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Adam: Hello, father.

Victor: Hey, son. What are you doing here? I thought you were staying in town.

Adam: Oh, I’m just picking up some of my things. I’d be happy to clear out all my stuff if you would prefer a different tenant. Victoria perhaps? I know you would prefer her company these days. And maybe you could, uh, persuade her and the kids to camp out here permanently, take over the place that you offered me. You know, I think that would only be fitting, dad, considering I’m just used as a placeholder for my sister until her inevitable triumphant return knocks me back into the reject pile.

Victor: For your information, katie and johnny are upstairs asleep, and victoria claims she wants to move back to her home.

[ Keys jangle ]

[ Lock disengages ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Keys clatter ]

[ Doors banging ]

[ Wind whipping ]

[ Wind continues ] Nurtec odt is the only medication

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Ashland: Do you remember when you gave me this ring, huh? The loch family ring. You told me it was a symbol for who I am now. It was supposed to represent our bright, shiny future. What does it represent now, victoria?

Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ]

Ashland: Nothing. Nothing but your lies and your deception. I will never wear it again. But I’m gonna keep it because it will remind me of how cruel people can be.

Victoria: I’m cruel?

I’m cruel? After everything that you’ve done?

Ashland: I loved you! And you used that love against me! You played me for your own personal gain! I was willing to walk through fire for you!

Victoria: Ashland, please calm down.

Ashland: I risked my life pulling you from that burning car only to have you destroy it! I should have left you! I should have let you die.

Victoria: [ Gasps ]

Victoria: You’re sad and ugly and disgusting! No one could ever love you!

Ashland: Don’t say that! Ahh! No — you bitch. No, you are not gonna get to that phone.

Nick: Hey!

Ashland: No.

Nick: Stay right there!

Ashland: No.

Nick: What is going on?

Ashland: Don’t get involved, nick. Your sister and I are saying our final goodbyes.

Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ]

Adam: Victoria is following her usual patterns. She sucks up your hospitality, then she hurries home. Is there a reason you think she shouldn’t this time?

Victor: You obviously know the trauma she has been through, right? That drama with ashland locke has left wounds, traumatic for both her and the children. They don’t even know what their stepfather was capable of.

Adam: Yeah, just like, uh, many people don’t know how ashland locke actually died.

Victor: Why are you bringing that up now?

Adam: I just can’t get over the feeling that you had something to do with it.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] You trying to goad me into something or what?

Adam: No. Look, I’m not looking for a fight, okay? Just the opposite. I don’t want to be accused of slinking on and off the property without saying hello. And now I have, so I’ll be on my way.

Victor: Hey, son. Why don’t we sit down and have a drink together, huh?

Sharon: Wow. The whole family must be so relieved. I mean, now you can finally put this nightmare behind you, especially you and victoria.

Nick: [ Sighs ] And dad, too. Not that he would admit it. Thanks to chance, he is in the clear. But he almost made the situation much, much worse.

Sharon: Well, victor’s methods might not always be the best, but you know he was only trying to help.

Nick: That’s always his motivation, but it’s not always the result.

Sharon: Sounds like you’re still angry with him.

Nick: Part of me is livid with him because of his constant need to control every single situation. Meanwhile, I’m the one who’s up at night worried sick if anything’s gonna happen to him if chance makes his case.

Sharon: Well, have you and your dad gotten to talk about this and how his actions have affected everyone?

Nick: If anything, he blames me for making him tell me what he had done. I should have just left it alone. You know, it’s never his fault.

Sharon: Mm, I wouldn’t let him off the hook now.

Nick: You’re right. I just — I need to let go of some of this aggravation and take a deep breath because it seems like this is gonna be behind us.

Sharon: You have been under a tremendous pressure. I’m glad you’re feeling some relief, but I’m afraid there is another aspect to this you won’t be able to avoid — your own conflict with having killed a man, even someone as horrible as ashland.

Abby: Good night. I know that something has been eating away at you. Was it the conversation that you had with victoria earlier? Did she upset you? And was she pressuring you about the investigation?

Chance: No, no, not at all. She, uh — she was actually surprisingly candid, said she didn’t want to influence my decision in any way.

Abby: Well, that’s a relief.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: I know that you’ve been churning on the inside.

Chance: After she left, kevin showed up with some new information.

Abby: Evidence?

Chance: Mm-hmm. I can’t go into detail, but it was clear to me I had to make a call on what to do next.

Abby: And?

Chance: Well, I just came from the ranch. Saw your family. Investigation’s over. Wrote my final report. Ashland locke died of head trauma most likely suffered during a car accident. File it tomorrow, and then i will move on.

Abby: [ Exhales heavily ] Okay. Um… that’s amazing. I mean, that means my dad was innocent. There was no cover-up.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, my god.

Chance: No, abby. There was evidence of exactly that. (Assad) since my mother

Abby: I don’t know what to say. I was hoping that, for once, my father hadn’t gone rogue.

Chance: Well, here’s the deal. Even though I did have evidence that backed up victor was behind the cover-up, it wasn’t conclusive. There were gaps. I was missing pieces. I mean, there was just enough for a prosecutor to think twice before taking it to trial.

Abby: So, that was your reasoning. You couldn’t prove your theory.

Chance: If I would have kept digging and pursuing the evidence I have, I believe i could have got there. Yes, what we had so far, a criminal case could have gone either way. But, hey, at the end of the day, no matter what happened, ashland’s death was an accident. So I made a judgment call. I opted to embrace the car crash as the most plausible cause of death.

Abby: Well, I know this case has been weighing on you heavily. So, why aren’t you more relieved that it’s over?

Sharon: Right after ashland died, you came to me and you wanted to talk. You explained how you were upset over having taken a life, any life, even though you knew you had acted in self-defense. And then you got caught up in what victor did, and then you were concerned about what the police were gonna discover. And I’m thinking that you used that as a way of avoiding confronting your own feelings.

Nick: I mean, in some ways, all that chaos kind of pulled me out of my own head. You know, it was a distraction. Not exactly a welcome one, but it gave me a place to focus on something besides my own guilt.

Sharon: And are you ready to face those feelings now? I don’t mean right this second. There’s no time limit. I’m just saying I want you to know that I’m here when you’re ready. Maybe you can explore what’s going on inside without the constant sense of dread of everything that’s been hanging over you lately. And I’m happy to listen. And if you want, I’ll help guide you through this.

Adam: Connor’s taken a little detour from sports lately.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Into what?

Adam: Coding. He’s, uh, fascinated by it.

Victor: Coding? What the hell is coding? Whoa. Huh. I’ll be damned. You know, we miss that boy. Both nikki and I do. Whenever he’s here, he brings a smile to our faces. I’m sure that kid will be very, very successful.

Adam: Unlike his dad. Serial failure.

Victor: I didn’t say anything like that.

Adam: No, but it was implied.

[ Clears throat ] You rarely say what you actually mean.

Victor: What do you mean, what’s implied? That’s pure nonsense you’re talking about. You trying to goad me into something or what? You trying to piss me off? Not gonna work tonight. I’m feeling good.

Victoria: Ashland?

Nick: Can you find a pulse? Vick.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: [ Gasps ]

Billy: Vick, it’s me. You in there?

Victoria: [ Exhales heavily ] The door’s open.

[ Door opens ]

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: I know it’s a little bit late, and I don’t want to intrude, but I was driving by. I saw your car in the driveway and your lights on. I thought you said earlier that you were gonna stay at the ranch.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, well, at that point, I hadn’t planned on — on returning tonight, but when I got to the ranch, i just — I felt like I wanted to come back home.

Billy: Is this your first night back since —

Victoria: Since ashland died? Yes. Yes, it is. You know, it’s funny. Walking in here, it struck me how — how nothing has really changed [Breathes deeply] And yet everything has.

[ Sighs heavily ] I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You feel better?

Victoria: Much. Thank you.

Billy: So, why did you decide to come back?

Victoria: I don’t want to uproot myself or the kids.

Billy: I understand that, but why tonight? Because, you know, you don’t have to rush any of this. You could have waited until the investigation was resolved.

Victor: It was resolved. It’s over and done with. Case closed.

Billy: What do you — what do you mean? You didn’t mention that earlier.

Victoria: I didn’t know about it then.

Billy: Come on. You want to share some of this with me, or did you swear secrecy?

Victoria: Okay. I…

[ Sighs ] After I left the bar and returned to the ranch, chance was there and informed us as a group that his official findings were that, after the fight, ashland left the house, got into his car, drove off, and died in a crash.

Billy: “Official finding.” Meaning?

Victoria: I-I — chance is gonna submit his final report to the department. That’s just the language that they use, billy.

Billy: Yeah, well, it sounds like a euphemism to me.

Victoria: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Billy: Look, I got to ask you. Be straight with me. There’s more to ashland locke’s death than the rest of us know, isn’t there?

Chance: I am relieved that i made my decision on this case. Trust me. But it was not easy. I mean, I think your dad orchestrated a cover-up. I believe that. And my evidence wasn’t conclusive. So I just had to ask myself, what am I gonna accomplish from doing all this? I’m just gonna continue to expend department resources when there is so much more out there crying for my attention right now.

Abby: Like closing all of rey’s cases. I know that’s important to you.

Chance: For starters, yes. And then there’s the human element to consider.

Abby: My family. Yeah.

Chance: I mean, after everything that ashland did to victoria and your whole family, is it right for me to just drag them through some more hell? I know for a fact there wasn’t any malice or premeditation leading up to his death. And whatever happened, the injury that killed him was an accident. But I believe that ashland died as a result of that altercation.

Abby: So you’ve said.

Chance: And victor reacted in the moment. It was ill-advised, and it complicated the hell out of things, but it happened. It can’t be undone. The people who know about it are gonna have to live with it. Nick’s gonna have to come to terms with killing ashland, and victoria’s gonna need time to heal. Although I bet your dad is celebrating. That’s for sure.

Abby: Look, my father will always do what he believes is right to protect his family. And I will never be able to thank you enough for choosing to protect him.

Chance: Look —

Abby: To protect our family.

Chance: Look, I made a choice, alright? And I would — I would really appreciate it if you would stop acting like it was the right one just because I came down on the newmans’ side of things.

Adam: Well, you seem very pleased with yourself. Why is that? What major win have you scored now?

Victor: My family is happy, and when they’re happy, I feel good.

Adam: Mm. I see.

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: You’re gonna make me pull it out of you bit by bit. Okay.

[ Glass thuds ] Well, the latest threat to the newmans was ashland locke.

Victor: Well, that S.O.B. Is thankfully no longer with us.

Adam: Mm, that eliminated some of the danger, but his death had its own turmoil. So, what changed?

Victor: All conversations about ashland locke are past tense, okay? Guy’s dead as a doornail. And any investigations into the circumstances of his death are now closed.

Adam: What?

Victor: Yeah. They’re closed. Chance was here earlier. He said he was no longer going to investigate the circumstances of ashland locke’s death, so victoria can now pick up the pieces of her life. So can we all.

Adam: That’s your win.

[ Laughs ] There really was something to investigate after all, wasn’t there? And naturally, you shut it down. What the hell did you pull this time, dad? (Vo) red lobster’s seafood summerfest is fire!

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victor: Okay, I’m — I’m gonna entrust you with the real facts, with the expectation that you keep it private.

Billy: I promise you, whatever you tell me, it’ll stay between us.

Victoria: Although nicholas and I didn’t know it at the time…ashland did die here.

[ Sighs ] We went outside to get our bearings, and my father sent his security team in here to remove the body and stage an accident.

Billy: In order to protect nick from being blamed.

Victoria: Dad didn’t know it at the time. He didn’t — he — he didn’t know about the fight. All he knew is that ashland was lying on my floor, dead. He wasn’t even sure who he was protecting.

Billy: Just covering his bases, huh?

Victoria: Nicholas was furious, and he felt like dad had made things so much worse. And then of course chance suspected dad of covering things up, and he started looking for evidence and pursuing new leads. He was completely relentless. And then tonight, he told us that he concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to, um — to prove that a crime had been committed, and he closed the case.

Billy: Just like that?

Victoria: Just like that.

Billy: Well, I’m glad he let it go.

Victoria: Although I got the impression that it wasn’t easy for him.

Billy: I’m sure it wasn’T. Just like I’m sure this isn’t easy for you. I mean, obviously, this is upsetting being back here, realizing that your ex didn’t actually die in a car crash, that it —

Victoria: Happened here. You know, part of me is glad that I was in the kitchen and I didn’t see nick punch him, I didn’t see him fall. That memory is the last thing that I need etched into my brain.

Billy: Oh, for your sake, I’m glad that’s true, too.

Victoria: I’m just so worried about nicholas.

[ Sighs ] He has to live with the knowledge that he — he took a man’s life. Even though his actions were justified, he never meant to hurt anyone. I’m so worried about what that will do to him.

Nick: I have no problem being open about my feelings toward ashland. I absolutely hated him. I don’t care who knew. I didn’t try and hide it. There were days when I wished he was dead. But then to actually see him dead on the floor, knowing that I caused it… I don’t know what to do with that. Some nights I wake up in a cold sweat, reliving that whole night.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I just — I wonder… how things would have played out if it happened differently.

Sharon: Hey. It was never your intention to take his life. Even if you had thought about it in the past, on any level, you need to separate your feelings for ashland from the events of that night. You were defending your sister. And, you know, you were protecting yourself, as well. And chance — I mean, we both know that he’s as righteous and honorable as they come. And he’s weighed all the evidence, and he’s declared that it was an accident. The fact that he has let this go just proves he believes that you are innocent. You’re not at fault.

Abby: I’m really sorry if i said the wrong thing. I didn’t mean to make you more upset.

Chance: One of the main reasons I was drawn to the military and then law enforcement — there are rules. There is the right, and there is the wrong, legal and illegal. You break the rules, you get punished.

Abby: I owe you an apology. I have been telling you that this was your decision to make and meanwhile I was forcing this “family first” idea onto you and that was not fair. But, really, I — I just want to be here for you, for whatever you’re feeling, even if that’s how disillusioned you are with my father, with my family… with me.

Chance: Honey, I’M…

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I really appreciated all your support. And I know I put you in a bad spot being on this case. I believe I came to the right determination, given the facts. I honestly do. And I just hope that nick and victoria can begin to move on.

Victor: So, why do you think I pulled anything?

Adam: Come on. Are — are we really gonna do this, dad? Fine.

[ Glass slams ] I’ve heard certain things. I’ve talked to a lot of people…

Victor: Mm.

Adam: …Including chance.

Victor: Mm.

Adam: News reports said it was a car crash, but it wasn’t that simple, was it, dad?

Victor: I don’t know.

Adam: The accident happened in a ravine nowhere near ashland’s place, but it wasn’t that far from victoria’S. Now, if it was just a routine car crash, why were the authorities looking into it?

Victor: Yeah. Why, indeed? Beats me.

Adam: Chance seemed pretty disturbed by what happened. And when I was leaving town, he told me that I should stay because my family might need me.

Victor: Well, how kind of him.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Where were you intending to go?

Adam: Oh, that doesn’t matter. But after that, I saw nick and sharon, and it looked pretty intense, like she was talking him off the ledge. Now, god knows nick and ashland didn’t care for each other. So, why would nick be so upset?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] No clue.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Now, for someone who claims he wants to leave the family, you’re awfully interested in our business.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, and later on, I talked to abby, who seemed to think that chance was keeping things from her, too. Now, why all the secrecy for just a routine crash? I mean… and I also thought sally knew more than she was saying, but she was asked not to publish anything negative, which, dad, i have to tell you, quite frankly, that was crossing a line.

Victor: Now stop beating around the bush. Ask your question.

Adam: Did you cover for nick or victoria? How did locke really die? And how did you convince chance to just look the other way? Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Victor: Son, you can attack me all day long, alright? But leave chance alone. He’s an honest man.

Adam: Fine. So, what happened?

Victor: Ashland locke threatened to become violent with victoria. Nicholas intervened, protected her. I then protected both of them. Chance decided to no longer continue the investigation into ashland locke’s death. He laid it to rest. That’s what family does, son, in moments of crisis. You, however, decided to leave us all, leave newman media, and put in charge your former girlfriend, who none of us trust.

[ Glass thuds ]

Adam: You claim to believe in family loyalty, except when it is inconvenient or it goes against your master plan, dad. I have been loyal as hell. You just don’t see it.

Billy: Nick is a strong, steady guy. He’s got a support system. I believe that he’s gonna be strong enough to overcome what’s happened to you.

Victoria: I don’t disagree with you. But I just want to be there for him. I want to be his sounding board while he’s going through this.

Billy: I understand that. I mean, looking at it, it’s kind of a minor miracle. You guys were pretty far apart in tuscany. You came back together strong, supporting each other.

Victoria: Well, it’s always been about ashland. He was right about him the whole time.

Billy: Yeah, let’s forget about that, okay? Let’s start to put ashland in the past, make him history.

Victoria: Alright. You know, when chance told me that he’d be closing the case, i just felt this giant weight lifting. That’s why I wanted to come home, you know? I just — I didn’t want to waste one minute getting back to life. But then when I got here, it just — all these memories came flooding back, and I’m really grateful you showed up when you did.

Billy: Wow. My timing didn’t suck for once.

Victoria: No. Actually, it was perfect.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] You know, when I first got here, you mentioned that this house looks the same, that our home now looks the same as it did the day we moved in. Sorry. Your home.

Victoria: Don’t apologize. It was our house.

Billy: Exact replica of the “father knows best,” what you always wanted.

Victoria: Look at how that metaphor turned out.

Billy: Mm-hmm. My father immediately had me arrested after we said our wedding vows on the front lawn, and he hasn’t stopped guiding me ever since.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: It’s nice to see you laugh.

Victoria: Well, you remember how I told you at the bar earlier that your dark sense of humor still cracks me up for some reason.

Billy: Oh. Yeah, well, what else am i good for? Look, I don’t want to, uh, make this all light because the truth is you did build something with ashland, and now all of that is gone. I’m not gonna shed a tear for that man. But I also just want to make sure that you’re alright and that you are ready to move on because I don’t want you causing any more pain for yourself. There’s already enough of that out in the world.

Victoria: I appreciate that. But I refuse to let ashland take my home from me.

Billy: Good. Now, how about we get rid of all that bad juju and talk about some good times?

Victoria: Alright. Where do you want to start?

Billy: Well, naturally, we start with the kids, right? So, um, I’m gonna say, uh, water balloon fights with them. That’s a blast.

Victoria: Snowball fights in the winter.

Billy: Yes.

Victoria: Yes.

Billy: Yes. The smell of hot chocolate and burnt cookies.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, I guess I can’t be good at everything.

Billy: [ Chuckling ] That’s true. But you do make a mean take-out order.

Victoria: Thank you. Painting together. Decorating for christmas.

Billy: Mm-hmm. Don’t forget my mean carpentry skills, where I built you the bookshelf, the exact replica of what you had when you were a child.

Victoria: I guess you’re not good at everything, either.

Billy: Hey, now. Come on. That wasn’t half bad.

Victoria: Those percentages sound about right, don’t they?

Billy: Geez.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

Billy: What about bringing johnny home?

Victoria: Celebrating katie’s christening.

Billy: Yeah. I guess it’s only fair that, uh, we keep it real, right, and we talk about some of the tough times we went through.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: One thing that comes to mind is how difficult it was for you when you were trying to have another baby.

Victoria: Delia’s death. I hope it doesn’t sound terrible for me to say it, but thinking about these memories that are a little bit darker, they — they bring me comfort, too.

Billy: Why is that?

Victoria: Well, because we made it through. We survived it. And here we are. We’re sitting together, talking, after all these years. We’re almost friends, even.

[ Both laugh ] I think that if I can get through those difficult times, still feel like this is my home, I could probably get through just about anything, including ashland.

Billy: I have no doubt.

Victoria: You know, when i first came back in here and i saw where it happened, where he died… but now, is it insane that you’ve made me feel like i should be toasting the future?

Billy: It’s not insane at all. At marshalls, our buyers spend every day hustling

Victoria: What should we drink to?

Billy: That’s a dangerous question.

Victoria: I’m not going to drink to ashland’s death.

Billy: No, no, no. That is far too morbid.

Victoria: Among other things, yes.

Billy: How about to catharsis?

Victoria: Perfect.

[ Glasses clink ]

Billy: You know, I have to say…you really are at the place that you always dreamed about being at. And I know it’s been difficult to get here, but you’re running the newman family business. It’s bigger and stronger than it’s ever been. And most importantly, you are the best mother to the most amazing kids that this planet has ever seen.

Victoria: I do have a lot to be grateful for.

Billy: Yeah. And now we are moving on from what’s-his-name and all his horror, everything that he put you through, there is nothing — and I mean this — nothing that you can’t conquer.

Victoria: Thank you.

Billy: I mean it, vick. You’re so impressive. You’re an amazing woman. And I’m — I’m just so proud of you.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: And to be honest, I’m a tiny bit jealous.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You mentioned earlier at the club that, uh — that you felt a bit at sea lately.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: What is that about?

Billy: Just thinking about making some changes.

Victoria: Care to share?

Billy: Nope, not tonight. Because tonight is all about you and your fresh start. To new beginnings.

[ Glasses clink ]

Victoria: Hear, hear.

Adam: I’m not gonna sit here and — and let you shame me for not being a loyal newman. I’ve done nothing but work to defend my sister and protect this family. I’m the one who brokered the deal to get ashland out of our lives, and it was you and victoria who undermined that. If she hadn’t gone to such extremes by taking his money and humiliating him, if you hadn’t taken steps to prevent him to see harrison… you backed the guy into a corner. You pushed him to lash out. And, I mean, I’m the one who went and I warned victoria and nick that he was out for revenge. So, whatever happened that night, however nick defended our sister — none of that would have happened, dad, if you trusted my original plan. Ashland locke would have disappeared on his own accord. He would have taken the money, and he would have been out of our lives. And you know what? Maybe he still would be alive.

Victor: And how in the hell would that have been a better outcome?

Adam: [ Scoffs ] I’m — I’m happy for you. I’m glad that you’re out from under that monster’s influence.

Victor: Mm.

Adam: But do remember — and, dad, you should know this better than anybody — there’s always another shoe out there that’s waiting to drop.

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