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Chelsea: Okay. This is a file, or a whole filing system? It’s all color-coordinated and tabulated. Do you have a name for this? Like a nerdy name. Like, um, the Billy Abbott approach? Baa? Like, “baaah,” like a sheep? Get it?

Billy: No, I do get it. I’m not sure it’s funny.

Chelsea: It is funny. When did you become so fastidious, so particular?

Billy: I put this studio together to be free of distractions. So, the absence of clutter is actually on purpose.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, I think that crumbs add a little something.

Billy: [Chuckles] These are great.

Billy: No, you’re not


Chelsea: How did this happen? The notorious Billy Abbott is now the buttoned-down guy you bring home to mom.

Billy: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to maintain a professional atmosphere, like not having popcorn on the floor.

Okay. Whatever you say, grandpa. I mean, do you hear yourself? Who are you?

Billy: Oh, lord. Really? I mean, that’s a first — somebody’s complaining that I’m actually a rule follower.

Chelsea: Yeah, kind of off-brand for you, isn’t it?

Billy: Yeah, I would say so, maybe. You give me a line, and I will cross it. You give me an order; I will give you disorder. It’s actually gotten me into some pretty good trouble over the years.

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