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a strawberry margarita for the madam. Um… everyone take off? Maxie went to work. Sam was meeting up with dante to get a bite to eat at the restaurant.

[ Clicks tongue ] What was that with spinelli? He’s into you, like I told you. I mean, I can see the appeal. I don’t blame him. So spinelli warned me away from you because he was jealous? You’ve never had two men fight over you before?

[ Chuckles ] I’m not a chew toy. Did spinelli put up a fight or did he bow out gracefully? Let’s just say he left. Disappointed? Me and spinelli? Definite no. Good, ’cause spinelli won’t be bothering you anymore. So where do you want to go on our second date? And who is this, britta? Aren’t you going to introduce us? Spinelli sure left in a hurry. Do you think cody warned him off britt? Oh, well, I don’t think cody is spinelli’s favorite person, and the fact that they both apparently like britt probably helps with the, uh, sense of animosity happening. Spinelli just doesn’t seem like britt’s type. Hmm. She’s — she’s just too… both: Cold. Vicious. Wow. Oh. At least I know what you think about britt. And you. Look, I don’t think there’s really any shot of britt and spinelli being a couple, so I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m going to call him just to make sure. Are you really that worried about spinelli, or are you really trying that hard to avoid talking about us moving in together? Mia: Your thoughts?

[ Sighs ] Well, I can see where I went wrong when I was planning the elq/aurora merger. And how valentin was able to get around you. I was just seeing what I wanted to see, you know?

[ Sighs ] I just — my whole plan hinged on ned reacting exactly the way that I wanted him to. I truly believed that he would put his own selfish interests aside for the good of the family, whereas valentin… valentin was a realist, and he met ned where he was, and he gave him what he really wanted. Very clear-eyed assessment. Mm. I think it’s important to look at what happened so you can avoid it in the future. But I will say that I am reframing this. This was not a failure. This was just a setback. Good. That sounds positive. I’m determined to come back stronger, and so will aurora. Telling you, valentin better watch his back. Uh, okay. So, what do you want to do first — mat work or go straight to the weights? Why are you so enthusiastic? I mean, can’t we go and have tea and scones first instead? Are you kidding? You didn’t see how all these women were checking mac out at the pool. I have to stay on my toes. Are you joking? He only has eyes for you. Please. Well, after all this talk about retirement, why do I feel so old? He wants to retire? Well, not yet, but he’s considering the possibility in a few years. Oh, good. ‘Cause a mac at home with nothing to do is going to drive you bonkers. I know. Can you see it? The two of us sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs. No. [ Chuckles ] But you have that other gig, right? You’re doing the open mic night at the haunted star? You don’t even know how to be bored. Yeah, I have to admit, I do like open mic night. And, you know, of course, I do enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. They keep me busy. But still… what? You’re restless? Have you thought any more about going back to pi work? Why? Does the wsb need help?

[ Chuckles ] Or is it personal? Do you want me to find out what valentin is really up to? Hey, scotty, welcome back. Ah, hi! Hi, ava. How you doing? Good. How’s serena? Well, she can’t go back to denmark again, so I told her to go elsewhere to save the whales. In fact, I told her to go down to florida and save the manatees for a while and not to get in any trouble. Okay, well, what happens if she gets arrested again? Then I will go and i will get her out of trouble. Yes, you will. She’s very lucky that she has a father who will drop everything to help her. Yes. I keep telling her that all the time. And how’s — how’s liesl? Liesl? Liesl is fine. Fine, fine. Here we go. Good. There we go. Sit down. Liesl — I can’t wait for our homecoming tonight. You — you haven’t seen her yet? Uh, no.

[ Clears throat ] I stopped by to talk about our five-course meal for tonight. Well, actually, it’s six courses, if you know what I mean. Oh, good grief. That’s tmi. But I’m — I’m pleased that things are going so well between the two of you. Okay, well, thank you. And what about you and nikolas? I got word from martin grey’s office that they’d sent the divorce papers to wyndemere. But nothing was filed, so I guess you haven’t signed anything. Does that mean that that whole cockamamie idea of you and nikolas getting divorced and then getting remarried, has that changed? Well… things have, uh, definitely changed, but the divorce is happening. So, I’m — I’m glad you came by, because, you know, we really haven’t had a conversation since the last time we had one at the metro court pool. Oh. When you said that, um, our relationship will never just be about the two of us, that carly will always have a part in our lives — that conversation? I bel– nina, I believe that, and I can live with that because you’re worth it to me. But what you didn’t say to me is — are — am I worth it to you? Well, sonny, you didn’t give me a chance because you just left. Because I wanted you to think about it. I wanted you to, you know, be sure.

[ Sighs ] Have you made up your mind?

thank you there, chief. So, what did I miss while I was gone? Ava: Esme was trying to leave. And s-she had a letter that she didn’t want me to see, and we were fighting over it, and she just…went over. I don’t see her anywhere. Okay. Whoa, whoa. Don’t call the police. What? They will think that you pushed esme over the parapet. What’d you miss? I don’t even know where to start.

[ Sighs ] Ava, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. We need to talk… alone. Well, maybe she doesn’t want to be alone with you. Actually, I’m — I’m glad you’re here. I am giving you exactly what you want. That’s great.

[ Breathes deeply ] The divorce papers? Have you a pen? Yeah, I always have a pen. Here. Ava… thank you. Ava, don’t do this. Come on, ava. This isn’t what you really want. Alright. Your turn. I’m not signing. Cody, this is my mother, dr. Liesl obrecht. Mother, this is cody bell. A pleasure to meet you, dr. Obrecht. The pleasure’s all mine, and please call me liesl.

[ Chuckles ] Did I hear you say something about a second date? Mother, stop. Stop what? Am I not allowed to engage in conversation with your friends? Is there something I’m missing here? Oh, my daughter doesn’t like me interfering in her love life. There is no love life. Unfortunately, I am too busy to screen britta’s potential beau. She has so many. Oh, I can — I can imagine.

[ Chuckles ] Cody, do me a favor and go for a walk. I need to speak with my mother. Of course. Um, liesl, would you like a drink? A frozen margarita, perhaps? An iced tea would be delightful, cody.

[ Chuckles ] Of course, of course. Thank you. Thank you, mother. Could you make me look more pathetic? No, I’ve done nothing but think about us moving in together since you asked me at the hatchet range. Ah. That — yeah, that was pretty romantic of me, huh? Aww. Come on, it was sweet and spontaneous. Yeah. But I think it was pretty obvious that it caught me by surprise. Uh, now that I’ve had a minute to think about it…

[Breathes deeply] …I do have some questions.

[ Sniffles ] Fire away. Okay, question number one. Mm-hmm. Where would we live?

[ Breathes sharply ] Well, I was thinking, you know, there’s a lot of room at my place, and danny and rocco, I mean, they — they can walk to school from there. Yeah, true.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that was an overwhelmingly positive response. You’re not comfortable in my place, are you? Is that why we spend all our time together at your place? I think your home is beautiful. Mm-hmm. And you’re right, it’s in a great location, but… …yeah, I’m — I’m just not comfortable there. Why not? Because it’s lulu’s home. Valentin, we’re actually in the middle of something here. You’re mia lombardi, aren’t you? Ohh. I’m valentin cassadine. We’ve never actually met. Your reputation precedes you. I’ve just never found myself needing an executive coaching service before. Really? Just because you think you don’t doesn’t mean you won’t need a consultation at some point. Oh, fair enough. But right now, my holdings are doing really well. In fact, my company’s extremely strong. Well, markets are very volatile at the moment. Fortunes can change in a flash. What’s that saying? “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure”? Well, you would know. I would say that complacency is why you failed to merge with my company. Mm. Am I interrupting? Hello, carly. I’m surprised to see you here. Really? Why? The metro court is still port charles’ premier restaurant, and I’m sure olivia will make sure it maintains that standard. I’m sure olivia will — with nina’s help. Mm. You here alone? ‘Cause there’s a table right by the kitchen that’s perfect for you. No, I’m actually meeting someone. Thank you. Mia, it was a pleasure. Nicely done. You know, I have thought a lot about what you said, you know, that carly will always be part of our lives. I even talked to aunt liesl about it. Do I want to know what she says? Well, she reminded me that you and carly could always reconcile, like you’ve done many, many times before. Your aunt doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Well, I don’t know about that. You know, I’m not —

[ Sighs ] I’m not so worried about carly. I’m concentrated on us. I tainted our relationship in nixon falls with all my lies and because I wanted to try to keep us separate from the rest of the world. So you want our relationship to be separate? Is that what you’re saying? It would be so easy to do that. But we can’t, can we? That’s not reality. I used to say that we would be together no matter what anyone else thought. Listen to me. No one’s opinion matters. You know what opinions matter? Our opinion. That’s it. That’s true in principle. But in reality, not so much. You know, sonny, we are not the two people who lived in that bubble in nixon falls. We aren’T. Our relationship has changed. For better or for worse?

So, you know, I asked valentin about the discrepancies between the dates that he left the clinic and he returned here to port charles. Did he tell you where he was? Yeah. He said he transferred to another facility in order to finish out his recovery. Sounds plausible. You don’t believe him?

[ Scoffs ] I think the more important question is, do you? I just finished reading a very interesting article about the toll excessive litigation is taking on our legal system. Now, I’m sure you would agree with me that it’s in everyone’s best interests for nonviolent offenders to pay a fine rather than serve a — a costly prison sentence. Yes. Well, of course my great-nephew falls into that category. But as you will remember, spencer went straight back to spring ridge the minute he had finished paying his respects to his late departed mother at her gravesite. Well, I’m sorry that you feel that way, governor. That’s obviously a difference in opinion we have, which means that I may have to rethink my rather generous donation I was planning to give to your re-election campaign. Well, why don’t you do that? Why don’t you give it some more thought? I look forward to hearing from you. I heard about spencer’s little field trip to courtney’s grave. I assume you had something to do with that. Well, you know I, uh, take an interest in my family — in spencer, natasha, nikolas, you, charlotte. Oh, by the way, I had a very nice conversation with charlotte this morning. So this divorce was your big idea, nikolas. Uh, now you’ve changed your mind? Circumstances changed. Sure did. What’s that supposed to mean? Esme prince. Can we not have this conversation? She left town. Well, that should be good news. Esme didn’t seem, uh, right. So you guys should be doing the can-can. It’s bad news for trina. What are you talking about? I will fill you in — in private.

[ Sighs ] Scotty, would you mind? Yeah, sure, ava. Anything for you. What is this about trina?

[ Sighs ] Apparently, spencer was trying to get esme to exonerate trina. Oh, I knew he was up to something. He was only pretending to be on esme’s side. In fact, he was setting her up. He wanted to trick esme into believing he was on her side. Hmm. Like father, like son.

[ Sighs ] The point is, I hoped everyone would be so relieved that esme was gone that no one would question her departure or expend much energy trying to find her, but spencer insists on finding her. He refuses to let it go, which is why you and i have to stay married. I’m so sorry. Where are my manners? Carly corinthos, this is mia lombardi. Yes, I know. Mia’s the person I’m meeting with. Oh. Carly and I have an appointment. That’s right. But if you guys aren’t finished, I can wait at the bar. No, no, no, no. Mia and I were just wrapping up when valentin came over here to gloat. Here, come, sit down. Take my seat. Thank you. Alright. Mia gets my five-star recommendation. Some clients are a delight to work with. Uh, yeah, drew’s pretty special, and his recommendation goes a long way with me. Okay, so, you’ve seen my web page. You’ve looked at my reviews. Mm-hmm. What else do you need to know before you hire me? What can executive coaching actually do for me? Okay, let’s start with the basics. What are your goals? To get back what I lost — and more. Alright. I’m gonna get a refill. Do you want one? No, sonny, come on, come on. You know what? I think I’m just — I’m saying this wrong. So you’re not dumping me? Is that what you’re — well, technically, I don’t think I can dump you because we were never a thing. Not nina and sonny. Okay, so why don’t we — you — why don’t we explore nina and sonny in port charles? Do you want to do that or not? Okay. We’re — we’re not separate from the rest of the world, and I have to just give up this fantasy that… you’re my safe haven, where I can go to and none of my troubles exist. Listen, what we had in nixon falls, we can’t have that, okay? But that — that — that time in our lives, that could be part of us. We can build on that as long as you’re willing… to take a chance.

Talking about? I only want to help you, not humiliate you. Mentioning possible romantic rivals will show cody how desirable you are. If only you weren’t making the whole thing up. I made nothing up. You may not have any suitors at present, but you’ve had them in the past. I wanted cody to know he has rivals. He strikes me as the competitive type. Why didn’t you tell me about him? I knew you’d overreact, which, oh, gee, what a surprise, you did. I was being friendly. Will you at least tell me how you and cody met? Hm? Society setups.

[ Laughs ] I knew it! He’s very handsome. He is easy on the eyes.

[ Ch uckling ] But he –he is far from a mother’s dream. Okay? He has no permanent home or job. He bounces around from town to town. He’s a terrible card player, and he often smells like a horse. Excuse me? Cody works at the quartermaine stables. Oh, so he does have a job. Wait. Mother, you’re only hearing what you want to hear. Cody is far from perfect. Who is? Give cody a chance. Have some fun. You don’t have to marry the man. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you happy, britta. I just want someone who can make you smile. Dante: Why didn’t you say something? Because I know you don’t like to talk about lulu, and I was just respecting your privacy. I talk about lulu. As rocco’s mom, but not as your ex-wife, the woman that you loved for years. I thought it was poor form to talk about your ex. Lulu wasn’t completely your ex. I mean, yes, you were divorced, but…you had plenty of unfinished business. I am enjoying getting to know my granddaughter better. Oh, she loved the new riding boots you sent her, by the way, though she was a little disappointed you couldn’t visit her in person. She did explain to me that you’ve been, hmm, rather busy lately. I couldn’t tell her the whole story, could I? That my father has put her in a school that’s denying me access, that I’m not allowed physical contact with my only child. Oh, these little details would only upset her. Charlotte is absolutely thriving in her school. So much so that there’s really no reason she shouldn’t stay there indefinitely. Why? Why are you keeping her as leverage against me? I’ve done everything you’ve demanded. But have you really? Then why is laura collins still alive? She’s in italy, consumed by the needs of her mother. She’s not in port charles, investigating the death of luke spencer. Yes, well, I suppose that is a kind of stopgap for the moment. But you are usually more successful in your endeavors. Which leads me to wonder whether you are as cooperative as you claim to be. I will do anything to protect my daughter. You know that. I’ve cooperated fully. What about anna devane? Is she still asking questions? Anna: I don’t know why valentin would lie to me. I’m not saying that he has. I’m just saying that I have the impression that you’re not satisfied with valentin’s explanation. No, I’m not. Not completely. But then, I’ve always kind of accepted the fact that we don’t necessarily share every aspect of our lives with each other. That’s just not who we are. You know, I’ve certainly withheld stuff. Probably still withholding. But, uh… I can’t — I can’t really find fault with him for not being completely forthcoming. Still, a part of you does blame him. Oh, I know. Yes! I hate that about myself. Yeah. I mean, look, something went on when he was away from port charles. And I don’t know what it was. So does that really matter? Well, you do enjoy spending time with him. Yes, I do. He’s so charming. And he’s really smart and… very challenging. And sexy.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Ah. I don’t know. Maybe mystery is really just part of the package. Or… I could be looking for an excuse not to get closer to him because, you know, my break-up with finn was just so unbearable to me that I don’t want to hurt myself again. Do you want an excuse to dump valentin? I don’ t know. I mean, I’ve –I’ve really thought about that. But, no, I-I-I want him in my life. I do. I should just look past all these unanswered questions. Right? Ava, if people are searching for esme, you and I have to stick together. One has nothing to do with the other. W-we don’t even know if esme is dead or alive. No one has seen or heard from her since she fell off the parapet. To me, that means she is dead. It is only a matter of time before her body is found. And if you admit to knowing that esme and I slept together, that gives you motive to have pushed her to her death. So you think the safest thing to do then is to pretend that our marriage is okay?

[ Sighs ] And as your husband, I can’t be compelled to testify against you, should it come to that. No, it — well, it won’T. I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent. Oh, just like trina? If I could turn back the clock and never invite esme into my home, I would do it in a heartbeat. Mm.

[ Sighs ] I know how badly I hurt you… but, please, let me help you. You don’t have to do this alone. Well, thank you so much, mia. I will be in touch. Drew, I will see you next week. Yes. Carly. Yes. So? Mm. Good meeting? Yes. I really like mia. She asks hard questions. Mm-hmm. She asks the right questions. It was her idea to — to merge aurora and elq. That didn’t turn out so well.

[ Chuckles ] It was a good idea. It was a really good idea. I just dropped the ball, that’s all. Well, no one could have predicted that ned was going to turn against his family and side with valentin. As much as elq is a family business, the q’s — they put business first. Yeah, and their own self-interest. Exactly. Would you like to join me?

[ Clicks tongue ] I would love to. If I wasn’t so caught up in contributing to the family, improving my self-worth, I wouldn’t — I don’t think I would have underestimated ned’s dissatisfaction. Okay, as mia would ask, what are your goals? First… stop making assumptions. Second… go after what I want. Which means? No more mr. Nice guy. Ms. Reeves, mr. Corinthos, a source told me you were here. Mind if I ask you a few questions? Yeah. You know what? Uh, I know the owner, and she wouldn’t mind if I — oh. Don’t! Okay, look, look, look. I only want to comment about sasha gilmore’s shockingly violent attack on the press. You know, we would think about commenting if there was any real press around. Oh, very funny, coming from someone who lives in a glass house. I am just doing my job. Harassing people isn’t doing your job. You would know. Tell me — any, uh, warehouse explosions lately, sonny? Sonny, sonny, please. If anyone was facing charges, it’s not sasha, it’s you. Are you saying I should forgive ms. Gilmore, like sonny forgave you for what you did to him and his family? Okay, I’m out, I’m out.

[ Groans ] Smoltz. Well, he just proved my point that we can’t avoid the rest of the world.

What’s going on here? I-I got to get to liesl. What’s the verdict? Nikolas and I are not getting divorced, but I’m keeping the papers. Thank you, scott. Ah, I’ll never understand you two. At least I got some billable hours here, so I can get that motorcycle I want. Now, listen, take care of her. She’s very precious to me. To me, as well. Don’t think this means all is forgiven. I’m just protecting myself. As much as I hate to admit it, your argument has merit. I was very open about my hatred for esme. The staff heard us fighting and the fact that you slept with the tramp gives me ample motive to want to kill her. But me saying that I didn’t do it is gonna convince exactly nobody, so out of self-preservation, I will remain mrs. Cassadine. Well, whatever the reason, thank you for not going through the divorce. Now, let’s go home.

[ Sighs ] Think again, buckaroo. I’m not going anywhere. Sometimes I believe,

liebchen, that you’ve forgotten what fun is like. No, I haven’T. Cody’s fun… when he’s not annoying the hell out of me. Glad to hear it. I must admit, I was second-guessing the wisdom of hiring zelda after you ended up in the pool at that society setups mixer. But that was just a ridiculous publicity stunt. Who parachutes out of a plane onto a hotel roof? Cody: That would be me. You’re the dummkopf who landed on my daughter? Not deliberately. I often work as a stuntman. Sounds dangerous. Not really. I’m pretty highly trained.

[ Sighs ] How exhilarating. Sounds like you know how to enjoy life, liesl. Adrenaline is its own reward. Have you tried cave-diving by any chance? Oh, okay. That’s enough. Enough bonding. Mother, what are you doing here? Were you looking for me?

[ Sighs ] Sorry, liebchen. My schnitzel is back in town. Don’t call scott that, please. We’re meeting here for a romantic reunion.

[ Sighs ] My sweetheart and I have some special plans. Otherwise, I’d ask you and my britta to join us. Well, you know, britt and i are just getting to know each other better, but, uh, I don’t know, maybe the third date? Lulu’s entire life is unfinished, um… until she gets out of that coma. Hey, so many people were hurt when cyrus ordered julian to blow up the floating rib. Lulu should be living her life, not lying in a bed. And rocco should have his mother and laura her daughter. And, yeah, I miss lulu.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m probably always going to miss her. But that part of us… the part of us that was a couple, that — that was over. She had moved on. Please don’t let lulu… come between us, okay? I don’t want to lose you.

[ Sighs ] Hey. I don’t want to lose you, either. Okay? I think we subconsciously didn’t talk about lulu because things are really great between us. Yeah. You know, why rock the boat? It is kind of strange we only talked about it once, and then that was at the beginning of our relationship. Mm. I think we have some things to work out before we book moving trucks. Maybe. Yeah. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear. You look like you need this. Thank you. Alright, so… I should just look past all of these unanswered questions with valentin, right? And please don’t ask me again how that makes me feel, because I actually just want the opinion of a good friend to tell me what to do. Okay, well, in that case, trust your instincts. You know how well you can read people. Uh, peter august, anyone? Well, yes and no. There were mitigating circumstances when it comes to peter. Like you believing that he was your son. Uh, is this supposed to make me feel better? ‘Cause it’s not. Would tea and scones at the metro court help? It might.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Back to you. Are you satisfied with valentin’s explanation that he went to another clinic before coming home? No. Then go find out the truth for yourself.

I have anna well in hand. So she’s no longer checking up on you behind your back? She’s an intelligent, well-trained agent. She knew that I was hiding something from her. Like a quick trip to tahiti. I covered. The story that I’d been transferred to a second clinic, I think that it calmed her doubts. And you’re convinced that she’s no longer suspicious? Valentin: I haven’t lied to you. No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Omission?

[ Scoffs ] Okay. Okay. Sure. I’ve held things back — things that I wish I could tell you, but I just can’T. Anna and I understand each other. The situation has been dealt with. How? She’s not going to be asking any more questions. Forgive me if I’m not convinced. It was lovely meeting you, cody, but I must go and track down my missing sch– boyfriend. Later, my liebchen. I really like your mother. She’s a pistol. I think you mean bulldozer. Strong women don’t bother me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interested in you. You still bothered by that hack smoltz? Smoltz — even his name annoys me. It’s just an ugly part of the world that we’re going to have to contend with. Hey.

[ Sighs ] We did. He’s gone. We’re still standing because what we have is real and it — it can’t be separate anymore. It shouldn’t be. Okay. If this is going to work, I got to be nina, you got to be sonny — and everything that it entails. Face the world head on.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m ready for it. I mean, I’m welcoming it. You know why? Mm? Because you’re worth it. I promise you, I am going to be brave from now on. I am damn proud to be with you, sonny corinthos. Damn proud. I’m yours. If you’ll still have me.

I like the idea of you taking charge. Mm. Just promise me you won’t model after edward. Ohh. I know I’ve already told you that. Me going after what I want doesn’t mean becoming a complete jerk. You promise you’ll stay true to yourself? Always. Mia thinks you’re charming.

[ Scoffs ] Really? Yeah. She’s been nothing but professional with me. Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Look, if you decide to work with her, I bet you she’s going to help you. Yeah. [ Sighs ] I-I just, um… I need to figure out what’s next for me. You will. And when you do, there’ll be no stopping you. I’m a very patient man. So you let me know when you want to move in together. You sure about that? Yeah. Sam, I love you. And I want a life with you, and I don’t care what it looks like. Good, ’cause I love you, too. That’s good.

[ Cellphone chimes ] No.

[ Groans ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Breathes sharply ] I bet it’s the station. It’s the station. I got to go. Okay. As long as you come back. Oh, no worries about that. Okay. Go.

[ Both laughing ] Ah!

[ Laughs ] I thought we agreed — I will accept your help, nikolas, but living in that house with you where we were so happy, I can’t do it. But the point is to present a united front. What will people think if you’re not living at wyndemere with me? What — what’s our explanation? I don’t know. That’s your problem. Figure it out. Where are we going, my little schnitzel? Act casual. Casual? Oh, you’re still here. And she’s back. Scott, this is cody bell. Cody, this is scott baldwin. Cody bell, put it here.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. I, um, I know you, right? You’re that lawyer that advertises on the — the bus benches, right?Yeah, I advertise everywhere. Here’s my card, in case you ever need it.

[ Chuckles ] I have wanted to do this for a long time.

[ Grunts ] I’m really sorry that I ever hesitated. I want to be with you. Why’d you take so long?

[ Chuckles ]

There you appear by my side thanks for your honesty. I mean, you know, look, valentin and I, we don’t have to share everything, but my intuition is telling me that whatever he’s holding back is important. And — and I-I think I just needed encouragement in order to move forward.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you have as much encouragement as you need, and then some. Whatever valentin’s hiding, I need to find out what it is. Everything I know about anna devane suggests she could be a real problem. I’ll handle her. Yes, you will. For now. Valentin. You and I need to get a few things straight.

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