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Sally: My treat.

Chloe: No, this is going on the expense account. With all the extra hours we’ve been putting in, newman should cover this.

Sally: Okay. Well, if you will not let me repay you and your hard work by buying you a decaf, then please let me at least thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying late tonight.

Chloe: Oh, it’s not a problem. The kids are in good hands, and I just really want to keep up this good momentum. So, speaking of, how was your meeting with nick? Tell me everything.

Sally: Everything?

Chloe: Yeah. So, does he like the direction we’re taking?

Sally: Yeah, he was positive.

Chloe: Okay, great. So, what ground did you guys cover?

Sally: It was a very constructive meeting. Nick gave me some really helpful pointers, and he, you know, uh — we saw eye to eye on just about everything. Yeah, it went better than expected.

Chloe: I mean, I am so happy to hear that. Look, I… I know I’ve said some things. I’ve heard from time to time i can be somewhat critical and, you know, a little outspoken.

Sally: Who, you?

Chloe: It’s only because you have so much potential. And I want what’s best for you and for newman media. You had to fight to stay here. And I will be damned if I’m going to let you screw it all up now. And now you have nick newman himself singing your praises. I mean, he can’t seem to get enough of you.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: What? What were you gonna say?

Sally: Nothing.

Chloe: Okay.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: But you know whatever it is, you can tell me.

Sally: We really can trust each other?

Chloe: You need a friend? Look no further.

Sally: Okay. It’s about nick. But it has nothing to do with business.

Nick: When you asked me about sally before, I told you it was none of your business, yet here you are. You followed me here just to repeat your accusations?

Adam: Well, sometimes you have to ask the question more than once to get the truth, nick.

Nick: Your ex can do whatever the hell she wants, and that does include having a business dinner with her boss.

Adam: Mm. Well, the way you two were looking at each other, I highly doubt you were discussing newman media’s profit margins.

Nick: Just letting that imagination run wild, huh?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Listen, this is ridiculous. Why do you keep avoiding the question? Why don’t you just come clean, nick, that you and sally are sleeping together? And you — you just couldn’t wait to make your move, huh?

Nick: Jealousy is not a good look for you, adam. And I advise you to tread carefully.

Adam: Nick, she’s using you.

Nick: Yeah?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Nick: For what?

Adam: To get back at me. See, you’re the rebound guy. I broke her heart, and she went to the next newman in line. Now, you must know that, but you just decided to go along with it.

Nick: You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think that’s what’s going on, then you don’t know me or sally very well.

Adam: Well, it’s a funny thing you haven’t denied that you’re sleeping together, so i guess that tells me everything that I need to know.

Summer: Ah. Mr. Abbott.

Kyle: Mrs. Abbott-to-be again. Happy vow renewal eve.

Summer: Same to you, my love. But there has got to be a better name for this.

Kyle: It is a bit of a mouthful.

Summer: Yeah, it really is. I was thinking about it on my drive home. Sorry I couldn’t leave the office with you, by the way. I got pulled into a last-minute meeting, and then I had a bunch of phone calls to catch up on —

Kyle: It’s fine. It’s fine. I want to hear all about your day later — because right now, you are needed in the bedroom.

Summer: Oh, you don’t say. Tell me more.

Kyle: I can’T. It’s a surprise.

Summer: Mm. Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Nate: I, uh, hoped that taking a walk…

[ Keys clatter ] …Would give us some time to cool off.

Elena: I’m certainly calmer now. But it hasn’t changed how I feel about what you did.

Nate: I guess it’s safe to assume you still think we need to spend some time apart.

Elena: Yeah. I think it’s for the best. I booked a room at the grand phoenix.

Nate: [ Scoffs ] For how long?

Elena: I don’t know.

Nate: I cannot believe you think moving out would be the solution to our conflict.

Elena: I didn’t say it was a solution. This is about getting some distance so that we can actually find one.

Nate: I still think it would benefit us if we stayed together and worked through this here in our home.

Elena: No. Considering how I feel… I can’t stay here with you. It would just make things worse than they already are. What happens to your body language

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Sally: Things between me and nick have taken a decidedly personal turn.

Chloe: Okay. Um, are we talking, like, fun flirtation or something more intimate?

Sally: The second thing.

Chloe: Oh. Okay, um…how intimate?

Sally: Very.

Chloe: Okay. Um…these things happen. You know, you have a couple drinks over dinner and you forget your boundaries and, you know, we all make mistakes.

Sally: Is it still a mistake if it happens twice?

Chloe: Twice. Okay. So, not like a drunken one-night stand? Okay.

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: I see.

Sally: Do you?

Chloe: Yeah. Um… yeah, I d– I — you know, I’m gonna need, like, a minute to process this. I just — I’m fine. I-I’m — I’m to– I’m totally fine. I…

Sally: Okay. Well, I would appreciate that because I could really use a friend right now.

Chloe: Yeah. What kind? Like, what kind of friend? Like, the kind that, you know, is, you know, really supportive? Or the kind that offers, like, a ton of opinions? Because I just need to know before I go into this so I don’t screw it up. So, like, how long has this been going on between you and nick?

Sally: It’s brand-new. And — and — and it’s not even something I was looking for and certainly was not expecting. It just was out of the blue. But, oh, my god, chloe, it has just been mind-blowing, like —

Chloe: Okay. Uh, you know, over-sharing. I…

Sally: Okay, look, I don’t know what it is, okay? We’re not over-analyzing it. We’re not putting a label on it. It’s just, all I know is that he’s honest and charming and

[Laughs] So funny. And he listens to what I have to say, and he respects my opinions. Oh, my god, and, chloe…

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: No. Please don’T. Please don’T. Just don’T.

Sally: [ Sighs ] All I was gonna say that I’m genuinely happy when I’m with him.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Look, nick is a really good guy. And he’s been your biggest champion lately. But I don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors getting involved with not only your boss, but adam’s brother.

Sally: I know, and it wasn’t something that I was looking for. It just happened.

Chloe: Happened. Yeah, I know. I-I get it. I get it. I… I know what it’s like to have a connection and then it just, you know, veers off into a completely unexpected direction. But, you know, as much as I want you to move on because it is the healthy and smart thing to do… you’re not 100% over adam, are you?

Sally: I’ll get there.

Chloe: Adam’s a lot, and it’s gonna take you a while to get him out of your system and…

[ Sighs ] Overlap? It can get really messy.

Sally: Yeah, I know. I’m aware. And nick knows exactly what I’m going through, okay? We have been very open with each other about it.

Chloe: Okay, that’s great. But I have to ask. Does adam know about nick?

Sally: Know for sure? No. But, I mean, he definitely suspects. He asked me about nick point blank.

Chloe: Okay, well, that’s not good.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: What did you tell him?

Sally: I refused to indulge him, and I shut him down. You saw me talking with him today. It was totally civil. And it was the same when nick and I crossed paths with him at dinner tonight with chelsea.

Chloe: [ Laughing ] Oh! That sounds like an evening from hell. I mean… wow, I have never been happier to have my husband and children waiting for me at home with our perfectly boring life.

Sally: Yeah. I know. Now that I’m finally saying it out loud, yeah, it does sound a bit —

Chloe: Dangerous?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: If adam has even the slightest hint of suspicion that you are hooking up with his brother, he’s going to find you and hound you for an answer. And if he finds out what’s really going on, we both know that he will not handle it gracefully.

Adam: Look, if you and sally are together, why don’t you just have the decency to tell me that, okay? Why are you so afraid to tell me the truth, nick?

Nick: I’m not afraid of anything. But it’s clear you are. You obviously regret ending things the way you did. But you coming here looking for a fight with me is not gonna change what happened. You need to let it go, adam. You got a lot going for you. You got that new job. There’s a lot of room for growth and recognition with jack at jabot. He really likes and respects you. Try and be happy there. But this? We’re finished.

Adam: Are you for real, nick? You think I’m just gonna crawl out of here with my tail between my legs? Not a chance — because I am just getting started.

Nate: I hate that things have come to this.

Elena: So do I.

Nate: But what I hate even more is that you cannot and will not see my plan from my perspective.

Elena: I see exactly what you’re doing. But more importantly, I see exactly who you’re becoming. Nate, you used to care about people so much that you spent all your free time volunteering at the clinic. But now it’s like you’re blinded by greed and ambition and believing that your opinion is the only one that matters. And I don’t recognize that man. It’s like you’ve — you’ve turned your back on medicine and the only thing you value is power and recognition over everything else, even your own family.

Nate: That is not true. Yes, I want to make my mark. Yes, I believe I can be the kind of leader chancellor-winters deserves. But I do not value power over the people in my life, not more than what I have with you.

Elena: I used to believe that.

Nate: Wow. You’re killing me talking like this.

Elena: It kills me to have to say it. I never thought we’d end up here. And I would do anything to help you, but you won’t even listen to me, so I don’t know how i can.

Nate: I don’t need you to save me. What I want… what I want is your love and support. The same thing I give to you is what I expect in return.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, but it seems like that’s too much to ask. So, after, uh, talking this out, I see the sense in what you’re saying.

Elena: You do?

Nate: Yeah. I think you’re right. This separation is for the best. – Bedtime!! – Bedtime.

Kyle: No peeking.

Summer: Hurry up. You’re driving me crazy.

Kyle: Ah. That’s the idea.

Summer: Mm. Mmm. Mmm! If that was the surprise, I am not complaining, but you didn’t need to go through all this fanfare.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

Summer: Well, that felt surprising. Can I see it? Oh, it’s cute!

Kyle: Uh-huh.

Summer: It’s cute. It’s, uh — it’s very wearable, although I don’t know how much use I’m gonna get out of it, considering it’s fall now. But I promise I will wear it as much as I can, despite the strange looks that I’ll get.

Kyle: Uh-huh.

Summer: Who knows? Maybe I will start a trend — straw hats in autumn. What do you think?

Kyle: Oh, you take my breath away. But I can’t believe you just bought that.

[ Laughs ]

Summer: Oh, you think i bought that ridiculous cover story that you were, what, walking through the fenmore’s sales section and you saw this off-season straw hat and just thought it would look so good on me?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. You make everything look good.

Summer: No. This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill straw hat, is it?

Kyle: No.

Summer: It’s a — it’s a sign.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: A clue?

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: What did my handsome husband do?

Kyle: You’ll never figure it out.

Summer: What, you… oh, you signed up harrison for those basket-weaving classes?

Kyle: Mm…think more romantic.

Summer: You want me to… fall in love… with this hat.

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: I didn’t buy the hat on a whim, and the only straw baskets in your future will be filled with guava fruit because they grow all over where we’re headed.

Summer: We’re going somewhere?

Kyle: Uh-huh.

Summer: [ Gasps ] Oh, my god. We’re going away! Where we going?!

Kyle: To a place where the straw hat will fit right in with the tropical vibe. How does costa rica sound for a honeymoon?

Summer: Ahh! [ Laughs ] God! It sounds like the best honeymoon ever!

Kyle: Yeah!

Summer: [ Laughing ]

Adam: Well, thank you, nick, for the, uh, pep talk and the platitudes, but that’s not why I’m here. I want to know what is going on with the woman that I still love and my brother.

Nick: If sally wanted to talk about her personal life with you, she would have done that. But she obviously chose not to. She also made it clear that she doesn’t want to see that much of you. But you doing this little end around her and coming to me is just sad.

Adam: God, it is fascinating how you portray yourself as the outsider, nick, when you put yourself in the middle. See, this isn’t just about sally. It’s about you and what you are doing to me.

Nick: Oh, here we go. Cue the violins. Poor adam. Always the victim.

Adam: No, no, no. I prefer innocent bystander. Because you may not have intentionally done something to me, but you have to admit you took full advantage of my situation and you didn’t give a damn how I felt about it, nick.

Nick: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Adam: Really? Really? ‘Cause after years of showing no interest in the family business, you’re suddenly coo? And having no interest in sally, now she’s never too far from you, having meetings in the office over dinner, in her hotel suite. I mean, nick, there are thousands of other women in this town, and who is the one woman that you went for?

Nick: Not everything is about you.

Adam: Yeah, it’s just a crazy coincidence, right? And, hey, I should ignore it because I have a new job.

Nick: I get it that you’re frustrated, but I do not appreciate you coming in here and twisting my words and everything I’m doing and making it into this weird personal vendetta that simply doesn’t exist.

Adam: No, nick, this conversation isn’t over, okay?

Nick: No, this is not a conversation because you’re not listening. You walked through that door and you already had your mind made up.

Victoria: What the hell is going on here?

Sally: I really don’t want to talk about how adam would react to that news because there really is no news to react to, okay? Nick and I are…

Chloe: Work buddies?

Sally: Not a thing. Okay? And if you wouldn’t mind, i would really rather drop the subject because I have way too much on my mind already.

Chloe: Okay. Yeah, I — you know what? You’re right. We can just cross that bridge when we come to it. But I do think we should address the most important thing.

Sally: What’s that?

Chloe: What does your heart feel?

Sally: Look, as complex and confusing as my emotions are, i know I can’t go back to adam. I refuse to let him break my heart again.

Chloe: Great. But I wasn’t talking about adam. I was talking about nick. A dental tool is round for a reason.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Elena: I think I have everything I need for now.

Nate: It’s not like this is forever, right?

Elena: I should get going.

[ Sighs ] I love you, nate. I wish…

Nate: Yeah. Me too.

[ Door closes ]

Summer: I cannot believe you did this. I’m getting an actual honeymoon with my husband?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. You are going to love the — mnh, no, no, nope, I shouldn’T. I shouldn’t say anything.

Summer: No.

Kyle: No.

Summer: No. Come on. Tell me. I want to know what I am in for.

Kyle: Are you sure it won’t wreck the surprise?

Summer: The anticipation will only make the excitement last longer. Now, come on. Tell me about my honeymoon.

Kyle: Well, hold on to your hat ’cause I’m taking you away to paradise. And I’m not just talking about skies bluer than anything you could imagine or warm and refreshing water and food so good your taste buds will wonder why you’ve been depriving them for so long. There will be all of that and more. But at some point, while you’re wrapped in the sheets, napping in the sunshine in our luxurious room, you’ll wonder why we missed those scuba diving lessons and why we’ve so rarely danced underneath the millions of stars you can see from our private villa.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Wow. You have painted such a vibrant picture, I can — I can practically feel the sand beneath my toes.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: Babe, we have a company to run. Are you sure that we can actually get away?

Kyle: Have a little faith. There will never be a perfect time. We’re the bosses. But we have executives who can oversee things while we’re gone. Marchetti will keep running smoothly.

Summer: Mm. You are very persuasive. But you know what? I think I need to get a better glimpse of what’s gonna happen while we’re away.

Kyle: How about I give you a preview of our honeymoon right now?

Summer: I think it’s always smart to be proactive.

Kyle: Well, I predict your favorite memory from our trip to costa rica would be a kiss that looks a little something like this.

Summer: Mmm.

Victoria: Are you looking for me?

Adam: I actually came to see nick…but I’m leaving now. I’m sure he will bring you and sally up to speed — because i would bet good money he’s going to see her yet again tonight. Till next time, brother.

[ Door slams ]

Victoria: What is that?

Nick: Just, uh, adam doing what he does best — looking for a fight.

Victoria: I was actually referring to his comment about sally. Do you care to elaborate?

Nick: It’s nothing for you to worry about. In fact, it’s nobody’s business.

Victoria: Oh, I disagree. You and adam just made it my business.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Elena: [ Gasps ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Cries ]

[ Stopper clinking ]

[ Bottle thuds ]

Nate: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

Victoria: You’ve become a very strong advocate of sally, more so than I would have expected.

Nick: I am fighting for her because she deserves a position, and I’m still convinced she’s gonna do great things for newman media.

Victoria: I have my reservations about whether or not she’s the best person for the job, but I trust your judgment, which is why I gave her a chance to prove herself. I have to admit, she defended herself admirably.

Nick: Then what’s the problem?

Victoria: Well, you know, i don’t need to know any more than I already do, but what matters to me is that, regardless of the truth, adam seems to think that there’s something going on between you and sally, and he’s not happy.

Nick: You picked up on that, too, huh?

Victoria: You know what? Don’t joke about this, nick. Adam’s gonna lash out. The only question is, how bad will it be?

Sally: I don’t get your concern about nick. Don’t I deserve a nice guy?

Chloe: Of course. I think I’ve gotten to know you pretty well. And when you feel things, you feel them deeply. And when someone sees you, it means everything. Okay, look, I think you’re making a gigantic deal out of nothing, okay? It is not like that with me and nick.

Chloe: Okay. So, what if he shows up at your place and he says, “this was just a thing, and it’s over”? You’d be okay with that?

Sally: Okay, well, I don’t think that that’s how it’s gonna happen, but if this continues and things don’t work out for either of us, then we just talk about it and we call things off.

Chloe: Okay. Yeah. I mean, you just go back to the way things were before they started, and, you know, you’re adults and it’s — it’s fine.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Exactly.

Chloe: You know I’m just looking out for you, right?

Sally: I appreciate that. But I am not gonna get my heart broken.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know that’s something that you can never really predict.

Sally: You’re right. I mean, how could I possibly know what the future holds for me when I can barely even understand the present? I just…need time. You know? I’ll figure things out.

[ Sighs ] My skin, but better.

Nick: Don’t worry. I can handle adam.

Victoria: Well, he’s not the only person that you have to worry about. What about our father? He’s gonna have a thing or two to say once he finds out that you’re romantically involved with a woman that he wants to fire.

Nick: It’s not that big a deal.

Victoria: Well, it’s probably gonna be a big deal to summer. How do you think she’ll feel when she finds out you’re seeing someone who is hell-bent on stealing her job? And don’t you dare say all’s well that ends well.

Nick: You’re getting way ahead of yourself, alright? And whatever is or isn’t happening is not for public consumption.

Victoria: Dream on. Everything has a way of coming out eventually, whether you want it to or not.

Nick: It’s my life.

Victoria: Fine. I won’t push. No more big sister commentary.

Nick: Thank you.

Victoria: And we’re gonna table all work talk until tomorrow. I’m exhausted. I just want this day to be over.

Nick: Yeah, it makes sense, with everything that’s going on with chelsea and johnny that you’d want to get out of here early.

Victoria: You want to walk me out?

Nick: Uh, I got some things i got to take care of before I can leave.

Victoria: Alright. Don’t have too much fun.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: And one more thing about sally.

Nick: Come on. I thought we were done with that.

Victoria: Before you take any further action, I’m asking you to consider what you’re doing very carefully. If this is some passive-aggressive attack against adam or you’re bored or you like playing with fire, just remember what you’re doing — it affects the company and the family. And that’s an absolute certainty.

[ Door closes ]

Chloe: We were about to leave. Let’s just stick to our plan. Adam, whatever it is, the answer is no.

Adam: Sally, sally, sally, I just want to talk.

Chloe: Did you not just hear what I said?

Sally: It’s okay, chloe. You can go.

Chloe: Okay, well, I’m not about to leave the two of you alone together.

Adam: Okay, well, fine. You can stay. I just — I just want a straight answer.

Sally: We have already been over this, adam.

Adam: Why — why is it so hard for you to just be honest with me? You know that this is eating away at me, and you know how i feel about you, so just tell me, please. I just need to hear the truth from you.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] Yes. Something happened between me and nick. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, you don’t get to have an opinion on it, okay? You and I broke up. I don’t owe you an explanation.

Summer: This is bliss.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: Just the two of us. A quiet interlude before the wonderful mayhem of our vow renewal tomorrow.

[ Both laugh ]

Harrison: Daddy! I need you!

Kyle: Uh, we’re on our way, harrison!

Victoria: Hello.

Nate: Hey. You having dinner solo?

Victoria: Oh, I ordered to go. I just want to get home and put on my robe and have a little peace.

Nate: Uh, care to join me while you wait?

[ Clears throat ]

Victoria: You look like you’re not having the best night, either.

Nate: Yeah. I just, uh, needed to get out and clear my head.

Victoria: Does whatever is going on with you have to do with chancellor-winters?

Nate: It has everything to do with it.

Victoria: Oh, I see. Does that mean that you’re changing your mind about our arrangement?


Kyle: What happened, kiddo? Was it a bad dream?

Summer: I’m gonna guess because I think I know what’s going on here. Did you have a really good dream? Like, the best kind, where everything you want happens and it all works out in the end? And then you were so happy you couldn’t fall back to sleep?

[ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

Summer: I have those dreams, too. I bet it’s because of tomorrow. Are you super excited for tomorrow, too?

Harrison: I can’t wait.

Kyle: Mm. Neither can I.

Summer: I think it’s gonna be like your birthday and christmas and 4th of july and all of the best days wrapped into one and then dipped into chocolate.

Harrison: I love chocolate.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] It’s gonna be a great day for all of us.

Summer: We just need to do one thing.

Kyle: What’s that?

Summer: A group hug.

Kyle: Ooh.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] Here.

Kyle: Come here and give us a hug, buddy. Come here. Aw!

Summer: Ohh!

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: I’m a man of my word. Our arrangement stands.

Victoria: I’m happy to hear that.

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: Too bad elena wasn’T. She doesn’t understand my reasons, can’t see my point of view. It’s, uh, created some conflict between us.

Victoria: Well, I am sorry to hear that, but I have to say, i was a little surprised that you told her what your plan was in the first place.

Nate: I wish I hadn’T.

[ Clears throat ] But, uh, if you’re worried she’ll spill the beans, don’t be. She would never do that to me.

Victoria: You know, there will always be people who take issue with people like me. And like you and my dad, the ones who take bold and daring moves and are not afraid to see the big picture.

Nate: Mm.

Victoria: We don’t all have the vision, you know, and that’s fine.

Nate: I cannot tell you what a relief it is to talk to someone I don’t have to explain myself to.

Victoria: You know, what we do in the corporate world is just as important and valid as any other field. We create jobs. We — we pay salaries. People are clothed and they’re fed and they’re housed. Their children can go to college because of what we do. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Nate: I’m not used to justifying my decisions.

Victoria: Don’t waste your time with that. Make your choices. Follow your path. Stick to your convictions. It’s the only way to not have regrets.

Adam: Well, I’m sure that was cleansing for you, seeing sally eviscerate me like that.

Chloe: You know, I don’t like seeing my friend get hurt. And, sorry, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about sally. But I would like to make a suggestion.

Adam: Mm. I just love those.

Chloe: You did this to yourself. You pushed too hard. Your desperate pursuit made sally run in the opposite direction, and now she finally has room in her life for good things. So I — wait a minute. I guess I should really be thanking you, if I think about it. Wow. You know, well done. Keep up the good work.

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: [ Sighs ]

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