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Sheila: Oh, grandma misses you so much.

Finn: Oh. I also need to schedule a consult–

[Hayes babbling]

Sheila: I just wanna hold you in my arms and never let go.

Finn: But please let them know.

Brooke: Look, I’ve tried to be nice about this, taylor, but if you refuse to respect certain boundaries.

Taylor: Boundaries?

Brooke: Yes, boundaries. Ridge is my husband, and hope is douglas’s mother. And if you try to undo those two things–

Taylor: I’m not trying to undo either of those things, brooke. They’re just happening naturally on their own. But the fact that you think I’m doing it to you tells& me everything I need to know.

Thomas: Oh.

Liam: You getting a few laps in?

Thomas: [Laughs] I had no idea you were here.

Liam: Sorry. Sorry. I, uh, actually I did text you, but, obviously, you don’t have your phone on you.


Thomas: Obviously. What’s up?

Liam: Just– I was, uh, looking for douglas.

Thomas: Oh, he’s not here.

Liam: Where is he?

Thomas: Uh, he’s with steffy and kelly. Why?

Liam: Well, because I’m– I am here to pick him up. It’s time for douglas to come home.

Brooke: I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You have an agenda, taylor. You’re trying to uproot douglas out of the one stable, loving home he’s been in since caroline died.

Taylor: You know that is not what I’m trying to do. Thomas deserves to be with his son.

Brooke: Okay, fine. Hope is not stopping him at all. He’s always had full access to douglas.

Taylor: No, but he wants more now. And he deserves that.

Brooke: What if it’s too much too soon?

Taylor: Well, thomas doesn’t feel it is.

Brooke: Well, I don’t think he’s the best judge of that.

Taylor: Okay. And you are?

Brooke: Yes, I am. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it. Douglas is in a very stable, loving home with beth, and liam and my daughter.

Taylor: Yes. And I’m very grateful for that.

Brooke: Okay.

Taylor: But ouglas is thomas’ son.

Brooke: And hope& is douglas’ mother. His adoptive mother. And she has as many legal rights to him as thomas does.

Thomas: This is douglas’ home. This is the forrester family home. Right. His last name is forrester. So this is also his home.

Liam: I– what, wait. I think you know what I actually mean. Douglas has been here for days now. Hope has been trying to be understanding. But this is a lot that you’re asking.

Thomas: I’m asking to be a presence in my son’s life. A full-time presence. And douglas wants to spend more time with me as well. And I think hope understands that. But that’s not exactly why you’re here, is it?

Finn: No, that– yeah. I mean it would be great. But flying off to a medical conference

[Finn’s voice fades off]

Sheila: Grandma loves you so much. I hate being kept apart from you. It is the most painful thing in the world.

[ Hayes babbling]

Finn: But right now I’ve got a little boy who’s waiting for his dad to play with him. No, absolutely. I’m just– I’m still on the mend, so. Yeah. Tell him thank you. Okay, thanks. Bye-bye. Hey, bud. Sorry– how did I, uh, how did mr. Buddy end up on the floor? Hey, hayes. Sorry to take that call bud but I’m all yours now. Okay? What’s the #1 retinol brand

Taylor: I am not questioning hope’s rights as douglas’ legal guardian, and I’ve always been grateful to the love she has shown my grandson.

Brooke: But?

Taylor: But I’m just unsure at this moment why– why thomas actually signed those papers. They weren’t together at the time, and he was in a very bad place back then.

Brooke: Thomas was obsessed with my daughter.

Taylor: I know. I know. I remember.

Brooke: Do you also remember the harm that he caused?

Taylor: He was in a very bad place mentally. So naturally, the fact that he signed those adoption papers it’s always concerned me.

Liam: I really didn’t come here to get into all this. I just wanna pick up douglas and take him home.

Thomas: And I told–

Liam: I know he’s out. I got it. Whenever he gets back.

Thomas: But that might not be for some time.

Liam: Then I will wait.

Thomas: Okay. Suit yourself. But you should know douglas did invite his friend over they wanna do, like, a cookout thing tonight, and I think they’re kinda stoked about it. Why are you reacting that way?

> Liam: Oh my god. See? You keep saying you’re a changed man, and yet you pull the same crap over and over again.

Thomas: Like you would care. Like you would ever think that I’m a changed man. You know what? I don’t care. Do you think I love my son? Do you think my son loves me?

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: Great. That’s all that matters. I wanna be with my son. I wanna be a father to him. And I wanna have a deepening bond. And you know what? In the last couple of days since he’s been here, I’ve seen that in action. We’ve been getting closer and closer. And I think as a father, you would understand that. As a son, you would encourage it. But you know what? You’re doing the same thing you always do. I’ll tell you what, liam, if you ever try and come between my son and me, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

[ Knocking at door ]

Finn: What did you forget? Ah, zende. Hey. Sorry. Um, thought you were steffy.

Finn: I’m sorry to disappoint. Um, here, come in.

Zende: Thank you. Thank you. I’m guessing the mrs. Is not here?

Finn: Oh, she’s, um, with kelly, uh, and douglas. Was she expecting you?

Zende: No, not really. I was eager to drop off these new sketches, though. It’s a bit of a different vibe from me.

Finn: Oh, you made a special trip?

Zende: Yeah, well, that was my cover anyway. What I really wanted to do is get some playtime in with my baby cousins.

Finn: Kelly is gonna be disappointed she missed you. Hayes, too. But I literally just put him down for a nap, so.

Zende: That’s a bummer. Wow, man. To think you almost missed your chance at all this, all because of sheila.

Sheila: Just those few precious moments holding you in my arms again, hayes.

[ Sighs ] I just wish it could have been longer.

[ Door opens ]

Sheila: What are you doing?

Deacon: Just took a break. I wanted to check on you.

Sheila: [Giggles] You mean check up on me?

Deacon: Sheila. Look, I know it seems like I’m your jailer, but I’m not. I’m just trying to look out for you.

Sheila: [Laughs] How sweet.

Deacon: Okay, you know what? Fine. You know, you wanna poke fun? Go ahead. I’m the only one who knows you’re still alive. So guess what? You stuck with me.

Sheila: Aw, got my son and my grandson.

Deacon: Except you don’t, sheila. I mean, look, if finn ever figures out that you concocted this whole bear mauling scheme and you’re still roaming around free I–

Sheila: You know that maternal pull, it’s always there. And wanting to be with finn and my grandson, that doesn’t go away. It’s all I think about, you know. I dream about that. If only things could be different. If only.

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Brooke: I can’t believe what you’re suggesting. Hope loves douglas as deeply as if she’d given birth to him.

Taylor: I have never questioned that. Not once. But hope could still be in my grandson’s life without having to seek legal control through paperwork.

Brooke: What? She has given douglas a stable, loving life. She’s been a wonderful influence for him.

Taylor: Oh, of course, she has. Yes, she has. But hope and thomas share custody. But the thing is, is she hasn’t really shared. Douglas has spent the majority of his time at your cabin with hope and liam and not my son. And see, now it’s time for thomas to get his son back. It is time for douglas to be with his father and the rest of the forrester family.

Liam: Can I clarify something with you? This is not me coming between a father and a son. That is not what’s happening here. But if you are the changed man you say you are, you would at least acknowledge that staying with hope and beth and me is what’s best for douglas right now.

Thomas: I’m not sure that that’s what’s best for douglas.

Liam: How? How can you think that? You know how happy he is over with us.

Thomas: Yes. And he’s happy over here, too. And hope has seen it for herself.

Liam: Yes. Which is why he should exist in both worlds. He should have both. But at this point, dude, you are– you are holding the kid and you are using it as a reason to get hope over here more and more.

Thomas. Okay. Stop. Stop. If you’re insinuating–

Liam: I’m not– I’m not insinuating. I’m telling you that you should look in the mirror right now because I think that your obsession with hope is kicking back up again. I really do.

[ Thomas scoffs ]

Zende: You know, man as someone who was adopted too, I’m sure you’ve been dealing with some pretty complicated emotions. I mean, li raised you. She’s your mother in every sense of the word, but sheila only gave birth to you. There’s no denying that. But to know what sheila did to you, to steffy, that is a lot to deal with emotionally.

Finn: Yeah. It’s, um, it’s been a challenging time for us. But I’ve just been focused on steffy and kelly and hayes, the family.

Zende: Uh, as you should. It’s just that, ah, I don’t mean to pry.

Finn: No, it’s okay. And you can. You can relate more than others. I appreciate you checking in. But the truth is, sheila, she’s gone. I never have to worry about her or think about her ever again. She’d never come back.

Sheila: I know what you’re going to say. That I’m dead to finn and hayes is never gonna know his grandmother.

Deacon: That’s how it is. That’s how it has to be. No, I–

Sheila: It’s not the way that I want it to be.

Deacon: Look, sheila. I get it, alright? I’m a parent, too. But you know hope is my whole world. But our situations are not the same. I mean, the stakes, they are astronomical. If you try and see hayes or finn again, you can never see them again.

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Brooke: Douglas can spend time with thomas and with the forrester’s any time he wants.

Taylor: Oh.-Brooke: Hope has made that abundantly clear.

Taylor: Okay, but you know that this isn’t about an occasional sleepover anymore. Thomas wants a permanent arrangement, and it’s only fair considering the amount of time he’s lost with his son.

Brooke: And that is not hope’s fault.

Taylor: I didn’t say that it was. But the fact is, is that thomas and hope share custody. But she hasn’t been doing that. She’s been keeping douglas to herself.

Brooke: What are you talking about, taylor? Hope stepped up. She gave douglas a loving, stable home when thomascouldn’T.

Thomas: And now he can. That little boy deserves a relationship with his father, he’s going to have it. Thomas is ready to be a loving and devoted father to his son.

Thomas: There it is. That’s what this is about. You’re acting like you’re concerned about douglas, even though there’s no reason to be. When really you’re just concerned about hope and think that I might still be obsessed with her.

Liam: Okay. All right. You tell me, then. Should I be concerned? Actually, no. You know what? Scratch that. More to the point. Should you be concerned? Should douglas be concerned? Should your family be concerned? Because the truth is, you’re the only one that truly knows if your obsession with hope is starting back up again. I mean, you’re standing here, you’re saying that you regret all the things you’ve done in the past, but here you are and you’re doing it again, right? You– you’re keeping douglas over here. You’re using it to woo hope over for visits. By the way, I’m not getting these invitations. Only hope. Not me. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me you’re enjoying the fantasy of you, hope, and douglas as a nuclear family. And if your obsession is starting back up again, you and I know what happens. We know where this goes. You will lose control. And I’m so– the only difference is this time, I’m– I’m not just gonna wait around for it to happen. Okay? My job is to protect hope and beth and douglas, even if that means from you at all costs.

Deacon: I know this is rough for you. Should probably have my head examined for letting you stay here, but I feel for you. I do. I know how much you love finn and hayes, and I can see that this is breaking your heart. Not being able to hold them and laugh with them. But that’s just how it has to be, sheila. You have to accept this. I gotta get back to work. You gonna be okay?

Deacon: I have to go.

[ Hayes babbling ]

[ Sheila giggles ]

Finn: Oh, bud, did you have a bad dream? Oh, it’s okay. Alright. Daddy’s here. And I’mma make everything okay. I’d never let anyone or anything harm you. Okay? All right. Here, let me get mr. Giraffe for you.

Sheila: Oh, it’s like I still– still feel you in my arms. I don’t care what deacon says. I am gonna be part of hayes’ and finn’s life again. I– I will somehow.

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