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[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: [ Gasps ] Oh, wow! Are those for me?

Nick: Well, who else? They’re from me and christian, saying, “welcome back to the big chair.”

Victoria: Oh, my goodness. They’re gorgeous! Thank you, nicholas.

Nick: You got it.

Victoria: They really do brighten up the room.

Nick: Just like that big smile of yours. You’re back where you belong, vic. And just so you know, I’ve almost forgiven you for letting us think that you chose ashland over the family.

Victoria: Well, I really do appreciate your understanding. And I will be happy to make it up to you in the form of corporate perks, if and when you agree to accept my job offer.

Nick: Yeah… um… about that.

Victoria: Oh, no. Please don’t tell me that these flowers are your way of letting me down easy.

Nick: It’s my way of sucking up to the new boss. I’ve thought about it, vic, and I’m ready to rejoin the team, and maybe this time it sticks for good.

Victoria: Yes!

Nikki: That was delicious.

Victor: You know something? I can see that you have your appetite back. That makes me happy.

Nikki: It’s amazing what can happen when your stomach is no longer tied up in knots. I slept better last night than i have in weeks.

Victor: My sweet baby, do you know how happy it makes me to know that victoria’s back? I can almost think back to the normal times, you know?

Nikki: Well, things may be even better than before. I mean, whoever thought that victoria would come back and invite nicholas to help run the company? And even if he doesn’t accept the position, it’s just wonderful to see them so close again.

Victor: And I keep on hoping — I really do; it would make me very happy — to see them all work for the company.

Nikki: I know it. I can understand that. I mean, it’s been your damre practically since they were born that they would both run the company. And it might just be happening.

Victor: Well, only one problem, potential problem. I want to know where adam fits into all this.

Nikki: Well, for your sake, i hope he comes around and gets over his disappointment over losing the ceo position twice.

Victor: Yep.

Michael: Hello, newmans!

Victor: Mr. Baldwin, please have a seat.

Michael: Ah! Thank you. How are you today, nikki?

Nikki: I’m just fine. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go.

Victor: Darling, it’s early.

Nikki: Well, I want to check in with my new investigator, who’s looking into diane’s time in L.A.

Victor: Oh.

Michael: How’s that going for you?

Nikki: I don’t care to divulge that information, considering your ongoing association with that woman.

Michael: Fair enough.

Nikki: Thank you again for a lovely breakfast. I will see you at the office later.

Victor: Don’t forget this.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: Bye-bye!

Victor: Bye-bye, now. So…

Michael: I have news.

Victor: What news?

Michael: Ashland chartered a jet from laguardia to o’hare. The plan was to have him tailed as soon as he landed. He gave him the slip.

Victor: Ah. You think he knows he’s being followed?

Michael: Our man wasn’t sure. So, we don’t know if he’s still in chicago.

Victor: Or on his way here.

Billy: The way I see it, chelsea coming on board to critique my podcast is a win for everybody.

Lily: How do you figure that?

Billy: Well, it gives her something to do, something fun to be a part of. I get fresh ears to bounce ideas off of, and it takes the pressure off of you.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, I do like encouraging you more than being your critic.

Billy: Well, believe me. She relishes that role.

Lily: Now, wait. You’re talking about your personal podcast, right? She doesn’t know about “the grinning soul.”

Billy: No, no, no. We didn’t talk about that at all, although I did have a conversation with victoria, and we both know that she has her feelings about that. She asked me to do her a favor.

Lily: What kind of favor?

Billy: She asked me to do a podcast on ashland… about everything he put her through, about the phony cancer, the lies, all of it.

Lily: Well, you — you didn’t agree to that, did you?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Billy, did you?

Diane: When your daddy was your age, ice cream was his absolute favorite food. He could eat it till it was coming out of his ears.

Harrison: Really?

Diane: No, not — not really. That’s just an expression that means that he loved it — a lot. I think he would have had ice cream at every meal if I let him.

Harrison: Me too.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Me three! Mmm! Ready to shine from the inside out?

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Billy: I didn’t commit to anything with victoria, and i made it very clear that I’m gonna have to discuss it with you because clearly there’s risk.

Lily: Yeah, there’s a lot of risk. Ashland could sic his lawyers on us all over again.

Billy: Absolutely.

Lily: Well, good. I’m glad you’re taking this into consideration after everything that happened at chanccomm.

Billy: Oh, believe me. I do not want that to happen again. I think we are in a different situation now than we were at chanccomm. That whole thing? That was a setup by adam, and we had a very unreliable source. We didn’t even mean to publish that article. We were hacked. Now, with victoria giving us the information, she’s not gonna set us up the same way gaines did. She wants this information out there.

Lily: Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. I mean, the fact that victoria is the one driving this is not the selling point that you think it is.

Victor: Ashland locke giving our people the slip? Bad news. He’s enraged right now. Better keep our eyes open.

Michael: What’s it gonna take to finally end this? Ashland’s already lost control of his company. He’s lost all the money you gave him. His marriage is kaput, and there’s a restraining order keeping him away from harrison.

Victor: He has lost at every turn. He’s dangerous right now.

Michael: Victor…

Victor: What?

Michael: …How do you want to handle the situation?

Victor: [ Exhales ] I have an idea. And I think you’re the one who will make it work.

Victoria: Have you told mom and dad about your decision?

Nick: Not yet. I wanted to talk to you first. I just wasn’t sure what kind of role you had in mind for me.

Victoria: I’m hoping that you’ll agree to step in as my coo. Mom’s already coming back as my co-ceo. So, it’ll be the three of us at the top, running the whole company together.

Nick: I’m cool with that. I can’t imagine adam is gonna get behind it. If anything, it’s just gonna him make resent us even more.

Victoria: I’m gonna leave it to dad to mollify him.

Nick: I mean, it had to hurt to find out that dad was just using him to lure you back. And now dad’s asking you to find some way to take some of the sting out of it.

Sally: I want to know the minute he signs. Right. Thanks.

Adam: Well done!

Sally: [ Sighs ] If he signs… it would be a tremendous get for our marketing team.

Adam: Look. Don’t worry about that. You need to hire a coo so you can focus on the big picture. Where do things stand with chloe?

Sally: Well, she seems interested, but I haven’t wanted to reach out to her again because I’m just trying to see how everything’s gonna play out here.

Adam: What are you concerned about? If you think I’m gonna wind up back in this office, and you’re gonna be coo again, I told you I’m through playing my father’s games.

Sally: I know what you said. But I also remember when victor sold newman media to victoria, you were hurt and offended. And you hated the thought of reporting to your sister. And then, after you calmed down, you decided you could live with it, after all.

Adam: And what? You think I’m just going to cave this time, too?

Sally: Ask yourself this. Are you really ready to walk away from the company and your family… permanently? (Rose h) smoking caused my lung cancer.

Adam: I will not be ousting you from your position. I would not do that to you.

Sally: But I would understand if you did.

Adam: Hey, it’S…it’s not happening, okay? You deserve this opportunity. You’re going to do amazing things here, and I would never, ever want to rob you of that. What’s wrong?

Sally: It’s just all new to me…

[ Laughs, sniffles ] …Someone having so much faith in my abilities. But it is enough that you feel that way — honest. You do not have to make this sacrifice for me.

Adam: Hey, look. It is not a sacrifice at all. Frankly, it’s a relief. I won’t be forced to deal with these people’s crap anymore.

Sally: [ Exhales ] You say that now.

Adam: I mean it. Every time victoria looks my way, I can see the condescension in her eyes, the contempt. And nikki? Oh, she’s not much different with her knowing, little smirk of hers. And dad, nick? They just stand there. They don’t do anything. Far be it from them to say a kind word or come to my defense. I just — I swear to god, if i don’t get away from these people, I feel like I’m going to explode.

Sally: Don’t take this the wrong way, but how much of this rage was sparked by the things that ashland said to you? Look. I know that you’re disappointed in the way things turned out. But I don’t want to see you get so caught up in thoughts of revenge that you lose sight of what’s best for you.

Adam: Look. I know what I’m doing, okay?

Sally: Adam, look at me. Please? I need you to listen to me. Ashland doesn’t give a damn about you. He does not have your best interests at heart. I do. So, please don’t blow me off.

Victoria: I am not responsible for what dad did to adam while I was gone. Can we please talk about something else?

Nick: Okay. What have you heard from ashland?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Another one of my least-favorite topics. I haven’T. I haven’t heard anything from ashland. And I don’t expect to. The last thing I said to him was that I wanted him to disappear from my life. And he knew that I meant it.

Nick: Okay. Any unresolved legal issues that might give him excuse to reach out?

Victoria: I have seen to it that there is nothing connecting us amoreny I even took the last few things that he left at my house, and i had them boxed up and put in storage. It’s over. What? You don’t believe me?

Nick: I’m just wondering if you’re underestimating how vindictive ashland can be. It’s kind of what he’s known for. You embarrassed him badly. You took most of his fortune. Ashland is not the kind of guy that’s gonna shrug something like this off.

Victoria: Nicholas, you didn’t see the look on his face when I left him in new york. He was crushed. He was utterly devastated. And I’m pretty sure that he’s sick and tired of getting burned by the newmans… although it is going to happen at least once more.

Lily: Look — I still have a very bad taste in my mouth from when victoria tried to use you to bring down adam.

Billy: I understand that, lily. I really do. And if we go through with this — if — this is not simply for victoria’s benefit, okay? I believe that the world needs to know about ashland locke. I always have, because he’s gonna find another victim.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, I’m sure.

Billy: That’s what guys like this do. They find someone to control and to manipulate. And as far as the world’s considered, he’s the victim here. He’s dying of cancer. He’s on death’s door. And it’s his wife that took advantage of him, that stole his company and abandoned him because that is exactly the way he’s gonna sell it to everyone.

Lily: I mean, look. I don’t like it, either, okay? As a cancer survivor, I don’t like the fact that he took advantage of people’s genuine sympathy. But it doesn’t mean that “the grinning soul” should be the one to put that out there.

Billy: Okay, well, what if i talk to amanda about it to make sure that we are in the clear legally? Like you, I don’t want to end up in the same position that we did at chanccomm, and with victoria being the one to give us the information. Will you be okay with that?

Lily: I mean…

[ Sighs ] I do think that people should know who ashland really is.

Billy: Amen to that.

Lily: And, you know, maybe we’re the only ones in the position to expose him. So… okay, look. If amanda gives the thumbs-up, then sure. Go for it.

Diane: Oh, harrison, look. There’s some of your friends. Do you want to go play? Alright, but you need to stay where I can see you, okay?

Harrison: Okay.

Diane: Okay. Be careful! Ashland. What are you doing here? I thought you were out of town, and you’re not supposed to be anywhere near harrison.

Ashland: Yeah, yeah, I know that. And it’s not gonna be an issue if no one knows I’m here. I just… I miss my son, diane, so much. I just want to see him. That’s all, even if it’s from a distance.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[Ziploc tab zip opening]

Victoria: The world needs to know what a bastard ashland truly is. So, I asked billy to use his resources to publicize the whole “I’m dying of cancer” scam.

Nick: What?

Victoria: Not directly. Chancellor has an anonymous podcaster that he can use to distance himself from it.

Nick: Vic, I really wish before making a move like this, you would have talked to us first.

Victoria: I’m surprised that you have any objections. I mean, it’s been your instinct from the get-go to investigate ashland and to expose his lies.

Nick: Of course I want the truth, but making this public is gonna come with a cost. You know that. People are going to question why we couldn’t see through ashland or how we could put the company at risk.

Victoria: To me, the real danger is ashland raising more money and starting a new company and coming after us that way. I want everyone to know just who and what he is. I want to completely discredit him. No one should trust him as a business partner — ever.

Nick: I-I get it. I’m just worried that this could backfire badly, in a way that you don’t see coming.

Victoria: O, ye of little faith. I think I’ve proven that I know exactly how to handle ashland locke.

Diane: I-I think you should go.

Ashland: I will.

Diane: Now, ashland!

Ashland: I will. I just… can’t I just talk to him, just for a minute? No one has to know.

Diane: What?! Until harrison blurts something out, and then I would be in big trouble.

Ashland: I’ll explain to him that it has to be our secret.

Diane: Ashland, I-I feel for you, but I am not in a position to help you. I am in the beginning, fragile stages of reconnecting with my own son.

Ashland: Yeah, I know that.

Diane: I am not going to jeopardize that. If I did something to betray kyle’s trust, that would be the end of it.

Ashland: Diane, please. I’m just asking you —

Diane: I’m sorry, but the answer is no.

Sally: I’m on your side, adam. If you believe in nothing else, believe that. It sucks, the way victor used you as bait to bring victoria home and then reinstated her as ceo five minutes later. And I know it feels even worse because you predicted it. But there is more than one way to respond to that, and it is really important that you choose a path that you’re not gonna regret. I’m just talking from experience because I’ve —

Adam: Baby, look. I know that you mean well. But nobody else understands what it’s like to be the newman black sheep, constantly rejected, and mistreated by my, what, so-called “next of kin”? Always feeling like I’m less than, no matter what I achieve? Okay, dad says I’m on equal footing with the rest of the kids, but it’s not true, and it will never be true.

Sally: Please don’t give up. Okay? Things did not work out for you in this case. Timing wasn’t right, but you have a brilliant business mind, and you are by far the best choice to run this company. And sooner or later, everyone else is gonna see what I already do. But if you give in to your anger, you’re gonna take yourself out of the running.

Adam: You see, that’s just the thing is I was never in the running. Ever since I came back here, I’ve been trying to do my best, to play by their rules, to become the best version of myself. But no matter how much effort i put in, it’s never enough rfo these people, okay? I’m done.

Sally: If you lash out at your family, I am afraid for you, adam. There’s bound to be blowback.

Adam: Well, c’est la vie, because right now all I can think about is how sweet it would be to get even.

Victor: Is that really how you feel, son? (Kid 1) where’s lucky?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: So, the architect has the loading dock here, but i think it would do better on the south end instead.

Nick: I agree with you.

Nikki: What a sight to behold! Good morning, you two.

Victoria: Morning.

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nikki: Beautiful flowers. Nicholas, I hope you have good news for us.

Nick: [ Laughs ] You are looking at the new coo of newman enterprises.

Nikki: Oh! How wonderful! Welcome back!

Nick: Thanks. You two are gonna take it easy on me — right? — While I get reacclimated.

Victoria: What fun would that be?

Nikki: I am so looking forward to collaborating with both of you.

Nick: Biggest part of the draw for me coming back was getting to work with some of my favorite people every day.

Nikki: Well, I couldn’t be happier. And wait till your father hears. He’s gonna be so thrilled.

Victor: Sally, would you kindly excuse us?

Sally: Of course.

Victor: I want to encourage you to stay with our company. I would like you and your siblings to work together to increase the legacy of the newman family, newman business.

Adam: So, I take it to mean that nick accepted victoria’s offer?

Victor: He hasn’t given a definitive answer yet, no.

Adam: So, if he does take the job, nick will be working with victoria and nikki, setting the overall strategy for newman. Meanwhile, the expectation for me is to, what, stay here, manage my lone division?

Victor: When you worked at newman media as a standalone company, you were very happy, weren’t you? Now newman media has merged with chanccomm. The company has become even bigger. I would think that’s more appealing to you.

Adam: In that same time frame, you have named me ceo of the parent company twice. Only you didn’t have any intention of keeping me in the spot. I was a placeholder for victoria. And hey, now that nick is interested in the business after not being for years, he has now leapfrogged over me, too.

Victor: Well, no, son, there’s another way to look at it, you know?

Adam: Oh, well, why don’t you enlighten me, dad?

Victor: Newman media can be your domain, your domain only. You can implement all of your good ideas. And I told victoria that I’m very respectful of what you have contributed, and I want her to treat you with respect and consideration.

Adam: Why would she do that when you don’t do that?

Victor: What do you mean when I don’t do that?

Adam: Okay, this is all talk, dad. All you’re doing, you’re humoring my ambitions while you’re leaving the real positions of influence and authority to nikki and your other kids, okay? You know what I am? I’m tolerated, but I’m not appreciated — ever.

Victor: Do I need to remind you of the history of when you came into this family? Your siblings didn’t know you. I received you with open arms. I gave you every chance in the book. Do you realize the kind of damage you have done to this family when you first came? You wanted to kill your father! Now, son, if you act vengefully now, you will simply reaffirm the suspicions your siblings have had about you.

Adam: So, what are you gonna say now, that if I just work hard and I humble myself that maybe someday, sometime things will work out for me? Well, to hell with that, okay? I am through falling for it, dad. So, you know what? I’m out.

Victor: I’ve tried very hard to integrate you into this family. You’re my son. You’re of my blood. You walk away from this… look at me… you’ll break your father’s heart.

Billy: On today’s installment of “the grinning soul,” I will be discussing a power monger who thinks the rest of us are simply here to do his bidding. Thanks to a highly placed source at newman enterprises, I am now able to reveal the true story of the rise and fall of ashland locke, aka “the locke-ness monster.” Now, I realize this is the point that some people may be thinking it’s a pretty lousy thing to do, attacking a man with a dreaded disease, facing his last days on earth, but let me be very clear, because the fact is, no one needs to feel sorry for ashland locke. He does not have cancer. He is not dying from cancer. He never had cancer. The whole thing from the very beginning was a scam because that is who ashland locke is.

Nick: After some consideration, I have decided to accept victoria’s offer and become her coo.

Victor: Well, now, that makes me very happy.

Victoria: I think that I have now assembled the perfect leadership team.

Nikki: I think you have.

Victoria: This calls for a toast! Just so happens that I have some champagne and some sparkling cider chilling in the break-room fridge.

Nikki: Oh, do you now?

Nick: Be honest. Did you know I was gonna accept your offer the whole time?

Victoria: No, not at all. I just knew that I wasn’t gonna give up until you did.

Nikki: Darling, do you want to call adam and ask him to join us?

Victor: Adam has informed me that he no longer wants to be a part of newman media.

Nikki: Oh, I’m sorry. I-I know you were hoping to work something out.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: Would you like me to talk to him, dad? I’d be willing to do that for your sake.

Victor: No use. He doesn’t want any part of the family business any longer.

Nick: Is sally leaving with him?

Victor: I don’t think that will happen on her own volition.

Nikki: No, of course not. Adam named her ceo. No other company would hire her at that level.

Victor: Sweetheart, perhaps it’s up to you to decide who you’ll choose, okay? Maybe someone with more experience, less colorful of a history.

Victoria: I’m gonna give that some more thought later. But right now I would like to focus on welcoming my brother back to the c-suite. Mom, if you grab some champagne glasses, I’ll go grab the champagne. Oh, and the sparkling cider!

Sally: How did it go with victor?

Adam: [ Sighs ] I told him where I stand, that I’m sick of being used and pushed aside.

Sally: Well, hopefully he at least made an effort to talko t you out of leaving.

Adam: Oh, well, it was halfhearted.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Adam: Yeah. If it really mattered to him, he would have given me a reason to stay, something a little better than “I’ve asked your sister to be nicer to you.”

Sally: Did victor seriously say that?

Adam: No. I’m paraphrasing, but basically yes.

Sally: Oh, my god.

Adam: Oh, yeah, wait. There’s more. He told me that I should be grateful that I have a spot to land at newman media now that I’ve been pushed aside and nick is at the top of the org chart. The whole thing was just infuriating, and it was insulting. And, um, I quit.

Sally: Oh, my god, I’M… this is, it’s all happening so fast. Should I quit, too, I mean, in solidarity?

Adam: No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, okay? I don’t expect that or want that. I told you.

Sally: Yeah, that I deserve this opportunity, but, I mean, at the end of the day it’s not really our decision to make. Victoria is in charge and nick, too, probably. Summer’s dad, and I’m sure he has not forgotten what I’ve done to his little princess. What are the odds that either of them are gonna want me around?

Adam: Maybe I should have stayed longer, until you were established, to protect you, but I just — I couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t deal with these people’s attitudes.

Sally: Yeah, I-I get it. Look — I want you to break free if that’s what you really want. And I will have your back. And I’ll land on my feet, like i always do.

Michael: Hey, diane.

Diane: Michael, I’m so pleased you called.

Michael: Yeah, the pleasure’s all mine. I grabbed us a couple of iced teas. I hope that’s okay.

Diane: Oh, it’s wonderful. I’m parched.

Michael: It’s a warm day out there.

Diane: It is. Thank you for thinking of me and for waiting. When the phone rang, I was just bringing my grandson home from the park.

Michael: Oh, I think it’s so great that you’re able to spend time with harrison. He ought to be loving that.

Diane: Oh, it’s great. It’s the highlight of my day. You know, he is such a cute, little boy. He reminds me so much of kyle at that age. It’s like going back in time.

Michael: Yeah, I was, you know, just out of curiosity, do the abbotts, are they letting you go on these outings unsupervised, or do they insist that you have a chaperone?

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Kyle isn’t worried that I’m going to run off with harrison, if that’s what you’re asking.

Michael: No, no, no, no, i wasn’t insulting you. I think it’s wonderful that you have earned this level of trust already.

Diane: Okay, now I know something’s up. What’s going on?

Michael: I need you to help me with something.

Diane: And that is?

Michael: Rumor has it that ashland locke is on his way back here, and if that’s the case, i wouldn’t be surprised if he made an attempt to see harrison. He might even approach you on one of your outings.

Diane: Ll, if something like that were to happen, I can assure you that I would tell ashland that he was being inappropriate, and I would take harrison home immediately.

Michael: Oh, no, that’s exactly what I don’t want you to do. (Vo) for over 50 years

Victoria: To our necoo.

Nikki: Cheers.

Victoria: Cheers.

Nick: Cheers!

Victor: Ahh! This makes me very happy, you know? That two of my beloved children, my beautiful wife are gonna shepherd the company that i built into the future. It’s the beginning of a new era.

Nikki: Hear, hear!

Nick: Yes. Cheers.

Victoria: Cheers to that.

Nick: Mm. Last one.

Victoria: Go for it, chief.

Nick: To the man who started it all. Dad, everything that’s happening is only possible because of you.

Victor: Thank you.

Nick: Cheers again.

Victoria: Cheers!

Adam: I feel I need to warn you.

Sally: About what?

Adam: What comes next at newman is going to be anything but business as usual.

Sal>>: Yeah. I thought about that. Based on what you said, it sounds like ashland might be launching an attack very soon, and it sounds like he might try and get you involved.

Adam: Well, look. Regardless of what I do, everybody else named newman will always assume the worst of me. And that could end up impacting you because we’re together.

Sally: Yeah, that occurred to me.

Adam: So, you’ll need to watch your back because things are about to get ugly.

Diane: Why on earth wouldn’t you want me to keep harrison away from ashland?

Michael: For one very good reason — if you were to accidentally slip up and allow ashland to go ahead and visit with harrison, we could catch him violating the restraining order. He may even see time in jail.

Diane: Whose idea was this?! Victor’s? Because it sounds like something he’d think up. Michael, I think it’s unconscionable that you would use that man’s love for his child against him.

Michael: Well, it’s a preemptive move to keep him away from victoria. The family would appreciate your cooperation.

Diane: Oh, please.

Michael: And nikki might even be prevailed upon to drop her investigation into your past.

Diane: Nice. Well, I doubt that summer newman would appreciate me involving harrison in your scheme, and kyle would be livid. I want no part of this.

Michael: I understand your reluctance.

Diane: I don’t think so, because if you did, you wouldn’t ask me to do something that could jeopardize everything I’m trying to accomplish.

Michael: Fair point.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Michael: But you don’t have to decide now. Ashland might not even be in town.

Diane: He is here.

Michael: [ Slaps table ]

Diane: I saw him today.

Michael: Where?

Diane: At the park. And he asked to see harrison, just as you predicted.

Michael: Did the boy know he was there?

Diane: No, thank god.

Michael: And how did you handle it?

Diane: I did exactly what i told you I would do if the situation came up. I told ashland that in no uncertain terms that harrison was off-limits, and then I took my grandson home. So, you can stop trying to get me to help you, michael, because even if I wanted to, you missed your chance. It’s too late.

[ Door slams ]

Ashland: Aah! Can’t even say hello to my own damn son.

[ Cellphone pings ] What fresh hell is this?

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