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Nikki: Hello.

Victoria: Hi. Um, I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to tell you that we closed the deal on the project in tokyo.

Nikki: Oh, that’s terrific! Congratulations. Why don’t you reward yourself and take the rest of the day off?

Victoria: Well, I would love to do that, but I have way too much work to catch up on.

Nikki: Darling, you always have a lot of work to catch up on. Why don’t you let your co-ceo take you out to society or some other restaurant that’s quieter and we can talk?

Victoria: Is there something in particular that you’d like to discuss?

Nikki: Maybe. I haven’t pushed you to talk about the night that ashland died because I know how traumatic it was for you. But I have brought it up with your father.

Victoria: And?

Nikki: And I still think that there is something more that i don’t know. Whenever I bring it up to him, he dances around the subject. Oh, there is a secret, isn’t there? And I think I know what it is.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I told vick the truth about what happened to ashland that night. I thought she had a right to know.

Sharon: How did she react?

Nick: Honestly, I think she would have just preferred if i kept my mouth shut. But keeping her in the dark didn’t feel right.

Sharon: Did she already have suspicions about what really happened to ashland?

Nick: I don’t think so. I mean, she went out of town with her kids right after it happened. She’s done a good job, I guess, of just putting it out of her mind, unlike me, who’s been dwelling on it. She hasn’t even been back to her place since that night.

Sharon: Then it must have been a shock to realize what victor did.

Nick: I mean, yes and no. It’s not like she hasn’t dealt with something like this before.

Sharon: Like with jt. We thought he was dead, and we tried to hide the body to make it look like it never happened.

Nick: Vick knows my dad’s first instinct is to protect us no matter what. But now everything’s upside down, and we have to protect him unless he comes clean.

Victor: So, chance, what exactly are you expecting to hear?

Chance: I want you to be straight with me.

Victor: Ah.

Chance: Tell me what really happened that night ashland locke died. ‘Cause he didn’t stumble out of that house all on his own. I think he was carried out and disposed of by someone who thought that was a way to protect nick and victoria.

Victor: Interesting theory.

Chloe: I know that it’s been a busy day so far, but do you have a few minutes to talk? ‘Cause I woke up this morning, synapses firing, sparking with ideas.

Sally: Yeah. Come on in. What inspired this brainstorm?

Chloe: Kevin. So, we were watching a movie based on one of his favorite graphic novels last night and i wake up and he’s not in bed. And then I go downstairs and i find him playing video games based on the movie.

Sally: I am not fully getting it.

Chloe: It’s what we should be doing.

Sally: Turning ourselves into total geeks?

Sally: There is nothing geeky about comic books and superheroes. Everybody loves them. And it’s one of the more profitable…

Adam: We said that we were

not doing anything for new year’s eve.

Sally: Right. And as you can tell by the decor, we are not even acknowledging new year’S. All of the other holidays, sure, but there were no rules about that.

Chloe: We should be using our library of graphic novels to create content for movies and television and turn them into video games.

Sally: Uh-huh.

Adam: You are looking at the new ceo of newman enterprises.

Sally: Oh, my god! You did it! Congratulations!

[ Laughs ]

Adam: And — and I am looking at the very beautiful new ceo of newman media.

Chloe: Conversely, we should be using the video games we created and turn them into movies and graphic novels.

Sally: We will both be very busy in our new positions.

Adam: Well, then we better not waste our time together, not let a moment go to waste.

Chloe: Sally? Did you hear anything I just said?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. And I want to hear more.

[ Chuckles ]

Adam: Hey there.

Jack: Adam. It’s been a while. How are you?

Adam: Oh, I’m hanging in there. I’ve had a few things going on. I’m not sure if you heard.

Jack: Yeah, I was surprised to hear you stepped away from newman enterprises.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Were you really? Because if past predicts future, it probably was inevitable.

Jack: I know there is a long-standing pattern between you and victor and the rest of the newman family that nothing long-term seems to work, but hope springs eternal.

Adam: Maybe for the abbotts, but for me, I think the lesson has finally sunk in this time.

Jack: I’m sorry to hear that. So, what are your plans for the future?

Adam: Uh, I haven’t thought much about it.

Jack: Well, maybe you should. Adam, I know you. When you are not focused on the future, it almost always means you are stewing with resentment, which never leads anywhere good.

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Jack: Please join me for a bite.

Adam: Sure. Well, I’d like the company. And you’re right. I am bitter about the latest rejection from my father. And I’m just mad as hell at myself for not seeing it coming. I just — I thought this time might be different.

Jack: Well, it seems this go-round, you had a major supporter in sally. Is that in part why you got your hopes up?

Chloe: It’s all about synergy and maximizing the value of our intellectual property. Hey. Hey. What’s — what’s going on? Low blood sugar? Not getting enough sleep?

Sally: Sorry. I’m just a little bit distracted.

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, I — I-I recognize the signs. Having been through this with chelsea, I know exactly what’s going on. But do not worry. I know exactly what to do.

Sally: What’s that?

Chloe: An exorcism. And then we can burn some sage and expunge all of this bad juju that your despicable ex has left behind.

Sally: Okay, I’m not sure that we need to go that far.

Chloe: Well, we obviously have to do something because adam is taking up way too much space in your head. He is sapping all of the energy and inspiration that you should be saving for newman media. And I thought we agreed you weren’t going to let him, much less the memory of him, steal this opportunity from you.

Sally: What if I can’t do this without him? What if I’m in over my head? What if adam was the one that was keeping me afloat this whole time?

Chloe: No. We have been through this. Yes, adam may have gotten you the job, but you are still in that chair because of your determination and brilliance. Nick and victoria recognize that, and they want to see more of it. And so do I. I mean, do you think that i would be wasting my time on this gig if I didn’t think you knew what you were doing? The answer is no. So, it is time to set aside all of this ridiculous insecurity and get back to work. Okay?

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Thanks.

Sharon: I take it you and victoria agreed not to tell chance about what victor did?

Nick: We actually didn’t have much of an opportunity to discuss how we’re gonna handle chance before he showed up. He did say he doesn’t buy at all the story of ashland making it on his own to his car in a windstorm. He said it’s a lot more likely that dad had ashland’s dead body removed from the premises and then staged the accident.

Sharon: My god. How did you react to that?

Nick: What was I supposed to do? I told him that, you know, it’s just a theory. He’s got no proof that backs it up.

Sharon: Wow. You are in a really difficult position. But you’ve had to make these kinds of decisions before, whether to cover for shady things victor does.

Nick: Victoria, too. The only person new to this game is chance.

Sharon: In a lot of ways, chance is like rey. It’s in his job and his nature to find the truth and expose it, but in order to do so, he needs to put his own wife’s family in jeopardy. How is he supposed to handle that?

Victor: Now, do you have any evidence to back up this supposition?

Chance: Well, I’ve been trying to corroborate everyone’s initial story — that ashland left that house of his own volition — but I just keep coming up empty.

Victor: Hmm.

Chance: There’s no footprints.

Victor: Mm.

Chance: There’s no blood trail.

Victor: Mm.

Chance: There’s no security footage at the gas station where he parked his car. I mean, it’s all blank. I find that strange.

Victor: Wow. Very frustrating, no doubt. I understand. Mm-hmm. But I suggest that, in the absence of clear evidence, you stop filling the void with conjecture.

Chance: I agree.

Victor: Good.

Chance: And that’s why we continued to search…

Victor: Uh-huh.

Chance: …My team and I, and we did find some footage from another location of ashland’s car in motion. Now, it’s a little grainy, taken from a distance, but it looks like there could be more than one person in the car.

Victor: Doesn’t prove a damn thing, does it?

Chance: We also found a cigarette butt on scene that may have belonged to one of your security guards.

Victor: Chance, a cigarette butt could belong to anyone, for heaven’s sake. I mean, why this excessive search for information? I don’t understand it.

Chance: You asked me what my evidence was.

Victor: Yeah.

Chance: And the investigation is how we find the evidence.

Victor: I think you have enough evidence as it is. Ashland locke, that bastard, died in a car accident. Simple as it is. Why do you waste time trying to find out what led up to that? Meaningless. He’s dead. Why don’t you move on to some other investigation?

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Nick: Chance is gonna keep digging. My dad’s gonna keep denying. Sooner or later, something’s going to have to give. Even if I stay completely out of it, I set this whole thing in motion by getting chance involved in the first place.

Sharon: A man died. Of course you were gonna need to call the authorities. It still haunts me to this day that we didn’t do that with jt. And I can’t believe that victor, after what he experienced with victoria and nikki at that time, he didn’t learn his lesson.

Nick: I can. His protective nature is in his dna. He can’t help himself. I guess there’s no point in being mad at him for him being who he is.

Sharon: Are you really trying to tell me that you’re not angry with him anymore?

Nick: Oh, no, I’m mad. I was so close to telling chance what my father did. Ugh, I don’t — ugh. I’m just — I don’t know. I’m — I’m a mess right now. I don’t know…

Sharon: Look, that’s totally understandable, but I don’t think that your feelings have much to do with what victor did or didn’t do. I think you’re having a normal, conscientious reaction to what you did.

Chance: If you’re hoping that I’m gonna drop this investigation, that’s not gonna happen. It is my duty to find the facts in this case, and I take that very seriously.

Victor: I know you do. And I admire that. You have a highly developed sense of duty. Probably got that from the military. But as far as I’m concerned, all that effort would be better spent elsewhere.

Chance: I doubt ashland would see it that way.

Victor: Who the hell gives a damn how ashland would see it? He’s dead, chance, dead as a doornail! He was a pathological liar. He was a fraud. And I have a feeling he began to realize that. That’s why he drove his damn car into a ravine.

Chance: Okay, so you’re still pushing the whole suicide —

Victor: That’s the only logical explanation.

Chance: Only if the facts would back it up, but that’s not the case. Victor, I cannot overlook the reality that you have covered up a fatal accident in the past involving one of your children.

Victor: Now, wait a minute, man. You’re talking about adam. This is something that happened decades ago. Let me tell you something about your profession. The more information you have about a case, the more it often obscures the truth.

Chance: There’s no such thing as too much information. That’s not the problem here. I’m not gonna stop. I will not give up until i know —

Victor: I don’t give a damn, chance, whether you’re gonna stop or not. That’s all I have to say.

Nikki: So, victor’s men removed ashland’s body, put it in his car, and crashed it into the ravine?

Victoria: Yes.

Nikki: I knew it. I knew your father was involved. And it’s so much like what he did for adam when he was a child.

Victoria: Yes, mother, but nicholas and I — we are not children. I know he acted out of love. I know that, but he didn’t need to go to this extreme. Oh, god, let’s just get into it later. Right now, we need to get through this investigation.

Nikki: Do you think the police have doubts about how ashland died?

Victoria: Chance was here talking to me and nicholas earlier. Yeah, he was voicing his suspicions that somebody, possibly dad, moved the body, but thankfully he doesn’t have much in the way of evidence. However, it was still an incredibly awkward conversation, to say the least, and we acted indignant that he would even suggest such a thing. But if the truth does come out, mom, we will have damaged our own credibility.

Nikki: Oh, my god, chance was at the ranch when I left. He’s probably interrogating victor about his suspicions right now. I’m sure your father held his own, but I’ve got to get home.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Adam: It is undeniable that sally is a relentless optimist. And I may have got a little caught up in her unrealistic expectations, but I think deep down I knew that this stint at newman was gonna end the same way all the other ones have — just in a smoking pile of ash.

Jack: So, what’s really going on? Why do you keep going back?

Adam: I don’t know. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. Maybe some masochistic part of my brain thinks I deserve to keep paying the price for what i did as a kid.

Jack: I get that you feel you have to earn back your father’s respect and admiration. I just think that’s too pat an explanation.

Adam: Alright, dr. Abbott, you tell me — why do I keep putting myself in this position?

Jack: Maybe you’re not looking for forgiveness. Maybe you’re looking to forgive.

Sally: He loves the comic book? Yeah. I don’t know why I thought he would. I just had a feeling. Okay, so, newman media owns the movie and tv rights, and we think your client would be perfect for the lead in a film based off of it — and not just that. I mean, we are talking sequels, tv spin-offs, video games, the whole shebang. It’s going to be huge. Great. Wonderful. We will have our lawyers reach out to you to negotiate a deal asap. Great. Talk soon. Bye.

Chloe: That sounded like it went well.

Sally: Could not have gone better.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: I have to laugh that this is the same woman who was just doubting herself a minute ago.

Sally: Well, your pep talk helped. It was exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. The two of us are going to kick butt running this company.

Chloe: Damn right we are.

Sally: You know, in fashion, I always wanted to influence what people wore, but this is gonna be so much bigger. I mean, folks are gonna turn to newman media to figure out who to listen to, what to talk about, and what to care about. It’s awesome, how much power and influence we can wield.

Chloe: Yes, yes, yes. Now, that is the sally spectra I know.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: You’re right. This is more about me than it is my dad.

[ Sighs ] I think what’s weighing on me the most is that I let my anger take control of me. I thought I’d done a pretty good job over the years of keeping a handle on that. I was so mad. Ashland pushed me too far. When I realized what I had done, I…

Sharon: You know what? You don’t have to explain. I was there the night that we thought that nikki killed jt. She was protecting her daughter’s life. She was perfectly in the right, but it was still devastating to everyone who witnessed it.

Nick: Yeah, I… I don’t think I ever completely understood what you all went through that night until right now.

Sharon: Our first instinct was exactly what victor’s was — to cover up what happened. So I can understand if victoria doesn’t want to judge him for that. But our attempt at a cover-up backfired spectacularly. I’m only hoping that the same won’t be true in this case.

Chance: I am a father now, too, so I understand what it means to be fiercely protective of your child. I get that. And I get why you might have felt compelled to do whatever was necessary to protect your children. But they’re not in danger anymore. And if you continue to stonewall this case, all the risk is gonna be on you.

Victor: Thank you for your kind concern, chance. But don’t you worry about me, okay? I have nothing to atone for.

Chance: As much as I admire you…

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Chance: …And respect you and respect the fact that we are family, I’m not gonna back off.

Victor: I know you won’T. Now, if I were you, I’d go home to my beautiful wife and my beautiful kid. Just know that ashland locke is dead. He’s no longer a danger to anyone. That should make you sleep easy.

Adam: Look, I have no doubt that letting go of whatever anger and rage I still have would be therapeutic. But it’s easier said than done ’cause I’m afraid at this point he is firmly entrenched in my psyche as the enemy.

Jack: There was a time i talked about victor in exactly the same way. He was my nemesis. I wanted more than anything to bring him down. But I learned from painful experience that I was better off channeling my energies towards something positive. Look, adam, your destiny is not predetermined. You could use this as a turning point, a chance to reinvent yourself.

Adam: I feel like I have been reinventing myself my entire life, jack, first as the perfect son who didn’t want to cause his mother any trouble, then as the successful harvard grad with a bright future, then later, after locking horns with victor, as the anti-newman.

Adam: You’re forgetting spider, the man of mystery from vegas. Okay, I don’t mean to make light of your situation. All I’m suggesting is… maybe it’s time to let that go, to just forget about it, just be adam newman.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Look, you have a brilliant business mind, an incredible work ethic. There are so many opportunities for you to prove yourself to the world. Matter of fact, I can think of one off the top of my head.

Adam: Hmm?

Jack: Come work with me at jabot.

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Sharon: I think you should take a break from all this. Just take your mind off of it, even if it’s just for a little while.

Nick: [ Scoffs, sighs ] I mean, it sounds nice, but i don’t think that’s gonna be possible.

Sharon: Well, I’m having dinner with noah and allie later on. You’re welcome to join us. It might be good for you. And they’re so cute together. You haven’t had a chance to get to know allie because you’ve been so focused on newman and ashland.

Nick: Are those two getting serious?

Sharon: I don’t know. They haven’t been dating that long, but I haven’t seen noah this lit up since he came home from london. And he did confide in me that he feels more relaxed and comfortable around her than anyone else. So…I hope so. Um, I think it would be good for him.

Nick: Yeah, I agree. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen noah in a happy, healthy relationship. And allie seems great.

Adam: I, uh, appreciate you trying to boost my spirits, jack, but you’re kidding about the job offer.

Jack: No. I am serious. It only occurred to me now, but you would be a perfect fit at jabot. You know more than I do about social trends and celebrity culture ’cause of your work at newman media. No one I know is better at strategy or corporate game theory.

Adam: I appreciate the compliment, but, um — I don’t know how to say this, but I’m a little wary of family companies because I’ve been thrown over one too many times by the boss’s son or daughter, jack.

Jack: And that would not be an issue at jabot. Kyle has just stepped away from his position as co-ceo so he can focus on marchetti, focus on working with his wife, summer, who, by the way, is a newman who has taken refuge at jabot because she didn’t want to deal with all the family drama at newman enterprises.

Adam: Well, how do you think summer and kyle would feel about me coming on board?

Jack: They just hired diane jenkins, arguably the least popular person in all of genoa city. Your notoriety would pale by comparison.

Adam: And what is she doing for the company?

Jack: It’s a pr job. It’s nothing on the executive level, just something to keep her out of trouble. There’s no reason your paths would have to cross, if that’s the issue.

Adam: No. It wouldn’t be.

Jack: Adam, the more I think about this, the more I like this idea.

Sally: I feel good about the moves we’re making in the entertainment divisions. Those were some really great ideas.

Chloe: Well, thank you for putting it into motion.

Sally: Now, let’s talk about the news division. I have some thoughts.

Chloe: Okay, shoot.

Sally: Okay. I would love to beef up our investigative-reporting capacity, be the first to the gate on late-breaking scoops. That is how we gain attention and build a reputation as a serious player. And I also think that we should be directing more resources to the reporters who show that they can have that kind of hustle and access.

Chloe: Makes total sense. I’m on board with that.

Sally: Okay, so, in that vein, I have been rethinking our approach to the whole ashland locke story.

Chloe: Well, that’s kind of tricky, with the newmans being in the center of the story. And they own the company that we work for, and we still are on probationary status.

Sally: No, we are not.

Chloe: What? When did that happen?

Sally: More or less when you told me that nick punched ashland the night that he died. Afterward, I spoke with nick and told him what I knew, without telling him that you were my source. And I highly doubt that they are gonna cut us loose when we have that little nugget in our back pocket.

[ Knock on door ]

Chance: Hey. I’m sorry to interrupt. I, uh — I think I left my phone here.

Victoria: Yes. Yes, you did. But I expected that you would come back for it.

Chance: Thank you.

Victoria: So, how did things go with my father? My mother told me that you went to the ranch to talk to him.

Chance: Well, I gave him every opportunity to be forthcoming, but essentially he took the fifth.

Victoria: Mm. That’s a very interesting way of putting it. The implication is that you’ve already made an assumption of guilt.

Chance: I mean, come on, victoria. We both have a pretty good idea of what happened that night.

Victoria: No, no. You have your theory. I really don’t see the point running around making all of these accusations without any proof to back them up. Unless your expectation is that we’re all gonna crack under the pressure.

Chance: You? Psch. Never.

[ Bag thuds ]

Victor: Hi, my baby. What a surprise. I thought you were going to the office after the meeting.

Nikki: Yes, I did and, uh, I spoke with victoria and that conversation led me back here.

Victor: Yeah. And?

Nikki: I was hoping that she would be more straightforward with me about what happened the night that ashland died. And she was.

Victor: Mm. Well, what do you mean?

Nikki: Victor, you know exactly what I mean. You had your security team move ashland’s body and make it look like he died of a car crash. Victoria learned that from nicholas when she got back from her trip.

Victor: Hmm. Well, now you understand why i didn’t want to drag you and victoria into that story.

Nikki: Yes, I can because i know you better than anyone on the planet and I know you will stop at nothing to protect your children. But now I have a question. When will you learn that I have your back? Victor, you should have told me the truth from the very beginning.

Victor: Okay. You’re right.

Nikki: So…what did chance want to talk about?

Chloe: Please… don’t tell me that you threatened the newmans.

Sally: No, of course not. I am incredibly grateful to nick and victoria for this opportunity, and they seem just as happy with me.

Chloe: Because you’re keeping what you know about ashland out of the news coverage.

Sally: That gratitude translates to a certain amount of job security.

Chloe: So if our job security depends on your discretion, you’re still talking about digging deeper into what happened the night that ashland died?

Sally: The family has to expect that someone, somewhere eventually is going to break this story, in spite of their best efforts to keep quiet. They need to be prepared, and we should be prepared with an article that describes exactly what happened in vivid detail.

Chloe: Okay. You mean just keeping it on file, not actually putting it out there without the newmans’ approval?

Sally: Right. Yes. And we can make sure that the article is sympathetic to their point of view. So I was wondering, could you find out if there’s anything new going on in the investigation from kevin?

Chloe: That’s — that’s a really big ask. I don’t want to do anything that would ever put his job at risk.

Sally: I understand. Well, how well do you know chance, exactly?

Chloe: Uh… we were engaged like a million years ago.

Sally: Whoa.

[ Scoffs ] I did not expect that.

Chloe: And we are fine now. We haven’t spoken to each other in a really long time. But even if we were bffs, he would never tell me anything. He is a straight arrow. I mean, he would never leak any information about an ongoing investigation to the press.

Sally: All right. But there has to be another way. ‘Cause there are still missing pieces to the puzzle, and we’re gonna find it.

Jack: I’m not gonna push you to make a decision about my offer right now, but I sincerely hope you will consider it. I was just talking to my sister traci about how I don’t want to get so involved in work again that I miss seeing my grandson grow up. I just need someone to help me steer the ship.

Adam: I promise that I will give it some serious thought. But whatever I decide, it means a lot to me, jack, that he would make me that offer to begin with.

Billy: Don’t tell me you’re making a deal with the devil, jack.

Adam: Look who it is — the town busybody, butting in where he’s not invited.

Billy: Oh, no. Came by to say hi to my brother.

Adam: I’m surprised you could tear yourself away from your recording studio since you so love the sound of your own voice.

Billy: Yes, that’s right. I do have two jobs. And you have none?

Adam: I will be in touch soon, jack.

Billy: What the hell was that all about?

Trelegy for copd.

Jack: I offered adam a job at jabot.

Billy: I’m sorry. What?

Jack: I could use someone to replace kyle now that he’s moved over to marchetti.

Billy: I can’t actually believe what I’m hearing here. I mean, I know you have a soft spot for adam, but are you unaware of his actions? Do you know how hard he’s been trying to undermine victoria as the C.E.O. Of newman? That’s not ancient history, jack. That is very recent.

Jack: I think we would all agree that newman is not a good environment for adam. He could use a fresh start.

Billy: No, he can’t be trusted in any capacity.

Jack: You and I see things differently. Adam lashes out when he feels he’s being attacked. That is not what I’m doing. In fact, I’m doing the opposite. I’m offering him a lifeline at a time he seems to need one.

Billy: What you are doing, jack, is making a huge mistake.

Jack: Duly noted. Thank you. Billy, you published an article about a monster. You chose not to look beyond that at all. I did. I saw a human being behind all that bitterness and resentment. You might be wise to take a second look yourself.

Victoria: My husband. He was a very charming and extremely intelligent and manipulative man. He was used to things going his way, but when they didn’t, he couldn’t handle it, and he lost his grip. If nicholas hadn’t shown up that night, I would have been in some serious trouble.

Chance: I don’t doubt that.

Victoria: And yet… I just don’t understand why you’re wasting so much of your time and energy investigating a man that no one is going to miss. I mean, I promise you, he’s not worth it.

Chance: You see, that’s not really how all this works. I don’t prejudge who is or isn’t worth it before I go to work and start looking for answers. I’m not doing this for ashland. I hope you know that. It’s more for rey. And since he died, I’ve been trying to close every case the way that he would close it. I want to live up to his standards, which were extremely high.

Victoria: That is the highest compliment that you could pay rey. But honestly —

Chance: I get it. I know that’s a pretty high-minded approach in the world that we live in. But here’s the thing. We can create this world that we live in every day by the choices that we make.

Victoria: Until someone like ashland comes along and strips you of any belief that you have in truth and honesty.

Victor: What did chance want? Well, let me just say that he didn’t like the answers I gave him.

Nikki: Because they weren’t really answers. Been there.

Victor: Sweetheart, do you realize how much I wanted to… tell you all about this? I didn’t want to drag you into this dirty business.

Nikki: I — I understand that. I mean, I’ve done the same, more than once, to protect you. And it’s always a mistake. We should always rely on each other. We’re stronger together.

Victor: You have no argument from me on that, okay? Right now is the most important time for us to stick together as a family.

Sharon: Are you sure you don’t want to join us for dinner?

Nick: I appreciate it. I just don’t think I’m gonna be able to shake this mood, and I don’t want noah or allie to think my scowl has anything to do with her. So I think I’m just gonna go for a run or maybe watch some cartoons — with christian.

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Well, those both sound like really good ideas, but try to keep in mind what I said before. It was victor’s choice to do what he did about ashland. You are not responsible.

Nick: I’m trying hard to get there.

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