Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 12, 2022

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Nick: Dad just has to have his way and interfere in everything. He’s got to move the chess pieces around so everyone is exactly where he wants them, no matter what they want for themselves. I mean, can you believe this?

Victoria: [Chuckles] Yes, I can believe this. And you’re right. That’s exactly what dad’s doing.


Nick: I don’t get it. Why aren’t you more bothered by dad’s interference?

Victoria: It’s who he is. I mean, at this point, I could write his playbook. You could. So, it’s okay. Let him — let him make his suggestions that he wants to make. Ultimately, we’re gonna make the call on how to handle this.

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: What do you want?

Nick: Oh. What do i want? Uh, I would like to no longer be a part of any more of dad’s mind games targeting Adam.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, good luck with that. What else are you thinking?

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