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Sally: I was starting to think you’d forgotten all about me.

Adam: I, um… didn’t mean to interrupt. But now that I have, I can’t help but wonder what I’ve interrupted. Why is my brother in your suite, sally?

Nick: What makes you think that’s any of your business?

Kyle: Hey. Sit. Sit.

Traci: Oh.

Kyle: These are images that come to mind when I think of summer, you know, just different colors and textiles — and these pictures, you know, up to her elbow in flour while making a pizza crust or [Laughs] Chasing harrison through a field of flowers in the italian countryside and just sitting by the fire at night looking gorgeous.

Traci: Now, you say that you have taken these images and you sent them to you the event planner. Is that right?

Kyle: And she sent back images of what the ceremony might look like. But since you’re the reigning queen of romance…

Traci: Oh!

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: I wanted to get your opinion.

Traci: Okay. Um, well, thank you, kyle. Um, I-I think — I think it’s just wonderful that all your friends and family are going to be with you for your special day.

Kyle: But what’s your take on the whole concept?

Traci: May I be completely honest? Um, as much as you love a good surprise, I think keeping summer in the dark about this is a huge mistake.

Kyle: What’s your concern about a surprise wedding? Will summer think it’s cheesy?

Traci: Mnh-mnh. No, no.

Kyle: Should I plan it because it’ll be more personal?

Traci: Honey, it’s nothing like that. It’s — it’s just that this is a celebration that summer is gonna want to plan for, she’s gonna want to anticipate, you know, talk to her friends and her mom. Is she going to have a maid of honor?

Kyle: I hadn’t thought about that.

Traci: Exactly. Now, as beautiful a surprise as this would be — and I have no doubt it would be beautiful — is summer gonna be able to celebrate with her friends the night before?

Kyle: All the stuff she didn’t get to do the first time. Right.

Traci: Yes, all those fun traditions. Now, I know the two of you have walked down the aisle already, but this time —

Kyle: We’re different people. We’ve matured, gotten used to co-parenting a child together, started working together.

Traci: Yes. You’re a team.

Kyle: Yeah. We are.

Traci: You do everything together, and this should be no different. Oh, trust me, kyle. When summer finds out about this, I’m —

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Summer: When summer finds out what?

[ Chuckles ] Because you both do know that summer will find out. It’s just a matter of time. So, who’s gonna spill the beans first?

Traci: [ Sighs ] I love you both, but I really think that I should go.

Kyle: No, aunt traci, you can’t just —

Traci: No, no, kyle. Good luck. Good luck.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

Summer: Bye, traci.

[ Laughs ]

[ Door closes ]

Summer: Okay. Now it’s just the two of us.

Kyle: Mm. Mm-hmm. Divide and conquer, huh?

Summer: What do you need luck with? You have exactly three seconds to tell me what’s going on.

Phyllis: Do you have a minute, diane?

Diane: What can I help you with, phyllis?

Phyllis: Were your ears burning earlier? I was talking to mariah, and she was saying you were doing a great job…

Diane: Oh, that’s nice to hear.

Phyllis: …Considering your lack of experience.

Diane: Well, you’ll get to see my work soon enough. I have been assigned to write the press release for the launch of marchetti home.

Phyllis: Really? A novice?

Diane: You seem surprised.

Phyllis: No, I’M… well, yeah. I’m surprised that they’re giving it to someone with such a lack of experience.

Diane: Maybe it’s just not that important.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s very important, very important. You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine. It’ll be really good practice for you, yeah, you know, with the amount of revisions and rewrites that I’ll have.

Diane: Oh, I love a good rewrite. Yeah, that’s where the fun comes in, you know, perfecting and streamlining. It’s an important part of my job, especially when the people in charge don’t know what they want.

[ Clicks tongue ] You know, I — I would have thought you had learned by now, but maybe — maybe it’s true what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Diane: I would have thought your attacks against me would be more clever than, say — I don’t know — excessive rewrites or — oh! — Planting a false document on my computer. You know, maybe I gave you too much credit.

Phyllis: Oh, diane. You haven’t given me enough credit.

[ Clicks tongue ] As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

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provided by…

Phyllis: Wow, diane. If you really believe that i planted a fake document on your computer, you don’t know what I’m capable of. And by the way, I didn’T. But I’ll give you some advice. If I wanted to take you down, you’d never see it coming.

Diane: Oh, please. No one’s ever accused you of flying under the radar. But you’re lucky because kyle and summer were on your side. They rode to your rescue when i shared my concerns about the planted document. Fortunately, they talked me off the ledge, but not without letting me know that they are hyper-aware of what’s happening.

Phyllis: Have I misunderstood something? I mean, did you really go to our very busy kids and cry about something that I didn’t do?

Kyle: Come here for a second.

Summer: No. You’re being weird. You come over here.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You know how much I love you. I would follow you anywhere in the world, even right across the room, because you are the center of my universe, you and harrison. How long have I known you?

Summer: Mm, close to forever.

Kyle: And in all that time, you’ve been a million things to me. My rock. My advisor. My best friend. Partner.

Summer: Tormentor.

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: My love. We’ve been through challenges together, and everyone keeps talking about how young we are, but all I can think about is, “summer and I — we have lived a lifetime together.” And you’ve watched me go down paths that have led me away from you, only to find that I’ve always followed the path that brought me right back home.

Summer: It has been the wildest ride of my life, kyle.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] But you didn’t sign up for this, raising a child that you didn’t give birth to.

Summer: Harrison is my son, biological or not.

Kyle: I know. And that’s what I love most about you, the way you open up your heart just to let people in. And I thank whatever higher power put me in your sights. I know we’ve had our obstacles.

Summer: You. It was definitely mostly you.

Kyle: But you never gave up.

Summer: Mnh-mnh.

Kyle: We’re the best part of each other’s stories, and every time I turn the page, you’re doing something else that blows my mind or makes me know we made the right choice when we chose each other. And I would choose you every day.

Summer: Even over ice cream?

Kyle: [ Laughs ] Yes, even over my beloved mocha fudge. Now, just please — just let me finish, okay?

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] You are what makes me want to find out what comes next. I know it hasn’t been easy and there will be more difficulties. There always will be. But I am so lucky I get to face them with you.

Summer: Well, stick around because this next chapter — it is out of this world.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Good. I like our story. And I love our family.

Summer: We are the best, right?

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: And like I said, i would follow you anywhere in the world. So, will you do the same for me?

Summer: Of course. But where are we going?

Kyle: Back down the aisle. Summer newman abbott, will you make me the happiest man in genoa city? Will you marry me…again?

[ Both laugh ]

Adam: When I’m ready to talk to you, nick, I will tell you.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Sally?

Nick: Doesn’t look like she has anything to say to you.

Adam: Sally doesn’t need you to speak for her, nick.

Nick: We’re simply having a private conversation, adam, in a private place. That is all you need to know.

Sally: I mean, why are you even here, adam? I just got a text message from chloe saying that you have been looking for me. What is it that you need?

Nick: I just got a text from victoria saying the exact same thing.

Sally: Did I not make myself clear last night? I don’t want to see you, adam. And this is how you respond? You’re racing around town, hunting me down like a criminal?

Adam: Is that really how you’re — you’re choosing to see this, sally?

Sally: Well, don’t you find it odd that you show up in my hotel room uninvited yet again?

Adam: Almost as odd as the two of you being here during business hours. The last place I would expect, but yet here you are.

Sally: Okay, what — what is it exactly that you couldn’t say to me over a text or e-mail?

Adam: It can wait… until nick’s gone.


Sally: Nick… I would like to speak to adam. Alone.

Nick: You sure?

Adam: Are you implying that I’m a threat to her? Nice.

Sally: Nick. Thank you, but I’m fine.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Adam: Are you sleeping with my brother?

Summer: Kyle, get up!

Kyle: Not until you answer my question.

Summer: [ Inhales sharply ] Have you lost your mind?

Kyle: I’ve never been more sure about anything. Marry me.

Summer: I’m already married to a very handsome man.

Kyle: We deserve a do-over.

Summer: Kyle, get up before mrs. Martinez walks in and thinks you’ve lost your mind.

Kyle: Good. I want her here. Mrs. Martinez! Look, hear me out. I want everybody’s eyes on us celebrating, and think of all the people who couldn’t be there on the most important day of our lives. Milan was unforgettable. I will always, always cherish the way we said “I do.” And starting our lives in that city…

Summer: It was magical.

Kyle: But it wasn’t home. And being at mariah’s wedding made me realize… I want to go big.

Summer: You love a good wedding.

Kyle: I do. I officiate. I hear I’m one hell of a groom.

Summer: Mm. [ Laughs ]

Kyle: And now that we’re back and we have our family and friends around, I want them to be there for us on our happy day and watch me say my vows to the woman who brings me so much joy. Um…full disclosure, I was totally gonna surprise you.

Summer: What — what kind of surprise?

Kyle: Oh, uh, the whole vow renewal ceremony thing. But then traci had this crazy idea that you might want to be involved with the plans…

Summer: Well, thank goodness for her!

[ Both laugh ]

Kyle: Look, I not only want to do this for you. I want to do this with you.

Summer: I wouldn’t want it any other way. Mmm. I’ll need a dress.

Kyle: Oh, uh, nikki is already in L.A. Meeting with the forresters.

Summer: The — the forresters? We’re a marchetti family. Marchetti, jabot, fenmore’s —

Kyle: I couldn’t get you a marchetti dress without you finding out.

Summer: Okay. You’re right. But just this once.

Kyle: Okay, I — it will be our last wedding. I swear. Assuming you want to do this.

Summer: Kyle… I would love to marry you all over again. Mmm. Mm. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Playtime is over. We have got to get back to the office.

Kyle: Oh, we were just getting started.

Summer: I know. But we’ll pick this up later?

Kyle: I’ll hold you to that.

Summer: I’m about to become a bride all over again. My re-proposal glow is not going anywhere.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: I told kyle and summer all about your sabotage attempt, and they promised me they’d look into it. They can make a decision on your culpability.

Phyllis: Well, they’ll realize that I didn’t do anything.

Diane: However, I — I owe you a debt of gratitude, phyllis.

Phyllis: Do you? For what?

Diane: Mm. Because sharing my concerns with kyle allowed me to feel truly heard and supported by my son. I realized that our relationship is becoming what I hoped it would be. So, you should feel good about that. Your inability to defy your own worst instincts ended up becoming a good deed.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Did I just hear you and diane? What was that about?

Phyllis: Nothing. She accused me of trying to set her up.

Jack: Okay, I don’t need any details. All I need to ask is — did you?

Phyllis: That’s insane.

Jack: Not an answer.

Phyllis: No. No. You satisfied?

Jack: I’m relieved because it would be a big mistake both on a familial and a work level for you to cause chaos around here. But I don’t have to tell you that.

Phyllis: No. I get it.

Jack: Glad to hear it. No matter who you are,

[ Elevator doors open ]

Summer: [ Chuckling ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Mom.

Phyllis: Hey, my incredible, brilliant creative director daughter.

Kyle: Is my father here?

Phyllis: Uh, yes. I believe he’s in his office.

Kyle: Thanks.

Phyllis: Is everything okay?

Kyle: I really hope so.

Summer: Mom… I know everything.

[ Door closes ]

Jack: Yeah, I think this new fragrance has the potential to be a bestseller. Okay. I got to run. Give ashley my best, okay? Thanks. Hey.

Kyle: Summer knows about the vow renewal.

Jack: Already? I thought it was supposed to be a secret. Who spilled the beans? Oh, this I got to hear.

Kyle: I was running concepts for the ceremony by traci. Turns out, surprise birthday party, fun times. Surprise wedding, start planning for a divorce.

Jack: Really?

Kyle: Not a thing a woman wants sprung on her apparently.

Jack: Well, I’m glad somebody told you.

Kyle: What, you — you knew this was a bad idea and you didn’t tell me?

Jack: Well, you seemed so excited. I didn’t want to second-guess you.

Kyle: I’m glad traci was brave enough to speak up.

Jack: Okay. Emergency averted. My question is, with all this good news, why do you still look like your world is falling apart?

Phyllis: Okay, so, what do you mean when you say you know everything?

Summer: I’m just going to let my smile do the talking.

[ Giggles ]

Phyllis: Okay. Is it charades? I mean, sounds like? Give me a word.

Summer: Mom, I know all about the vow renewal.

Phyllis: Oh, thank god. Okay. The vow renewal. Of course! The vow renewal. Of course. You know about that?

Summer: Yeah. So many things have had me on edge lately between you and diane, and, no, things are not ideal, but I’m just so glad that you could all come together for this. I mean, this is gonna be even more magical than our wedding in milan.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe this. So, you know about it? I’m so glad you know because keeping it a secret — it was killing me.

Summer: You know, I’m kind of amazed that you were able to keep it quiet.

Phyllis: Ah, well — did kyle tell you?

Summer: He did, after traci convinced him that springing a ceremony on me was the worst idea ever.

Phyllis: Like, the worst idea ever. The worst. Traci’s the voice of reason.

[ Both laugh ]

Summer: Mom, he even got down on one knee and proposed all over again.

Phyllis: That’s very sweet.

Summer: It was so sweet. And he made the most impressive speech.

Phyllis: Mm. That’s lovely. I’m very happy for you. So, now that the cat is out of the bag, we have a lot of planning to do!

Summer: Yes, we do!

[ Both laugh ]

Chloe: Oh. Hey. Um, I’m so glad I bumped into you. Have you seen sally?

Nick: Why are you asking?

Chloe: Oh, just looking out for my ceo.

Nick: Are you worried about something?

Chloe: Adam. He’s been searching for her. And, you know, I think he’s actually having a harder time letting her go. I don’t want him getting into her head anymore because I don’t want her going off her game.

Nick: I think sally’s got this.

Chloe: Yeah? Really? Even after everything yesterday, missing the summit? You’re okay with that?

Nick: I think she learned a valuable lesson. She now knows what she’s in danger of losing. She hit the reset button. I’m very impressed with how she’s handling things.

Chloe: Oh. Um, okay. Great.

Nick: I think she’s stronger and more put together than people give her credit for. Yeah, she’s been through the wringer, but those experiences have given her a work ethic and an overall drive. I think in the long run, sally’s gonna be fine no matter where she ends up.

Chloe: Wow. That’s quite the endorsement. She should hire you as her hype man.

Nick: [ Laughs ] I think she’s gonna be a very valuable part of newman.

Chloe: Yeah, I’ve worked with sally long enough to know what she’s capable of. What I didn’t realize is how well the two of you have gotten to know each other.

Sally: Am I sleeping with your brother? I mean, how can you even get your mouth to formulate those words? How dare you? You have no right.

Adam: Yes, I know! I know. I don’T.

Sally: Is that why you’ve been hunting me down, so that you could hurl these baseless accusations at me?

Adam: Come on, sally. Baseless? Really?

Sally: Okay, now you want to play the jilted lover when you’re the one who dumped me?

Adam: Look… are you having trouble with the truth? Because you are doing an expert job of avoiding the question right now, sally.

Sally: Even if I was sleeping with nick, why would it even matter, okay? Because we’re all adults. I’m free. You’re free. We’re all free to do whatever we choose with whomever pleases us. I mean — I mean, you can — can go back to chelsea.

Adam: Oh, come on.

Sally: Or even sharon, if you’d like.

Adam: Will you stp?

Sally: No, why should I even believe for one second that any of this actually matters?

Adam: Sally… it matters to me. Your brain is an amazing thing.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: There’s something else I need to talk to you about.

Jack: Why do I think I’m not gonna like this?

Kyle: It’s about my mother. She came to summer and me yesterday because she found an incriminating document on her computer and she thinks phyllis was responsible.

Jack: I see. Well, that explains my conversation with diane yesterday. Something was bothering her. And before you got here, i witnessed an intense conversation between diane and phyllis. Phyllis, by the way, claims she is totally innocent.

Kyle: Of course she did.

Jack: So, how you gonna handle this?

Kyle: I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m frustrated, not because of the possibility of it being true — although if it is, phyllis would have to go.

Jack: That makes sense.

Kyle: But the fact that my mother is even actively looking for evidence proves that they still think the other is out to get them.

Jack: Between making accusations against each other, investigating each other, it’s a wonder any work gets done at all.

Kyle: And rather than focusing on the future and trying to make things better, they’re stuck in this cycle. My mother thinks the worst of phyllis —

Jack: And phyllis thinks she’s at the top of diane’s hit list. Therefore, she has to prove that she’s being wronged.

Kyle: Yes, nothing is improving. If anything, it’s getting worse.

Jack: It’s counterproductive.

Kyle: Was that a mistake, putting the two of them to work together at the same company?

Adam: You know how I feel, sally.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: You know it matters to me.

Sally: With the amount of back-and-forth that you do, i have no idea what is actually important to you. Yes, there was a time when i thought I did, but… but, I mean, everything that you’ve said and done has just seemed to be a part of this bigger plan where the only person that mattered was you.

Adam: And I get why you feel that way.

Sally: Oh, my god, when it comes to you, I don’t even know what is the truth and what is just another step in this scheme to prove to victoria and victor and the rest of the world what you don’t even believe yourself — that you’re worth it. I believed that you were. I laid it all out on the line for you to show you your worth. My career, my friendships, my reputation. They’ve all been jeopardized by my feelings for you.

Adam: I know. And I am sorry.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] And now I’m fighting this uphill battle to prove to everyone that I’m just more than one of your exes. But every second that I spend with you proves to everyone else that they’re right. I can’t keep doing this with you. I have to focus on what’s best for me.

Adam: Which — which is what, sally?

Sally: Your absence. I thought I made it clear to you when you left last night that i needed my space and it was best that we avoided each other. But instead, what do you do? You show back up to my hotel room again, disrespecting my wishes. This is why there is no future for us — because I can’t forgive you for your lack of trust or the ways that you manipulated me and played the game. You used me as a pawn.

Adam: I didn’t —

Sally: You did not treat me like a teammate. I can’t do this to myself anymore.

Adam: Because that is not true, sally.

Sally: No, no! Please stop! I’m done. I am moving on with my life. You should, too.

Nick: Who says I know sally well?

Chloe: Um, you. The way we were just talking about her, it sounds like you guys are besties.

Nick: We spent some time together on a professional level. I’m the coo of newman enterprises, which, of course, is the parent company to newman media. So we work closely together. You’ve been there. You’ve been in on some of the meetings.

Chloe: Yeah. One big happy family.

Nick: Well, that’s what i strive for — ’cause when we’re all supporting each other, that’s how we grow.

Chloe: Okay, well, that’s not your mission statement.

Nick: Don’t you think it should be, though?

Chloe: Yeah, um… yeah. Maybe you’re right. You know, fresh blood, under new management, anything is possible.

Nick: I’ve also convinced victoria to keep sally on as ceo. I would like to see her do well because that will reflect well on me. So we’ve had some discussions about that, too.

Chloe: And about her missing the marketing meeting yesterday?

Nick: Among other things. I know as well as anyone what the power of adam’s mind games can do. But from what little I know, she’s gonna do just fine.

Chloe: Yeah. That’s the plan.

Kyle: I’ve got enough to do in a day without refereeing this feud between my mother and phyllis.

Jack: You and summer shouldn’t be dealing with any of this. If diane and phyllis are creating tension, if they’re a distraction, both of them have to go.

Kyle: Both of them? No matter which one’s hands are dirty?

Jack: Choosing one of them is only going to exacerbate the battle and heighten the tension between you and your mother or summer and hers. It’s not fair to any of you.

Kyle: I don’t want or need any of this. I have far more important things in my life.

Jack: Yes, like my incredible grandson.

Kyle: And marchetti.

Jack: And your marriage, kyle. You are in the honeymoon phase. The two of you should be enjoying all kinds of fun things.

Kyle: Yeah, like planning our ceremony.

Jack: Yeah, like things like that.

Kyle: Maybe seeing us recite our vows will remind our moms of what’s important.

Jack: Well, I guess there’s always hope, yeah.

Kyle: You know the crazy thing about all this? When those two put their hatred and petty differences aside, they’ve actually done a hell of a job at marchetti. I would hate to lose either one of them, let alone both of them. But I fear they can’t help themselves from trying to destroy each other. Their loathing runs too deep.

Jack: Bring them together. Make your concerns clear. Tell them you are drawing a line in the sand.

Kyle: So, treat them like harrison?

Jack: Wait, you don’t treat my innocent little grandson that way, do you?

Kyle: Only when his grandfather’s been spoiling him too much and we need to get him back in line.

Jack: Seriously. Tell them there is a zero-tolerance policy now. No more shenanigans going forward. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Summer those were your father’s words of wisdom?

Kyle: Well, he thought we should lay down the law with our mothers.

Summer: Or else we put them in time-out?

Kyle: Or else they can’t play in our sandbox ever again. Thank you. They cross the line, they get the ax.

Summer: Doesn’t that seem a little extreme? We could lose a pair of valuable team members.

Kyle: I know, but they can’t help trying to undermine each other. They each need a deeper incentive to play nice, even if the other isn’T.

Summer: Yeah, it’s gotten so crazy that even as my mom and i were coming up with ideas for the most amazing ceremony ever, she couldn’t help but harp on the fact that she’s the mother of the bride.

Kyle: Mm, instead of the mother of the boring old groom.

Summer: You could never be boring. But, yeah, basically. She was saying that since she’s my mom, she has more say in the planning.

Kyle: Mm. Downplaying my mother’s right to contribute.

Summer: Without naming names, of course.

Kyle: She’s good.

Summer: The best.

Kyle: They just can’t help themselves. If we don’t do something — and fast — our ceremony is going to turn into a battle royale.

Summer: And I want it to be filled with peace and harmony.

Kyle: Then I say we follow my dad’s advice. If anyone crosses the line, there’s no taking sides or playing favorites. Agreed?

Summer: [ Sighs ] It definitely would alleviate some of our stress. Okay. Yeah. Let’s put our mothers on notice.

Kyle: [ Inhales sharply ]

Phyllis: I-I get it, but, nikki, listen — I don’t do well when I don’t have all the answers. I mean, I’m sure you have everything under control in los angeles, but I just need to know what you’re doing. It’s — it’s going okay here. I mean, I have it handled.

[ Cellphone pings ] Hang on. I’m getting a text. Hang on. Um, alright. Well, I have it under control. So, I guess we’ll chat later, right? Exactly. Talk to you later.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Sally: W-well, that did not go according to plan.

Nick: No, not at all.

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] I did not intend for this to happen again, I-I swear. I didn’t even think it was a possibility.

Nick: I mean, this, uh — this attraction, whatever it is we’re calling it… I never thought in a million years.

Sally: A billion years.

Nick: Trillion.

Sally: Quadrillion.

Nick: Well, you must have handled whatever it is you needed to talk to sally about pretty quickly.

Adam: Does that make you happy, nick? That sally’s more free for private meetings so soon? Hmm?

[ Pen clatters ]

Nick: I’m not concerned about her schedule.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Is this your way of getting back at me for leaving newman? Have you told dad?

Nick: Told him what?

Adam: I mean, I’m sure he might applaud you at first. He really does enjoy a good revenge plot. But he didn’t think sally was good enough for me. So, what’s he gonna think now that she’s sleeping with his golden boy? I mean, and then there’s sharon. Hey, she’s not gonna like this one, nick. What about summer, given the things that sally has done to her?

Nick: Alright, that’s enough. Here’s a good halloween trick.

Adam: Oh, I’m so sorry, nick. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get you angry. We both know what could happen, right?

Nick: What is the matter with you? You’re like a wrecking ball to every relationship you have. You destroy everything you touch, from family to friends to women you claim to love. But the women always seem to get the worst of it, don’t they, adam?

Adam: That’s good, nick. This is really good. I usually get my analysis from sharon when I come here. So, why don’t you continue?

Nick: Yeah, you did some damage to sally, but thank god your relationship just wasn’t that long. But let me tell you something. She’s too tough to be ground down the way you did with sharon and chelsea.

Adam: I… I thought that we had come to a deeper understanding after recent events, that we finally had something more connecting us than our father, who uses us as pawns. And now that’s just vanished. Why is that…brother?

Sally: Your fearless leader has returned. What did I miss?

Chloe: Oh, nothing important.

Sally: Oh, well, no news is good news, right?

Chloe: Yeah. You seemed to make a pretty good impression on nick, though.

Sally: What do you mean?

Chloe: Well, I ran into him at the coffee house, and he made it pretty clear that he’s your number-one fan now. Lots of glowing praises.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Seriously? Are you following me? Why do you always have to show up where I am?

Diane: Phyllis —

Phyllis: I mean, I don’t get it.

Diane: Phyllis, just relax. Kyle asked me to meet him here. I have no intention of —

Phyllis: Shh!

Diane: Don’t shush me.

Phyllis: Seriously. Shut up. They’re watching us. They planned this.

Diane: You’re right. Try to behave for once.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m not worried. You should be worried.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I know nate’s been having a hard time working at chancellor-winters. He’s struggling with the complications of working with his family. I’m sure he and devon have butted heads.

Victoria: The situation has become untenable for him.

Nick: But why make a move like this? It seems so unlike him.

Victoria: I don’t know. I was quite surprised when he came to me with the idea. But he has his reasons.

Nick: But it makes you wonder what happened to make him go so far as to leak insider information about his own company. It seems extremely vindictive.

Victoria: Nate’s an executive now. He’s looking at this as a businessman. He sees that it’s a smart move all around.

Nick: Obviously, he doesn’t think lily and devon would agree or he wouldn’t have gone behind their backs. So, if he’s looking at it as a businessman, my question is why? What’s in it for him?

Nikki: I-I don’t have any specific expectations for what will happen when I talk to deacon. I mean, I have a general sense of caution where he’s concerned. I mean, he has no conscience. He’s manipulative. He’s very self-serving.

Talia: Well, then it’s no wonder you’re on edge about this.

Nikki: Oh, he was perfectly fine with me being accused of a murder that he knew full well had not happened. So, yeah, I have my issues with him. I just know that I have to be focused and not let him distract me from my goal — exposing diane for the fraud that she is.

Talia: Mm. You know, nikki, my job requires me to be adept at reading people, at listening to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. And what I’m hearing is this deacon guy has the potential to knock you off your game — or at least try.

Nikki: Well, that’s why i have to be on my guard.

Talia: You know, in my research, I learned you were married to him once.

Nikki: I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Talia: We’re talking completely off the record. I promise.

Nikki: Yeah. We better be.

Talia: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re about to come face-to-face with a man you haven’t seen in years, a man who, in your own words, is manipulative and without a conscience.

Nikki: Believe me, I can handle deacon sharpe.

Talia: Maybe, but it could be a good idea for you to talk this out first. It could help you to go in there feeling more solid and in control.

Nikki: Well, maybe you’re right. I mean, it would be good for me to get some things off my chest and be at the top of my game and stay in control. Off the record.

Kyle: I’m afraid you got it wrong. Summer and I didn’t invite you to join us for fun.

Summer: In fact, it’s the exact opposite. This is serious, and it’s something that we wanted to discuss with both of you.

Diane: Oh. I-I see.

Phyllis: Okay, well, this doesn’t sound good.

Kyle: Summer and I want you to know we have two priorities — peace within the family and productivity within the business.

Phyllis: Uh, okay. Well, we’re on the same page. Those are my priorities, too.

Diane: And mine, as well. No question.

Phyllis: There’s nothing that I want more than to see, you know, marchetti run smoothly.

Diane: And successfully. I hope you know how much i appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.

Phyllis: Yeah, and it is my mission to make sure that all your dreams are realized with marchetti.

Diane: The most important thing to me right now is family harmony. Being close to you is the only reason I’m here. I can’t tell you how lucky i feel. And it means everything to me to be accepted back into your lives.

Phyllis: Well, we’re on the same page. Look at that. We are. We want to work in harmony, and we want to see marchetti succeed.

Kyle: Okay, we appreciate you are both in agreement. But summer and I will be doing the rest of the talking.

Summer: We’re glad to hear you saying all of the right things, but — I’m sorry — it’s not enough. You need to back up those flowery words with actions.

Kyle: So, here’s the deal. No more threats, no more accusations, no more trying to undermine each other in any way.

Summer: No more coming to us complaining about the other one.

Phyllis: Guys, that’s gonna be easy for me. I mean, honestly, I’ve been all but ignoring diane, I mean, despite her attempts to create conflict.

Diane: I merely let kyle and summer know about the mysterio file on my computer because i thought it could impact the company.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Alright. So, for the good of the company, you decided I was responsible?

Diane: Phyllis, we all know that you’re the expert hacker. I was just trying to be helpful in pinpointing the potential source of the issue.

Phyllis: Okay. Alright. Cool. Well, I, in turn, um — I needed to defend myself, you know? And I — I denied these baseless allegations.

Kyle: Okay, look —

Phyllis: And I just wanted to tell you the truth, that’s all.

Kyle: Look, we don’t want to be put in a position of trying to figure out which one of you was being honest.

Summer: No, we are done refereeing your feud, okay? So, if there’s one more incident, one more confrontation…

Kyle: No matter who provoked it…

Summer: You’re both out.

This is john.

Nate: So, you’ve confirmed that his collapse was due to extreme exhaustion? Are there any other symptoms? How’s his heart rate and blood pressure? Have you run other tests? And your prognosis of his overall health at this time is? I see. Thank you for your time.

Imani: Well, based on what i heard, it isn’t awful.

Nate: Your father’s gonna be just fine. He’s suffering from extreme exhaustion. The doctor recommends he get some rest, which I know is easy to say. He’s gonna prescribe him something and encourage him to take better care of himself.

Imani: Oh. Thank god it’s not life-threatening. I couldn’t handle that right now. Just — nate, thank you again for explaining things.

[ Sighs ] And you always just give me so much peace of mind. Thank you.

Nate: Not a problem. But I think you should go see him.

Imani: Why? I mean, you just said it wasn’t serious. Is there something you’re not telling me?

Nate: Relax. I’m not giving you this advice because I think your father’s symptoms are worse than they appear. I’m just saying this because i know you won’t feel better until you go see him yourself. Okay?

Nate: Thank you.

Diane: Wait. We’re both out, no matter who’s at fault?

Summer: That’s right.

Diane: Well, that’s not fair. I mean, why should I be held accountable for her bad behavior?

Phyllis: Um… okay, just so I get this clear. So, if she does something, I get fired, too? That just doesn’t seem right.

Kyle: It won’t matter who said what or who did what to whom. You will both — both — be immediately removed from the company.

Summer: No questions asked, no excuses tolerated.

Diane: But —

Phyllis: Okay —

Summer: This is non-negotiable, period.

Kyle: We warned you from the beginning to stay out of each other’s way. You were told that any conflict between the two of you would be a deal breaker.

Summer: And now you know that we mean it. Besides, the two of you have limited need to interact at marchetti anyway.

Phyllis: Okay, well, that’s not entirely true. Diane is writing the press release for my division, so I’m going to have to be around her.

Kyle: True. But if you can’t handle the times when you do need to interact, you shouldn’t have the job in the first place. It’s just that simple. Understood?

Phyllis: Summer, are you really…

Diane: Kyle, don’t you think this is a little harsh?

Kyle: Mom, we have a company to run.

Summer: And we’re both committed to its success.

Kyle: Hey, we are in the middle of a huge transition. Moving a company from milan to genoa city is a mammoth of an undertaking, and this is a big step for jabot and my father, so this affects him, as well.

Summer: We just don’t need these kinds of distractions.

Kyle: Like I said, you’re both doing great work in your respective jobs. Neither of us want to lose you. We want to see you succeed and be a part of this adventure. But we are done making allowances.

Summer: We’re done with the attacks and the accusations. This is your last warning. Are we clear?

Phyllis: Yeah. Sure. Fine.

Diane: Yeah, whatever you say. You can count on me.

Phyllis: Is there something you’d like to say?

Diane: Oh, no, phyllis. You — you go ahead.

Phyllis: No, I insist.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I think it has been very difficult for the two of you to be caught in the middle between us. And that’s not fair. So I want you to know that i promise that you won’t have to deal with that anymore.

Phyllis: You know, it really breaks my heart that you’re having this conversation with us. I mean, I don’t want to stress you out. I just want to help you make this company grow into the success that you want it to be. So, don’t worry. I’m not gonna do anything. You don’t have to worry about me.

Diane: See? You don’t have to worry about this ever again.

Phyllis: No. It’s all good. I’m good.

Diane: Yeah.

Nikki: Deacon was around during a very low point in my life. I’m in recovery now, but back then I was drinking excessively. And deacon took advantage of that and worked his way into my life and became my enabler.

Deacon: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.

Nikki: Oh, god. If I had known you were working, I wouldn’t have come here.

Deacon: Well, I’d probably be wounded if I didn’t know that was a lie. On the house.

Nikki: I don’t want it.

Deacon: Honey, I’ve earned enough of these and lost ’em…

[ Chip clinks ] …To know that’s exactly what you want.

Nikki: I cannot believe that I am here again. The — the lying and the sneaking around. I swore I would never put myself through this again.

Deacon: Okay. Alright. All right, listen. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna make a pact, alright? Tonight, that’s it. We pour the booze out. No more slip-ups. Come on. Come on. Let’s pour it out. Good. Now, we gotta promise that we’ll be there for each other ’cause nobody else understands but us.

Nikki: But finally it was just too much for victor. He had had enough, and he moved on with diane. Then, the day that she supposedly “died,” I confronted her, drunk. Things got out of hand and I picked up a rock and I hit her with it in the head.

Talia: So that’s why authorities thought you were the one who killed her.

Nikki: And I was so drunk, i didn’t know if I had or not. Clearly, deacon took advantage of that situation.

Deacon: You know, I was born and raised in this town. God, I love me some las vegas. Nikki, come on. Please? I mean, you really don’t want to do this.

Nikki: You know, you’re right. If I put all these together, it’s still not enough to get me through a wedding to you.

[ Sighs ] Yes, hello. Could you please send up a bottle of vodka immediately? Thank you.

Nikki: As I said, it was a very dark period of my life. I hardly knew who I was, but i did know that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. It took me quite some time to climb out of that hole. And once I did, I didn’t want to look back. But today, in order to face deacon, that’s exactly what I’m gonna have to do. Family is just very important.

Kyle: Thanks for understanding our position on this.

Summer: We’re glad that you both see why we had to take this step.

Phyllis: You don’t have to warn us again.

Dian: Oh, no, no. You don’t have to give this another thought.

Kyle: Great. Then we’re good. And now we can all head back to work with our new attitude and perspective.

Phyllis: That’s right! Let’s do it! Let’s do it!

Diane: That’s right. Everything’s going to work out just fine. You’ll see.

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, I have to make a phone call, so I’ll see you at the office.

Diane: Alright. I will see you shortly. Bye.

Kyle: Well, let’s hope that’s the end of it.

Summer: Yeah. Let’s hope.

Imani: You’re right. I’m gonna go to virginia today to see dad, and you don’t have to worry about me because I am not gonna fall apart.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Okay. I’m sure devon would want you to use his jet. He’s probably gotten the news from amanda by now.

Imani: Yeah. I guess I’ll reach out to him.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what it is about you. You — you’re just so calming and supportive, reassuring. I don’t know how I’d get through any of this without you.

Nate: I’m just glad I can be here to help.

Imani: Yeah, well, you were talking earlier about me being there for you, but you are the one that is always showing up for me. Nate, I think I’m the lucky one.

Nate: I guess that goes both ways…because I cannot begin to explain to you how helpful it’s been to have someone to confide in who really understands what I’ve been going through. Dealing with devon’s constant second-guessing and having all of my ideas shot down — it’s been frustrating, to say the least.

Imani: Well, of course it’s frustrating — because your ideas are amazing.

Nate: And that’s why i appreciate that you really listened to me. I mean really listened.

Imani: Well, about that… I hope that you are willing to listen to what I have to say to you right now.

Nick: Clearly nate brought you this insider information because there is some upside for him, something other than provoking his own family.

Victoria: Well, of course there is. The leadership of chancellor-winters.

Nick: Whoa. Are you saying you would make him ceo, leading the whole thing, above lily and devon?

Victoria: Yes. Why not? It’s what he told me he wanted in return.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It’s just such a mercenary move. I would never expect that of nate.

Victoria: Nate has learned a lot about how the game is played. He sees an opportunity, an opportunity that ultimately will be what’s best for everyone at chancellor-winters.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure that’s the speech he’s composing right now. He’s completely ignoring the fact that everything he is doing is absolutely unethical. And if he benefits from this financially in any way, it’s gonna invite some serious sec scrutiny.

Victoria: Oh, nicholas, would you just let me worry about that? I want to know what you think of the acquisition. Putting aside your feelings about nate’s role in it, don’t you think that it’s a smart move for newman enterprises?

Nick: It is impossible to take that element out of the equation. Nate felt so underappreciated, his response is to do an end run on lily and devon — and everything they did, they worked so hard to build by merging these two companies. Vick, they’re gonna take it personally because it’s personal.

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ulcerative colitis persists…

Nate: Okay. I’m listening.

Imani: So, now I am talking to you as your biggest supporter. The reason I am constantly encouraging you to follow your instincts is because you’re really good, even if devon doesn’t give you the recognition you deserve.

Nate: I appreciate you saying that. I would like to believe you’re right.

Imani: No, I am not the only one. Lily and billy see the merit in your ideas, too. Now, maybe she didn’t side with you against devon, but that is definite confirmation you belong in the c-suite, that you were right to think big and bold.

Nate: [ Inhales sharply ] I’m only getting bolder.

Imani: Good, ’cause I don’t want devon undermining your confidence, always going around saying that maybe he gave you too much responsibility too soon, that you were ill-equipped to handle the transition from medicine to business. Because we both know that is not true.

Nate: Trust me on this. Devon has not undermined my confidence.

Imani: I understand why you got frustrated and thought you had to leave chancellor-winters. I get it. But I hope that you will reconsider. And I wish elena had never suggested it because you deserve to reap the benefits of your ideas. Devon has no reason to hold you back, and you need to show him that.

Nate: Once again, you’re tuned into exactly what’s going on with me.

Nick: Just think about it, vick. If you used nate’s insider information to take over chancellor-winters, lily and devon are gonna see it as an act of betrayal. And, frankly, there is no other way to look at it.

Victoria: They’ll be upset, at least initially, but they’re both aware of the risks involved in going public.

Nick: You know, there’s one other member of the chancellor-winters executive team that you haven’t mentioned yet. Does you wanting this company so badly have anything to do with billy?

Victoria: Why would this have anything to do with him?

Nick: Because I know you, and I know you’ve looked at this from every angle and thought about how it shakes out for everyone involved.

Victoria: Yes, I have made a few calculations.

Nick: Okay. Let’s just say we get you everything you want, get you those seats on the board. What does this mean for billy? Does he have to answer to you? Is that what this is about?

Talia: You are quite a remarkable woman. I admire your strength. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of a difficult time and reclaim your life.

Nikki: Well, I can’t take all the credit. I had a tremendous amount of love and support, and I realize a lot of people aren’t that fortunate. So, I had to be strong for myself — and, more importantly, for my family.

Talia: I hope talking about it all before going in to meet with deacon was of some value to you.

Nikki: It was. You know, uh, sometimes when you say things out loud, it lessens the power it has on you. Funny how that works.

Talia: From what I’ve learned about you, though, you are strong enough to deal with anything or anyone.

Nikki: No, you’ve been very good for me. God knows I’ve given you a lot of mixed messages.

Deacon: Listen. I’m just happy to be with you. Any time I get to spend with you is great, and I’ll take it any way I can get it.

Nikki: You are too nice.

Deacon: Oh, that is so funny ’cause it’s — everyone says that in genoa city. They say, “deacon sharpe is such a nice guy.”

Nikki: Will you just take the compliment, please? You’re not the evil bastard you want people to think you are. At least, not right now, not with me. And I’m very grateful for that.

[ Sighs ] And I’ve — I’ve got to stop doing this to both of us. I have to stop it. So, um, I’m gonna be leaving town for a little while, and I’m just gonna go see my sister. It — it couldn’t be a better time, actually. I need to get away, and, um, think and, uh, put some miles between me and… the coffee.

Deacon: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: I just need to figure out what’s going on in my head…and in my heart.

Nikki: When you’re in recovery, especially early on, they warn you to avoid the people, places, and things that are associated with your addiction. That’s another good reason it was good for you and me to talk like this. I needed to remember exactly who and what deacon sharpe is. And I cannot be complacent because that’s when, if you’re not careful, you can really get into trouble. Hi, I’m karen.

Victoria: Billy’s potential role is not a factor.

Nick: So, you’re telling me you haven’t considered what the management structure of chancellor-winters will look like once you’ve installed nate at the top?

Victoria: I’m just saying that there’s nothing personal about this move. It’s — it’s all business, nicholas.

Nick: While I admire you channeling your inner dad, i don’t buy that answer for one minute.

Victoria: As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no downside to bringing chancellor-winters under the newman umbrella. Just think about how powerful and explosive that would be.

Explosive, yes, but not in a good way. Let’s put aside the undercutting of devon and lily, two people i greatly respect and care about. It’s a massive financial outlay, vick. Have you forgotten you recently went on a very impressive spending spree?

Victoria: Financing the stock buy is not an issue. Risk and reward, nicholas.

Nick: Have you run this by dad?

Victoria: No, not yet. But it is too big of a deal not to, so of course I will, and i also intend to get input from my co-ceo — mom. But ultimately, this is my call. And you’re right. You’re absolutely right. This is exactly the kind of move that dad would make.

Nick: And you think that’s a good thing?

Victoria: You know dad. He once had control of chancellor. He inherited it after katherine died. And although selling it made a lot of sense, I know it was hard for him to let go of her legacy. Now here we are. We have the perfect opportunity to get the company back. Can you give me one solid reason why we shouldn’t seize the moment?

Nick: Not one you want to hear, apparently.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: I hope this isn’t a bad time?

Jack: Uh, no. It’s a perfectly fine time. Come on in.

Diane: I wanted to stop by and apologize.

Jack: Apologize? For what?

Diane: Well, I’m sorry I took my suspicions to kyle and summer about phyllis setting me up. I realized what a huge mistake it was, and, um, I’m also sorry if somehow you got in the middle of it.

Jack: Do you realize you were wrong, that what you accused phyllis of she was not guilty of?

Diane: I’m just saying I know now what a terrible position i put them in.

Jack: How so?

Diane: Well, because I forced them to mediate some issues between phyllis and myself, when really all they want are uncomplicated working relationships with their mothers.

Jack: Seems to me they’ve made that clear for a very long time now. What caused the sudden epiphany?

Diane: Kyle asked me to meet him at society, and summer did the same to phyllis. It was a setup. They wanted to address the situation with both of us together.

Jack: Wow. How did that go? Anyone throw any food?

Diane: [ Laughs ] No, it was actually quite civilized.

Jack: Well, that’s progress, I’d say.

Diane: Phyllis and I were on our best behavior. We had to be. They gave us a pretty harsh ultimatum. They said that if either of us does anything remotely antagonistic, we’d both be fired.

Jack: Tough love mixed with mutually assured destruction. Seems to me that’s plenty of incentive to get along now.

Diane: Well, we were both pretty shocked. I mean, it’s — it’s kind of unfair.

Jack: Then you and phyllis agreed on something.

Diane: That’s hardly a silver lining.

Jack: It could have been a whole lot worse. You and phyllis could have lost your jobs.

Diane: I suppose. It was kind of an odd role reversal, our kids sitting us down and reprimanding us, laying down the law like we were the obstinate children that needed disciplining.

Jack: Well, were they off base? (Rose h) smoking caused my lung cancer.

Nate: You’re right. I do want to show devon he’s wrong about me. Maybe I did act prematurely by walking away. I let my frustration with devon get the better of me. But there is still a lot I want to accomplish in my role at chancellor-winters.

Imani: I’m very happy to hear you say that. But now you have to promise me that you’ll be back at chancellor-winters when i return.

Nate: That is the plan.

Imani: You’re a pretty awesome guy, nate.

[ Both laugh ]

Nate: Good luck in virginia.

Imani: Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nate: Victoria. Good to hear from you.

Victoria: Nate, I’ve been thinking about your proposal, and I’d like to meet.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: I am choosing to remain…hopeful about our mothers’ ability to follow through.

Kyle: Mm, I’m with you on that. Now that the situation’s been dealt with, we can put our energy where it belongs.

Summer: Mm. That’s right.

Kyle: Mm. Like focusing on making marchetti a huge success.

Summer: No! You’re kidding me, right? I was talking about our vow renewal. The next time the four of us get together, we’re gonna be talking about music and flowers and our color scheme.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Hey, nikki. It’s me. I mean [Sighs] Please tell me you’re getting enough pay dirt in los angeles to drive this bitch out of town.

Diane: I don’t think kyle and summer needed to threaten our jobs to prove their point.

Jack: The way you and phyllis have been behaving, you honestly are surprised that summer and kyle felt they were forced to handle the situation the way they did?

Diane: Well, I wouldn’t say forced. That’s a little strong.

Jack: Come on, diane. You have to admit, even though you and phyllis claim that you have your priorities straight, it appears the two of you are enjoying this war. And I have to wonder if it’s more important to you than your commitment to work and to family.

Diane: That’s ridiculous. Why would you even say —

Jack: Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. I have been there with victor. Our ongoing battles after a while looked like they were shaping who we were. Don’t let that happen with you and phyllis. Do not get lost in the hatred. Do not feed off the animosity and confrontation. Don’t fall into old habits.

Diane: You say this like you’re concerned for me. I’m — I’m touched.

Jack: I am concerned about kyle and summer.

Diane: Yeah, but I bet you’re not giving this same advice to phyllis.

Jack: Oh, believe me, I have tried repeatedly. And I get the sense that I’m not gonna get through to phyllis on this particular subject. I hope the same can’t be said of you.

Diane: Jack, I can assure you I am taking all of your advice to heart. And I promise that things will be different from now on.

Jack: I’m glad to hear that. For kyle’s sake — and yours.

Diane: [ Raps desk ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone closes ]

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