Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 9, 2022

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Sharon: No. Is this part of your master plan to distract me?

Nick: This is not ideal.

Sharon: No, it’s not.

Nick: You know what? I dare you to go in there and tell him to go home.

Sharon: [Laughs] I am not gonna walk in there and tell Victor he has to go back to the ranch. But, you know, it might be nice to spend some time with someone who loves Faith as much as we do.

Nick: Alright. It’s your call. Don’t say I didn’t give you an out.

Victor: Well, by the look of things, you were deciding whether to stay or not.


Victor: You know your mother already sent her a care package.

Nick: Are you serious? She’s already going overboard.

Victor: Oh, that’s alright. That’s okay. Listen, you know that Faith will face a lot of challenges, and it’s always good to know that her family is there to back her up and to love her, you know?

Sharon: [Voice breaking] That’s so beautiful. I… you know what? Would you excuse me for a moment

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