GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Selena Wu forces Curtis to accept one of her shipments at the Savoy as a way to repay her for finding the bartender who helped exonerate Trina and kept her from going to jail.

Jordan considers telling Curtis that Trina is his daughter and asks Anna’s advice without telling her any specific details. Ana tells Jordan to trust her instincts and get proof before talking to Curtis about something that will change his life.

Trina and Rory go on their first date but, later, when she and Rory run into Spencer, Trina tells Spencer how unfair it is he is going back to jail because he helped her.

Portia meets with the genetic counselor who tells her that she will have to meet with Trina for the counseling since she can’t do any tests or discuss medical history with anybody but the patient.

Sam and Dante have a long talk and decide that Dante and Rocco will move into her house.

Brook Lynn and Chase finally admit they love each other and kiss. After a long talk, they decide that, although they are scared to open their hearts to love, they are all in on this new phase of their relationship.

Drew and Carly also decide to stop ignoring their feelings for each other and kiss as they also start a new relationship.

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