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[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Water splashing ]

[ Inhales sharply ] Whoa. Whoa, we’re losing sun. How long was I out? About an hour. Oh, sorry about that. You deserved it. Oh, you — you deserve this, too. You know, it has been a glorious day in the sun. Mm-hmm. Thanks to drew. We haven’t gotten any S.O.S. Calls from the county fair, have we? Oh, I think with drew’s navy seal training, he could survive a day with rocco, scout, and danny. Yeah, probably. Don’t forget, they got the sleepover at the q’s tonight, too. Ouch. All four kids?

[ Laughs ] I think we may have pushed it just a little bit. You know what? I think they’re in good hands. Plus, that gives us a chance to focus on nobody but us. Let’s go snag a place on the roof terrace so we can watch the fireworks. We’re already pushing it by being here. Carly banned us from the pool, remember? We can go to the park. But the view is so much better on the terrace. Which is reason number two to skip it. Joss, cam, and trina are probably already up there. Trina: Sorry, joss. Maybe trying to do something tonight was a bad idea. I can’t seem to get out of my own head. Me neither. I can’t help but think about the trial starting tomorrow. It just feels like it’s been looming over me for so long, and part of me is glad that it’s finally happening, but I do dread having to go to the courtroom, listening to that ada trash me to the jury. Hey, don’t worry. Don’t worry about that, okay? The jury’s going to hear from me and cam, too. We’re the victims, and we’re testifying on your behalf, so that’s got to outweigh anything that that overeager ada has prepared. We got you. This is how we’re celebrating the nation’s birthday? When you agreed to meet me, I was hoping there’d be hot dogs and a marching band. Hmm. The marching band was booked, and I’m super busy. I hear you’re busy, too. Congratulations on fending off michael and drew and maintaining control of elq. I thought you’d be pleased. Pleased? Someone told michael that he can’t get everything he wants? Absolutely. I was thinking more along the lines of carly. Look, I don’t like what you’re proposing, carly.

[ Scoffs ] Are you comfortable assuming more debt? No, of course not. But from what you’re telling me, it’s my only option. I have to secure another loan if I want to buy back my half of the metro court.

[ Sighs ] Well, I’ll make some calls. But prepare yourself. The interest rates on such a large loan — it’s going to be quite high. A loan? Carly, are you out of your mind? This is the perfect spot to watch fireworks. Port charles always puts on the best show. No offense to pautuck’s lightning bugs. None taken. You’re probably right. You’re not even going to defend your hometown? No, what’s the point? I’m a lucky guy. I’m here, enjoying the holiday. I’m so happy to be here with you.

[ Indistinct conversations, upbeat music playing ] Kill me now. Ah, what a day, right? Ha. Can’t wait for the fireworks. Are you talking about the ones that the city puts on? I mean, unless you got some cherry bombs hidden somewhere.

[ Laughs ] Mom must be in her office. Let’s just go, michael. You feeling tired? We don’t have to stay for the fireworks. We can grab wiley and go watch them at the house. I’m a little tired, but it’s because I’m pregnant. Nothing to worry about. Worried? No. I’m on top of the world. And I’m right there with you. Uh, mom might be in the restaurant. Why don’t we go look for her there? Okay. Okay, fine. But first… sonny: Hi. Hey. Um, I’m just glad you’re up and about. How you feeling? Thank you. I’m much better. Did they find out why you fainted? Yes. There’s something you should know.

Please tell me I just misheard that. You cannot possibly be considering a loan when you are so deep in the hole you can’t even see daylight. Don’t you think I know it’s a big risk? But it’s the only way I can buy my half of the hotel back before stillwater venture group gets a better offer, olivia. It isn’t the only way. You can swallow your stubborn pride and let your friends help you. Unless pride is the only thing I have left. Valentin: I hadn’t realized how heavily invested in aurora carly was. It was a surprise, all right. And we’ll just file that under “unintended collateral benefits.” When I stayed in power, aurora stock tanked and carly lost big. Well, valentin, don’t expect a standing ovation. Well, don’t tell me you’ve softened towards her. Not me. But sonny has. You said you were fine. I hope everything’s — you’re better, right? Oh, I am. What I meant is that I’ve been meaning to thank you for your help the other day by the pool. I understand that you caught me when I fainted, and you even went to G.H. To make sure that I was all right. Of course. I mean… you’re family. We should get going, catch up with mom. Thank you again, sonny. Yeah. Okay. I’m out of here. What? Why? You said you’d stay. For the picnic. Now that’s over. So, um, watching the two of you make goo-goo eyes at each other all night is not what I signed up for. Right. I wonder what happened to all the other people. Yeah, I mean, we had no way of knowing that nobody else would show up. I’m sure they had better things to do. We still had fun, though, didn’t we? Yes. [ Laughs ] So much fun. But now it’s time to leave. Ah, celebratory greetings, friends. Apologies for the late arrival. Look, britt! Spinelli! Ah, I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir. I am an officer of the law. Ugh. Sad how things change.

[ Chuckles ] You were the one that snuck fireworks into camp. Yeah.

[ Laughs ] That was impressive firepower, man. Yeah. It kind of was. You were the one who actually told the counselors that they belonged to the gallagher twins. Oh, please don’t tell me that with maturity comes remorse. Hell, no. Those two little punks? My god. Watch, they’re probably, like, wall street hotshots right now. Oh, god. Right?

[ Sighs ] Hey, look who’s here. Oh, hey. Okay. What are you guys talking about? Uh, illicit fireworks stories. You got any?

[ Laughs ] No. I… plead the fifth. Oh, really? Yeah. Smart woman. Ah. You know what, I should just go home. Forget it. I’m not going to let you sit in your room and obsess about the trial. You’d rather I obsess in public? I get it. It’s like this black hole in your brain, and it’s a gravity well, and you try to think about other things, but somehow, it all connects back to the trial and it keeps pulling you down. That’s it. Exactly. Yes. I — I’d give anything to forget about the trial, even for an hour. Easy. I can make that happen. I don’t see how joss, cam, and trina have anything to do with our plans for the evening. Well, the last time that you and joss were face to face, you both wound up in the pool. And with trina’s trial starting tomorrow, I’m sure that emotions are running high. I’d rather avoid another confrontation, for your benefit. Carly’s probably up there anyway. She’d throw us out. You don’t need the aggravation. So considerate. Always thinking of me. Night and day. So sweet. Man:

[ Clears throat ] Oh!

[ Dramatic music plays ] I’m glad I ran into you.

W-where did everybody go? Don’t tell me they departed before the fireworks. Well, my mom and mac took the kids home. They played so hard, they could barely keep their eyes open. And everyone else was pretty much a no-show. Really? N-no terry, no amy? Nope. Epiphany? No one. Just [Sighs] The three of us. Oh. Well, I’m sure a good time was still had by all. Mm-hmm. It was a blast. And now that you’re here, the party can continue. Thank you for inviting me, but I’m out. Maxie: Oh! [ Sighs ] So, how’s the new job at the quartermaine stables? It’s great. I love it. Danny keeps going on about how leo just loves comet — that’s one of the horses. Mm. Yeah, I mean, the quartermaines couldn’t have picked a better horse for him. H-he’s calm, steady. He’s almost impossible to startle. And the other day, I was — I accidentally knocked over this giant metal bucket, right? It was — it was so loud, it sounded like a firecracker going off. And a couple of the horses shied. One started going crazy in its stall. Comet? Barely even noticed. She just, like, looks at it, looks away.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Now he’s — half the time, he even pretends he’s asleep. Except when leo is there. When leo is there, he’s totally engaged. He’s just focused, letting leo groom him, connect. Hey, make sure you don’t let leo get into his head that he can take the horse out solo. Because, you know, olivia’s boys, you guys like to take risks. Hmm. Another great thing about comet — if leo were to hop up on him alone, no one’s grabbing the leading rein, not going to go anywhere. That horse is smarter than half the dudes I know. See, what’d I tell you? This guy’s basically half horse.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Smells like one, too. I took a shower after work.

[ Sniffs ] Oh, my god. I do. Ew. [ Laughs ] I do. Ah, I’m sorry.

[ Laughter ] What are you doing here? Looking for you. Do you have plans for watching the fireworks? I don’t know. I was just planning on taking off. I know it’s short notice. Being one of the newbies, I had to work crowd control at the parade and wasn’t sure when I’d be done… but I — I’m free now, with plenty of time to take your mind off tomorrow.

[ Sighs ] What do you have in mind? Dessert? In the park, while we watch the fireworks? Go. I don’t want to leave you here all alone. I’ll go hang out with my mom. I haven’t talked to her in a while. This is your chance to escape the gravity well. Sorry? Trina will explain. Rory, take her, please. You heard your girl. How about it? I promise to be as distracting as possible. Please, mr. Corinthos. You promised laura you wouldn’t kidnap me again. Okay, first of all, I did not kidnap you. Right, you wouldn’t have to. You had one of your people do it for you. But esme’s right. Grandmother assured us that you gave her your word that esme had nothing to fear. Yeah, I did. And she doesn’T. And she doesn’t now. I just want to give her the opportunity to tell the truth. And since she doesn’t want to tell the truth, she’s smart and staying away from me. Ain’t that right, esme? Can you do me a favor? Can you — can you give me some time with my nephew? Hey, why don’t you go to the park, okay? Find a good space to, uh, watch the fireworks. Be careful. Right. I’ll join you soon. What can I do for you, uncle sonny? Spencer… what the hell has happened to you? Thanks. Sonny’s first instinct is, once again, to rush to carly’s rescue. You know, she’s the one that asked for that divorce. He shouldn’t feel guilty, valentin, but he does feel guilty, and that guilt is making him feel like he is responsible for her financial misfortune. Well, he shouldn’T. She took the risk, she rolled the dice, and she lost. That’s not your problem. I’m sure michael and willow will blame me for everything all the time. Sorry to hear that. And I’m also sorry to hear that you lost your petition for visitation with wiley. Yeah, I don’t absolve my responsibility for all the mistakes that I made — lying about sonny when he was in nixon falls. But losing my grandson is an unbearable price to pay. Well, soon enough, wiley will be making his own decisions, won’t he? Well, I’m holding out hope, but what are the chances that he’s going to choose to get to know me, hearing, you know, how I’m the schemer who blew up his family? I am just so tired of being the villain all the time. Well, maybe it’s time to change that. And I don’t appreciate you barging into my office, making me second guess myself! I did not barge. I entered with urgency because I care. Carly, I don’t want to see you make another mistake that you’re really going to regret. Reggie: E-excuse me. Hi. Hi. Maybe I’ll wait outside while you two, uh, confer, okay? Yes. Will you please look into the loan? Let me know my best terms, and then I will make a decision. Will do. I’ll be right back.

[ Sighs ] Carly, you know I’m only trying to help. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I snapped at you. I just — I’m angry at everyone. I’m angry at myself. I mean — I mean, helping drew and michael is a great thing, right, but as usual, I took it too far. I talked to ned. He’s completely behind the idea of us buying your half of the metro court from the venture capital group and holding on to it until you can buy it back. Thank you. But I have no idea when that might be. However long it takes. I don’t care. I — oh, look who’s here. Look who’s here. Michael, do me a favor. Talk some sense into your mother. Unh-unh-unh. Olivia. No, no, no, no. Quiet, quiet. Talk some sense into your mother. Tell her the only idea that makes any sense is me buying her half of the metro court. You’re selling your half of the hotel? You didn’t know? I’ve got a big mouth. Sorry. I didn’t have a chance to tell my family my plan. Or maybe you knew that your family was not going to agree with your plan. Carly, please think long and hard about my offer. Please. Willow. Willow. How are you feeling? Any more dizziness, fainting? Are you okay? Oh, yeah. It’s like we said on the phone yesterday. I’m — I’m doing great. Yeah, I know. I know you told me that, but I don’t — I kind of felt like you were holding something back, so I was just wondering. Stop. You’re deflecting. What were you and olivia talking about? I know you took a financial hit when the aurora/elq merger fell apart, but you can’t possibly be thinking about selling your half of the metro court. I can’T. Because it’s already gone.

I’m the same me that I’ve always been. Really? Because I heard you made a deal with ava to loosen the purse strings on your trust, right? And I heard you quit kelly’s, and you’ve lost all your friends because of your shifty girlfriend. Now, loyalty and friendship are very important. I don’t take that lightly, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Well, shouldn’t that same loyalty extend to my girlfriend, or…? Spencer… your girlfriend is a liar. She made a sex tape on josslyn and cam and framed trina. I mean, we can’t forget that, can we? As long as the evidence proves otherwise, I’m staying by esme’s side. Brownies. Pretty basic. Not my brownies.

[ Laughs ] So your amazing, stupendous, spectacular dessert is… brownies. Try one. I made them myself. They’re not special brownies, are they?

[ Chuckles ] You remember I’m a cop, right? Just taste. Oh, my god. This is amazing.

[ Both laugh ] And stupendous and spectacular. Best brownie you ever had, right? I’m in heaven. I’m sorry I doubted you. It’s okay. Maybe you’re used to being let down, but you can count on me, trina robinson. I won’t disappoint you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Be right back. Uh, britt seemed to leave in a hurry. Did I — I miss something? No. She was angling to leave the entire time. I’m actually a bit worried about her. Why? Um…hasn’t she had any more matches? Well, she hasn’t mentioned any, but I’m trying to stay positive with her about the whole society setups thing. I’m afraid she’s soured on the idea, especially after the whole pool incident. I think she’s given up on dating altogether. Well, maybe that’s for the best…for now. And why would you say something like that? Thank you. This is very sweet of you. Thank you. Don’t mention it. Um, you know what, though? I forgot the napkins, and I’ll grab a menu, too, for appetizers, all right? I’ll be right back. Okay. [ Laughs ]

[ Upbeat music plays, indistinct conversations ] I really don’t need this right now. Good evening to you as well. Listen, I’m just here to get a menu, some napkins. Happy fourth, by the way. Weren’t you bragging that you have access to the quartermaines’ pool? Why aren’t you there? Because I’m here, hanging with my friends. Great. I’m sure dante’s told you to stay away from me. You should listen. What makes you think you know what dante and I talk about? Because dante hates my guts, for good reason. Um, all right, well, um, here’s your menu and your napkins. Bye. Why would I leave… now that I’ve met my match? Hi. You kids enjoying the holiday? Yes, very much. Yeah. It’s been fun. Thank you so much for letting the kids crash at the q’S. Oh, not a problem. I know drew’s going to have them all worn out at the fair, and the nanny is an expert at getting them all down, so no work for me. Although I will be doing all the work around here very soon. Wait, around here? What are you talking about? I guess I can tell you. You’re family. Carly lost her half of the hotel. Oh, no. Yeah. Is that because of the drop in the aurora stock? Yes, she leveraged the hotel, and now she can’t cover what she lost. The woman is too damn stubborn to let me help her. Well, you know, you’re pretty stubborn, too, ma, so don’t let carly tell you what to do. You do what you know is right. Well, I kept a low-ish profile, and I’ve tried to make amends to sonny’s family. I have! But when that didn’t work, then I wanted to focus my attention to restoring my public image, and that invader article didn’t help at all. So you know what, valentin? I’m just going to keep trying, and maybe it’ll pay off in 10 years or so. Okay, well, I’m no stranger to the court of public opinion. I try not to pay too much attention to it. If charlotte’s all right, then the rest of the world can go hang. Does that include anna devane? Well, I will admit that there are certain people whose opinion matters to me. You’re actually one of them. I’m glad that — that we get to be friends. Oh, you know what? I forgot to tell you. Charlotte actually e-mailed me the other day, and she included pictures of her equestrian events. She ribboned? Yeah. She’s pretty competitive. Never would have predicted this, but this boarding school seems like a really good fit for her. Yeah, seems that way. You know, I still am surprised that she wanted to live away from home, valentin, and that you could bear to see her go. Well, I’ll do whatever I have to to make sure she’s okay. No matter what the cost to me. So stillwater intends to put my half of the metro court on the market. What? [ Scoffs ] That’s terrible. Yeah, but I’m going to buy it back. I knew it was a mistake for you to buy in, just like it was a mistake to try and include ned. Okay, this is why I didn’t want to tell you. It was my decision. I bet on the merger between elq and aurora, and it didn’t happen. So I have to suffer the consequences. So now you’re going to try taking out a loan? What are you going to use as collateral? The house? No. No. Just let me give you the money, or I’ll buy your half, and I’ll sign it over to you. No! I knew you were going to do that, and I love you for it, but I just… look, I just want my family to be happy and safe. That’s it, you know? What’s going on? I saw the look. Did something happen with you when you were in the hospital? We, um, hadn’t planned on saying anything this early. Willow and i are having a baby.

[ Gasps ] Ohhh!

[ Laughs ] Oh! Oh, you two! You two! Oh, my gosh! Oh!

I told you that night, I was only in town for a camping trip. I’m not in pautuck. Now, you… need to live up to your end of the bargain. Don’t contact me again. I must have been about 6 or 7, and I was convinced that my dad was a magician. And of course, he encouraged me. And that 4th of july, he had, like, a real wand. And he would point it at the sky, and presto, the sky would light up with fireworks. And he probably heard the whoosh when they sent it up, but I didn’t, and I was like, “wow. My dad is magic.”

[ Both chuckle ] I could really use some of that magic now.

[ Indistinct conversations ] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m really trying not to think about the trial. No. You can’t ignore reality. I don’t expect you to. I just wanted you to have a few moments when it wasn’t the only thing you could think about. And I really appreciate your effort. I just wish I could do more. You’re doing just fine. Why didn’t you tell me? Um, I think that’s what we’re doing right now.

[ Laughs ] Keeping quiet is so much harder than I expected. And I certainly didn’t want you worrying that I’m ill. Oh, I’m just so happy you told me. I really needed good news today.

[ Laughs ] Me too. What’s the good news? Oh. Um… I’m pregnant.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh!

[ Laughs ] Congratulations! Thank you. I’m so happy! I’m going to be an auntie again.

[ Laughter ] Sorry to interrupt. Uh, got those numbers for you. Okay. All right, you guys go downstairs to the garden. The fireworks are about to start. I will meet you down there, I promise. Uh, we’re still not done talking about that thing. Of course. Yeah.

[ Indistinct conversation ] Come in, come in, come in. All right.

[ Door closes ] Well? I thought you were the champion for love and romance these days. You think it’s better for britt to be alone? Alone is better than with the wrong person. Okay. Is everything okay? Yeah, it was just the hospital. Okay, yeah, I think I shall take my leave now. You just got here. Yeah, I know, but you — you two should have a — an evening alone together. Farewell. What’s up with him? Do you think cody’s coming back? I don’t know. Does it matter? Why? Why are you asking? Well, because as much as I love hearing stories about your outlaw past at camp — and I do. Oh, yeah? I do. But I just — I want to go somewhere…private to watch the fireworks, just, you know, the two of us. You, uh — I’m in. You got a place in mind? Yeah, I do. I was thinking that the view… mm-hmm. …From my bedroom is spectacular. I-I happen to know that that is a fact. No, really. The — the harbor, it — it lights up, and it’s so beautiful. Mm-hmm. The harbor? Yeah. The harbor. Yeah. I was thinking it would be, you know, incredible. It probably would be incredible. Should we get out of here? Yeah. Okay. You never said what you wanted to see me about. Has victor cassadine approached you? Victor? No. Why? He’s determined to stay a part of my life, so much so, he’s reaching out to the people closest to me. Hmm. Not a fan? Stay away from him. He’s a dangerous man, and I don’t care how devoted he claims to be. Okay. Duly noted. Thank you for your concern. It’s actually refreshing not to be the perpetually guilty one. Nina, you don’t care that much about what people think. No, I don’t care what people think. But wiley is a different story. I’m never going to be considered a saint, valentin, but I do want to be more than the woman who destroyed wiley’s family. Well, I think there’s a way you can balance the scales. You say you want to be a better man, you want — you want a better life for yourself. I respect that. Okay. But you don’t respect me now.

[ Sighs ] You’re at wyndemere, standing by your girlfriend when all your friends are warning you not to. You’re quitting your job. I mean, is this about money or w-what? You got to tell me. If it’s about money, w– you gonna tell me or — tell me! What is it? I’m still trying to be better, okay? And you, of all people, should know that you have to do what’s in your heart and not what other people are telling you to do. Uncle sonny, I know how it looks, but I swear to you on my mother’s memory that I’m doing the right thing. I love you. And I would never, ever do anything to hurt or disappoint you.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I guess time will tell. You just be careful, you understand me? Time’s running out.

You feel it too, right?There’s something between us. You’re delusional. You clearly have fallen off a horse one too many times. First thing they teach in riding is how to fall off a horse. Oh, my god! Why are you pushing this? You can’t be that hard up for a date. Did you just call me handsome? Was it charming? A catch? Okay, you’d do in a pinch.

[ Laughs ] And obviously, you keep up on your physique. Thank you for noticing. I feel that you are easy on the eyes as well. And I bet that if you didn’t treat every conversation like a prizefight, you’d have your pick of men. How can I put this? Um… you’re not my type. Obviously, dating your type hasn’t worked out for you. Okay. You’re relentless. You don’t know the half of it. I have a lot of stamina. Listen, if you really want to be alone, I’ll respect that. I just thought that maybe we could have a few laughs and try and enjoy each other’s company for a change. One date, okay? Sweet. Let’s go. Not tonight. I will find you on society setups.

[ Sighs ] I’m looking forward to it.

[ Sighs ] Is that really the best offer you could get? Unfortunately, news about your sizable investment in aurora has made the rounds. Lenders know that you’re over a barrel. Yeah. And sharks smell blood in the water, but it’s just business, right?

[ Sighs ] So what do you want me to do? I just got the best reminder in the world that there are more important things in life than money. I can’t risk my house. I can’t buy back my half.

[ Sighs ] I guess I’m no longer co-owner of the metro court. So tell me more about the cherry bomb capers. Well, it was my second summer at camp, and I was trying to make up for my first summer at camp. Oh, yeah? Yeah. What happened? Oh, well, uh… you know, I was doing pretty good for a city boy out in the country, and then 4th of july rolled around. You gotta understand in my neighborhood what it was like on 4th of july. Like, everybody’s out in the street — the falconeris, the cerullos, the entire neighborhood. And there I was, in this place I didn’t want to be in, surrounded by people I didn’t want to be surrounded by. And so I went and found a little spot to myself, and I was starting to feel pretty down about everything. Then cody comes looking for me, and I told him the whole thing about my aunts and uncles and cousins and my grandmother and the food, the stickball games and the fireworks. And I think he started to get sad, thinking about the situation we were in, because he said, “that sounds like the coolest fourth of july ever.” Yeah. Yeah. Do the two families still get together every year? They do.

[ Laughs ] They’re out there with, uh, probably 100 strong in the street with tables set up as we speak. Okay. Mm-hmm. Promise me that we’ll take the kids next year. Yeah, that’s a date.

[ Fireworks exploding, people cheering ] Oh, wait, wait. Look, look. Uh-huh. Look, look. Fireworks.

[ Sighs ]

[ Fireworks whistling, exploding in distance ]

I’ll lay down the shield

[ Fireworks exploding ]

Let your body heal me and I’ll reveal the depths between for eternity for eternity for eternity

[ Sighs ]

In your arms for eternity

Spinelli! My man! Come, join me. I’ll let you buy me a drink. And why, pray tell, would I do that? To celebrate my date with the lovely dr. Britt westbourne. Thanks for setting that up, bud. You didn’t give me much choice. Well, you don’t want everyone to know that matchmaker zelda’s just a front and the real man behind society setups is damian spinelli. Okay, please just keep your voice down. All right, well, you know, once that came to light, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to figure out how you match one lovelorn sucker with another. I’m doing you a solid, bud. Okay. You got what you wanted, right? I engineered your match with britt. Our business is concluded. Buy your own drink.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Mom. Carly: Hey. Why didn’t you come down? Oh, I got caught up in a few things here, and I just kind of wasn’t feeling it. [ Chuckles ] Well, we’re going to figure out something that doesn’t involve you taking out another loan, okay? Okay. Let’s talk tomorrow? Yes. We’ll drop off joss. Oh, thank you. Thank you. And congratulations again, you guys. [ Chuckles ] All right. I’ll see you. Love you. Love you.

[ Door closes ] Oh, my god. Maxie: What a perfect night. Clear sky, not too muggy. Should we have some more wine? Uh, yeah. Yeah, wine sounds nice. Where were you? Is everything okay? Yeah, everything’s fine. I’m just… just some old memories, that’s all. Such as? Such as nothing. I’m much happier being right here in the moment with you. You’re just so beautiful. But if I overstepped — you didn’t overstep.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hi. Why the face? You know about carly and the hotel? I offered to buy her half and sell it back to her. She’s too stubborn to let me help her. Were you surprised? I — she wouldn’t let me help her either. I was going to do it anyway. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Get out. We have nothing to talk about. That’s not true.

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