he wants a future with you. Finn doesn’t smile like that at just anybody, you know. In fact, I’d venture to say he saves that smile just for you. Alexis. How’s your friend? She’s gonna be okay, thanks to this guy. My son, the hero. Nah. It was — it was a team effort.

[ Chuckles ] Speaking of which, will you help me check diane’s vitals? Of course. She’s okay? She’s okay. Dex blends in with the clientele at charlie’s, and he has the “unique” ability to carry on a conversation. Again, no offense. Kristina, I don’t — look. M-my concern is — is your safety. I don’t care whether you’re entertained or not. But why can’t dex keep me safe?

[ Chuckles ] Oh! You flexing your big-brother muscles? What? I get that you don’t like him, dante, but just because you’re a cop doesn’t mean — no. Look, I have no opinion on dex one way or the other, but until he’s ruled out as a suspect, you shouldn’t be around him. That is ridiculous! Dex didn’t attack anyone. Tell him. He’s doing his job. What do you want me to tell him?

[ Sighs ] Okay. Well, do it faster. Clear him so he can get back to work. Aye, aye, captain. And is that really why I haven’t seen dex around lately? I mean, since when are you swayed by the pcpd? Kristina, listen, until we know who’s behind these attacks, you are gonna trust whoever is assigned to you. Got it? No. I don’t “got it.”

[ Monitor beeping ] Been kind of an interesting afternoon. Oh. Do tell. Well, your, uh — your buddy nik confronted me about telling ava that his alibi was a lie. Oh, no. What did he say? Oh, just kind of a lot of nonsense, but I guess the main point was that I put you at risk. Well, that doesn’t make any sense, considering we decided to tell her together. I guess he doesn’t see it that way. I’m really sorry he got on your case. He shouldn’t have done that. But I guess in his own misguided way, he was just looking out for me. I’ll take your word for it. You know, at one point, nikolas and I meant a lot to each other. That kind of connection never really goes away. Does it? Your safety is not up for debate. Why would dex hurt ava or diane or kill brando? I never said he did! I’m not an idiot, dad. Even if my parents don’t think I’m living up to my potential. Your mom and I just want to keep you safe and breathing. Maybe you do. Mom had a lot more to say on the subject. You know, I hear that. My mother still tries to tell me how to live my life to this day. Please. It’s not the same with sons. Well, maybe. Definitely not. Well, I bet you my mother could give your mother a run in the opinionated mother department. We — we can make a drinking game out of it.

[ Chuckles ] I have to get back to work. Okay. Do me a favor, will ya? Just do something for me? Mm-hmm. Yep. I’ll take the bruiser with me. Bye. Come on, cal. Let’s go to charlie’S. Do you think, uh… kristina was right about dex? Maybe. We did a search of his place earlier. What did you find? Nothing. Not even dex. You wouldn’t, uh… have anything to share about that, would you?

[ Cellphone rings ] Falconeri. Sonny: You were right

about one thing. I-I-I could let ray keep beating you up. But, you know, I’m just not gonna get the answers that I need, so… dex, this is carver. We haven’t worked together personally, but, uh, he comes highly recommended by the wu family. H-he’s well-known for getting people to talk by any means necessary. Alright. That’s great. I’m on my way. Diane’s out of surgery. Ohh! You know, you really should go home. You don’t have to stay. And thank you. You’re welcome. And I did what exactly? You kept me company, and you kept me from losing my mind. And I’m sure you have better things to do now, like lecture peop– I mean, give lectures and grade papers. But I’m really good. Truly. Josslyn: You’re really gonna turn down the fellowship?

[ Sighs ] I don’t want to turn it down. Then don’T. I-I can’t, if this is how it’s gonna be when my mom and curtis get married. Will he ever stop hovering or making preemptive decisions about my life? Or is this my world now? And if it is, there’s gonna be problems.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Rory. Mm-hmm! And what’s mr. Cutie cop saying? He’s just wondering if I’m available. Oh. Available for what? The new english version finally came in. I find it more elegant than king james, don’t you? I wouldn’t know. That seems to be a theme with you, I-including with the man you just managed to make into an enemy. Book? Um, why do they call him that anyway? What, ’cause he works in the library? Because he once beat a man into a vegetative state with an oxford dictionary. But I’m sure you “had it under control.” You still haven’t answered my question. What do you want from me? All set. Didn’t even need a fitting. Are you sure it’s okay? You shouldn’t have asked nina? Come on. Nina loves you. Of course she would want you to have this. Do you need a bag or shoes? I could have crimson send up some options. No, I have everything I need. Except brando. I miss him so much. I miss everything I thought our life was gonna be. And — and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. Okay. Alright. What you do now is you go home and you hang that dress on the back of your closet so it doesn’t get any wrinkles. And then you wash and dry your hair so you don’t feel rushed tomorrow. And do your nighttime beauty regimen because routines are important. And with any luck, tomorrow, you’ll feel like you’re in a bubble and nothing can get to you. But if that bubble breaks and it all comes rushing in… look around, and you will see people that love you. And that includes me. And then you focus on the next minute and the minute after that… and you don’t worry about what happens in an hour or even a week from now. You just take it one minute at a time.

[ Breathing sharply ] And what if I can’t do it? Sasha, you can. I survived it. You can, too. Uh, perfect timing! Breakfast is here! Drew: Thank god! I’m ravenous!

[ Breathing deeply ]

Robert. Hey. Detective. Uh, I got word that diane was out of surgery. She’s recovering in icu. That’s great news. The best. So when can we talk to her? Well, uh, not until she regains consciousness.

[ Chuckles ] That’d be helpful. Is alexis here? Ah, she’s probably off harassing the staff so they’ll let her in to see diane. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] It’s interesting, how all the victims have… one thing in common. You wish it was my fault, don’t you? I wish that I find this guy before he does it again. Can you believe it turns out… we want the same thing? Really?

[ Crunching ] Oh. Sorry. Uh-huh. I talked to one of, uh, aurora’s top media consultants this morning. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Recommended a colleague, a reporter with a local news station that can interview you at the cemetery. Oh, that’s great! Oh, that’s great. I mean, if the public really can see how this project is affecting people and their families, then maybe we can stop this parkway in its tracks. Yeah, that’s — that’s the best case scenario, sure. What? What? What? I can hear hesitation in your voice. What? No, I’m just saying that we’re talking about turning the dial of public opinion, right? And we got to remember that… that dial can turn two ways. Okay, so you think we’re gonna be dealing with some backlash? No, I just — I just want you to be prepared that in order to maximize impact… I need to shame the jacksonville elite. You just got to be willing to get personal. Right? Mm. You got to be vulnerable. Maybe — maybe talk a little bit about how much virginia meant to you. Alright. I can do that. You know? Here. Okay. Good. And you also have to withstand a little, you know, scrutiny. They’re gonna shine a light on your past. We both know that your past wasn’t all sunshine and roses. You think? So you gonna have a problem with that? It’s true — I could be grading papers right now or planning my next lecture. Exactly. But nothing’s more important than supporting a friend. Are we friends? I’d like to think so. Me too. Any update? Just waiting for her to wake up. Uh, this is sonny corinthos. Diane has been representing him and his family. For a long time. Yeah. And — and this is, um, professor chase. Gregory chase. He’s a colleague and a friend. Ah. Nice to meet you. Likewise. I’m gonna go, uh, track down my son. Hm. I’ll be back. Was — was it something I said? I have no idea. I don’t want anything from you. We’re family. We may be related, but we’re not family. If you think coming to my defense is gonna make me overlook everything that you’ve done… look, a fellow child of god was in trouble. I stepped in. I would have done the same for anyone. What a good samaritan you are. I’m — I’m sensing sarcasm. Do you really expect me to believe that you didn’t know that I was in pentonville? I’m sorry. I guess I missed your big entrance. Bull. You orchestrated that whole thing with book so that you could fly to my rescue and I’d owe you. You haven’t changed at all. Oh, but, spencer, I have. Yeah, there’s a comic-book convention out of town. Rory’s into graphic novels. That’s cool. I didn’t know that. So if it’s out of town, would you two stay in a hotel or something? I guess. Are you two there yet? I don’t know. Maybe. Hard to think about from the last time that I took a weekend “getaway.” Oh, yes, well… that weekend getaway will live on in infamy.

[ Sighs ] For all of us. Except for esme, who seems to somehow got scot-free. Well, dante said that there’s still precincts in europe looking for her. But how likely are they actually gonna find her? Especially if she’s not in contact with anyone at home. Not even spencer. Have y’all gone to see him? Cam and I talked about it. I bet he’d really like that. Would you want to come with us? I don’t know. I think it’s better to leave things where they are. Right, but, I mean, you said that you missed the opportunity to speak to him before he was shipped off to pentonville. If you had made it on time, what would you have said to him?

Wow. I think I’m a little offended. Why? You don’t think I can handle a couple questions from a reporter? Okay, so, that’s not at all what I said. When the reporter looks into my background and my connection to jacksonville, a couple things are gonna come up. I’m the grand-niece of the notorious madam ruby anderson… and there was a car accident involving peyton’s daughter, and I was somewhat involved. I don’t think it’s gonna come out that I had sex with peyton’s husband. I mean, I doubt that peyton wants to publicize that the man was sleeping with a 16-year-old and he committed suicide. Yeah, I’m guessing that she would want to exert influence without revisiting the scandal. I don’t get it. I mean. Peyton suffered a terrible tragedy. Where’s her empathy? I mean, how can she just go around steamrolling families that have no means to fight back? I don’t get it. Look. All we got to do… we just got to focus on the message that the parkway is unnecessary. However the opposition tries to discredit you or however the other news outlets try to spin it, we got no control over that. Drew. I’m not afraid. Let ’em come at me. Good. So the answer’s no. You don’t have a problem with the possibility that they’re gonna use your past against you. No. I have a problem with the fact that our food is getting cold because I’m really hungry. Oh. I can fix you a plate. Thank you. Okay. This looks incredible!

[ Laughs ] Yeah. It really does. Hey. How are you? It’s so good to see you. You too. Hi, trina. Hi. Listen. I can’t believe you found brando. Yeah, and you with ava. Yeah. So how are you holding up? I’m okay, I guess. I-I don’t know. The whole thing is so surreal. Yeah. Tell me about it. I just want the pcpd to figure out who’s doing this so we can put this behind us. Yeah, and so the people under suspicion can move on. People like dex. You heard? Not in so many words, but I figured. Well, dante definitely hasn’t ruled him out, and the weirdest part is that I think his suspicions are starting to get to my dad.

[ Finn sighs ] How are you doing? Hey. Yeah, you know, when I’m not worried about my patients, I’m — I’m probably worried about elizabeth. Well, I can’t help you with the former, but as far as elizabeth goes, I think she just needs a little reassurance. What makes you say that? She was asking about reiko earlier. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe after all you two have been through lately, all you’ve supported her through, she’s just feeling a little insecure. I basically begged my dad to reinstate dex as my bodyguard, and he flat out refused. So you think sonny’s concerned because he thinks the police might be right to suspect dex. Feels like it. Hi. Um, are we going to order? My stomach is growling. I’m so hungry. Yeah, give me one sec, and I’ll come take your order. Trina: Thank you. Sonny was so weird when I went to see him about dex. Wait. You went to see sonny? Yes, and now dex is nowhere to be found? I mean, if sonny thinks dex is guilty, dex is in serious trouble. Hold up. What happened to dex being none of your business? Look. I have to go. Do you want me to come with you? No, no. It’s probably better if you stay. Stay. Eat. I’m sorry to bail. Joss! Please be careful. I will.

Okay. I need to get dressed. No one’s making ya. You have been for a run and you’ve taken a shower. I need to start my day. Okay. Um. You want me to — you want me to step out for a bit? No. No, no. I can just go and use the bathroom. Okay. Drew. Thank you. For being here. I… I couldn’t have done it without you. Yeah, you could.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I could. I’m glad I don’t have to. I will spend the rest of my life atoning for my mistakes. And, yes, I have more days behind me than in front. But the way you’re going, the same could be true for you. Is that a threat? You have nothing to fear from me, spencer. But allow me to give you a — a word of advice. Don’t let your disdain for me cloud your instinct for survival. I’m doing just fine. Thank you.

[ Cyrus groans ] Yeah, you are. And that fact makes me assume you’ve got some protection in here. The word is out about your… powerful relations. That scares some, but not all. Take book, for instance. Nothing to lose and no qualms taking chances? That’s a lethal combination. Lucky for you, I have ways of handling people like that. Baptism?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, joke if you must, but the old testament has many lessons for us. This is a dangerous place. I’ve noticed. And in spite of my past issues with your grandmother, I think we both could agree that you should be protected. And like our creator is for all of us… I am here for you. All you have to do is call. You know, I’m more and more convinced that dex heller isn’t our attacker. Well, let’s look at what we’ve got. First and foremost, all of our victims share a connection with sonny. Coincidence? Doubtful. Next up, we’ve got the clanking metal sound that both josslyn and brando heard at their crime scenes. Could be jewelry. Could be dog tags. Could be something we haven’t even considered yet. This perp is careful. No bloodied clothing or slaughter hook found at the quartermaines’, charlie’s, or brando’s garage. Add in the venom used in the last two attacks, and clearly our killer is honing their technique. Whoever it is has got one nasty modus operandi.

[ Monitor beeping ] I lost reiko a long time ago. I’ve had relationships since then. Why would elizabeth be asking about her in particular? Hey. Sorry for interrupting. Diane’s vitals are improving. She should be awake soon. Okay. Can I help you?

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