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Olivia: Okay, status report. Dante: Uh, coolers are full. Got some meat in there, got drinks in there for kids and grown-ups alike. Okay. Dining tent is up. The tables are set. Parking valet is ready to go. Where’s willow? She’ll be here soon. She definitely does not want to miss the — all: The first annual picnic to support the G.H. Children’s wing! Yeah. Who is this now? Oh. He works for sonny. Hope I’m in the right place. Well, we’ll see about that. What are you doing here, dex? I don’t appreciate being kept waiting, spencer. Sorry, ava. I’m a little busy, since I have to report to pentonville soon. Because you admitted on the stand that you broke out of spring ridge? I was trying to give trina an alibi. Her jury needed all the reasonable doubt that they could get. That’s very noble. But since you never do anything that doesn’t benefit you somehow, the obvious question is, what is your angle? Willow, hey. I thought you’d be at the picnic. I will be. I just… I need to meet with dr. Westbourne first. Right. Right. Here’s hoping I’m still in the mood for a picnic when we’re done. You don’t have to answer this, of course, but… no. I haven’t told michael yet. Seems pretty simple, right? It’s four words. Four words. “Michael, I have leukemia.” Look, I know it’s — it’s going to be difficult, but you deserve all of the support you can get. If I was in michael’s place, I would want to be there for you. There you are. Hello, willow. Commissioner ashford. Good to see you. Well, I should get going. Thanks. See you. So, mom, what brings you by? I was following up on a case, and I thought, since I’m here, maybe we can have lunch. That sounds great. Um… so how about I meet you at the metro court in, um… in — T.J. Why do I get the sense that you’re trying to get rid of me? Because I am. Hear that sound? What sound?

[ Sighs ] The sound of contentment. Mm. Peace. It’s almost as if… all things are right with the world.

[ Laughing ] That part, yeah.

[ Sighs ] And now that trina is free and she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, we can finally just enjoy the summer. Yes, we can. Look, I know this whole ordeal has taken a toll on you and trina. Not just because of the trial, but — the things that we had to do to get the result that we wanted. But you took most of the risk. You got oz to testify before that jury rendered its verdict. Well, that was all because of you. I-I mean, thank you so much for your support. There’s no way I could have even thought about going through all of that if you weren’t standing right by my side every step of the way. Well, if it was up to me, that’s exactly where I would be for the rest of our lives. You’ve been very mysterious about what we’re doing today. Because I want you to guess. That’s all. Well, I can’t guess, ’cause I don’t have a clue. Okay, the G.H. Fundraiser picnic, right, is today at the quartermaines’. Yes, I know that. Just like I’m sure you know that I was pointedly not invited. But I was, and I want you to come as my date. You want me to be your date at the quartermaines’? Yeah. I’m one of the hospital’s largest donors, and I can bring who I want. And the fact that my presence would really stick it to the q’S… is that why you’re inviting me, or is it just an added bonus?

[ Laughing ]

The rest of our lives? Wow. I like the sound of that. Well, I’m glad, because, you know, it’s time we started talking about our future. Oh, okay. What did you have in mind? Well — curtis, portia. Hey. I’m so glad I ran into you. You here to enjoy the pool? Oh, no, no. I’m here on business, actually. I picked up a gig at the metro court gardens next week. I’m here going over some last-minute details, and there’s some pretty fine details in there, if you know what I mean. Congratulations, pop! Congratulations. That’s really wonderful. We’ll be sure not to miss it. Well, you know I always play better for family. Look, I’m going to leave you two to your rest and relaxation, alright? Why don’t you stay? Why don’t you hang out with us? No, no, no. I’m not dressed for this, okay? Besides, I got an appointment over at G.H. Is, uh, everything okay? Yeah, yeah. Everything’s fine. It’s just a check-up, that’s all. You know what? What the heck? I can sit for a minute, right? Right. Okay! Here we go. Why not? Oh, man. You know, portia, I can’t tell you how much I’m waiting to celebrate trina’s victory in court. Yes, it’s gonna be amazing. It’s going to be a party to remember, trust that. Anything I can do to help, just let me know. You know what? I think you’ve already done your part. I talked to trina, and she told me that you spoke to her and influenced her to plead not guilty and to stand up and fight. I’m glad I could help, but I only told trina the truth. The biggest mistake in my life was running away from my family. How are you coping with the news? That I have cancer? It’s terrifying. Surreal. I know it’s a lot to take in. But it’s not all bad news. We did catch it early, so we can do something about it. I know chemotherapy is the recommended course of treatment. Starting as soon as possible. Right. I did some research on my own, but online or in my studies, one thing was consistent across the board. If I start chemo now, I could harm or even lose the baby. Is that right? Yes. That is true. I don’t want pick a fight with anybody. I just want you to come as my date. That’s what we’re doing, right? Right here? That party is going to be full of people who despise me, sonny. It’s not a family event. It’s for the hospital. You have every right to be there. Well, it means so much that you want me to be there and that you’ll fight for me. I would never let anyone disrespect you. I know that. And that’s exactly the reason why I’m not going with you. I’m delivering the raffle prize donated by corinthos coffee. Ooh, what’d sonny sent us? It is a state-of-the-art espresso machine and a year’s supply of coffee. It’s out in my car. You have a year’s supply of coffee in your car?

[ Laughing ] Well, it’s an S.U.V., Actually. But no, I have a few bags and a gift certificate for the rest. You drink a lot of coffee, little man? I don’t drink any, so a year’s supply would be…zero. Good math. How about I walk you to your car now? I’ll bring in the machine. No, I’ll get someone to unload it. You work for sonny? Yeah. Come in. Have something to eat. Come on, sweet pea.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, great. There’s an issue with the sound system in the tent. Gonna go fire up the grill.

[ Sighs ] It was nice meeting you. Dex. Nice meeting you. Brook lynn. Cool name. I know.

[ Crunching ] Dex, I told you not to come here. Yeah, it’s an emergency, okay? Sonny’s pissed. After all that work, your plan could be going down in flames. What was my angle? Mm-hmm. I knew you were up to something. I just couldn’t figure out what that was. You asked me whose side I was on. Well, good news, now you know I was team trina the whole time. Well, that’s obvious now. But trina didn’t know it. Do you have any idea how much you hurt her? Do you know that from the moment she met you, she insisted that there was good in you? Despite the lies, despite esmé, despite all of it, she believed in you. Spencer, if she had known that you returned that faith, this would not have been as difficult for her. I thought that I was doing the right thing. Yeah, of course you did, because widespread chaos seems right to you, so that’s what you do. You cassadine men are the same. You hurt somebody that you claim to care about, then you swear that you’re sorry, that you had good reason, but… it’s too little, too late. What do you want from me? How about some honesty? Is that a joke? Ava, you’re the most deceitful woman that I know. You lied to me when I was a child. You promised me that you were going to testify against valentin. I didn’t lie. I changed my mind. And when half your face gets melted off, pretty boy, then you can tell me that you would not have done the exact same thing. I can only hope that my father doesn’t give in when you inevitably come crawling back to him. You want honesty, spence? I got some honesty. I have truths that will lay you to waste. Yeah? Take your best shot. Okay. Just remember, though, you asked for it.

what are you waiting for? You see, you have this fantasy that without me, you and your father would be as close as when you were a boy. But I am not the problem. I never have been. The fact is, esmé and your precious daddy — ava! Don’t say anything that you’re gonna regret. Oh, I’m not gonna regret it. I’m gonna savor it. Savor what? What are you talking about? Whatever your reasons, whatever you say right now is only gonna hurt you, not spencer. That sounds like a threat. Is that a threat? If it is, I think you ought to walk it back. It’s not a threat. It’s just… some perspective, okay? My son is going to a maximum security prison for 3 months. You’ve been to prison, and I’m sure that you never want to go back. Depends on the alternatives. Whatever animosity exists between you and spencer, the one thing you both need to remember is esmé is gone. And good riddance. I’m only sorry that she’s not going to pay for what she’s done. Your mistakes are — are water long under the bridge. I just… I just want us to move forward, you know? In fact, portia and i were just talking today, earlier, about the future, and I’m so glad you’ll be a part of it. So am I. Well, that’s what I want, too. I’ve been worried for so long, terrified that my schizophrenia would pose a threat to everyone I hold dear. Even though I wasn’t having any symptoms, it still, it… it hung around my neck. Like the meds could stop — stop working at any moment, which is possible. And if they did, man. I just — I just couldn’t risk hurting anyone, or even — even embarrassing anybody. But you know what? You don’t have to worry about anything like that anymore. Right, I mean, even if it did get worse, not that it will, you know we’ll always be here for you. I appreciate that, son. All in all, I’ve been lucky. In fact, I was wondering, curtis, have you — have you thought any more about getting genetic counseling? Oh, I’ve been pretty busy lately. And even if curtis did inherit the genetic predisposition for schizophrenia, he’s far past the usual age of onset. Anyway, there’s no reason to even think about curtis having symptoms. I mean, a predisposition, that’s no guarantee that the illness will actually develop. Thank god you were spared that. Yeah. I mean, it looks like I’m in the clear. The only reason I would get tested is if I were to have children, because they could be affected. Wait, is that the plan? Are you two gonna give me some more grandchildren?

[ Laughter ] Marshall told me that he made an appointment here today, and I just — I figured the two of you shouldn’t cross paths, considering… considering the tragedy of tommy’s death? Right. I assume your grandfather won’t be too pleased to meet me. I mean, he’s been in town for quite a while, and the two of you have never been in the same place at the same time. Obviously, that’s not a coincidence. I’ve kept my distance. I didn’t want to get in the way of the chance for you to know your grandfather. But it looks like he’s here to stay. I hope so. Then I don’t think it’s practical to keep avoiding marshall, unless that’s what you want. Dante? Mm-hmm? Are you coming to my play? It’s this, “a midsummer night’s dream” by william shakespeare. I wouldn’t miss it, man. It’s a bit of an adult kind of play, isn’t it? The entire show is 30 minutes long, and no one kid is on the stage for more than 10 minutes, so… I play bottom. That’s a funny name. It sure is. He turns into a donkey, so I get to wear a donkey head. It’s really cool. Nice. I’m totally loving this theater therapy. Mm-hmm. It allows the kids to use their god-given communication skills. You know, to ask clearly for the things that they want and they need. Oh, yeah? Might be nice if they had something like that for neurotypical adults, huh? Really, ma? Okay, sorry. Sam is out with danny and scout on the front lawn, setting up the games. Good. Maybe you should go out there and give her a little bit of help. Unless, you know, you think that’s moving too fast for sam. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’T. Sorry.

[ Breathes deeply ] What was that? Sorry, I shouldn’t say anything. Well, did you promise not to say anything? Good point. Okay. Sam and dante — he wants her to move in, and she’s afraid that it’s moving too fast. She’s not ready to take that next step.

[ Crunching ] Mm-hmm. You know what the two of them need?

[ Mouth full ] Oh, no, no, no. You don’t mean… they need to be hit by a good, old-fashioned — both: Sicilian thunderbolt! You want dante to be hit by italian lightning?

[ Both laugh ] No. Honey, it’s not an actual thunderbolt. C’mere, c’mere, c’mere. My nonna tuccia had a very special recipe called a sicilian thunderbolt. Mm-hmm. Now, listen to me. This very simple concoction had the power to unite reluctant lovers and make them see that they were destined to be together. What do you mean? Okay. If two people — let’s just say, for instance, sam and dante — if they’re really meant to be together, they drink the sicilian thunderbolt, and suddenly, the clouds are lifted from their eyes and they’re able to see their undeniable true love for each other. A love potion. Yeah. Like oberon makes for titania. Kind of. Well, the love potion in the play would make the person fall in love with the next person they see, which would be a no-no. We don’t want that. That’s good. But for the sicilian thunderbolt to work, the two people have to be right for each other. Then why do they need the sicilian thunderbolt? Well, sometimes people just need… they’re taking their own sweet time, and what they really need is a good, swift kick in the —

[ Clears throat ] They — they just need a little push. Encouragement. Exactly. That’s exactly it. How does it work? Because your fetus’s organs are developing in the first 12 to 14 weeks, chemo in the first trimester can cause severe birth defects or even miscarriage. Terry said my cancer is still in the earliest stage, so I think chemo has to wait until my baby’s further along. And that would be ideal, but delaying treatment can be extremely risky. We’re only talking a matter of weeks. When dealing with cancer, conventional wisdom is that any delay is dangerous. If it has time to spread, you could not only lose your baby, willow, you could lose your life. Well, I won’t accept that. I’ve already lost one child. I will not lose another.

I think you’ll survive. Yeah, but I’d have such a better time if you were there. Oh, no, you won’t, sonny. Okay, here’s what will happen. Michael’s gonna confront you — one, because you showed up at all, and two, because you showed up with me. And then, carly, she’ll pretend that she doesn’t care that we’re together, and then she’ll inevitably find some reason to confront me about something. It’s none of their business what guest I bring. Except it is, because wiley will probably be there, and willow and everyone else will do everything possible to keep me… away from him. And that will hurt. And meanwhile, everyone will be watching and whispering. And olivia, she’ll be waiting in the wings, just waiting for her chance to give me a piece of her mind. And there you’ll be, fighting this nonstop battle and making sure no one disrespects me. That’s really not my idea of a good time. Well, let’s hear it, ava. What’s this big truth that you were going to tell me? The guards can’t protect you at pentonville. Prison is a dangerous place, especially for a young man of means. You can’t scare me. Besides, uncle sonny has people looking out for me in there. No one can look after you 24/7. You have to be careful. Watch out, ava. You keep talking like that, I’m gonna start thinking you care. Well… you did try to help trina, even though you messed it up. So close. So close to being a human being, ava. I’m gonna head out. Okay, we were supposed to talk about your trust fund. Do what you want. You always do anyway. It’s not like I’m going to need it behind bars. Thank you for not telling spencer about me and esmé. I didn’t do it for you. I know. I did it because of those not-so-subtle hints you were dropping. What are you gonna do, nikolas? You gonna turn me in if I don’t behave? That’s not what I was saying at all, ava. If esmé’s body is ever found, you knowing that I slept with her gives you motive to have killed her. And your only hope is to convince the world that you and I are in a happy marriage, which means that you are going to have to move back to wyndemere…

today. I’m touched by your concern, T.J., But I take responsibility for my part in the confrontation between tommy and shawn. Honestly, I’d rather clear the air between marshall and I. Are you sure? You want marshall in your life, which means marshall and i are going to bump into each other at holidays, special occasions, and just randomly. I love having more family. I love it. But you’re my mom, and I never want you to feel uncomfortable in my home. Olivia: The sicilian thunderbolt recipe was passed down generation after generation. I think I still have a copy of it up in my hope chest. Oh, as I recall, it was pretty simple, right? Like, a bunch of fresh herbs, and she’d make some sort of blessing over the mixture, right? And a flower — like in the play. Yeah. You know what? That’s right. That is a really good guess. How did you guess that? It only makes sense. Fair enough.

[ Chuckles ] And you know what kind of flower it was? It was a very special flower that she grew in her garden. It was called… oh, a cupid carnation. Yes! Yeah. A cupid carnation, and it had to be picked fresh, just before you combined all the other ingredients. I’ll tell you what — nonna tuccia swears that that was what made nonno carlo — it gave him the guts to propose to her. Good for her. I can see how it could be scary, taking the next step. Might be nice to get a little nudge. We can talk privately. What’s going on? Sony went through the roof when he found out I was given a discharge to avoid a court martial. Okay. You’ll be fine. Sonny will cool off. I warned you he was digging into my background. Yeah, I know. This was all part of the plan. Look, your past is part of the reason that I hired you. Because almost getting court martialed for striking a superior officer is such a big selling point? In this case, yes. Knowing that you protected a family from an abusive man the same way that sonny wishes that he could’ve protected his mother from his stepfather will only further his opinion of you, and he’ll trust you more. I don’t know. He was really pissed. Like I said, he’ll cool down. And once he does, this is what you’ll do next. Cancer doesn’t care what you will or won’t accept, willow. It’s trying to kill you. We have to stop it. What is the rate of miscarriages during chemotherapy during the first trimester? Some studies indicate almost 38%. And the second trimester? Close to 10%. I’m willing to accept some risk if it protects my child. We need to wait until the second trimester. We can’t say for sure that the cancer is going to get worse. Oh, it’ll definitely get worse, willow. Can I say with any certainty that this gamble will or won’t pay off? No, I can’T. There’s no way to know that. Do you want kids? Um, I don’t think kids are in my future. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. And wiley, he is my greatest joy, and with all due respect — oh, no one ever said anything nice after saying that. I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you don’t want kids yourself and you’ve never lost a child… …you can’t possibly understand. Your course of treatment is your personal choice, but it is my job to help you make an informed decision. I want to give my baby the best chance at life as possible. Then you should also know that if you wait, there is no guarantee that your body will be able to carry a baby to term. You could go through all of this, you could risk everything, and lose your baby anyway.

S I hate to admit it,I see your point. Okay, so, outside the castle, we will pretend to be the happy couple. Inside the castle, you will leave me the hell alone. Agreed, darling? Agreed, darling. Fabulous. I’m headed to the gallery. That’ll have to wait. What? Why? Because you’re going with me to the quartermaine picnic. Hey. Coast clear? Oh, yeah. Olivia’s not here. Oh, good. Man, my mom. I mean, I love her, but holy…

[ Mouth full ] I know you do. When she thinks she’s right about something, her boundaries, they just go right out the window. Oh, yeah, she’s nothing like the rest of us q’S. I mean, we really respect boundaries.

[ Scoffs ] I did not notice that. Yeah. I can’t imagine how you missed it. Anyways, why all the pushing? You and sam seem solid.

[ Scoffs ] We are. What’s going on with you and chase? Nothing. Same as always.

[ Mouth full ] Oh, so you’re still using him to get back at linc? Excuse me. I would never use chase. Do you hear me?

Never. Marshall certainly doesn’t beat around the bush, does he? Oh, my goodness. He makes your aunt stella seem demure.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, I guess we haven’t talked about having kids.

Kids? You know that’s plural, right? Yeah. You know, my brother tommy, he was my best friend, and I’ve always wanted that for my children. You know, siblings you can count on. Like trina. Oh, can you imagine how fiercely protective she would be? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can. Yeah. So is that the future you were wanting to talk to me about? Do you want to have kids? There’s some other things I want first. Are you saying I have to choose between myself and my baby? I strongly recommend that you not delay treatment. You can get a second opinion, but I’m telling you right now, willow, it won’t be different. If I wait, the chemo could still be successful, and then both the baby and i would survive. That’s — that’s possible, too, right? Yes, it’s possible. Have you ever had a patient in this situation before? Again, willow, every case is unique. What did or didn’t happen with — dr. Westbourne. Britt… please. Yes. A few years back, I had a patient in a similar situation, and she chose to delay treatment. And? The baby survived. She died. Right. I… I think I need some time. Time is the one thing you don’t have, willow. The longer you wait, the fewer options you have. I’m sorry. This is just the reality of your situation. And while the choice is yours, fortunately, you don’t have to make it alone. I need to talk to michael.

I just need to check on some labs. It will only take a minute. You still free for that lunch? I can make the time. Good. Is there any chance molly can join us? I wish. I just talked to her. She had lunch with her mom and her sisters, and she’s back at work. I’m glad I’m the commissioner. Otherwise, I’d never see molly at all.

[ Chuckles ] That part. T.J., I was hoping to run into you, boy. Grandpa. Grandpa, I would love for you to meet my mother. Mom, this is curtis’ father, marshall. I was waiting for this day to come. Now, before anyone says anything, let’s just — T.J. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I’ll meet you at the metro court. Mr. Ashford and i will be fine. I’m sure you have some things you want to say to me.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yes, I do. Commissioner ashford, you did not do right by my son. But then again… neither did I. Ben, ben, ben. You’ll always be ben to me. Why dante and lulu gave you that stupid name, I’ll never know.

[ Scoffs ] Rocco.

[ Knock on door ] Just a minute.

[ Clears throat ] Come in. I come in peace. Have you got a minute? Yeah. Come in. You okay? I’m fine. What are you doing here? It better not be for another favor. I’m here to apologize. You did that already. I know… but not as much as I should have. Not nearly enough. Go on. Um… back then, during my first apology, I wasn’t able to tell you what was really going on, but now I’m finally able to tell you the truth. This better be a coincidence. I called frank. He said you might be here. Okay, well, then, I’m gonna call frank, ’cause you’re supposed to stay out of my face. I have to apologize about the misunderstanding. It wasn’t a misunderstanding! You withheld information. You know what that’s called? Do you know what that’s called?! It’s a lie! I’m sorry I didn’t disclose the trouble I got into when I was in the service, but I didn’t think it was relevant. I decide what’s relevant, not you! Knowledge is power. Don’t ever keep anything from me again. I won’T. I swear. Okay, then. Wait, you said again. So does that mean I still have a job? So what is it that you want that’s so urgent? Well, you know.

[ Laughing ] What? Did you see that? What? Babe, there’s something in the pool. Hang on a second. Wh–

[ Water splashing ] Oh.

picnicat the quartermaines’ with you? The cassadines have always supported general hospital. If we didn’t make an appearance, people would comment. Oh, people would comment? Why didn’t you just say so? We can’t have that. We can’t have people commenting. And maybe you’ll have fun. Stranger things have happened. Dante and sam deserve to be happy, and I’m gonna help. Britt: You did all that for trina? Talk about no good deed going unpunished. You’re paying one heavy price. I can handle it. Pentonville’s no joke, spencer. You’ll need to watch your back, quite literally. I’ll be okay. I just wanted to make sure that you and I were good again before I leave. Yeah, we’re good. Spencer. So, I mean, what did trina say when she found out everything you did for her? She doesn’t know. And she’s never going to. All that, and you’re not going to get her back? Trina was never mine to lose. I never had her. I never deserved her. What trina deserves is to forget about me and to be happy. You’re not fired.

Yet. Thank you. I really appreciate the second chance. I won’t let you down again. Good, ’cause you know what? You’re gonna spend every day proving to me that I didn’t make a mistake. Understood? You got it, boss. You can go. Hey, there you are. Here I am. What’s wrong? Can we sit down? I need to tell you something. I thought you’d be angrier with me about what happened to tommy. Look, don’t get it twisted. When I heard that you had betrayed my son and he had lost his life in the process, my thoughts of you were very far from christian. That’s fair. Except I’m in no position to judge you. There’s a whole lot of something something you don’t know about. You see, commissioner ashford — please. Jordan. Jordan. I believe… I might have been responsible for tommy’s death.

[ Cellphone rings ] Molly. What’s going on? No worries. I’ve accepted that we may never share a meal again. Did you find it?

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Well, what is it? It’s our future. Oh, my god.

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