Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle talked to EJ about Shawn and the baby. EJ thought she would go back to Shawn and take care of the baby. Belle thought it would be heartless, but she didn’t think she could raise Jan’s baby. Sami didn’t want to listen to what Chad had to say about Lucas. She didn’t believe that Lucas framed EJ. He told her that he was telling the truth. He didn’t want to cover up for him anymore. Eric arrived so Sami told him to finish the ceremony. Chad said he had more to tell her. Lucas told Sami that he did it for them. Johnny wanted to go after him. EJ told Belle that Sami chose Lucas over him so she was out of his life. She wondered if he was telling the truth about that. He reminded her about her relationship with Shawn. EJ thought they were lucky to find each other. They kissed on the couch. Sami wanted to know why Lucas kidnapped her. Lucas said that he did it for them. He said he wanted to be with her, but she wanted to be with EJ. She wanted to know if that’s why she had her mouth covered and kidnapped her. She wanted to know where he got the kidnappers. He explained that he knew them from prison.

Lucas said that he did something she would have done. She agreed, but she said what he did was different. She couldn’t believe that he was able to sleep knowing what he did to her. She thought he was trying to make her pay for being with EJ. He said he wasn’t doing that. She didn’t believe him. She continued to yell at Lucas for what he did to her. She told him that what he did was the worst thing he ever did. He said he loved her, but she said she didn’t love him. She walked off. He tried to go after her, but Chad stopped him. Marlena went after Sami to try to make her feel better. Sami said that EJ tried to tell her the truth, but she wouldn’t listen. EJ and Belle made their way up to the bedroom. Lucas said he would never hurt Abby. Chad said they didn’t know he kidnapped Sami. Chad explained to everyone that Abby knew that Lucas kidnapped Sami. He said that Abby was stabbed right after he told her the truth. Allie and Will told Chad that he wouldn’t do that. Chad reminded him about their conversation. Roman wanted to call the police on Lucas. He agreed to go to the station and make a statement. Johnny, Chad and Kate went with him. Marlena tried to reach out to Sami, but she wanted to leave. EJ and Belle finished making love again when Sami arrived. Belle wanted to know why she was there.

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