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Victor: Billy boy, this is a family discussion, okay? If I were you, I’d continue wallowing in that trivial crap to prepare for your next stupid podcast. Okay?

Billy: Ooh! You’re a listener. Hot damn. I’m gonna have to tell the team. They’re gonna be ecstatic about that. Now, personally, I’m more interested in this dramatic family discussion that we’re having. Have we heard from Victoria?

Nikki: The answer is no. None of us have spoken to her today.

Billy: But you know something? Don’t try to deny it because I know that I’m right. You know, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the concept of having a conversation with Johnny and Katie about why their parents are living so far apart. However, I am thrilled for Victoria that she’s finally breaking free and walking away from the man that’s been pulling at her strings since she was in diapers. It’s a shock to the system, huh, pops?

Nick: Billy, what mom said was the truth. We don’t know anything specific. We were just talking about how frustrating it is. And it’s a family matter, so… bye.

Billy: It’s all good. I’m sure I’ll hear from her. Probably even before you do because we do share those kids together. Facts of life. Enjoy.


Victoria: I could never leave my family. And the fact that you would think that shows how little you know me.

Ashland: I-I-I’m sorry. I still don’t know that i understand. So, you’re going back to your family to ask forgiveness…

Victoria: No.

Ashland: …Without even telling me.

Victoria: I had every intention of telling you everything. You just caught me off guard by coming back here so soon.

[Breathes deeply] The plan was to have my bags packed and be ready to go and have a moment to compose myself so I could decide exactly what I wanted to say to you. Oh, well. Here it goes. You and I will not be forming a new corporation together. And this move to New York was not about starting a new life with you. It was a calculated move to cut ties with you and to end your connection with me and my family for good. You know, you did everything exactly as I hoped you would do. You agreed to invest your own money, and you transferred what was left of the $500 million that my father gave you into the corporate account that I created. By the way, I have since drained that account, and now you have exactly what you deserve. Nothing. So maybe now you have a clearer understanding of exactly who I am… and what you’re dealing with

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