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Michael: Did, um, something happen? L-let’s sit on the couch.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Uh…

[ Inhales deeply ] Willow, you know, you can — you can tell me anything. Whatever it is, we’ll — we’ll figure it out together. I don’t know if we can this time. Okay. It sounds, uh — it sounds serious. But, hey, look. You know… look at everything we’ve survived so far. Right? We can handle anything. Hold on. You’re not welcome here. Hey! How’d you get roped into grillin’? All the q’s are doing their part, you know, trying to help out G.H. Plus, it just so happens… I’m a grill master. Really? Yeah. Show me what you got. Prepare to be amazed. You bear no responsibility for tommy’s death. You weren’t there. Tommy barely had any memories of you. He — he thought you had died when he was a child. Maybe if I had stayed, I could have prepared him for what was to come. If I had more courage… tommy might still be alive. We’d sell this better if you smiled even just a little bit. Never tell a woman to smile. Well, even if it could keep said woman out of prison? You don’t want any suspicion coming your way… shh, shh! …If esme’s body turns up. You are the one causing suspicion. I’m the one saving you, so play nice and let me. I didn’t ask for your help! Mr. And mrs. Cassadine, this is a party. Kindly take your fighting somewhere else.

Amore. Amore. Hey, leo. What are you doing? I’m helping. Oh. Brook lynn! Chase! I’m so glad you made it! Thanks for inviting me. Oh, what can I say? You’re my favorite client. I’m your only client. Also co-conspirator. Well, nothing solidifies a relationship quite like a mutually beneficial scheme. And I’m glad you see it that way, ’cause I could really use your help. Curtis: Dr. Portia robinson. God knows I love you. I love your kindness, your selflessness. I love the way you love family. I love that giggle of yours, especially when you’re laughing at my bad jokes. I love the way you support and encourage and bring out the best in me. And when I think about my future, I see you right there by my side. And I want us to spend forever together. My love… will you marry me?

Expected to be here.I’m one of the largest donors to the children’s wing. Of course you’d be invited. I just thought you’d have the sense to stay home. You don’t have to worry about nina ’cause she doesn’t — she didn’t want to come. She doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Oh, that’s a first.

[ Sighs ] You know what? It’s obvious you don’t like nina. But I will not tolerate you disrespecting her. Right, but you’ll tolerate her disrespecting our entire family? I don’t have time for this. Let me tell you something. If you ever do that again… …it will be the last time you close a door. Hi, leo. [ Chuckles ] Hi. Hi. I just, uh — I came to see if olivia needed any help. Oh, you — you just missed her. But I’m gonna head out to the grill and give drew a break. You want to — you want to come hang with me out there? Um, you know what? I’m gonna go check on scout. But I’m glad you have everything under control. Okay. Yeah. I was just thinking we — never mind. Is sam mad at you? Uh… it kinda seems like it, right? Don’t worry. She won’t be soon. Well, thanks, buddy. I appreciate that.

[ Knocks on table ] Hey, you know what? Don’t hang out in here for too long. Come outside and play a little bit, alright? Okay. Okay. I’ll see ya.

[ Clinking ]

Amore. Amore. So sorry. This is a party, right? And such an important fundraiser, too. Yeah, very generous of the quartermaines to throw this benefit for the G.H. Children’s wing. My mom sends her regards, said she’s sorry she couldn’t be here. Aww. That is very sweet of her. How is grandma lesley doing? Ah, grandmother and marcello. They are still recovering from the fire. They are honing in on a place in town… ah. …Last I spoke to my mother, so they’ll probably be moving in soon, but my mother will stay there until they’re completely settled. As any good daughter should. Well, thank her. Tell her that we’re sorry that we missed her here today. And about before, just forget it. I-I understand that sometimes couples need to squabble, even at the most inopportune moments, right?

[ All chuckle ] You almost got us caught. Me? You were the one raising your voice. You brought up the topic right here, in public. This is precisely why I don’t need your help. Well, I didn’t ask to be dragged into this, but it is too late to go back now. Oh, darling. It’s never too late. You want my help? One hundred percent. Anything you need, I’m your girl. Anything? Um…

[ Chuckles ] Look. I need a partner for the three-legged race. It’s kind of my jam. Not to brag. That’s not how I took it. Okay, I know it sounds silly, but it’s something that I always used to crush back when I was a cop, you know, at the department picnics. Right. Yeah. No. I’ll — I’ll do it. Really? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. You are the greatest. Thank you.

[ Laughs ] You got it. Yuri: Miss brook lynn. Mr. Chase. Hey! You’re, uh, still together. Oh, we’re not

together, together. I-it’s so good to see you, yuri. Yeah. How’s it going? What do you got there? This is draniki. It’s a potato dish from belarus.

[ Speaks native language ] Yum! Okay. Well, let’s go find a platter and we’ll put it out. Come. Hey, uh, don’t be late. I’m counting on you. I can assure you that your being gone had nothing to do with tommy’s death. You don’t know the whole story. Has tj told you about my medical condition? No. He respects your privacy. And so do I. Don’t feel you owe me an explanation. No, no. It’s alright. I want to. I want to. Jordan, I’ve been — I’ve been ashamed of my medical condition for way too long, and I’m not gonna give it power over me anymore. The reason I left my family was because I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I see. And you were afraid you’d bring harm to them? Harm, shame. The whole stigma. You see, folks understand mental illness a lot better now than they did back in the day. I was so afraid of the diagnosis, I left my family. I got treatment. It’s under control now. Marshall, that’s very brave. I’m sorry you lost so much time with your family. I’m glad you’re back in their lives. I — I know tj’s glad you’re back. Yeah, yeah, and all that — all that is a dream come true. But…

[ Exhales heavily ] So now… look, I feel — I feel I still may have brought harm to my sons. How so? Schizophrenia can be passed down genetically. Both tj and shawn told me tommy wasn’t in his right mind when he was killed. So you think that tommy may have been having an “episode” of some sort? Yeah.

[ Voice breaking ] I wish I was with my boy. I wish I was with my boy when he was going through those struggles. Forget that. Look. I’m not trying to overstep here. But… can you tell me what your marriage to tommy was like? Thinking back, did you see any signs? Portia : I don’t even knowwhat to say. This is the last thing I was expecting today. When you know it’s right and you’re staring at your forever love every morning, you don’t wait another day. Curtis, I love you. I love you so much. We fit so well together. I had only been focused on trina a-and loading myself up with work. Forgot to even think about what i wanted, what I wanted out of life. And then you came back into it. And it feels like the clouds, they just, like, opened up. And all these possibilities are available for me now. You know? Love and happiness. And security. And you’ve given me all of those things. And that’s what I want for us. I want that forever. So is that a yes? Yeah.

[ Exhales sharply ] Curtis, I’m gonna marry you. Oh, my god. Oh, my god! She said yes!

[ Applause ] Aah! Wait, wait, wait.

[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah!

Congratulations to you both. Wishing nothing but happiness for you. Thank you. Thank you so much, tj. Yeah, I really appreciate it. And, you know, I’m really glad you could be here and be a part of this. Yeah, actually, I’M… meeting mom here for lunch. So I better get back to my table. But congrats again.

[ Chuckles ] So, okay, I have to know. Tell me everything. How long have you been planning this? Oh, baby, I knew for months, but I wanted to wait until the, uh, situation with trina was settled. Yes. Yeah, yeah. We have had our plate full. But now all things are better now. Yeah. Better than I ever could have even hoped. Eee!

[ Giggles ] I can’t believe you proposed in front of all of these people. Oh, baby, I had my eyes on you and you alone. But now I am ready to tell the world… oh, my… …that you agreed to be my pretty wife. Oh, and trina! We have to tell trina! Oh, she’s got plans right now, but she’s gonna be so excited. Ohh! I know. Well, we’ll tell her tonight. And if she gets home late, we’ll tell her tomorrow. We can tell her whenever. ‘Cause you know what?

[ Whispering ] We’ll be together.

[ Whispering ] For the rest of our lives.

[ Chuckles ] A lifetime. I’ve dealt with people with schizophrenia in the field. I know enough about the symptoms, and I suppose I have a rudimentary understanding of the illness. Looking back on our marriage… I can’t say I observed any signs of schizophrenia in tommy. Oh, man.

[ Claps hands ] Good. Good. Y-you’re certain? Your son was suffering from ptsd at the time of his death. But what pushed him over the edge was… my infidelity and discovering that tj was not his biological son. So if anyone is to blame, it’s me. I’m truly sorry for the part I played in tommy’s death. It’s my cross to bear, not yours. You know, you can’t go to heaven dragging hell along with you. I guess that’s the title of the composition I’ve been writing my whole life. Watching myself and other people play all the notes… trying to distract from their pain and sorrow and insecurities. Except we’re just dragging along the same torment were running from, compounding it. Look at me. I’ve dragged around fear, pain, and guilt seems like damn near a lifetime. And it wasn’t until — it wasn’t until I set them down that I got free. And I was able to come — come here to port charles and… find and discover everything I’d lost. Blaming yourself won’t bring tommy back. And lord knows, after all the mistakes I made, I… I’m in no position to judge you. As you can see, I-I’m still struggling. And that’s why, jordan… …I forgive you, jordan. I forgive you. How can you? Look, I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t angry when I heard what happened between you and tommy and shawn. But I know life. In life, you got all these unexpected blue notes. To tell you the truth, on one level, I was — I was kind of relieved that I couldn’t have passed down my disease to tj, that he was safe. Ain’t nothing about this gonna change my feelings for tj, not one bit. He’s a fine young man. In fact, I couldn’t love the boy more if he were my own flesh and blood. Tj loves his grandpa, too.

[ Chuckles ] And I am so glad we finally met, marshall ashford. Well, I’m glad we met, too. Maybe now… maybe now you’re gonna lay that burden down. Okay, with grilling, timing is everything. Okay. Yeah. Hey. I’m, uh, here to relieve you of your grilling duties. Oh. At least temporarily. Don’t go too far, you know? You have to relinquish your mighty tongs. Wow! Well, you know what? With an apron like that, I’m sure the grill is in great hands. Here you go, man. Cheers. I like that. I like that. Carly: Ahh. Alright. Okay. Well, hey, you want to, uh, go for a walk? Maybe we can play some games? We might be still able to sign up for the three-legged race. Oh, my god. I haven’t played that in so long. All the more reason to do it. We’d make a great team. I agree. Okay. Shall we? Okay. Michael, you have every right to your feelings about your father and nina. But this picnic is to benefit the children’s wing at G.H. Sonny’s here to support that cause. So today is about charity and gratitude. Just for today, why don’t we put our personal issues aside? Uh, yeah. Okay. Have fun at the picnic.

[ Sighs ] You okay? Yeah. Look, willow. You, uh — you are really incredible. Everything going on right now, y-you’re the only one who can…keep me grounded. Hey. Never underestimate yourself, michael. You can pull yourself back from the brink without me. Nah, nah. No. Seriously. I’m so much stronger with you by my side. You’re everything to me, willow. And I do not know what I would do without you.

–You were gonna — you were gonna tell me something. It can wait. I mean, you just had a run-in with your father. Oh, that’s fine. Hey. I’m over it. Alright? I want to know. What’s on your mind? Hey! Somebody was asking for mommy and daddy! Mommy, let’s play the games! Absolutely. Thanks, olivia. Oh, it’s my pleasure. Now get out there and have fun, you guys!

[ Laughs ] See you. You heard olivia. We need to get out there. I want to spend the day with my two favorite people. -Me too! Let’s go! -[ Chuckles ] I’m so glad we could make this work today. I had a wonderful conversation with your grandfather. I want to hear all about it, but — but first I have to tell you something. Portia and curtis are here. Okay. It’s fine if you want to ask them to join us. It’s not that. Um… curtis just proposed to portia. And she said yes.

[ Exhales sharply ] I guess I should have expected it. They did just buy that house together. I know, but it’s still a bit of a shock. Are you okay? Ooh! Life sure does change on a dime, doesn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. I mean, just the other day, things were as bleak as they ever could have been. Trina’s future was up in the air, and the only man that could exonerate her was in a coma. But we got through it. Together. Yes, we did. And now trina’s future is clear. She can do whatever she wants with her life. And our future, well, it’s as bright as this diamond. Soon you’re gonna be my husband. How soon? Not soon enough. I agree.

[ Chuckles ] Alright! We are down to the final two teams. Team number one… yes! …Carly corinthos, drew cain!

[ Laughs ] And team number two, brook lynn quartermaine and harrison chase. Drew: Oh-ho! No! Teams, on your marks! How’s that? Good? Okay. Oh, hey, sonny. Is nina with you? No. Ohh. You didn’t want to stir the pot, huh? That’s wise. How about avery? Is she having a good time? Yeah, she — she’s having a blast. She’s getting her face all painted. Oh, that’s so cute. She loves that. I’ll see ya. Oh, hey, wait, sonny. Don’t go. Just keep me company for a minute, huh? I wanted to thank you again for, um… helping trina the way you did. Yeah. I did it for trina. Still. I appreciate it. T-there’s been no justice for josslyn and cameron. It’s too bad that esme left town. Rats. They know when to jump ship, don’t they? I heard she posted something on social media from the south of france. Which is surprising because you — you said that s-she would never be found. I was wrong. Happens from time to time. Yeah, but, you know, it just seems like an amateur move from esme. Maybe you can shed some light — that’s enough, sonny. What do you mean, “that’s enough”? I’m just talking to ava. Well, ava doesn’t know anything about esme, so leave her alone. Or what?

-okay. -Ohh! Oh, they’re down! They’re down! We got it! Oh, the champions! Whoo! We did it! Ohh! You’re amazing. Ned: Team carly and drew! Sorry to interrupt your celebration, but, uh, tj just told me the good news. Congratulations to you both. Thank you, jordan. Thank you. May I see the ring? Oh. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. It’s beautiful. I’m very happy for you two. That means so much to me. Well, I’m gonna give you two a second. Excuse me. Are you really that happy for us? All I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy. Hm. I want the same for you. You know, I’m trying to learn how to “lay down my burdens” so I can move on. Just like you have. Your dad is back in your life and you have a new beginning with portia. I truly wish you the best of everything. You’re a class act. And I really appreciate everything you’ve done for portia and for trina and for me. Hey, my job is to stop injustice. I’m just trying to keep my promise to the people of this city. Well, sometimes the job entails testing the boundaries.

[ Alarm blaring ] And I know you take that very seriously. So I really appreciate your…discretion. If you’re referring to oz haggerty’s recovery and the circumstances that allowed it to happen… I am. Then there’s something I have to say about that. Drew: Okay!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] I’m so sorry. I was such a klutz. Ah. It’s okay. Uh, I’m in the mood for something cold. I’m gonna… drew: What’d I tell ya? First cornhole, now the three-legged race! Whoo! Look out, tug-of-war! We are unstoppable. Yes! You thirsty? Yeah. Yeah. I’ll get you something to drink. Okay. Okay. Congratulations. Oh. Thank you. You two make a great team. We do. Just stay away from my wife. I wouldn’t take another step. I don’t need your permission to talk to ava or anybody else. It’s none of your business. Stay out of it. I’m not one of your minions that you can order around. If you don’t stay away from my wife, there are gonna be consequences. Oh, nikolas!

[ Scoffs ] What consequences? You’re really overreacting here. I’m gonna tell you what I told your uncle! Take your best shot! And we’ll see what happens! Sonny, excuse us. Please.

[ Door closes ] What the hell was that? My sentiments exactly. What are you doing?! Why are you provoking sonny? He was the one that was way out of line. Not me. I can handle sonny. I’ve been dealing with him for years. I am your husband. It’s my job to defend you. You’re my husband. It was your job to be faithful. And you couldn’t manage that. So let’s drop the pretense. This was much more about you and your issues with sonny than it was about coming to my rescue. Well, I will always come to your rescue, ava. No matter how hard you push me away. I know. I messed up. But I love you. And I will always be there for you. Willow: I don’t think wiley quite gets the concept of the egg and spoon race.

[ Laughs ] Michael seems like a very patient teacher. He’s the best dad. I spoke with dr. Westbourne. She told me you had an appointment? I’m going to postpone treatment until I’m in my second trimester. It’s just… a few more weeks. I just… I can’t lose another baby. I know you probably don’t approve. Willow, if this is the right choice for you, I support that. It is. Thanks.

[ Both chuckle ] I take it you haven’t told your family yet? I was going to. I… I’ve decided to wait until I start treatment. I’m still going to suggest that you tell your family. Especially since you’ve decided to postpone treatment. If I tell michael… he’ll try to convince me to start treatment immediately. I don’t want to fight with him for the next few weeks. We just finished one big battle. I want to enjoy this time. There is lots of research that shows patients benefit from a strong support system. I’ve made my choice. I’m not ruining the few good weeks we have left with fighting and tears. This, what we have right now… this is what it’s all about. My decision is the best choice for my family. Hey! Are you bringing lemonade to the guests? Oh, that is so thoughtful of you. Thank you so much for helping me out today. You’re welcome. You always help me, mom. So it’s my turn to help somebody else. Olivia: That is so sweet.

[ Chuckles ] You keep up the good work, okay? I love you. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] -Okay. -What, what, what? Carly, it is just the two of us. Okay. You can be honest. Are you and drew a thing? What? Oh, my god! Are you kidding me? Olivia asked me the same thing. I’m gonna tell you what I told her. Drew and I are just friends. Oh, yeah. No, no. I-I got that. Especially how you were just all over each other. Oh — what are you talking about? No, no, no. Look. I get it, carly. It’s — it’s complicated. You and my family have a long and not-so-peachy history. And he’s jason’s twin, sam’s ex. But you two have some serious chemistry. You should go for it. Oh, like you’re going for it with chase? Anyone with eyes can see the way you guys look at each other. Chase is my client. Okay? T-there can’t be anything between us. But you want there to be. Right?

What I want for me and chasedoesn’t matter, okay? You’re changing the subject. We’re still talking about you and drew. I’m gonna talk to drew before people get the wrong idea. Are they, though? Yes, speaking to drew is a good idea because from what I’ve observed, there’s definitely some real feelings growing. And deal with it now before the situation gets all muddled and hopelessly mired in mixed signals and regrets because you’re just too afraid or took too long to have that conversation. Wow. That’s some really great advice. Maybe you should take it. Chase: Leo! My man. Have you seen dante and sam? No, but we need another person for tug-of-war. Are you in? You’ll be on my team. Sure! Awesome. Save me a spot on the rope! As far as I’m concerned, mr. Haggerty woke up just in time to exonerate trina. I’m glad he did. Trina’s free, which is all that matters. And the elevator? Ahh. I had heard it had been on the fritz again. They don’t make elevators like they used to. Like I said. Class act. Mom, I-I swear I did not know curtis was proposing when I suggested we meet here. Tj, I’m okay. I know you and uncle curtis are on good terms, but still, it has to be hard hearing he’s engaged. I’m happy for curtis. He and portia are a good match. So h-how’d it go with marshall? You said you had a good talk? The best. Marshall forgave me for everything that happened with tommy. And he told me about his diagnosis. That was some conversation. It was. Marshall was worried your dad might have inherited his predisposition for schizophrenia… and that’s what led to tommy’s death. But I told him I’d never seen any signs when we were married. I think that brought him some comfort. I bet it did. Curtis should tell marshall that he’s considering genetic counseling. For himself, in case he decides to have children. Of course. Curtis would want children of his own. He and portia would make good parents. Need a hand? I’ve got it. You here by yourself? Yes, I am. Seems to be the question of the day. I just figured that nina wouldn’t be able to resist rubbing carly’s nose in your new relationship. Well, you’re wrong. Can’t you just be divorced and live your life? ‘Cause that’s what we’re trying to do, and everybody just… seems to have a judgment. Well, I would think that you would be immune to that at this point in your life. Yeah, I am, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I mean, take — take you and me. We’ve known each other even — even before carly. We have — we have a son together. Can’t you wish me well? I mean, dante’s happy for me. Can’t you be?

At first I didn’t get it, but then it was fun. And daddy and I won! I know! I saw! Didn’t you hear me cheering?

[ Chuckles ] Today is perfect! And I agree. Everything is perfect. Hey. Thank you for reminding me what’s most important. I love you, mommy! Well, you know what the best part is for me? What’s that? It’s that now you and trina are officially my family. Well, I already think of you, tj, and marshall as part of my family. And even aunt stella. Yes.

[ Chuckles ] Can’t forget aunt stella. I know.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. It’s the hospital. I — I thought you — I really need to take this. But I thought you were off today. I am, but it’ll only take a second. And then we can talk about trina’s upcoming party. Okay. Hi. Hi. This is dr. Portia robinson. Yes. H-has an appointment opened up yet? No, but that’s three weeks away. I’ve already been waiting for an appointment for genetic counseling. Yes, please. The soonest available spot. No, it’s not concerning me. Um, it’s — it’s concerning my daughter. I do want you to be happy, sonny. I just wish you would have found your happiness with literally anyone else in the world. Sorry to disappoint you. But sometimes life chooses who you’re with. Mom! I got to talk to you! I’ll let you — I’ll you get to it. Hey. What’s up, honey? I made nonna’s sicilian thunderbolt for sam and dante. Really? Why didn’t I think of that? Well, did it work? I don’t know. I put the cups down for just a minute. But when I came back, all the cups were gone! So you only put the sicilian thunderbolt in some of the cups? Only two! And I don’t know what happened to them. What if I messed up everything? Hey, sam. Have you seen brook lynn? Wait. I’m sorry. What? Uh, never mind. Look, I don’t want to intrude, but… you look like you could use a friend. I’m available. Whoa! Whoa! Easy there! Hey. Sorry. My bad.

[ Chuckles ] Looks like, uh, cornhole’s free. How about it? Are you kidding? Well, why not? Or you afraid I’ll beat you? I… in your dreams. Back at it, huh? Yep. Hot dog?

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