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Billy: There is nothing — and I mean this — nothing that you can’t conquer.

Victoria: Thank you.

Billy: I mean it, vick. You’re so impressive. You’re an amazing woman. And I’m — I’m just so proud of you.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: And to be honest, I’m a tiny bit jealous.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You mentioned earlier at the club that, uh — that you felt a bit at sea lately.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: What is that about?

Billy: Just thinking about making some changes.

Victoria: Care to share?

Billy: Nope, not tonight. Because tonight is all about you and your fresh start.

[ Knock on door ]

Nikki: Good morning, darling.

Victoria: Morning, mama.

Nikki: Mwah!

Victoria: Come in.

Nikki: Thank you.

[ Door closes ] Alright, now, first things first. Were you able to sleep last night?

Victoria: My goodness, yes, like a log. It was glorious.

Nikki: I’m so glad. Well, I have breakfast and tea. I didn’t know if you would be up to it, but I thought maybe we could go outside in the garden. It’s a lovely day.

Victoria: Well, you know, here is fine.

Nikki: Okay.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nikki: Uh-huh. I wasn’t sure if maybe you had come home too soon.

Victoria: No. Actually, it was exactly what i needed, stepping back into my old life. No. Scratch that. Stepping forward into my new life. And we should start planning right here, right now.

Nikki: For what?

Victoria: Life after ashland.

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: Hey.

Victor: Just got your text saying you wanted to meet. I’m having some breakfast. Would you care to join me?

Nick: I’m not hungry. Thanks.

Victor: How do you feel?

Nick: I’m alright. How are you?

Victor: I have never been better.

Nick: Good.

Victor: Mm.

Nick: Alright, so, here’s the deal. Just because chance has decided to shut down his investigation of looking into ashland’s death, it doesn’t mean it’s over for me.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Is that why you rushed out of here last night?

Nick: Look, I’m just trying to work through it, you know, dad. A man died because of my actions.

Victor: How do you feel now?

Kevin: Chance! I tried calling. I tried e-mailing. I figured there had to be a good reason you went radio silent. So, what’s the word? Where are we at with the locke investigation?

Chance: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Kevin: Ah, away from the prying eyes of everybody at the station. Great idea. So, how did the D.A. React when you presented all of our evidence, how the body was moved, how the accident was staged? I mean, you all but handed them a guilty verdict on a silver platter.

Chance: I didn’t do it.

Kevin: What? You didn’t take the evidence to the D.A.? After all the hours we spent building the case?

Chance: I came to the conclusion that there was no probable cause to believe a crime was committed.

Kevin: No probable cause? With all of the evidence we uncovered? Is this coming from paul? Because we need to explain to him that —

Chance: It was my decision, kevin.

Billy: Good morning.

Lily: Good morning.

Billy: You know what they say about the early bird.

Lily: Um… she rules the world?

Billy: No. She misses her morning mocha and croissant in bed.

Lily: Oh, is that how the saying goes?

Billy: Historically.

Lily: Well, I didn’t want to wake you. Thank you.

Billy: Oh, thank you very much for that. Getting an early start on the day?

Lily: Yeah. I just have a lot to catch up on since I got back from my trip.

Billy: Okay. Can you spare a few minutes for a morning chat over coffee?

Lily: Uh, it depends. Is it work-related?

Billy: I would like to pick up our conversation that we were having earlier about me splitting my time between my corporate responsibilities and the podcast and where i ultimately want to be.

Chelsea: Enjoying your new life of leisure?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know, no work, no responsibilities. It’s pretty great.

Chelsea: Why are you reading the newman media website? Trying to stay abreast on how things are faring under the new ceo?

Adam: Checking updates on the, uh, demise of ashland locke.

Chelsea: What’s left to be written? Bad guy loses control of his car, ends up at the bottom of a ravine.

Adam: Assuming that’s all there was to it.

Chelsea: Well, your family must be thrilled to be done with ashland, have all of this behind them.

Adam: That is certainly their hope.

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Nick: I was angry and frustrated because you once again decided you needed to control the situation. You made a unilateral decision without any regard whatsoever to the people who were directly involved.

Victor: Namely, you.

Nick: Yeah. Me. I was going through hell, dad. You know, I thought I killed a man. Then I had to grapple with this idea that maybe he got up and walked away on his own and that my hands were clean. Then later, I just learn that you covered up everything I did and I was right from the beginning.

Victor: Son, ashland locke caused his own death, okay?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I guess if you, uh, look at it in, like, the big picture, yes, you could say that. But because of what you did, dad, I was forced to lie to the police. Now, that might be second nature for other people, but it is not me, dad. That is not who I am. So I needed to struggle with this idea of doing what was best for victoria and her children, for my kids, for you and mom, or doing what was the right thing and what was right for me.

Victor: Well, you had to be a good father, good son, and a brave brother.

Nick: Well, now that I’ve had some time and distance from the situation… I understand you were just trying to be a good father, too.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] I appreciate you saying that, son. Everything I did was for you and victoria.

Nick: I know. You and your security team — you know, you had no idea what went on in that house after i got there. It all happened so fast. I barely had time to think. But you — you acted on instinct. At your core, you are predictably…

[Chuckles] Protective. And you will do anything to save your children.

Victor: And that’ll never change, son.

Nick: Well, vick came to that realization faster than I did. She really is a lot more like you than any of us could ever be.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Chelsea: Are you saying there’s something else about ashland’s death that’s being kept under wraps?

Adam: Oh, hell if I know. I learned about what’s going on with my family the same way all the other lowly non-newmans do. I read about it.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Oh. Hi, guys.

Chelsea: Hi.

Adam: Chloe. I would say it’s a pleasure, but, um…

Chloe: Ah. Yeah. Well, don’t let me interrupt.

Adam: No, no, no, you’re not. I, uh — I really hope the two of you can get back to being a dynamic duo again.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Mm. Nice outfit.

Chloe: Oh, thanks. It’s one of yours.

Chelsea: I know, but it never would have gone into production if it wasn’t for you.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Um, I — I heard your latest podcast episode.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Chloe: Yeah, you really put it all out there, don’t you?

Chelsea: It’s cathartic.

Chloe: It’s cheaper than therapy.

Chelsea: True. True. And it’s fun.

Chloe: Yeah, sounds like it.

Chelsea: It is, and I’m — I’m just using a different part of my brain, you know? I get to just go on instinct.

Chloe: Without the constant criticism.

Chelsea: Oh, no, actually. I get it from both sides now. Our subscribers, our new listeners. But I get to give it back, too, to billy. He’s the best. You know, nothing’s off limits. He’s constantly entertaining. You know, doing a podcast, you kind of feel like you’re walking on a tightrope. You could fall at any minute. But with billy, I feel safe ’cause when I start to lose my footing and feel like I’m gonna fall, he’ll fall to take the heat off me, if that makes any sense.

[ Both laugh ]

Chloe: Well, I’m really happy for you. I really am.

Chelsea: Well, thanks. You know, I’m just so used to editing myself. I would always hold back to make sure I would say what’s acceptable.

Chloe: Well, now you can finally let loose.

Chelsea: Exactly. And it was kind of cool how it happened, you know? I was just blatantly honest with billy about how painfully depressing his podcast was, and instead of getting defensive, he asked me to help him make it better. And the other stuff — it just all happened organically, so…

Chloe: I’m sorry that you could let loose with billy in a way that you couldn’t with me. I mean, I’m kind of low-key jealous, but I’m really happy that you found a safe place to land. I really am. And I can see it’s exactly what you needed.

Billy: I’ve done a lot of thinking about the tug-of-war between my responsibility as your right hand and the podcasts. And I think I figured out what i want to be when I grow up.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Look, I think you know that things have been a little sideways for me, and I feel like I realized that and I put myself in that recording studio in order to avoid dealing with that. And that is not fair to you, and it is not fair to this company.

Lily: Yeah. Well, thank you for saying that. I’m not really sure where this is leading.

Billy: I’m making a course correction, and I have found a replacement.

Lily: A replacement? I mean, billy, this is really fast. I think you should have talked to me about it first.

Billy: A replacement as host of “the grinning soul,” someone that I think is gonna be great, someone with a skewed view of the world, much like me, that throws caution into wind.

Lily: Okay, so, you’re staying on as coo?

Billy: Fully committed. I’m here. I’m walking away from my other responsibilities at the podcast so I can focus on you and chancellor-winters. So, we can turn the recording studio into a meditation room or a place for you to do yoga, whatever you need. What do you think?

Lily: I-I mean [Sighs] Is this what you want? Or are you just saying it ’cause you think it’s what I want to hear?

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Nikki: Well, it’s nice to finally have some closure on the whole ashland ordeal. He did meet with a rather violent untimely death, didn’t he?

Victoria: That was all ashland’s doing. The real tragedy is what nicholas is going through. You know, he didn’t ask to be put in this position. I thank god every morning when i wake up for putting him there, for saving me.

Nikki: Oh, well, so do I. But don’t you think you should take some time to deal with how low ashland spiraled? He wanted to do you harm.

Victoria: Mom, I love you, and I think I know where this is coming from, but you have to understand something. I dealt with the fallout from ashland’s lies for a very long time. It felt like a weight on me. It colored every decision that i made.

Nikki: I know.

Victoria: And now that he’s gone, I’m not gonna wallow in — in how everything went so wrong.

Nikki: Well, I don’t think that you should. I’m just saying maybe you should dig down to some deeper emotions.

Victoria: I have. I have. I’ve — I’ve mourned ashland in my own way. And I’ve dug very deep. And what I realized, mom, is that I feel — I feel free. I mean, at least I’m starting to.

Nikki: I think that’s wonderful.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] You know what? Last night, I even had a drink with billy, of all people.

Nikki: Oh, well… don’t, uh — don’t go overboard there.

Victoria: [ Laughs ] No. It was — it was nice. We talked about the future. We toasted to it. It felt good thinking about what’s to come. And I’m ready to start plotting that course.

Nikki: Now?

Victoria: Why not? There’s no time like the present. Let’s be bold, mom.

Nikki: What did you have in mind?

Nick: Do you have any idea how lucky you are that chance decided not to continue with this investigation? You could have gone to prison for this cover-up.

Victor: Well, let me just say, I’m very grateful to my son-in-law.

Nick: I was surprised and relieved that he decided to close the case.

Victor: And to be frank with you, I was surprised at the sloppiness of my team. They left evidence behind.

Nick: Can I assume you relieved them of their duties?

Victor: What do you think?

Nick: The bottom line is, you got lucky this time. When are you gonna stop tempting fate, dad? What if chance had followed this thing to the end and acted on the evidence?

Victor: Then I would have handled it, son.

Nick: Yeah. That’s what worries me, too.

Kevin: Walk me through this, please, because I really want to understand how you went from single-minded determination to get to the truth of what happened that night to bygones.

Chance: There was a lot that went into my decision.

Kevin: Like the ring that fell out of ashland’s pocket, the recovered video evidence that shows a guy tossing a cigarette and getting into ashland’s car, someone who clearly was not ashland and was very eager to cover up his tracks. Oh, oh, and the fact that both nick and victoria thought that ashland was dead because they couldn’t find a pulse. All signs pointing to them being right. You had the evidence, more than enough. Convictions have been gotten on less.

Chance: Kevin, kevin, I made the right choice. I mean, it was a tragic accident.

Kevin: Keep telling yourself that. Say it a few hundred more times, and maybe you’ll start to believe it. But I doubt it. And whether or not you pursue this evidence, it exists. And if it comes to light, it’s gonna be really, really bad. It could mean serious blowback for both of us. (Cat 1) friskies world!

Billy: Of course you factor in to my decision. I love you. We live together. We work together. And so, yeah, I mean, I realized that the podcast was taking up too much space in my life, and i promised myself and I promised you that I would be accountable. Everything I said was not gonna happen was actually what was happening.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, it’s a big step.

Billy: I want to be a man of my word. And I told my mother after chanccomm that I would not let her down.

Lily: Right. So, what I’m hearing is that you’re doing this because it’s being demanded of you.

Billy: No. What you’re hearing me say is that I want to be someone with integrity, right? Look, I don’t want to come here and do a half-assed job when everybody else is putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this company. I don’t want to be that guy. That’s my call.

Lily: Billy, are you sure? Honestly. ‘Cause I don’t want you to end up resenting me down the road.

Billy: [ Sighs ] I don’t like the feeling that something was changing between us, okay, and the connection that we share. And I don’t ever want to take advantage of you or this situation. This is where I want to be. This is where I belong.

Chelsea: I don’t mean to go on and on about how wonderful it is working with billy.

Chloe: No. Don’t minimize it. You deserve to be happy.

Chelsea: I really needed this job. You know. I was so deep in my own head, i never thought I’d find my way out.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] So now you’re gonna try to sort out billy’s?

[ Both laugh ]

Chelsea: It is a three-ring circus in there.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, you weren’t having an easy time of it when we were working on the line at fenmore’s, and, you know, I-I get why you had to go on hiatus from designing.

Chelsea: Is that what we’re calling it?

Chloe: [ Laughs ] Hey, you could make a return to fashion any time you want. Everyone loves a good comeback story. But you were having a hard time after rey died. He would be so proud of you now. Almost as proud as your bestie.

Chelsea: Okay, bestie, what about you?

Chloe: What about me?

Chelsea: Is everything okay? I can tell. Something’s off.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Come on. You know me.

Chelsea: I do know you. Which is why, even when things are a little tense between us, I can read you. And I can tell something’s wrong. So, out with it.

Nick: Do you have any idea how big of a gamble you were taking? Chance had the evidence. He could have gone to the D.A. And I know you were starting to worry.

Victor: I wasn’t worried about myself, okay?

Nick: Well, you should have been worried about yourself. This thing could have gone sideways at any point.

Victor: But the point is, it didn’T.

Nick: That’s it? That’s what you’re taking away from this? Dad, when are you gonna stop taking these risks?

Victor: Son, I will never stop protecting and safeguarding my family. You got a problem with that?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Abby.

Abby: Hi. Is this a boys’ brunch, or can anyone join?

Victor: Goodness, no. Come on in. I haven’t seen you for so long.

Abby: Hi, dad.

[ Smooches ]

Victor: How’s your boy?

Abby: He’s good.

Victor: Yeah?

Abby: Um, hey, nick. Is everything okay?

Nick: Yeah. It’s fine.

Victor: You understand that chance closed the case on ashland’s death?

Abby: Yeah. He — he did it to protect you and to make sure that nick and victoria didn’t have to go through more than they already have.

Nick: Well, that couldn’t have been an easy decision for him to make.

Abby: But it was the right one.

Nick: Yeah. Well, I will always be grateful. I got to go. I’ve got a pile of work, uh, to get to.

Victor: Alright, son. Speak with you soon.

Nick: Yeah. Bye, abby.

Abby: Bye, nick.

[ Sighs ] I am so glad that this is over and that nothing bad can happen to you.

Victor: I intend to speak with chance later and thank him.

Abby: I don’t think you should do that.

Chance: Kevin, the conclusion for the investigation is in the police report, if anyone went to the trouble to look for it. And it’s not that simple. Some of the information is redacted. It’s not all available to the public.

Kevin: What are you saying? You think it won’t be found? Victor covered up how ashland died. You know it. I know it. So do the newmans. So do the security guys who botched the job and got id’d on video.

Chance: There is nothing to worry about, okay?

Kevin: [ Scoffs ] The truth has a funny way of coming out, no matter how you try and hide it. I’ll bet victor thought he was in the clear, that there was no way we could track his involvement. Anyone that’s ever tried to get away with anything convinces themselves of that. My mother, my brother — both of them have played loose and fast with the law, and it has come back to bite them. Me. Me! I have made mistakes, too. It’s why I have worked so hard to turn my life around. I made a commitment to chloe and to my kids to be the best person I could be, just like you did with your family.

Chance: Kevin, I did a full investigation, and I put everything in that report. No one is trying to get away with anything.

Kevin: If this case revolved around anyone other than victor, you would be pursuing a conviction with everything you’ve got.

Chance: I didn’t do this for victor. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

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Victoria: Oh, and please make sure that all of the department heads know about the video call.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Uh, what shall the subject be?

Victoria: Well, my plans for taking newman enterprises into the future.

Nikki: Darling, I love seeing this renewed strength and energy after everything that’s happened. I know what you went through. But our employees don’T. I mean, consider the optics. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, ashland died in a tragic car accident.

And I will acknowledge my late ex-spouse briefly, noting without irony that newman enterprises would not be the company that it is without his — mm, let’s call it dedication to growing our reach and our holdings. And I’m going to put an end to all of the rumors and the speculations, any doubts or questions about the future of our company.

Nikki: Well, you know, even though he stepped down from newman/locke, there are still a lot of employees who are loyal to him.

Victoria: Mother, I’m aware of that, and I will make it clear that they are free to leave, but that no other company will offer them the opportunity that newman enterprises can, starting today, because nothing is in our way now.

Chance: I am not protecting my father-in-law.

Kevin: I never said that. But prepare yourself because that’s what anyone on the outside is gonna think — “there go the newmans again, standing shoulder to shoulder against all foes.” You’re a part of that family. They’re gonna say you’re ignoring the facts.

Chance: The fact is that ashland was a threat that night. He showed up to his ex’s house uninvited, seeking revenge. Now, whichever way you want to look at it, man, his death was unintentional, whether it was caused by a car accident or someone protecting their sister in self-defense. Now, I thought it was best not to drag the family through the ordeal of whatever charges the D.A. Might throw at him, especially because that accidental death, man — that could have been a scandal for the real victim here — victoria.

Kevin: Make no mistake. I fully agree. But that should have been the D.A.’S call, not yours.

Chloe: I’m just dealing with a lot, and some days seem bigger than others.

Chelsea: Are you scared to spill the beans because of the animosity between sally and me? I mean, you’re smart to be cautious. I can’t promise not to throw it in her face if you trash-talk her.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] We do know each other really well, then, don’t we?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. I don’t know what’s going on with sally, but I do know that you are the smartest, most intuitive, hardest-working person I know, and she’s lucky to have you.

Chloe: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah! And if you want me to — I don’t know — come up with the world’s most uncomfortable dress that gets tighter and tighter as the day goes on…

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] You’d do that for me?

Chelsea: In a heartbeat. We still make a great team, even if we’re not working for the same boss. Are you sure you’re okay?

Chloe: Yeah. You know, growing pains, right? And, uh, you know, maybe one day I’ll be in a great position like you’ve landed in.

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: Hi.

Billy: Sorry to interrupt. How you doing? Good to see you both.

Chloe: Good. Good to see you. And, hey, congratulations on the show. You really hit a home run with this one.

Billy: Yeah. No. Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Um, can I steal you for a second, please?

Chloe: Oh, yeah, um, you guys chat about your show. Um, I’ll grab another drink.

Chelsea: Okay.

Billy: See you.

Chloe: Bye.

Chelsea: I’m actually glad I’ve got you here. I have a great idea for a new episode. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it sooner.

Billy: Can we, uh, put that on pause for a minute?

Chelsea: Sure. Is something wrong?

Billy: [ Sighs ] I need to inform you that I — I will be stepping away from the podcast in order to focus on my day job.

Psst psst.

Chelsea: The podcast is over? Just like that?

Billy: Well, it doesn’t have to be. I think you should take over, and chancellor-winters is 100% behind you.

Chelsea: That’s the worst idea you’ve ever had.

Billy: I don’t think so. I think you are engaging. You are talented. You have a very interesting way of seeing the world and a wonderful way of expressing it.

Chelsea: Hold on. So…you’re willing to walk away just like that from something you clearly love?

Billy: I got to make a choice, chelsea. And the podcasts have been a distraction from my commitments, from —

Chelsea: From your real life? Billy, you have never been more real or more alive than when you’re sitting behind that microphone, diving into the real questions, the — the messy and complicated aspects of life that make it so interesting.

Billy: Well, now you get to be that voice.

Chelsea: But it’s not gonna be the same. Or nearly as much fun. Trust me — I got plenty of experience talking to myself when I was locked up. The whole point of me doing this is because I was doing it with someone who really gets me, someone who’s smart and funny and —

Billy: Look, I know. I am a super fun guy to work with. Look, chelsea, it’s not like i didn’t enjoy our time together — because I did. I thought it went really, really well. This whole partnership came out of left field, and it was a very pleasant surprise. But I made a commitment to chancellor-winters, and I need to do this for many reasons.

Chelsea: Okay, let me get this straight. You’re in a rush to get back into a world where you recently admitted you don’t belong? Makes a lot of sense.

Billy: I got to show that I do belong. I got to see this through.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Well, when you realize you’re making a mistake — and you will — I am going to come up with a million ways to say “i told you so.”

Billy: [ Chuckles ] That’s a real comfort.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Billy: I got to go.

Chelsea: Yeah. Got to get back to your real life.

Chloe: Okay. I know we have some work to do on our friendship, but, girl, let me tell you… do not go there.

Victor: You mean I’m not allowed to call my son-in-law and thank him for what he did? What am I missing?

Abby: Dad, he just needs some time to work through this.

Victor: Oh.

Abby: You know how chance is. He has a very strict sense of what’s right and wrong.

Victor: Yeah, but he did the right thing.

Abby: He doesn’t really see it that way.

Victor: Yet.

Abby: You know why this is such a difficult decision for him, right? I mean, chance — he sees everything as black or white, and this is a gray area. He’s not used to operating there.

Victor: Sweetheart, when it comes to protecting one’s family, there’s no gray area. As a father and as a husband, he should understand that now.

Kevin: Chance, what happened? I know you — or, at least, I thought I did. This isn’t you.

Chance: Justice was done, kevin. That is the bottom line. I ran this by the chief, as well, and he agrees. I made the right decision.

Kevin: So, what about victor? He just gets away with this like he does everything else? That man doesn’t just break the rules. He obliterates them.

Chance: Kevin, for everyone in the room, justice was done. Now, this was my call to make. It is over for us, and it is over for them.

Kevin: Wait. But what if this —

Chance: Kevin — kevin — kevin! Thank you for your help really. Thank you. You did a damn good job, and i really hope that we can work on something in the future. But it is time to move on. I’ll see you back at the station.

Adam: Kevin. I couldn’t help overhearing. Sounds like you’ve been left in one hell of a spot.

Our hillshire farm craftsman

[ Keys clacking ]

Lily: Hey. Where’d you go?

Billy: Well, I had to go have a conversation with my podcast partner and share the life-changing decision.

Lily: Uh-oh. Hope that went well.

Billy: And I wanted to pick up something that I’ve been holding onto for the right moment, and lo and behold —

Lily: Uh-oh. Turquoise ear pods?

Billy: Ah, that’s very funny. No, I actually think you’re really gonna love this.

Lily: [ Gasps ] Wow. Oh, it’s a yin and yang necklace. It’s beautiful. Is this because we’re opposites?

Billy: [ Chuckles ] No. It’s two pieces coming together to form a whole, much like us, two essential parts that are stronger together.

Lily: Mm. Thank you.

Nikki: Well, it certainly sounds like you have some bold plans in mind.

Victoria: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nikki: Oh, well, that is true. But don’t you think we should go over to newman tower for this video presentation? I mean, you’ll look more polished, more poised.

Victoria: Mother, nobody is gonna fixate on what’s going on in the back of my screen. Besides, I don’t want another minute to go by with our team wondering what’s going on with the state of the corporation and its leadership.

Nikki: Okay, okay, but why don’t I just jot down some notes you can use as a guide? That way, you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Victoria: I’m speaking to you as my co-ceo, not my mother. This is business. I need to know that you trust me on this and that I have your full support.

Nikki: Well, yes, of course you do. I-I think you’re making the right decision. It’s very wise of you to get ahead of the internal issues and make a show of strength and decisiveness.

Victoria: Good. ‘Cause I already know exactly what I want to say. And I’ve reached out to nicholas and all of our department heads. My true leadership at newman enterprises is about to begin.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Chance: Abby. Well, when you asked me to stop by, you didn’t say my wife would be here.

Victor: Well, in fact, your wife was quite adamant that i not call you.

Chance: Why is that?

Abby: You know, I just, um — I thought that you were busy, so, um… I’m gonna go relieve the nanny. See you at home.

Chance: I love you.

Abby: Love you. Bye, daddy.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart. Nice to see you.

Abby: You too.

Victor: Okay.

Chance: What’s this about?

Victor: I wanted to thank you for what you have done for our family. Wanted to thank you man to man.

Chance: Well, I don’t want or need your thanks.

Kevin: I don’t know what you think we were saying, but —

Adam: Well, from what i heard, someone made a bad judgment call without considering how it would affect you, kevin.

Kevin: Me? I’m fine.

Adam: Hmm. For now. But chance is a newman by marriage now, victor’s newly anointed family hero. And thank god for that. I mean, how convenient to have a son-in-law on the force. But, kevin, make no mistake. I’ve seen this movie before. Victor is going to use everything in his arsenal to make sure that boy scout stays squeaky clean and right where he needs him so he can make sure all their mistakes can simply disappear. And chance is gonna have no problem leaving you out to dry.

Kevin: That’s not true. Chance wouldn’t do that. We work together. He’s a good guy.

Adam: Mnh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that, okay? This isn’t something that you can sleep on, kevin. If you are smart, you will get out in front of this right now.

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