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I said, thank you. I’m not e we’re finally getting down to the nitty-gritty. And if that’s the case, then you owe me an answer. If I don’t tell curtis about your theory that he may be trina’s biological father, are you gonna tell him yourself? Believe it or not, portia, I don’t want to blow up your relationship with curtis. You and I may never become the best of friends, but I want curtis to be happy. So do I. Then you can see that I’m right. It’s up to you to tell curtis yourself.

[ Laughs ] Hey, y’all. Um… hey, dad.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, here for a checkup? Well, my break’s over. Um… I’ll see you later, marshall. Okay. Man, I’m not here to get checked out tonight. I’m here to help. Uh, what does that mean? It means, thanks to epiphany, I have been asked to provide some music therapy to the G.H. Patients. Right on. Uh, that’s a good idea. Maybe you can start with the patient right here in this room who’s lucky to be alive. Now, I-I-I know this is upsetting. Just let me explain, okay? No need to explain. Okay? Working side by side with you kept me going during my trial. It gave me something to focus on besides my fear of being found guilty and sent to prison. I intend on working at that gallery until you’re back on your feet. Trina, listen to me. Whoever did this to me, whoever put me in this hospital is still out there, right? And as long as I’m a potential target, I have got to close the gallery. What? It’s just not safe there right now. Not for me and… not for you. I-I never said I wanted leopold taub to be my biological father. From what I heard, leopold taub was a misogynist tyrant, and mac, who raised me as if I was his own daughter, is the absolute best. So I think if mac were your dad, that would be a huge step up for you. Okay. Listen, I’ve always lived life on my own terms — no strings, no expectations. So let’s just say that the last thing I need is having a cop for a dad. What does mac’s job have to do with anything? I think it has to do with everything. So you’re behind society setups? I’m doomed, I tell you, destined to rot in a federally funded super-max. Okay, wait, wait. Calm down, spinelli. Everyone knows that you are prone to exaggeration. So what, you used your cyber skills to create a matchmaking service. There’s nothing illegal about that. Except when there is. Don’t you see? My one and only child is gonna grow up seeing daddy on visitation days. And trust me when I tell you, orange is not my color. Okay, no, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop. Please. Tell me everything, and just start from the beginning. Before or after I violated the computer fraud and abuse act? I asked you a question, michael. What do you care what happens to dex? Because he was on the scene either before or after all three attacks. And your point is? Look, we both know what you’d do to someone you suspected of targeting your friends and family. As you can see by my tools, I have options. You can answer my questions and we can proceed the easy way. Or you can play tough guy, keep evading, and we can do it the hard way. Really makes no difference to me. Sooner or later, you’re gonna start talking.

Okay, to be clear, I’m not taking sides here, but I do know a little bit about what it’s like to come from a family that you need to live up to — or live down, one of the two. You see? I’m not the only one who’s leery about family. Look, I-I assume you’re talking about the quartermaines. I know they treated you unfairly, but aren’t you still guided by the memory of your father? Sure. And other things. Okay, we’re gonna circle back to the other things later. My point is, if you give mac a chance, I promise, cody, you will not regret it.

[ Chuckles ] I take it there are no updates on diane miller. She’s still in surgery. Mac, you’ve been here for hours. Come home with me. I can’t do that. Okay. Well, then how can I help you? If you really want to help… anything. Yes. Tell me what happened after I got the call about the attack on diane and left you at the metro court with cody bell. I have a better idea. Come on. What exactly am i supposed to tell curtis? That, according to you, he may be trina’s biological father? Curtis asked me that question years ago. And what did you tell him? I told him, no, he wasn’T. And you know that for a fact? What I know for a fact is that curtis and i wouldn’t be the only ones affected by such a thing. Trina is marcus’ whole world. I realize that. Do you really? Because when things were truly bleak with marcus, the thought of trina is the only thing that kept him going. And trina adores him. You remember how badly she was grieving when she thought that he had been killed. I will not turn their world upside down because you — you keep inserting yourself into my life. Into curtis’ life, when he’s made it very clear that you have a minimal role in his. Curtis: Wow. Look at that. Good as new. Mm-hmm. Even better. Them punks who tried to steal it from me did me a favor. Leon purdee — he fixed it up some kind of good. Look how she shine. And wait till you hear how she sound. Sweeter than tupelo, mississippi, honey.

[ Chuckles ] Um, dad, are we still talking about the clarinet? Or you talking about epiphany? Man, I barely get to see that woman, alright? She — she busy studying for them mcats. I don’t know. The way she was smiling when y’all walked in, I don’t think epiphany’s ever too busy for you, dad. Alright, what about you? Mm-hmm. Uh, what about me? I figured by now you and portia would have set a wedding date. What’s the hiccup?

[ Exhales deeply ] Hmm? My dad has taught me to stand up to bullies, and my mom has never been afraid to do the right thing, no matter the cost. That is very commendable. But we’re not talking about a schoolyard bully here. We’re talking about a killer. And I could never live with myself if something happened to you. I understand there’s a dangerous person out there. But I carry pepper spray with me, always. I never miss my classes at pcu. Why does the gallery have to be any different? Oh! I forgot to tell you the exciting part. I helped you get a different internship. What internship? Only the most prestigious one offered by the port charles museum of fine art. The murphy-katz foundation fellowship? Mm-hmm. At the chuck? I was too late to apply. I couldn’t have gotten it this year. Well, this letter says differently. Frank, you go ahead and go take a break. You telling me I can’t protect my own family now? My — my problem’s with how you’re protecting your family. You’ve made it clear, michael, how many times, you don’t want me in your life. Unless you’re rethinking that. Then we can talk. I figured. But make no mistake the kind of father you’re gonna be taking back. He’s the kind of guy who’s gonna make sure his family’s safe, no matter what you think. I’m gonna make mistakes. You don’t have to agree with everything I say, but I am who I am, and I’m gonna do what I’ve always done. And that’s make sure that you, willow, your kids, your mom are safe! And I’m gonna make sure… …that nobody that I care about again… is left to bleed. And I’m sorry. I don’t give a damn if that offends your delicate sensibilities.

You and I have clearly led very different lives. Because in my experience, when someone promises you something that is absolutely guaranteed, that just means you’re gonna be disappointed — every single time.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Let me guess. The hospital needs you? Something like that. I got to go. Um, hang in there. I understand. Sometimes family can be a pain.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, austin? Hi. Uh, we know it’s late, and we don’t want to wake up the kids. Is this a bad time? I think that depends who you ask. Excuse me. Hey. Um, you — hey, maxie. We just want — uh… oh, you’re here.

[ Door closes ] Okay, now that I know that you’re not exaggerating and you might be in real trouble, can you please back it up and just walk me through it? You — you — you may understand this better than anyone. You know, ellie and i had just parted ways when jason was killed. Right. And I’m self-aware enough to know that I’m — I’m quirky. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But to lose… two of my guiding lights in such a short span… I was lost. And lonely. And so those dating websites and apps that I had mocked when I was with ellie, I suddenly fell prey to. But no one that I met was ever… quite the right fit?

[ Sighs ] So few people have actually read stephen hawking or a wordsworth poem. Oh! [ Chuckles ] Shocking. A-a true connection, devoutly to be wished, is incredibly rare.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I-I know. Dante and I know how incredibly lucky we are that we have found each other. Yeah. Alas, I have not had that same good luck. Um… so I built a better… mousetrap [Chuckles] If you will. I wrote an algorithm… that takes a subject’s personal data and transforms it into a unique, completely objective profile and then matches them with their mathematically perfect fit. Okay, I-I may be lost here, but this sounds like an amazing matchmaking service. Yes, my invention might be worthy of a nobel prize for love. If only… if only what? How are you breaking any laws?

[ Sighs ] I realized that in order to find someone’s perfect match, I needed to cast a wider net of possible matches. Like, what good would it be if someone’s perfect match wasn’t a member of society setups? So in order for this to work, I had to have access to the digital footprint of the lovelorn… …all over the world. Wait. What are you talking about? Are you saying that you learned how to hack everyone? I’m equally proud and somewhat horrified by my invention, which I call cupid’s arrow. The program can penetrate every password, every firewall so that I can learn all the aspects of someone’s life, right? Mm-hmm. So, I mean, not — not just their favorite color and, yes, their social security number and bank account, but… what kind of ice cream they prefer, right, what teams they root for, are they online at 3:00 A.M. I mean, literally every aspect of someone’s life. Yeah. Wow. Spinelli… you’re screwed. Portia and I, well, we hit a few speed bumps on the way to the altar. Boy, I hope you’re not considering letting that girl go. Of course not, dad. It’s — it’s just that, um… well, technically, uh, jordan and I are still married. What?! How is that possible? There was a mix-up with the divorce papers, so they never got filed. God. Once it’s worked out, we’ll b– dad, I got to go, but good luck with the music therapy.

[ Sighs ] Is everything okay? I don’t know. You tell me. “The port charles museum of fine art is pleased to offer you a murphy-katz foundation fellowship for fall semester at pcu.” I don’t know how to thank you.

[ Laughs ] It was my pleasure. It was my honor. But, you know, it, um, wasn’t originally my idea. Curtis is the one who set all of this in motion.

[ Knock on door ][ Door opens ] He is the one you should thank. I didn’t do this. Let me go. Please.

[ Knock on door ]

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regions bank – embrace the if in life I know there’s conflicting informationabout dupuytren’s contracture. I thought I couldn’t get treatment yet? Well, people may think that their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn’T. If you can’t lay your hand flat on the table, talk to a hand specialist. But what i f I don’twant surgery? Well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. What’s the next step? Visit findahandspecialist.Com today to get started. Me? No. Absolutely not. This is not an ambush. I just thought a visit with maxie would take your mind off the investigation. I was just leaving anyways. That is, of course, unless the chief of detectives still considers me a suspect. No? Okay. Cody, wait. Uh… mac, you asked me what happened after you left the metro court and I was still there with cody. Well, the truth is, we talked. Okay. Okay, I’m listening. This is your chance, cody. Man up. Okay, fine. Um… when I found out you were asking questions about me, I assumed it was because you were trying to nail me for attacking ava jerome. But then, thanks to your wife — please call me felicia. Thanks to felicia… I realized you were asking questions because you used to be involved with dominique stanton, who’s my mother. And you wanted to know if… if you’re my son. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Amy, hi. What are you doing here? I didn’t see your name on the work schedule. Right, I’m — I’m covering for somebody. I forget who. Excuse me. Mason, you don’t get to summon me like this. I don’t work for you. Easy, cuz. You’re right. You don’t work for me. But we got the same employer, remember? Yeah, I quit that. That’s the thing about a family business. You don’t get to quit. And tonight, it’s your turn to do some heavy lifting. Have you asked yourself what happens if you say nothing? Things will go on as they have been. That’s wishful thinking.

[ Sighs ] Curtis doesn’t just share a home with you. He loves you and your daughter. Which means that nothing has to change. And have you asked yourself what happens if curtis finds a reason to suspect that trina’s his daughter, too? Sure, you don’t have to answer my questions, but you won’t have that luxury with curtis. I know from my own experience how curtis deals with secrets and lies. And I’m telling you, don’t repeat my mistakes. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, this will come back to haunt you. Stay out of my business, jordan. I’m gonna handle my life my way. Jordan: Portia? I can’t predict what will happen if you come clean with curtis. But I know for sure how it’ll go if he finds out on his own. Did you tell her about the fellowship? I did. I couldn’t wait. I needed something to lift her spirits after telling her that I’m closing the gallery. I don’t know what to say except thank you. Well, like I said, it was a team effort. Oh. My mom has never told me that you were into art before. I’m more into keeping you safe. What does that mean? Well, it means that, um, ava and I had a conversation about the gallery and how it lacks proper security. But such is not the case at the chuck. Do you mind if curtis and i step outside for a talk? Yeah. Of course.

[ Door closes ] Hey, trina. What’s up? I appreciate the opportunity, but I can’t accept the fellowship. I barely know dex. But I’ve seen the way he acts around you. Yeah? How’s that, michael? Like a dog… oh, like a dog, right. …Who’s been in a shelter for too long and finally found a home that makes him eager to please you. So killing your cousin brando makes no sense. Yeah, well, you know, I don’t know. I mean, look, there’s been a few people that I’ve done really good things for, and they’ve turned their back on me. So we’ll just see how this shakes out. What does that mean? I want the guy with the hook! That’s it! That’s exactly who you want, the guy with the hook, not some wannabe who was willing to deck me because I was talking back to the boss. Look, what if you’re targeting dex and that leaves the real killer out there with a free pass and someone else from the family that you claim to love is next on his list?

Setups down now before it’s too late. No, I — I know that’s the right thing to do, but — but what? There is no “but.” But my program actually works. I mean, you should see some of the testimonials that come across zelda’s desk. Okay. Yes. My desk. Mm-hmm. Zelda’s just a figurehead. That’s not even her real name. Anyway, people, they — they are grateful. They’re — they’re happy and they’re satisfied romantically and in every other way because of me. Is the money that good? Well, yes. But it’s not just that. It — I feel like in some small way, I’m helping to change the world for the better. Okay, well, why don’t you tell that to britt westbourne and her string of losers? O-okay, that — that was an earlier version, a beta version. I’ve refined the program. Oh, you have? So you’re saying that britt’s perfect match is cody? Mac: It took me a while to accept the possibility that you could be my son. But I’m not afraid of it anymore. But it sounds like you are. Why is that? Who says I’m afraid? I’ve been around long enough to recognize when someone is hiding something. Oh, come on, mac. You can’t seriously think cody is some sort of serial killer. I’m not accusing him of having a hook up his sleeve. But you are a card player, right? Who told you that? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I mean, if the stakes are high enough, I’ll play, yes. What are you playing for now? Yeah, okay, I think I’ve had enough of this. You could do a lot worse than be a member of this family. Ask maxie. Eh, they’re alright. No, I’m kidding. My family is the best. And there are even more of us. So what have you got to lose by finding out? But when this is over, I’m done. Do you understand? Done is done. All my debts will have been repaid. It’s cute that you think it works like that.

[ Chuckles ] Amy: Dr. Gatlin-holt? Showtime, buddy boy. Hello, sir. Amy, let’s get this gentleman an exam room, please. Okay. I’ll call for an orderly. Uh, you know what? Um… I’ll — I’ll take care of it myself. If you say so. I do. Can you walk? Yeah, I think I can manage. What’s your name? Gordon. Hey, gordon. Let’s go this way, okay? Hey, trina, trina, look. The murphy-katz fellowship is very prestigious. It is prestigious, but that’s not the issue. I can’t leave ava right now. The gallery needs me more than ever. Well, ava said that she was gonna close the gallery until whoever attacked her is caught. So what’s this really about?

[ Sighs ] You didn’t ask me first. That’s fair. Trina, I was trying to do something nice for you while keeping you safe. Ava realizes that the guy with the hook is still out there, and it’s not safe for either one of you. Okay, I understand that you meant well, but why didn’t you talk to me first? I am a sophomore in college. I live at the dorms. I’m not a kid. I understand that. All I could think about was you working late nights at the gallery and no one there to look out for you. I look out for me. I know you had good intentions, curtis, but you don’t get to make decisions about my life. My dad doesn’t even get to do that anymore. And you’re certainly not my dad.

[ Footsteps approach ] Jordan: How’s it going? Uh, yeah, good. I’m just going over the forensics on ava’s injuries. Do you realize how much blood she lost? About 1 1/2 liters. Yeah. So her attacker would have been covered in her blood. That would be my assumption, yes. Is this about a potential suspect? Yeah, dex heller. I thought you already questioned him. I did. And? I don’t think he’s our guy, but… there was that sound that brando said he heard right before he was stabbed. Yeah, some sort of metallic clicking. Yeah. What about it? Josslyn heard the same thing in the alley behind charlie’S.

[ Grunting ] You’re working too hard, my friend. It could be the death of you. Dex is my employee. If he’s innocent, then he’s got nothing to worry about. Sorry, boss. Josslyn’s here. Let her in. I told you he’d see me. Hey. Oh, I’m so happy you’re here. Um… I need to see dex.

Finding out I might be a part of a whole new family… …it’s a lot to take in. You know, I missed out on a lot growing up. Things that I wanted I couldn’t get. And as soon as they seemed like they were within reach, they always turned out to either be wrong or just a complete disappointment. So, [Chuckles] Yeah. I don’t know if I really want to go down that road again. Okay, look, I know I’m not completely objective here, but you could do a lot worse than being related to mac. I mean, if you are a part of this family. And I am wildly prejudiced, but I’m not sure you could do any better. I-I mean, the three of you do look pretty cozy, but still, it — but still what? What difference does knowing make? Could make all the difference in the world. So let’s find out for sure. Ava: So what’s the latest? When can I get the hell out of here?

[ Chuckles ] You’re that anxious to get home, huh? Home? Don’t even know where that is now. Well, they say that home is where the heart is. Yeah, well, for now, I would settle for a breath of fresh air and a little moonlight. I think that can be arranged, maybe even with a little jazz music thrown in. That sounds heavenly.

[ Laughs ] I don’t know what I just walked in on here. Just a difference of opinion. Curtis was trying to help me, which I appreciate. But it wasn’t his decision to make. And I understand why your daughter feels this way. But, trina, I’m not gonna apologize for wanting to keep you safe. If I overstepped my boundaries, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what your dad would have done. When your mother and i finally tie the knot, I’m gonna be your stepdad. Honey, that comes with responsibilities. So you think dex’s army dog tags could have made that metallic rattling sound that both josslyn and brando heard? Yeah, I mean, it’s a possibility. On the other hand, josslyn is pretty positive that when dex found her and ava at the quartermaines’, he was wearing a clean white t-shirt. And if he was ava’s attacker, he would’ve been covered in her blood. What if he ditched his clothes? I thought about that. So I got people re-canvassing the quartermaine property. And I got a search warrant to, uh, check dex’s apartment. You don’t sound optimistic. Ah, the timing is off. And josslyn was pretty positive that she doesn’t think dex could have done it. Does she have proof to back that up? No. But she does have good instincts. And I think in this case, her instincts could be right. Sonny: Have a seat. So why do you want to see dex? Who is he to you? When I found ava stabbed and bleeding at the quartermaines’, I screamed for help, and dex was the first person to show up. And he said that we had to get her to the hospital and we didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance. And that is the difference that saved ava’s life. And I heard that he left the pcpd with you. Dex works for me. You know that. Well, I also know that dex was near all three of the attacks, but he’s not the person that you’re looking for. What makes you so sure? When dex came over to help me with ava, he was wearing a clean white t-shirt. Of course, when we got to G.H., We were both covered in blood. But if dex had been the attacker, he would’ve had ava’s blood on him from the start. Could’ve changed his clothes, right? I don’t think there was time. I found ava moments after she had been attacked, and dex showed up a minute later. He didn’t do it, sonny. He didn’t do it to ava, brando, or diane. Now, where were we? Right. You were gonna answer some questions.

[ Grunts ]

epiphany: Hear it’s a full moon tonight. Yeah, I bet it’s shining over spoon island, too. Oh, I doubt it. Nothing ever really shines there. Not for long, anyway.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clarinet playing ] Well, I guess I have a lot to think about. Trina, please don’t turn down this amazing opportunity because you’re mad at me or because I tried to help you. Noted. Be honest. Did I overstep? I-I don’t — I don’t really know. I mean, you know that I like taggert. I’m not trying to take his place. I just want trina to know that she can count on me, too. Mm. As we start to build our family together.

[ Chuckles nervously ] Oh. I know from my own experience how curtis deals with secrets and lies. And I’m telling you, don’t repeat my mistakes. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, this will come back to haunt you.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hey, uh, just wanted to let you know I’m gonna take off for the night, but I’ll have my cell handy if you need anything. There’s nothing more we can do tonight except hope that diane wakes up after surgery and can tell us something else. Mm. I’ll see you in the morning. Yeah. Good night. Come on, spinelli. T-tell me the truth. If your algorithm is so foolproof, how could it match two obviously mismatched people like britt and cody? My program is not at fault. Forgive me, dear samantha. I know cody is an old friend of dante’S. But he coerced me into matching him with britt, and I am not sure his reasons were entirely romantic. There’s only one way to answer the question of whether or not you two are father and son, but you both have to agree on it. It’s time for a dna test. Gordon, before we get started, is there anything I need to know about your medical history? Uh… you don’t have to worry about all the doctorly motions, cuz. You know what to do. Gordon, why don’t you go ahead and lay yourself back down?

[ Groaning ] Lucky you. You’re not gonna feel a thing. It’s nice of you to look out for dex. I’ll let him know next time I see him. Frank, can you drive, uh, josslyn to carly’s or her dorm or wherever she’d like to go? That’s okay. I’ll make sure that my sister gets home safe. Thanks.

[ Scoffs ] Frank: Come with me. You surprised me. It won’t happen again. Stay away from me, freak. You have a somewhat limited range of motion, and I can always call for backup. At times, I really enjoy my work. This is one.

[ Knock on door ] What’s going on? We’re in a holding pattern. I got to do some fact-checking. Stay on call. Understood.

[ Door closes ] Saved by the bell. For now, anyway. Hm. Don’t you worry. I’ll be back to finish what I started.

[ Door closes ]

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