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Kyle: Phyllis, hi. Glad I ran into you. We haven’t had time for one-on-one since you engineered this truce with my mother.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, my gosh. Do one nice thing, and everybody has to know about it, right?

Kyle: I know it must have been hard for you, taking the high road.

Phyllis: You should know something. I take the high road on a daily basis. I run a hotel, and that’s why I have happy employees and my rooms are filled — because I take the high road. See, I treat people how I want to be treated. You know, the only reason I’m actually talking to your mother at all, it’s an act of mercy.

Kyle: Well, I have to thank you for making the effort.

Phyllis: Sure. And you should know that it was I — it was I — who convinced your father to let you decide whether you wanted your mother back in your life or not.

Kyle: Well, I — I didn’t realize that. I appreciate it.

Phyllis: Sure. And all of this, all of these niceties, it’s not gonna go beyond superficial politeness for me. So what that means is take me off your invite list for your next celebration of all things diane jenkins.

Summer: I know a little boy who cannot stop talking about wanting to spend more time with you. Hope your new job doesn’t keep you too busy for playdates with harrison.

Diane: Oh, that all depends on my bosses.

[ Both laugh ]

Summer: You seem distracted. Is something bothering you?

Diane: Oh, uh, no. Everything’s great. In fact, I’ve been jotting down some ideas for how to introduce marchetti to jabot’s customer base. Now, don’t say no until you give it some thought, but what would you think about publicity stunts? Here, have a seat, and I will tell you all about it.

Summer: I wish that I could, but I am actually meeting someone. And I hope that you don’t take this the wrong way, but I think it would be best for everyone if you two don’t cross paths.

Traci: Hey, allie. Listen, it’s such a beautiful day out, I think I’m gonna go out in the garden and do some writing. Would you care to join me? Allie?

Allie: Oh, hey, traci. Sorry. I didn’t know you were here.

Traci: Wow. You were a million miles away.

Allie: Yeah. I get into this hyperfocus mode when I read. I’m sorry.

Traci: Oh, don’t apologize. That’s a fantastic quality in a person. In fact, I owe my entire career to good readers. So, tell me, what has your attention?

Allie: Well, my internship at jabot starts this afternoon. It’s just orientation, but I wanted to prepare.

Traci: So you have already started doing research. Wow. At that rate, you’re going to be on the board of directors by next week.

[ Both laugh ]

Allie: Stop, traci.

Traci: Listen, in all seriousness, I know I don’t work there, but I am on the board, and I know a lot about jabot, so if you have any questions…

Allie: You know, I do, actually. But it’s not about the company.

Traci: Okay. Ask away.

Alliei do: T mean to gossip, but what is going on with jack and phyllis? Are they a couple?

Nick: I’m sure you’re all wondering why I called you here today. Don’t look at me like that. It’s nothing bad.

Noah: All right, well, I am glad that you called this family meeting ’cause there’s something I’d like to discuss, too.

Faith: Okay, everyone lay your news on the table on the count of three.

Noah: And then it buckles under the immense weight of it all.

Nick: All right, mr. Big talker, why don’t you go first, then?

Noah: No, please. Age before beauty.

Nick: Well, sharon thought it’d be a good idea to do this. Maybe you should referee.

Sharon: I am just an innocent bystander. This is all you.

Nick: All right. Um, first some really great news. Your aunt victoria is back in town where she belongs.

Noah: I’m glad to hear it.

Faith: I knew she’d come home. That really is cool news and everything but not “let’s take the family out for coffee” kind of news.

Noah: Yeah. What she said. You’re being kind of weird.

Faith: I smell fear. Whatever the news is, just say it. Get it out.

Nick: Your aunt has offered me a job at newman, which I accepted. So I’m gonna be dusting off the power suit and doing the coo thing again. What do you guys think? To help prevent bleeding gums,

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Nick: All right, somebody say something.

Faith: Working at newman again — it’s not what we expected.

Noah: No, not at all.

Faith: But we’re happy for you, if this is what you really want. And you’ve thought about it, all the ramifications, what that will mn for everyone?

Nick: Yeah, I have.

Faith: And it’s worth it? It’s something that will make you happy this time?

Nick: I think it will.

Faith: Okay. Well, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, then we’re happy for you. Right, noah?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we should all do things that we enjoy, but I thought new hope made you happy.

Nick: Still does.

Noah: So what’s gonna happen to it, then? The urban-garden project is just starting up. We still need to allocate all the funds that we got in rey’s name. Are you just gonna walk away from that?

Nick: No, no. Gonna leave it in some very capable hands. Yours.

Faith: Wow. Mr. Bigmouth is actually speechless.

Nick: Look, we’ve worked side by side for a while now. You really know the ropes. You’ve impressed a lot of people, especially me. And it means a lot knowing that it’s gonna stay in the family.

Faith: Way to get a promotion, noah. Congrats.

Nick: So,hat do you think?

Noah: Well, it’s, uh… it’s easy to see why you love new hope. You’ve put your heart and soul into providing things for people that we’ve all taken for granted. A home, job, security and a place to grow and thrive. And, yeah, of course, man. I’m gonna do the best I can to keep things moving smoothly. I won’t let you down.

Nick: I know you won’T. I’ve never been prouder of you, bud. So that is my news. What’s yours? What’d you want to discuss?

Traci: You want to know the status of the relationship between jack and phyllis.

Allie: When they were in L.A., They were so solid, and it just feels like everything’s changed a little. I mean, phyllis never visits, even though summer lives here.

Traci: Okay. You want to know this because…?

Allie: Because… because phyllis asked me to coffee yesterday, and we’re not close. I mean, in the venn diagram of our lives, there’s one point of intersection, and it’s jack.

Traci: True.

Allie: And so then it got me thinking, right? What does she want with me? And then it made sense. It was a fishing expedition to get information about jack.

Traci: [ Sighs ] Okay. All right, look, it does seem like their relationship may have cooled off a bit, but, honey, if you have any query about the status of jack’s relationship to phyllis, I think that better be directed at jack.

Allie: Right. Of course. I didn’t mean to overstep. I — it’s really none of my business.

Traci: No, allie, allie, listen, you’re a part of this family. It makes perfect sense. It is completely natural that you would want to figure out how everything works together and how it doesn’T. But in this case, I do not want to speak for my brother.

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: To be fair, the whole celebration was totally impromptu and my mother’s idea entirely.

Phyllis: Of course it was.

Kyle: I know it’s going to take more than just the peace agreement to make us one big, happy family. And my mother pushed things by inviting you to join the toast to her new position. I’ll accept the win. You agreed to steer clear of her.

Phyllis: Right. Right. Well, I’ll tell you, this truce will not be broken by me. Okay? I will not be the one to break it. I doubt this detente will last much longer. Your mother will eventually show her true colors. Sooner than later, I think, because she’s not working with you at marchetti.

Kyle: Well, I think having a job will give her a purpose.

Phyllis: Kyle…

[ Groans ] It’s lovely. It really is lovely that you want to give your mom a second chance. But things will deteriorate. They will. And I want you to know that I will be there for you to pick up the pieces. And I will not be the one in town whispering, “I told you so.”

Kyle: You don’t think that’s hypocritical, painting my mother as self-serving and duplicitous?

Phyllis: What do you possibly — what is your point?

Kyle: Didn’t you just show your true colors when you used my father to mark your territory in front of my mother?

Diane: You must be waiting for phyllis. And despite our ceasefire, you think it’d be best if we steered clear of each other?

Summer: Actually, I’m waiting for my grandmother.

Diane: Oh. Nikki, of course. Well, between us, the war rages on.

Summer: Look, I am sorry about this. I hate that it’s so complicated and awkward.

Diane: No, it’s all right. You’re just doing your best to manage a difficult situation.

Summer: I just think it’s safer for us to avoid any conflict, if we can.

Diane: Well, I respect that. I’m not afraid of coming face to face with nikki. It’s inevitable that we’re going to run into each other, so we all just need to learn to deal with it.

Summer: I agree, in theory, but…

Diane: Okay, I get it. You don’t want a confrontation in a public place. It’s bad P.R. No, it — it’s fine. I don’t want to put you in a difficult situation, so I will just take my coffee to-go.

Summer: Thank you.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Summer: I do want to hear more about your ideas, though. Can we meet at the office later today?

Diane: Oh, absolutely. You won’t be disappointed.

Summer: All right. I’ll see you then.

Diane: Sure.

Diane: Hello, nikki. It’s been too long.

Nikki: Not nearly long enough.

Diane: I was just on my way out.

Nikki: Don’t let me stop you.

Diane: Summer’s on the patio. I was warned that you would be here and I should make myself scarce.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad you tried to avoid me, but sorry that you failed so miserably.

Diane: Oh, I — I wasn’t intimidated. I’m simply doing a favor for my daughter-in-law. I’m not leaving out of deference to you.

>>Ikki: The only leaving I want to hear about is when you finally leave town.

Diane: Haven’t you heard? Kyle and summer hired me at marchetti. I’m not going anywhere.

Nikki: Oh, that’s a shame. I had such high hopes for that company. Now they’ve ensured that they’re going to fail.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] For the last time, nikki, I’m sorry. I truly am. I hate what I put you through, and I hate who I was back then. But I am not her anymore.

Nikki: Spare me.

Diane: It’s the truth. We make mistakes, we learn, we move on. I’m sure you have some regrets about some of your past actions. That’s where I am right now.

Nikki: Just because you claim to be sorry doesn’t mean that the people you have hurt have to forgive you. And as I have said to you before, no one wants you here.

Diane: Kyle does, and summer and jack have been supportive. You know, I’m not going to blow the chance to be near my son by running away from your wrath or anyone else’S. So you have two choices. You can accept me, or you can just find a way to pretend that I’m not around.

Phyllis: Um, I’m sorry. What are you insinuating? That I used your father?

Kyle: That didn’t come out the way I intended it to.

Phyllis: That it came out at all is completely disgusting. And that your father would involve you in something so personal is so inappropriate.

Kyle: Even though you told summer about it.

Phyllis: You don’t know the facts, kyle.

Kyle: I know enough, and i trust my dad. It’s clear that you used him to prove a point to my mother.

Phyllis: Okay. I care deeply about you and your father. That’s why I’m so incensed that you would allow this woman to come back into your life with open arms. She is evil. She will hurt you and everyone else in this town.

Kyle: It is very clear about how you feel about my mother. There is really no reason for you to remind me yet again. I was trying to be gracious and thank you because I thought you had had a change of attitude. But it is clear that this truce is just for show.

Noah: No, forget about me. Faith is the one we should be toasting to.

Faith: Not that I don’t want everyone celebrating me, but why would you say that?

Faith: Well, you’re going to college soon. And believe it or not, we’re gonna miss you.

Nick: Mm. I don’t know. Kind of looking forward to packing her up and getting her out of here, you know?

Sharon: He’s gonna be crying like a baby the minute he drops you off at your dorm room.

Nick: Oh, like you’re not gonna miss her.

Sharon: She knows I’m gonna miss her, but she’s gonna be back for visits.

Faith: Try and stop me.

Noah: You’re the one who’s gonna be lonely without us all in your business all the time.

Faith: See, is this the part where I’m supposed to pretend that I’m so nervous about going to university of michigan that you have to twist my arm to go? Trust me, I am so ready.

Nick: Whoa, whoa. We all have feelings here.

Faith: I didn’t mean it like that. I’ve been going over the course descriptions, and I cannot wait to register.

Noah: What looks good to you?

Faith: Well, I couldn’t decide between business and marketing as my major, so I’m thinking, why not do both?

Sharon: Two majors. That won’t be too much wk.

Faith: I’ve mapped out my requirements over the next four years, and it’s totally doable. And now that dad’s back in the family business, I’ll do my summer internships at newman.

Nick: I’ll let the H.R. Department know we got a rock-star intern on the way.

Faith: I was thinking that i could work in a different division for each summer so that I can get a good overview for the company, starting with the finance department, since that’s like the core of the company. Money is power, right?

Nick: How is this aspiring shark our daughter?

Sharon: We should’ve never let victor teach her how to play chess. I think she was paying way too much attention.

Faith: Don’t worry. I’m going to be an ethical mogul. I believe that corporations need to balance profits with social responsibility. So pat yourselves on the back for raising me to be a decent human being.

Nick: Good job, sharon.

Sharon: You too, nick.

Faith: Maybe my first summer project can be coming up with a plan for newman to improve each of the cities where it has offices.

Nick: It’s actually a great idea.

Faith: And by the time i graduate, I’ll know the exact department which would be the best fit for me.

Sharon: Poor kid. Directionless, has no idea what she wants out of life.

Noah: Yeah. Why stop at four years? Why don’t you just plan out the next 10?

Faith: Well, when you know what you want, why waste time?

Diane: Allie, how wonderful to see you.

Allie: Hello, diane.

Diane: Harrison left his stuffed fox in my car after our playdate, and I know how much he loves it. Is he here, by any chance?

Allie: I think he’s out with his nanny somewhere at the children’s museum, I think. I’ve honestly been so busy preparing for my first day at jabot that he could be on the moon, for all I know.

[ Both laugh ]

Diane: Oh, well, I’m sure you’re so good at blocking things out.

Allie: Yeah.

Diane: I wish I had that ability.

Allie: I get like that sometimes when I’m reading. Traci was talking to me earlier, and I barely heard her.

Diane: Oh, traci — is she the only abbott sibling who’s home?

Allie: Yeah, at the moment.

Diane: So jack is at the office.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah. You know, diane, why don’t you give me that fox? Then I’ll make sure harrison gets it.

Diane: Oh. You must be so excited about your new job.

Allie: Yeah, I’m very grateful for an opportunity.

Diane: I know the feeling. I can’t wait to dive into my new position at marchetti.

Allie: The abbotts are a very generous people.

Diane: And just think, if i hadn’t bought your father’s house, you wouldn’t even know you were an abbott.

Allie: Yeah. In spite of all the subterfuge, it all worked out.

Diane: Hmm. I guess you’re wondering what’s going to become of his house now that I’m setting down roots in genoa city. Well, I want you to know I have no intention of selling it. It’s there for you to use if you ever go back or even just want to visit. Any time. Just between us, you know what’s better than mopping?

Phyllis: Listen, we need to stop talking right now, or we’re gonna say something we regret.

Kyle: I will be civil and respectful, as far as your concerned, for the same reasons you’ll pretend to be able to coexist with my mother — for summer. But make no mistake, I believe with all of my heart that my mother is coming from a good place, that she is deserving of another chance and she is remorseful.

Phyllis: It’s because you were little when she left. You have absolutely no history with your mother.

Kyle: Look, this is my chance to try to have a loving relationship with her, an opportunity I never thought i would have. So if you get in the way of that, I will do whatever is necessary to protect my mother.

Phyllis: Whatever is necessary. Wow. Let me tell you, that is unfortunate because that is a choice that you and my daughter will regret.

Summer: Hey! Do you wanna go halfsies on —

Nikki: Why on earth would you give that woman a job?

Summer: Hello to you, too. I guess you ran into diane.

Nikki: My darling… whatever entry-level job you may have given her, she’s not qualified. I’m sure jabot requires their applicants to be trustworthy. In fact, is it even legal to hire her, given that she was declared dead at all?

Summer: Do you foresee a time, far, far into the future, where you might just actually forgive diane?

Nikki: No, absolutely not. Honey, you are looking at her through rose-colored glasses. We have to be on our guard at all times. Wherever that woman goes, she brings trouble. And deep down, I think you know that. But you love your husband, and you want to support him.

Summer: Of course I do.

Nikki: But you see, you’re playing right into her hands. She is a master of destruction. Like — like a snake that hypnotizes its prey before devouring it. So if you truly do want to support and protect kyle and the company, you need to open his eyes to who diane really is.

Allie: Thank you for the offer, but that house and that part of my life is of the past now, and I really want to focus on the now. I have this wonderful new job at jabot and also this great group of friends and family. And, you know, everyone has been really welcoming.

Diane: That must be nice. I, on the other hand, haven’t received such a warm reception. I am constantly reminded of my history and how many enemies I have.

Allie: You know the abbotts have been quite cordial, considering your circumstances.

Diane: Well, that’s true about jack and kyle. However, summer’s side of the family has been less accepting, to say the least.

Allie: Phyllis in particular?

Diane: She’s called a truce. But how much can I trust that? I mean, I’m sure you know all about phyllis and me.

Allie: Yeah, I — I’ve heard things, but, you know, I’ve decided it’s better off for me not to deep dive and learn more.

Diane: Well, if the chemistry thing doesn’t work, you could have an amazing career in diplomacy. But you’re right, you’re right. The past is the past, and we might as well look forward to the future.

Allie: Great. Well, I really ought to get ready for work, so…

Diane: You know, I don’t know if you’re aware of the details, but you probably know that I’m at the top of phyllis’s most hated list. It’s because of our history with jack.

Allie: Yeah.

Diane: Has either of them mentioned it?

Allie: It’s just something I picked up on.

Diane: Oh. Well, you know, sadly, phyllis thinks of everything in terms of war. She, uh — she just finds the slightest infraction as an excuse to go into battle.

Allie: Yeah, I really don’t know her that well.

Diane: What am I doing? Going on and on about this when your life is in such a good place right now. You’ve got your grandfather and your aunts and your uncles and your cousins, and you’re about to start an exciting new career at jabot.

Allie: Which I really don’t want to be late for, so…

Diane: You know what’s cool is that I’m going to be a jabot, too, so maybe we can hang out.

Allie: I don’t know my schedule yet, but, yeah, maybe.

Diane: Huh. Okay, I get it. You’d like to keep me at a distance. You want to be careful and make sure you’re doing the right thing. You know, allie, I would suggest you have this same level of caution with phyllis, because that woman likes to use people to get what she wants. Okay, this is a freezer, not a time capsule.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Traci: Well, diane.

Diane: Traci, hi. I was just leaving. I have held up allie for too long. I’ll see myself out.

Traci: Honey, did something happen? You are certainly not as upbeat as you were earlier.

Allie: I am getting the exact same uncomfortable feeling with diane that I had when I had coffee with phyllis.

Traci: Did either one of them say something specific to make you feel this way?

Allie: I just feel like they’re trying to buddy up with me to get information about jack, which honestly is hilarious because I don’t know anything. And even if I did, I would never, never share anything personal about my grandfather with anyone.

Traci: Intuitive and discreet. More really good qualities. Both of those women know better than to involve you in the middle of their petty little drama.

[ Sighs ] They should know, if they really cared about jack, to get you in the middle of their mess is just going to make him angry. Honey, my advice is to steer clear of both diane and phyllis.

Allie: Traci, diane and phyllis, they don’t scare me. I only care because I don’t want my grandfather to get hurt.

Traci: Protective, too. You and I have that in common. Honey, I promise you don’t have to worry about jack. He can take care of himself. And if he doesn’t, there’s always ashley and I step in and help.

Allie: And now you have me as backup.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: I know that you only want the best for us, but I just don’t think that it’s my place to tell kyle how to feel about his mother. And, frankly, diane has been on her best behavior.

Nikki: Well, I’m sure she has, but that won’t last. And then you will change your mind about how to handle her.

Summer: Don’t you think that we should give her the chance to prove herself?

Nikki: Darling, you just have to trust me on this. Very soon, something’s gonna set her off. And when it does, she will reveal her true colors. And the only thing that will drive her away for good is kyle’s complete rejection. Now, if there is anything I can do to speed that process along, please let me know.

Summer: Can we talk about something more pleasant?

Nikki: Like how proud I am of you for everything you’ve achieved at marchetti?

Summer: Oh, thank you, grandma. Kyle and I are so excited about everything that we have planned for the company.

Nick: Look, I know we have a lot of irons in the fire at new hope right now. My timing definitely could have been better, but I know it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Noah: You really think so?

Nick: I have 100% confidence in you. Everybody has seen what great work you’ve done, how quickly you’ve learned. You’re amazing.

Sharon: And you said that you would talk to the project leaders and donors to set things up for noah.

Nick: Absolutely. It feels so good knowing it’s in great hands.

Faith: When I’m not interning at newman with dad, I can put in some hours at new hope. And if you don’t feel comfortable bossing people around, I can coach you.

Sharon: She’s not kidding. You saw the way she took control of mariah’s wedding.

Nick: Well, now it’s your turn to take the lead. I mean, isn’t this great? It feels like everybody’s doing what they’re meant to be doing.

Faith: Proud papa moment.

Nick: You got it.

Noah: Hey, actually, I got to return a call, so I’ll be right back.

[ Sighs ]

This is john.

Allie: Hi. Here, as requested.

Noah: Hey.

Allie: Hi.

Noah: Thanks for coming. I won’t take up too much of your time. I know it’s your first day at jabot, so.

Allie: I could use a little fresh air before orientation. What’s up?

Noah: My dad has decided to step down at new hope to go back to newman, and he’s asked me to take over.

Allie: Noah, that’s huge. What a — what a big vote of confidence for you. And you look miserable.

Summer: Mom. Hi. How are you?

Phyllis: Good. Good. Just taking a coffee break. I’ll let you two catch up.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no, wait, wait. I would like to get your point of view on something.

Phyllis: Okay. About what?

Nikki: Diane. Now that victoria is home, I can focus all my energy on driving her out of town.

Phyllis: Oh. What would that look like? I mean, hypothetallyicpeaking, of course.

Nikki: Well, I would have someone investigate as to what diane was really doing during those years she was supposedly reinventing herself.

Phyllis: Yeah, when she was dead.

Nikki: Exactly.

Phyllis: Well, that is an interesting approach.

Nikki: I know that I would find something worthwhile, something to prove to certain people that she is not to be trusted.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, uh…

Nikki: Here, here, sit down.

Phyllis: Um, you know, just talking here. We’re just talking. What can I do to help?

Nikki: Well, this is one of the few times that we are on the same side.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Maybe we could pool our resources.

Summer: No! Has the world turned completely upside down? You two do not work together for anything, ever. So please, jt stop it. And need I remind you that plotting against someone that you have a truce with is really bad.

Nikki: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You have a truce with that woman?

Noah: I love the mission at new hope and everything tt the organization accomplishes. That part has been really gratifying. But, you know, I took the gig when I just got back to town and I was at loose ends. I thought it could be something temporary that I do while I try to figure out what was next. I never intended for it to be a permanent career path. I mean, it’s not corporate, but I still feel like an outsider there.

Allie: How long have you felt like you didn’t belong?

Noah: Since around the time that we met, more or less. So if you think about it, this is kind of all your fault.

Allie: Me? Do not blame me for your career crisis.

Noah: Come on, you know your thing. It’s chemistry. You’re good at it. You’re passionate. You’re totally unapologetic.

Allie: Why would I be apologetic about my love for chemistry?

Noah: Well, because it totally amplifies your quirkiness. But it’s okay. It’s okay. I like it. My point is, you have helped me realize that I’ve been trying to be something that I’m not.

Allie: But you don’t want to be a colossal disappointment to your parents.

Noah: Yeah.

Allie: The way that your jokes are to the rest of the world.

Noah: Yes, exactly. Thank you for that. I want to t back to who I actually am. And I was going to let them know today that I felt like I needed to move on, but…

Allie: But your dad sprung the news first.

Noah: Yeah. And everyone was so happy for him. I didn’t want to be a buzzkill. And then on top of that, my younger sister, faith, who at the ripe old age of 17 already has her entire life planned. I mean, seriously, you should have seen it. She has everything figured out. Makes me feel like I’m wasting time.

Allie: Do you mind if i deconstruct this?

Noah: Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Allie: Okay. First of all, your sister is 17. Who the heck knows what she’s gonna do with her life? And second, noah, you have done lot of cool things with your life. You have. And you need to trust yourself. Alright? If you don’t want to stay at new hope, then don’T. Think about it this way. Your job is probably someone else’s dream job. And if you leave, you’ll probably let someone else fulfill their destiny.

Noah: So it’s almost like I’d be doing the world a favor by moving on.

Allie: Go pursue your passion relentlessly. And if you get tired of doing that, then move on to the next thing.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right. Now I just have to figure out how to relay that to my father.

Allie: [ Sighs ] Well, he seems pretty open andcool.

Noah: No, he is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just leaving new hope for newman was a really big decision for him, and it was one that he only felt comfortable doing because he thought I’d be taking over. So I can’t help but feel like I’m leaving him in the lurch.

Allie: Does finding a new direction mean you’re thinking of moving away from genoa city? (Vo) beneful knows a full life doesn’t just happen…

Nick: So what are your first semester classes looking like, kid?

Faith: Pretty basic, but there’s one that’s caught my eye.

Sharon: Yeah? What is it?

Faith: How to mastermind a takeover of the family business?

Sharon: Do you hear what our business major has in store?

Nick: She might be talking about crimson lights.

Faith: Definitely talking about newman.

Nick: Oh, really? Maybe I’ll take some classes then, too, so I’m ready for when you come for my job. Hey. Sharon, how come you’re not as upset as I am? Our little girl is turning

rutasess as her grandfather.

Sharon: I just can’t shake this feeling that noah is a little bit ambivalent about taking over at new hope.

Nick: He’s fine. He was asking me questions about it.

Sharon: But what if the real underlying question is, “do I really want to do this” instead of “whaleadt ship approach should I take during this exciting transition?”

Nick: I don’t kno I mean, that kid’s head’s been all over the place for weeks. What do you think, faith? I feel like you know him better than anybody.

Faith: He’s an adult. If he doesn’t want the job, he’ll tell you.

Nick: Listen to our brilliant daughter. I think you’re overthinking this, sharon.

Noah: Leave town? Me? No way. I got too many reasons to stay now.

Allie: Okay, so does that — does that mean you’re gonna go back to making art?

Noah: I don’t think I can figure out my future until i straighten out my present.

Allie: Yeah. Take it step-by-step. You’re gonna make the right decision.

Noah: I thank you for the vote of confidence. It’s refreshing. I feel like my family’s always questioning my choices.

Allie: Noah, I think you know what you want. You just got to listen to yourself. I mean, I’ve heard plenty of opinions from you about everything.

Noah: Well, I know I don’t want to move backwards in any way. Maybe you can help me figure it out.

Yeah, I would like that. Very much so.

I promised that I’d stick to my truce with diane, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

Nikki: Are you telling me that you have forgiven her?

Phyllis: It’s not about forgiveness, nikki.

Summer: She’s doing it for me, grandma. She made a commitment to keep the peace for my and kyle’s sake.

Nikki: Phyllis, over the years, you have done some questionable, upsetting things, but this is by far the most shocking. I don’t understand how you can stand by and watch that woman wheedle her way into your daughter’s life after everything she’s done.

Phyllis: I know. I know. I know. I cannot do this. I cannot do this.

Summer: Mom, please.

Phyllis: No, no, I can’T. She’s right. That woman will be your downfall. And working with her, it’s a horrible idea. We have to get her out of town.

Summer: Mom, she is kyle’s mother.

Phyllis: I do not care. I do not care. Who loves you more than us? Nobody, summer. Summer, that woman is horrible. She is evil and she’s dangerous. And I’m not gonna keep on pretending she isn’T.

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